May 21, 2019 

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Another U.S. precious metals miner goes foreign


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 By Michael Miller

04/11/2019  3:09PM

April 11, 2019
Newmont Shareholders Vote to Create World's Leading Gold Company

Newmont Mining Corp.'s shareholders voted overwhelmingly to approve the proposed transaction with Goldcorp Inc. Goldcorp's shareholders have also voted overwhelmingly in support of the combination with more than 97% of votes cast in favor of the transaction. Newmont shareholders approved the increase in Newmont's authorized common stock with more than 76 percent of the outstanding shares voting for the proposal and approved the issuance of shares pursuant to the transaction with more than 98 percent of the votes cast for the proposal. The transaction is expected to close in the second quarter.

Thank you Newmont, a USA corporation, for moving forward with the organization. How about California?

Men and Mines of Newmont by Robert H. Ramsey identified Fred Searls, Jr as the leader in 1925. “Newmont found a man whose experience and capabilities matched the company’s needs. People who knew him well characterized him as being generous, stingy, courageous, fearful, uncommunicative, forthright, decisive hesitant, intuitive, and pragmatic”. On page 71: In 1931 Newmont bought the Original 16 ti 1 mine near Alleghany, California, a small, very high-grade gold property Searls remembered from his early exploration days. (Factually incorrect: Searls, General Lucius Clay and Bernard Baruch participated in a joint venture with the Sixteen to drive the 1500 foot level north into the Red Star mine in 1964-65.) They found gold but not enough to profit at the fixed price of $35 an ounce. Our crew is working successfully in the area today. Gold is $1298 an ounce.
 By Michael Miller

03/07/2019  4:33PM

March 7, 2019 Breaking News 2:49 PM

Newmont Mining Corp. has rejected a proposal from Barrick Gold Corp. to merge the two companies. Newmont said a merger with Barrick poses a "significant risk" and was not in the company's best interest. Instead, Newmont decided to continue with its agreement to acquire Goldcorp.

Newmont CEO Gary Goldberg says it best unaltered. Quote:
“Our thorough review of Barrick’s unsolicited proposal and its associated risks has reaffirmed our conclusion that the combination of Newmont and Goldcorp represents the best opportunity to create value for Newmont’s shareholders and deliver industry-leading returns for decades to come,” “Unlike Barrick, Newmont Goldcorp will be centered in the world’s most-favorable mining jurisdictions and gold districts. The combination with Goldcorp is significantly more accretive to Newmont’s shareholders on all relevant metrics compared to Barrick’s proposal, even when factoring in Barrick’s own synergy estimates.”

While the hostile takeover by Barrick would have no potential impact on Sixteen to One, It is not a good move for our Country. Americans must get real about the topics of domestic natural resource production. There is so much yacking from children and their future due the sorry projections of our environment. Well, without domestic capabilities to produce the very required essences of life, the future will guided by others. Historical warfare does not lie
 By Michael Miller

02/22/2019  3:48PM

THIS IS INCREDIBLE……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

Just received the following news:
February 22, 2019

Barrick Gold could soon be involved in a US$19-billion hostile bid for Newmont Mining, but the miner stated a decision has not yet been made.

According to the source quoted by The Globe and Mail, which has been noted as “familiar with the matter,” said Barrick is looking at Newmont for approximately US$19 billion in stock, in what could potentially be one of the largest-ever deals in mining history.

“Barrick Gold today confirmed that the company has reviewed the opportunity to merge with Newmont Mining in an all-share nil premium transaction. No decision has been taken at this time,” Barrick stated in a press release.

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