August 9, 2022 

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Unusual gold quartz heart from the mine. .43 troy ounces, 29x32x5.5 mm. SOLD


This male cat was among the many feral cats that would sneak meals at the office after hours. Recently we blocked off the cat door and the wild cats went away.This one responded to a little kindness and has shown he is domestic. He likes to talk and be petted. He gets along with the office cats (both female) and is looking for a good home. Rural environment preferred. Call 530-287-3223 if you can adopt him.


A sample of the rarest and richest veins of gold found in the world. Photo by Sandor Holly


Mysterious ransom note found at Casey's Place. What does it mean?


Gold and Quartz pendants direct from the mine. For more information call Gold Sales, 530-287-3540.


The "y" on the 800 level. Photo taken December 6, 2004 by Sandor Holly


Sixty pound chunk with estimated 300 ounces gold. Mined July 15th. Note drill hole. The drill bit passed through two inches of arsenopyrite and gold before stopping.


Mike and Amber modeling our new t-shirt design featuring artwork by Dan O'Neill. Tanks are $15.00 each. Other t-shirts can be viewed by clicking on "Gold Sales". Hats are $10.00 (dirt not included). Postage & Handling is $5.00 for the first item and $2.00 for each additional item.


There's no better place for a miner to be than here.


Surface metal detection on March 24. Rick and Mike's production in two hours from moving about five hundred pounds yields one ounce gold.

See Forum, Discovery for more.


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