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Newsletter # 48 - August 2002

Dear Shareholders:


Two hundred plus attended the annual meeting in June. Three new directors were nominated and elected to join Scott Robertson, Sandor Holly and me. Due to health complications Sandor tendered his resignation. We talk frequently on the phone. He now joins a solid group of past directors, who maintain an interest in and value to the mine.


In alphabetic order our new directors are: Gray Davis. Mr. Davis has spent most of his career in politics. He is the current governor of California. Dan O’Neill. Mr. O’Neill, the youngest syndicated cartoonist in American newspaper history (1963), was recently inducted into the Cartoonist Hall of Fame and continues his trade. Stephen Wilson. Mr. Wilson had a twenty-year career on the floor of the Pacific Stock Exchange and is a professional writer of precious metals and financial reports.


Mr. Davis has not responded to the letter (copy included) I wrote him regarding his new position. All three bring valuable talent to the board of directors.


Shareholders thoroughly discussed the public listing status of OAU shares. Currently, the OTC Bulletin Board and the TSX junior exchange in Canada are our most likely locations for trading. Matches are still available through our website. Next to mining gold, regaining a public market place is a short-term priority. Liquidity will enhance the value of our treasury stock which plays an important role for the growth and development of the company.


Our operating budget is tight. The good news… we continue to find crumbs of gold, and the water is lower than it has been in forty years. The 2400-foot level is now accessible from the 49 Winze. To the north about 2000 feet at the Tightner Winze, the water is lapping the brow of the 2400-foot level. We are anxious to recover this area of the mine for exploration.


Once again I come to you for help. Your past generous $25 payments totaled $8461.00, just $1539.00 short of satisfying past stock transfer costs. We redeemed the “Whopper”, and it returned to Alleghany in time for the June meeting. Thank You.


Two weeks ago at the California Federation of Mineral Collectors we displayed a portion of our gold collection. The “Whopper” brought smiles to the faces of attendees. Sadly, our 116-piece specimen collection, including the “Whopper”, is for sale. The price is $1.75 million. Perhaps someone will purchase it and donate it to the Underground Gold Miners Museum where it could become a traveling exhibit. The collection should be kept intact and be displayed throughout the country.




Back to the topic of needing your help. Please read the green sheet entitled, “Now is the Time” and then resume this letter. On the green sheet, both cartoons were drawn by our new director Dan O’Neill. Mr. Pocket (on the back) will develop over time. He is elusive, free flowing with beauty, power and feminine sensuality. The lady is the Sixteen to One Mine. She has a mind of her own or no mind at all. She loves to be found yet it matters not. They meet in the white quartz vein where miners continue to search. Always remember mining gold is our primary mission.


This issue may develop into the Boston Tea Party of the twenty-first century. For our survival and all businesses in California, now is the time to cleanse the system of self-anointed marauding vigilantes professionally known as Attorney. The criminals, unethical ones, or others who practice law and disregard ethics and rules of conduct must be identified. The CDAA is a great place to start. Their prosecution of our mine manager and corporate president as felons has significant potential for harm as well as for good. Our defense can handle the bad and is progressing well. The offense has the greatest potential for significant gains, but it requires funds. For these reasons I prepared a package of premiums including:


(1) My talk at the Pacific Grove Museum where our gold collection was first displayed in a museum environment.

(2) A tape of our annual shareholder meeting on June 22, 2002.


These are yours for a $100 contribution to the “Now is the Time” offense fund. For anyone capable of a larger donation, additional premiums will be included. All legal theories, suggestions or assistance are also welcomed. One goal is for 15 million Californians to know about these private lawyers taking taxpayers’ money and private donations and dues to gain employment through criminal prosecution. One goal is to inform 150 million Americans that they and their state could be next. A third goal is to notify people throughout the world that American industry has not been whipped into submission by judicial oppression. As gold miners and shareholders of the world class Sixteen to One mine, we cannot pack up and go to Peru, Turkey, Indonesia or China. We must stay in California, or we quit mining!



Perhaps you can imagine how the crew felt about the tragedy in the Pennsylvania coal mine a week ago. Miners are perhaps the least understood occupation in our country. Everyone here could relate to the trapped miners and the actual rescuers on the surface and even to the crowds of observers at the site. KCRA TV from Sacramento interviewed three of us in the mine last Friday about thirty hours before the nine miners hit the surface. The three of us believed in our hearts that all would get out. Miners are well trained. There is tremendous talent and dedication to safety in the industry. If I can get a copy of the newscast, it will be added to the shareholders day tape.



Thank you,



Michael M. Miller



P.S. For those who are a little squeezed for cash at the moment, any donation is appreciated. You will receive some worthwhile premium in



June 25, 2002


Dear Governor Davis,

On June 22, 2002, the shareholders of Original 16 to 1 Mine, Inc., OAU, nominated and elected you to its board of directors for a one-year term. Before you off-handedly dismiss this honor, at least provide me the opportunity to discuss the advantages and potential disadvantages to you, the company and all Californians.


OAU is the oldest American gold mining company, a California corporation since 1911, and the only remaining hard rock traditional gold mining operation in the United States. Its history including its legacy of directors are impeccable. Our operation also fits every nuance of the term “green”.


Friends have told me you are one of our state’s most astute politicians. Politics have entered California industry and your background, training and experience will benefit our company. Some politicians who are familiar with the Sixteen to One Mine are: Jerry Brown, who traveled to Alleghany several times while governor; George W. Bush, who was a director (1983) of a lessee; John Giramendi, who spent half a day working in the mine during his campaign for governor; Tom Daschel, who is currently involved with the future of the former oldest gold company in Lead, South Dakota, Homestake Mining.


I realize that initially this sounds like a crazy idea …. but it could become a positive for your current campaign for reelection. Today’s front-page newspaper story is the perspective of a reporter who attended the meeting. His perspective, while not as detailed as mine is worth pondering. This unexpected offer to you can become truly positive for OAU, our local region, all Californians ranging from historians to environmentalists to all facets of business. Why? Because gold built California and the West. It symbolizes the good American dream with the bonus of adventure by the underdog. If you ever want to debate William Simon, do it underground in the majestic Sixteen to One quartz enshrouded ballroom. Your association with the mine will define your position on key issues concerning Californians in a positive way.


I am available on short notice (except June 26) to discuss the position with you or your designee.

Sincerely yours,


Michael M. Miller


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