July 6, 2022 

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A sample of the October 2006 production. This material will be cut in slabs and sold to jewelers.


Tag board at the lower shop. Used by the miners to check in and out of the mine using their "miner's brass". Go to "MUSEUM" (sidebar) and "Articles" for more about the "miner's brass".


Miner and Tour Guide Ernie Locatelli showing Mary Carmen Olvera of Mexico the hoist room. October 16, 2006 Photo by Richard Davis


Antique Stage Coach entering Alleghany. Part of a wagon train that came into town last weekend. Photo by Edda Snyder


Lead Miner Adrayan Aquirre with young guest Marc Davis on Saturday June 25, 2006. Photo courtesy of Richard Davis.


View of the mill at the Plumbago Mine summer 2003. Photo couresy of Robert E. Fischer


The Plumbago Mine, March 2006. The folks out there are still snowed in (as of April 12th). They had six to seven feet of snow in March and unlike Alleghany they do not have the services of the county snow plows to keep the road open. Thanks for the picture Ron & Nicole see you when the snow melts!


Own a piece of history from the Sixteen To One Mine. Polished gold and quartz slabs are approximately two inches square and weigh about two troy ounces.

Call Gold Sales {530-287-3540} for more information.


A view on the 800 Level - The miners pass through here on their way to work daily.


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