August 9, 2022 

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Underground Gold Miners Museum


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 By dickdavis

12/04/2021  2:30PM

There is a lot of history behind the 1852 Bondy Brothers belt buckle donated by Ron O’Neil, pictured on the back of the Underground Gold Miners Museum flyer, which mentioned Rae Bell has retired and Lindy Laird, who is a long-term resident of Gold Country with a love for history and geology, will guide the Museum’s future. Welcome Lindy!

I Googled Bondy Brothers New York as inscribed on the buckle. All sorts of info came up.
If interested, here’s the link to follow, which includes many photos.

Courtesy of Copy and Paste, without the photos, here’s a selection edited from the website:

San Francisco Gold Rush Merchants
Bondy Brothers & Co. – Belt Manufacturers New York

The first mention of Adolphus and Joseph Bondy is a listing in the 1851 New York City directory for Bondy Brothers & Co. Belts, working at 138 Delancy Street.

The 1852 San Francisco directory has a listing for A. (Adolph) Bondy doing business at 121 Sacramento Street San Francisco.

As with other New York businesses, that were trying to capitalize on the gold rush market in California, the Bondy’s opened a store in San Francisco to sell goods that were manufactured at their New York business.

The Bondy stamped clasp has their name stamped on the belt loop of the wreath. Several stamped eagle clasps, recovered from the California gold camps, have been found with the Bondy marked wreath attached.

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