July 6, 2022 

Newsletter # 34 - September 1996

Dear Shareholders,


Well, here it is, the $.05 per share special dividend. For some of you, the small monetary value may seem less than the paper on which it is written. Keep the check and add it to your collectibles. For shareholders cashing the check who also are keeping a file on Sixteen to One, I offer the following. The Company will return your canceled check to you. The charge is $25.00. After the Company recoups the expenses of printing and distributing this custom check, the balance will be donated to the Alleghany Mining Museum to purchase a historic collection of mining drills.


The check was printed on quality bonded paper with regular and magnetic ink. Our logo in the upper left corner was designed in 1983. Our eighty-four year old name and logo have been stamped in gold foil. The half tone photograph showing two old-time miners drilling for gold underground is also the background on our stock certificates. It is ironic that our first dividend check in forty-one years will be processed through Citizens Bank. In the 1920's, Sixteen to One high-grade gold ore was transported from Alleghany to an unrelated Citizens Bank also in Nevada City.


Very truly yours,


Michael Miller


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