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MINES AND MINING - Activities in the ore districts of the Southwest - L.A. Times Oct. 24, 1909

Oct. 24, 1909

Bonanza find at Forest City

South fork finds Alleghany veins’ extension?


Grass Valley (cal.) Oct. 22- The discovery of Bonanza ore in the South Fork mine in Forest city is considered one of the greatest strikes ever made in this district, and if the vein ultimately proves to be the great Tightner ore body, as everything indicates, it will mean the development of a giant property. The South Fork is owned by Los Angeles people and work has been moving ahead for several months under the management of Fred W. Kuhnfeld. The tunnel has been crowded ahead for over a mile and several promising ledges intersected. But the last find is far and away the greatest ever made in this section. The extent of the vein is still undetermined but it is known to be several inches wide with very high values. The ore is identical with that found in the Tightner and other Alleghany properties, containing free gold and arsenical sulphurets. Forest is just across a range of hills from Alleghany and it is considered that the strike in the South Fork demonstrates that the veins of Alleghany strike across the hills to the Forest district. The management is pushing development and, if the find continues to show as well as at present, shipping will soon be under way, the same people are developing a number of other claims in the district, with encouraging results.

The Rainbow mine at Alleghany recently cut a bonanza shoot and is sending out high grade. It is reported that arrangements will be made with G.M. Taylor, who recently jumped the Rainbow tunnel, whereby the company will be enabled to resume extensive work through the adit. The Red Star mill is running on good ore. A large number of claims are receiving attention, but the trouble between the leading companies is greatly holding back the district. With the Sixteen to One, Bonanza King and other mines tied up by litigation, with no early prospect of settlement, with the Rainbow handicapped by the loss of it’s tunnel, and with winter at hand, Alleghany is not reflecting the activity that characterized it a few months ago. The miners appear to be all right, but the tactics of the warring owners militate against advancement.


The Grass Valley district continues to maintain its’ position as the premier quartz gold producer in the state. The North Star Mines Company is producing at the rate of $180,000 per month with eighty stamps in commission. Extensive work is going on below the 4000 level, where the six-foot vein is running about $12 per ton. At the Empire, sinking is about to commence from the 3500 level. The two Mammoth electric pumps have been placed in commission and everything is in readiness for rapid work. The Dana Company has resumed work with a small force of men. The Brunswick shaft is progressing steadily, but it will be several months before any depth will be attained. The Kenosha continues to intersect small high-grade bodies with the shaft going down steadily. The Pennsylvania, Sultana, Idaho-Maryland, and several other properties are producing steadily. The deal for the Eureka has not yet been consummated, but it is reported that it will be carried through in the near future.


The important deals are pending in Sierra County, and will probably be consummated before the end of the month. Eastern capitalists are examining the Brush Creek mine and express themselves well pleased with the property. The Brush Creek has a good productive record. But disagreements between stockholders led to its closing. The property is located near the Kate Hardy, where a bonanza strike was recently made. An English syndicate headed by W.A. Wood of London, is negotiating for the Phoenix mine near Sierra City. The Phoenix is a low-grade proposition with immense bodies of such ore to be developed and equipped with a stamp mill. The English capitalists already control the Four Hills and Bunker Hill mines, in the Sierra City district, and are well pleased with the success that has attended their efforts.


The Ophir district, Placer County, is attracting considerable attention. Operations are to be resumed immediately at the famous Hathaway by a strong company. This was formerly one of the great producers of central California. Work will be prosecuted on an extensive scale. At the Crater, new machinery is being installed and operations conducted systematically. It is reported, that the Crandall has been sold to Colorado capitalists for a large consideration. A number of other properties are receiving attention with several showing well. In the Michigan Bluff section W.H. Fletcher and associates of Los Angeles and Pasadena are preparing for extensive work at the Home Ticket and other properties. These mines are well-known producers and have a bright future.


Articles of incorporation of the El Dorado consolidated mines companies have open filed with the County Clerk of El Dorado County. The capital stock has also been increased from $500,000 to $ 750,000. The company is organized under the laws of Nevada and is composed of Nevada, San Francisco, and southern California people. It is empowered to engage in all kinds of mining as well as other lines, such as the operation of power plants, railways, ect. The company expects to operate a number of properties in El Dorado and is arranging to secure numerous holdings.


The Stauffer Chemical Company has landed the celebrated Oro Fino mine, near Shasta, for $10,000 and will at once commence active work. The ore holdings of this mine carry an excellent gold percentage and give excellent signals of continuing to great depth. The Mammoth Copper Company is continuing to spend………..(illegible text)………. -The Bullychoop is about to resume with a large force of workers. This is considered one of the promising properties of the county and has produced considerable gold. The time for the expiration of the truce between the farmers and the smelter operators is rapidly approaching. The Mammoth and Balaklala companies have experts on the plants and botanists in the field. It is expected that the latter will show that much of the damage in the trees has been caused by the neglect of the farmers properly to prune and spray them. November 1, when the truce comes to an end, promises to be an interesting day in the Shasta copper belt.


The Reiner mine, near Angels Camp, has entered the bedrock in the ancient channel and has opened an excellent body of pay gravel. Pannings thus far have exceeded the expectations and the outlook for excellent production is good. Many southern Californians are interested in the company, which has expended a large amount of money in developing and equipping the property. The Calaveras Copper Company, which recently acquired the Union, mines at Copperopolis, is arranging to commence extensive operations. The smelter and concentrator can easily handle 1,500,000 pounds of copper per month. The Utica, Lightner, Melones, Etna King, and numerous other gold mines are producing steadily. No further talk is heard regarding rumored later troubles.


The announcement by senator Newlands of Nevada to the effect that the Virginia and Truckee Railroad will be extended into Mono, Alpine, and Inyo counties has been halted with joy by mining men in these districts. All that has held back splendid districts in these counties has been the lack of transportation facilities, and with the advent of the Virginia and Truckee the greatest boom in the history of these counties will be inaugurated. Connections will be made with the Bodie and Benton and Tonopah and Goldfield lines. A large number of promising Nevada districts will also be opened by the line.


The farmers of Contra Costa County have requested the supervisors to pass an ordinance against the Mountain Copper Company’s smelter at Martinez, alleging that the escape of fumes is damaging orchards and farms. The board has promised to take steps in the matter, but it is probable that the plants will be incorporated in the expansion plans of the town of Martinez, which will block the plans of the complainants. Considerable bitterness has been aroused by the plan, the farmers maintaining that the town of Martinez will not seek to prevent the escape of the destroying fumes. Accordingly they have filed a protest of the annexation of additional territory by the town. It is unlikely that the protest will be heeded.

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