August 9, 2022 

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L.A. Times Article


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 By Michael Miller

12/13/2018  12:57PM

"Physicists Take Close Look at Gold’s Atomic Value
LA Times 7/20/95 Page B-2

All that glitters may not be gold, but gold is the most “noble” of all metals. It refuses to react with gases and liquids, which is one reason it can hang around for thousands of years in musty tombs and still shine brightly for those anthropologists (or Pirates) lucky enough to stumble upon it. But exactly what makes gold so standoffish (and hence valuable) has been something of a scientific mystery.

In the current issue of the journal Nature, two physicists from Denmark and Japan suggest that the electrons buzzing around the gold atom’s periphery overlap each other in ways that keep other atoms at a distance.

This same orbital dance allows gold atoms to hold onto each other with a grip sufficient to keep other atoms from breaking them apart."

Never know what one finds in twenty three year old files. In 1995, this was LA Times news.
 By David I

01/27/2017  7:46PM

Mike, I am in complete agreement with your analysis of the LA times and the propaganda they preach. The NY Times is also guilty of the same trip and agenda to demonize the development on our nations natural resources.
 By Michael Miller

01/12/2017  7:38PM

What is a forum?

Funk & Wagnalls Standard Dictionary has a thoughtful answer. “A public market place of an ancient Roman city, where popular assembles met, and most legal and political business was transacted.”

My plan and reason for creating this “FORUM” almost fifteen years ago mirror that definition, but the focus is gold and gold mining. As it grew I worked with its organization and decided that the number of topics must be controlled. No more than twenty seemed best. Miscellaneous became the dumping ground for unique or special isolated topics. The L.A.Times Article went to sleep on June 11, 2005; however its relevance and historical importance seemed timeless to me. I just could not delete or move it.

Does anyone read it anymore because it is so outdated? Does it deserve its place among the active topics (there are 22 topics now)? As editor, what should I do with this old reality?

Well, I reread the entries this morning and found the writing splendid and the discussion regarding journalism and reporters is still relevant. Ours is an indisputable case study of media inaccurate reporting, but now a name has been given to the work of the L.A. Times Article: fake news. What a tragedy and shame the practice has become so prevalent!

The L.A. Times Article had no input for 12 years and 7 months. Today this will change by the push of a “send button”. I hope you find the time and interest to scroll down to the first entry by gfxgold and begin a story that (with different people and circumstances) continues today (or read it from recent to first). Surely you may have comments to add.



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