Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc.

Newsletter # 15 - August 1991

Dear Shareholders,


Due to the lack of understanding of our specific industry, it seems appropriate to summarize both subtle and obvious characteristics of what we are, what we represent, and what we want to become. Our industry is underground high-grade gold mining. It is the way gold was brought to the market place for hundreds of years prior to the exploitation of low-grade, open pit mining. Gold and gold mining appears to be a strong industry in the next decade (see Baron's July 15, 1991).


Although risky, underground mining has traditionally been profitable for our company. The company accomplished a good dividend record without proven reserves. We understand how this was done and believe it is reasonable to repeat these goals. One of the reasons our shareholders faithfully hold onto their stock is the knowledge and belief that the vein system contains un-mined gold. I share this belief also. An estimated 80% of the vein system remains untouched.


What I look for in analyzing small gold mining companies are:


1. Does it own its' land?

2. Is it a passive lessor or is it an operating company?

3. Long-term debt?

4. Shares outstanding and complexity of ownership.

5. Does the company have goals for production or only exploration?

6. Potential of mineral value, cost estimates, personnel and management.

7. Historical and recent level of accomplishments.

8. Downside risk and upside potential


Original Sixteen to One will pass every test thrown at it to determine whether the risks of mining are worth the rewards.


The enclosed 10-Q report contains a detailed explanation of how we mine in Alleghany (see page 7). We are currently mining with speckled gold showing in each heading, which is very encouraging to the crew. Wish us luck in the coming months.


Sincerely yours,


Michael M. Miller


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