July 6, 2022 

Collection photos: Specimens

Photos of five more specimens included in the 16 to 1 collection.


"Dragon" Crystaline Gold and Quartz

Weight: 6.56 troy ounces

Dimensions: 101mm x 30mm x 25mm

Item# 0956-950621-424

Price: $50,000 OBO



"Yager's Imposter"

Found in the early days of metal detecting at the Sixteen to One.  This piece was literally run over for many years as it lay undetected near the rail at the Trespass stope. 

Weight: 21.93 Troy ounces

Dimensions: 101mm x 88mm x 19mm

Item #0076-920115-025

Price: $54,000 OBO



"Gold Sponge"

This piece was etched to remove the quartz. What was left is a fragile sponge made of gold. (note that size is similar to Yager's Imposter above but look at the weight)

Weight: 6.44 troy ounces

Dimensions: 109mm x 70mm x 29mm

Item# 0220-920310-014

Price: $13,575 OBO



Named the "mini-whopper" as it resembles the whopper.

Weight: 17.29 Troy ounces

Dimensions: 77mm x 103mm 46mm

Item# 0321-920317-015

Price: $40,200 OBO



A close-up of a rare find.

Weight .0175 troy ounces

Dimensions: 11mm x 10mm x 6mm

Price: Not for Sale (make an offer)


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