July 11, 2020 

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 By bluejay

07/04/2020  12:38PM

Recent quotes from Peter Schiff:

"This reason the economy is so sick is not the Coronavirus, it is for everything the government did before the Coronavirus."

"The government has to bail out individuals, the government has to bail out the States, the government has to bail out corporations, with what money? The government doesn't have any money!"

"We are about to find out the hard way that the most expensive way to pay for government is through inflation. This is going to end in complete catastrophe."

Gold is insurance.

Gold will always live. It is just a matter of time before each and every currency must die..
 By bluejay

07/02/2020  7:22AM

Welcome to the New World.

Millions out of work. Small businesses and restaurants sucked into financial death traps. Older people literally are being scared to death. Major cities and the emblems of our history are being raked over by suspected organized rioting. We are prohibited from exercising our free will to join with others in practicing our religious beliefs.

Why is it that our elected officials have now become our dictators? Why do we not resist?
Are we afraid to stand up and remind these power absorbed freaks that they are in direct violation of the Bill of Rights and the United States Constitution?

The following is an address to a man who has guts and is not afraid to tell these freaks the way it is:

usawatchdog.com. Play the video of the interview of Gerald Celente.
 By bluejay

05/29/2020  1:54PM

After pondering my words of being harsh on vaccines, I've a few comments.

I have been listening to many interviews of Dr.Judy Mikovits as I have an interest in health and dislike bullying which Dr. Mikovits was exposed to by the so-called "good old boys club." I have learned a few things about viruses and vaccines from her but am far from being close to an expert.

Dog and cat vaccines appear to have suited their survival quite well. I have no idea the testing requirements of them to make them safe.

The U.S. drug companies own every government agency that oversees them. This has become a major problem and its all because of the payoffs. The fact is that drugs and vaccines that they make with no real responsible testing for safety have killed children and adults. As a matter of fact, I believe from various interviews I have listened to from scientists that pharmaceutical products account for the third or fourth highest amount of deaths in this country.

There are many doctors and scientists speaking up about this numbered 19 virus and these deaths numbers that are being broadcast to us. Obviously, from the amount of effort to silence them there must be a reason. There also must be a reason for the great effort to squash the spoken relationship between 5G and the virus. Why? It has been reported the greatest effort to temper freedom of speech have been committed by Facebook and YouTube. Are these expanding tech companies going to be our rulers in the days ahead. Google especially is buying up every and all AI related companies around that can be bought. Elon Musk says he foresees big problems ahead for all of us as the Artificial Intelligence area is expanded. He said he tried to have government control this area of expansion but failed.

5G towers have already been installed in some cities. Where have most of the Covid 19 cases been reported? What cities? They keep telling us that the virus is Covid-19 but no one can scientifically prove this to be accurate. The only reason IS, the so-called virus has NOT been isolated. Therefore, IT CAN NOT BE SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN TO EXIST. The media when they use this identification have no idea what they are talking about. FAKE NEWS. Contrary to what they tell us, there are many explanations why people have died so far this year and not all are related to this falsely referred to lab altered virus.

From Jim Sinclair's and Bill Colter's recent interview Jim Sinclair stated, it was a good thing(saying for our health it was not a good thing) that this announced world pandemic came when it did because it might have saved us all from the worst case scenario of a complete financial meltdown. Mainly, because it significantly shattered the velocity of money along with the demand for it.. The main result was demand for loans was about completely silenced.

Jim Sinclair said the continuing failure of the repo market was a sign the whole financial system was coming apart. Jim mentioned that we might evolve into a Venezuelan type melt down, eventually. He said it may take at least 10 years to repair the financial damage.



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