August 18, 2022 

GEORGE GILMOUR Oct. 3, 1940- Sept. 12,2005- The Mountain Messenger

While life wasn't particularly easy for George Gilmour, he was given most of the tools he needed for it. He was bright, thoughtful, extrodinarily well educated.


On the other hand, his health was never good, he actually believed what they taught him at seminary school, suffered the spiritual dispepsia of constant outrage, and he wasn't a very good driver.

When you survive remarkably stupid acts, you're colorful. When you don't have any significant regrets about them, you're eccentric. George was magnificently colorful and eccentric.

When you continue to believe in, work and fight for justice despite having being on the receiving end of it, when you beat down a natural cynicism in favor of championing the ideal, you're breathing pretty rarified air in the company of saints. George would bark a tobacco-clogged laugh at the suggestion that he belonged. Q.E.D.

In 1960, George happened to be traveling through Mississippi. After a chance meeting, he offered a hand to the dangerous un-american perverts who actually believed all peoples are creatred equal. For his trouble, and the defense of a black child from a troopers ire, nigger-loving George was sentenced to nine months in a Mississippi prison, replete with that southern hospitality reserved for his ilk. He spent 10 months recovering in a St. Louis hospital.

Back in California, George piled degrees in sociology, public health and law on top of his Jesuit seminary training and commenced to live the troubled highs-and-lows life you'd expect of a frail man with little allegiance to the profit motive.

But last Monday, George was at the top of his game. He had absorbed vitality from his dedication to the case, and was confident his months and months of resaerch would, on Wednesday, prove the sham of the California District Attorneys Association's self-annointment, and end at least some of their whining demands for irresponsibility.

In the time it takes a driver to overcorrect, cross the road and center-ounch a tree, George went from being as alive as he could be, to being as dead as he could be.

Leaving us to marvel at all these things.


Don Russell


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