July 5, 2022 

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Miner's Health - Shareholders Health


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 By bluejay

05/28/2022  7:50PM


Who do you trust?

The below directed video will shake your world, prepare yourself.

“A Manufactured Illusion By Dr. David Martin With Reiner Fuellmich”
 By bluejay

05/28/2022  7:42PM

It is sincerely hoped that Mike is well. Mike was always the steward of Alleghany after Don, George and Ray passed. It’s sad to see him step down without his dreams being fulfilled.

Mike had the most difficult position of working an historic pocket mine with limited resources. He kept the mine open as best as he could with his trusted crew and wouldn’t back down from injustice.

He gave the majority of his life to the Sixteen to One Mine. I hope everyone appreciates the efforts Mike extended to running the Company, I do.

Good Luck Mike.
 By uncle fuzzy

05/24/2022  10:48AM

Well - I have sold all but 2000 shares. now reality.

I just want to know what they are going to do with all the claims.

Mike has been a great friens and advocate for the miners as Has the Underground museum.

Everybody says it is hard to get to. I come from Pollock Pines and the road to mine are great. enjoy the journey.



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