July 5, 2022 

The following format is designed to replicate a specialist's book. In a typical book the BUY orders are on the left side with the highest bid on top and subsequent bids going down. The SELL orders are on the right side starting with the lowest offering price and subsequent offers going up.

Last Match

Date Sale Volume Transaction #
11/29/17 $.49 7,340 M112917-1    
7/25/17 $.49 2,000 M072617-1    
2/22/17 $.52 10 M022217-1    
12/23/16 $.52 350 M122316-1    
8/31/15 $.56 2,050 M083115-1    
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Buyers Sellers
Date Bid Volume Transaction #
2/6/18 $.49 4,000 B020618-1
6/3/08 $.89 1,150 A060308-1
Date Ask Volume Transaction #


The following service is not a solicitation to buy or sell, an inducement to buy or sell or a recomendation to buy or sell.
Due to the loss of the market place for our stock on the now closed equity trading floor of the Pacific Stock Exchange , the Company temporarily will match buyers and sellers of Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc. stock. The Company is not acting as a broker or dealer and charges no commission for the service.  Be advised there is another way to trade our stock.  The ticker symbol OSTO does appear on the pink sheets and does represent our shares.  Due to the lack of a market-maker this market is disfunctional (buyers and sellers cannot always see eachother's bids and offers).



A transfer fee of $75.00 is charged to both the buyer and seller for each transaction. For transactions under $500 the buyer pays $150.00 and no fee is charged to the seller.

If the buyer is requesting more than one certificate the fee is $50.00 per certificate.


Requirements for Sellers:


Submit either an endorsed stock certificate with a signature guarantee or a stock power with a signature guarantee and the unsigned certificate to the Company for verification of authenticity with transfer agent. Include instructions in writing with the asking price and the number of shares. No confirmation of trade until receipt of payment from buyer.


Requirements For Buyers:


To match an existing offer: Via fax (530-287-3455), e-mail (corp@origsix.com) or phone (530-287-3223) contact the Corporate office and state your desire to buy shares. State the number of shares and the price. The sale will be posted on this site as "pending". Mail a cashier's check or money order made out to Sixteen to One Mine P.O. Box 909, Alleghany, CA 95910 include in writing directions stating the name and address of the person(s) to whom the certificate(s) are to be issued as well as number of shares.


The number of shares does not have to match the number of shares being offered, only the price has to match. (Shares listed under "sellers" above) For example: If there are 1,000 shares being offered at $2.00 per share a buyer could contact us to buy 100 of those shares at $2.00 without having to post a bid. Do note that for transactions under $500 the transfer fee is $150.


To put in a bid lower than asking price listed: Submit a bid including your name, address, and phone number, the price and the number of shares. (time limit may be included as well, for example: This bid is good for 60 days) Bids can be submitted by e-mail (corp@origsix.com),fax (530)287-3455 or regular mail (P.O. Box 909, Alleghany, CA 95910). Upon completion of a match you will be notified and requested to submit a cashier's check or money order to the Company.


Upon reciept of funds buyers will be mailed or e-mailed a reciept. Allow up to two weeks to recieve your stock certificate.


No confirmation of trade until receipt of payment.


Bids with no expiration date will automatically expire if not matched within one year.



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