July 6, 2022 

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Portal and lower shop; shareholder's day. Photo by Robert Fischer


Four carvings from the 116 piece collection which must be sold. For more imformation go to Gold Sales on this site.


The "Crystal Palace" weighs 6.31 troy ounces and is item #12 of the 116 Piece Collection which must be sold. For more information go to "Gold Sales" on this site.


Front page article as it appeared in the November 7th issue of the Mountain Messenger.


Michael Miller - Under attack but still smiling.


Bob Diggles heading to work on the 2,100 foot level in 1938. Photo courtesy of Mike Diggles.


Special of the week - High grade chunk contains approximately 13 ounces fine gold. Dimensions 6 1/4 x 2 1/4 x 2 1/8 inches. Price $11,000.00


BLACK BART in the 21st CENTURY as depicted by artist R.L. Crabb and published on the Opinion Page of The Union Saturday, March 16, 2002. Black Bart states: "Okay, Miner dude, hand over the gold... then get me another water sample!"


Mine Manager Jonathan Farrell (pushing ore car) and President/CEO Michael Miller exit the mine with a bag of ore at the end of the day.


February 14, 2002. Doré bars (unrefined gold) ready to be shipped to the refinery. These five bars total 287.9 troy ounces. The estimated fine gold content is 236.09 troy ounces (83.75%). Valued at today's market of $300 per ounce the gold content in these bars is worth $70,827.38. The estimated silver content is 42.28 troy ounces (15%). The silver is worth $191.53 at today's market price of $4.53 per ounce.


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