June 2, 2020 

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Gold Enters Major Bull Market


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 By bluejay

05/29/2020  2:07PM

Suggest everyone pull up Greg Hunter's recent interview of Bill Colter and Jim Sinclair from his site, USWatchdog.com.

The bottom line will JOLT you.
 By bluejay

04/25/2020  6:32PM

typo error on following

5th line, Witco.com s/b kitco.com
 By bluejay

04/25/2020  6:11PM

The MarketWatch Continuous Contract Price for gold will be used now instead of the kitco.com spot price.


MarketWatch price $1745.70

Witco.com price $1729.50

It is viewed both published prices are not realistic and are far under what they should be trading for.

A question is where do you buy gold for the stated spot price when coin stores are selling one ounce units for far more than the spot price.

Buying a continuous gold contract isn't realistic because the commodity exchanges are having trouble delivering gold on demand when the contracts come due.

One of the reliable places to add to your physical gold holdings is by buying gold related items on eBay. They have been in business for years with no reported delivery problems, especially on the gold coins.

The two types of gold coins are bullion and numismatic coins. Recently, when attempting to buy a Buffalo U.S bullion coin I had to identify my buyers status, I refused. When I have purchased some $20 Double Eagle gold coins in past weeks there was no special identification required.

Is eBay collecting identifications of who is buying gold bullion coins for some reason?
Will someone or some entity be requesting this list in the future? It will either be the government or by a court order and for what purpose? Are the country's gold reserves still in their acclaimed place?

Bank of America recently forecast a future price of $3000 for gold within 18 months. An extremely bold forecast by a U.S. bank. Is their Merrill Lynch subsidiary quitely buying gold for the bank to later sell to their customers? JimRogers stated recently that based on current money supply that the price of the metal should be at least $2,800.

We all are aware of the gold price suppression games that has been going on for years. Are those games coming to an end?

Back to buying gold numismatic $20 Double Eagles at prices believed to be far below realistic levels.

A recent question by a Swiss banker, "the price of gold is not that important, what is important is how many ounces you physically own"



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