Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc.

Gold Laced Quartz

Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc. nestled in the small community of Alleghany, California, in the majestic Sierra Nevada Mountains wants to take this opportunity to introduce to you its highly acclaimed gold laced quartz slab and cabochons.

One American gem authority writes:

"Seldom heard of today is a unique gemstone which once enjoyed considerable vogue years ago, fine specimens of gold-in-quartz sold readily on the basis of estimated gold content, plus an added premium for the whiteness and purity of the quartz, the distribution of gold veinlets, and the absence of brown pyrite stains." (Sinkankas 1959,389)

Slab and cabochons are cut from high grade specimens taken from the Sixteen to One mine, world famous for its snow white quartz individually patterned with visible gold. Cabochons can be cut to any shape, calibrated or non-calibrated sizes. The percentage of gold displayed in the quartz is unique to each piece of slab or stone and depending upon gold content, weight can vary greatly. We will make every attempt to ship slab or cut stones according to your personal preference.

Current manufacturers noticed over 50% increase in sales over the past year as this product becomes increasingly recognized throughout the world.

2022 Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc.