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Mine Tours Directions to the Sixteen to One Mine
Exploration of the Red Star Project The Tertiary Gravels of the Sierra Nevada of California - Introduction
THE TERTIARY GRAVELS OF THE SIERRA NEVADA OF CALIFORNIA - More excerpts History and Geology of the Sixteen to One Mine
Historical Production Records The Largest Gold Pockets Found in California
Chronology of Events What does "Sixteen to One" Mean?
Geology of The Sixteen to One Mine Map of the Sixteen to One Mine Underground - 1998
The Brown Bear Mine The History of Deadwood - Shasta Courier-1886
Bureau of Mines Report: Mine Accidents from 1911 - 1950 The Bible of the Geology of The Alleghany Mining District
The Original Sixteen to One Mine Preliminary Report June, 1980 RENAISSANCE AT THE ORIGINAL SIXTEEN TO ONE MINE - Sierra Heritage- Nov./Dec. 1992
PROSPECTUS OF THE GOLD CROWN 1949 Newsletter to the shareholders of the Gold Crown Mining Corporation-1956
Gold Crown Minority Stockholders committee-1959 Gold Crown stockholders committee-1959
Alleghany Townsite Auction (AP Article) - July 15, 1996 HOW UNCOUNTED MILLIONS OF GOLD WERE MISSED - L.A. Times June 27, 1897
Recent ore shipment brings large returns - L.A. Times June 22 , 1911 MINES AND MINING- Activities in the ore districts of the Great Southwest - L.A. Times September 5, 1909
MINES AND MINING - Activities in the ore districts of the Southwest - L.A. Times Oct. 24, 1909    
Mine Tours

Mine tours are being offered on a limited basis by Michael Miller.  email mmeistermiller@gmail.com to schedule.

Experience California's gold mining history as you tour a working gold mine that has been in operation for over a century.


Established in 1896, the Sixteen to One Mine is a unique "pocket" mine where gold is found in highly concentrated deposits within the quartz vein. The mine has produced over 1 million ounces of gold and is famous for its quartz and gold gemstone sought by jewelers.



Underground Excursion:

Three to four hour tour begins at the Museum where you will be introduced to the history of the Alleghany Mining District and the operation at the Sixteen to One Mine.


From the museum groups carpool to the Sixteen to One Portal on Kanaka Creek (down a dirt road) here we "brass in" and begin the trip underground. The world of the traditional hardrock gold miner and the geology of the mine are witnessed first hand.


Travel into the mine as far as the 800 Station (about 1,200 feet) and back another 1,000 feet to the Tightner Shaft and then a bit further to the active headings.


 Available by reservation only.



 To Be Determined.




Schools & Homeschool Groups special discount.  (please call)



Miner for a Day: Available weekdays only. A full day with the miners. Customized to the interests and abilities of participant. Must be over 17 years old. Lunch included. $400


Executive Tour Individualized all day tour with the President of Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc. Lunch included $600.00




All tours require the ability to navigate steep terrain on foot.


It is wet and cool in the mine, long pants and a light jacket are recommended, bring waterproof shoes if you have them or borrow a pair from the museum. Bring a flashlight and day-pack with water as well.


DO NOT rely on internet directions to get to Alleghany


We reserve the right to modify or cancel any tour due to weather, unsafe conditions and other circumstances beyond our control. Participation in tours is contingent on visitor signing a liability waiver. Children must have a parent or legal guardian sign.


Tours are subject to confirmation; if possible please allow 2 weeks lead time for bookings. 


Please print out the form below.



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