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Article from L.A. Times September 5, 1909

MINES AND MINING- Activities in the ore districts of the Great Southwest.


Los Angeles Times 1886; Sept. 5, 1909; ProQuest Historical Newspapers Los Angeles Times (1881-1976)



MINES AND MINING- Activities in the ore districts of the Great Southwest.


Los Angeles Times 1886; Sept. 5, 1909; ProQuest Historical Newspapers Los Angeles Times (1881-1976)



Local man at Grass Valley.

Nevada City (cal.) Sept.3- Benjamin Fenton, a Los Angeles real estate and mining man, has been in this section several days looking over mining properties and other interests. He is highly impressed with the mining possibilities of the Nevada City and surrounding districts, and expects to interest many capitalists from the southern metropolis in local properties. Fenton owns some claims at Meadow Lake and will take steps for their development in the near future. A number of other Los Angeles and Pasadena capitalists are also in this city looking over Nevada and Sierra county mines. It is understood that they are negotiating for several properties in the Alleghany and Forest sections, in addition to several others in the vicinity of this city.

H.T. Bragdon, M. I Ish, Sol Camp and other Goldfield men have struck phenomenal ore in the claims above Downieville they recently purchased from Fred Bosch. It is reported that fully $10,000 was taken out in a few hours, but full details are lacking at present, owing to the distance of the properties from this point, and the apparent unwillingness of the owners to give full information. Miners arriving from the scene of the strike state that the discovery is one of the most sensational ever made in the Downieville section, and that the claims give every promise of development into bonanzas.

It is reported that Capt. W.R. Wharton of Los Angeles has closed a deal whereby he has secured the famous Cleveland mine, a short distance below Sierra City. This property is equipped with a small mill and modern power plant, by local experts is regarded as one of the best properties in Sierra County. It has been extensively developed and has a splendid production record. The ledge is one of large size, with values running fairly high. It is the intention of the new owner to run a lower adit, which will open the property to great depth, and move the mill to the portal of the new tunnel. This will facilitate the operation of the mine at a fraction of former costs. Owing to the high altitude of the Cleveland, extensive work will not be pursued until next spring, operations during the winter being confined to development by a small force.

The famous Idaho-Maryland mine at Grass Valley is again in the limelight with important discoveries in lower workings. On the 400 level the ledge ranges from twelve to sixteen feet wide, practically the entire body being milling ore. On the 500 level the ledge is coming strongly and in the anticipation of the vein going down chutes for the conveyance of the ore have been placed on the 700 level. Work beyond this point will be rushed, and within a few months it is expected to place among the largest and most profitable producers in California. Twenty stamps are in action, and more will be placed in commission as soon as possible. Manager Bray Wilkins has tendered his resignation, and has been succeeded by Robert Nye. Many eastern and southern people are interested in the famous property, which was formerly the largest and richest mine in California. Its productive record is close to $17,000,000.


The trouble between the Farmersí Protective Association and the Shasta county smelters has taken on a serious aspect, and it seems as if a determined attempt will be made to regulate the operation of the Mammoth and Balaklula plants. The farmers have decided to proceed against the operators if the fumes are not overcome by October 1, or arrangements made to compensate the agriculturists for their loses. The operators have shown every desire to treat the farmers fairly, but maintain that their opponents are carrying matters too far. In some cases it is asserted that scarcely any injury has been caused, although exorbitant damages have been asked.

In the face of the unfriendly attitude of the farmers, the smelters are going ahead with extensive improvements and preparing for larger operations. The Mammoth has added a furnace to its plant, in an endeavor to recover larger copper contents from the ore, and is steadily increasing its force of workers in the Quartz Hill property. The Balaklula is operating two furnaces at full capacity, and announces that the third unit will be blown in shortly. This will place Balaklula at the head of California smelters. The Bully Hill is also preparing to maintain a larger production. On the Summit, work will shortly be commenced with a number of diamond drills.


The discovery of a ledge of mineralized ore, believed to be pitchblende, about twelve miles from McCloud, is attracting much attention. Such tests as have been made indicate that the ore contains radium, but nothing of a definite nature will be conclusively known until the State University reports on the samples submitted. The deposit has been traced for 1500 feet, and ranges from twenty to eighty feet wide. The ore also gives indications of sylvanite. The locators believe the have a valuable property and are arranging for extensive work. The region is located in an extremely mountainous country, and is difficult to access.


The Peyton Chemical Company has practically arranged for acquisition of the Newton mines, near Jone, and will at once proceed with the comprehensive development of the group. The properties contain large deposits of good grade copper and have been opened to a considerable extent. Fuel oil will be used for motive power and it is probable that a number of surrounding properties will be taken over later. The copper mines in the Jone district are considered among the most promising in central California, but have been held back because of lack of capital. Los Angeles people are interested in the new owning concern.


A strong company, reported to include prominent San Francisco and Los Angeles capitalists, is planning to dam the Yuba River two mile below Bridgeport and dredge the river bed for gold. A large force of men under J.F. Littlefield has been put to work and developments will be pushed with the utmost celerity, in order to complete the plans before the winter rains set in. The Yuba drains one of the richest mining sections in the world, and the promoters of the enterprise are confident that the bed will prove a phenomenally rich placer ground. The Smartsville section in Yuba County is attracting much attention. Southern California capitalists are said to be arranging to work a number of quartz properties in the old district.

Arrangements are being perfected for the introduction of electrical power in the Alleghany-Forest district. The Yuba Power and Hydroelectric Company is back of the plans and expects to have its lines in the district about Nov. 1. Hand drilling is the only method possible at present at Alleghany, and developments are naturally greatly restricted. With the advent of ample power and the installation of machine drills the camp will be in a position to pursue work on a large scale.

The rush to the camp still continues. Both auto lines are fixed to their full capacity to handle freight and passengers, and it is likely that more cars will be placed on the road by the end fall. But for the litigation affecting the Sixteen-to-One and Bonanza King mines, there is no question but that the camp would be making remarkable production.

The Gold Canon is the latest mine to make good, several thousand dollars having been taken out in the tunnel during the past few days. The Rainbow, Red Star, El Dorado, Morning Glory and others report the ore shoots holding out splendidly and conditions improving. Driving for the vein in the lower adit of the Tightner is progressing.


The mines of Inyo County are showing splendidly. The rich copper deposit recently encountered in the new shaft of the Keane Wonder are showing well with comprehensive developments. The mill is running steadily on good gold-bearing ore. The Skidoo mines report good ore in lower levels. The Casa Diablo has completed the installation of compressors, machine drills and other machinery. It is reported that the company will build a railroad to connect the district with the main line of the Southern Pacific. The Bishop Creek Company is steadily pushing extensive work.


The sand pump at the water well at the Terry Lumber Company at Bella Vista, Shasta County, has brought up a small quantity of paraffin oil and a company has been formed to bore for petroleum. The discovery is considered one of the most important made in the search for oil in the North, and has given an impetus to drilling at several points. The oil was found at considerable depth and is reported to be of good quality. Strong interests have started boring for oil near Red Bluff.


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