September 26, 2017 

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Stock exchange listing


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 By cw3343

08/25/2017  1:01PM

Oh wow - that is not the record low, but is still pretty low. Today's trade, someone picked up a fat 6000 shares for $6, or $0.001 per share.

 By fredmcain

02/09/2017  8:53AM


I'm a little surprised. I woulda thought that a "junior" miners fund would include such "microcaps".

Are there any funds that do?

Fred M. cain
 By cw3343

02/03/2017  7:47PM

Fred - this company's shares are not included in that ETF. That ETF has various criteria for the components/holdings. Among these are minimum share trading volume requirements that OSTO does not even begin to get close to. The ETF provider has to use stocks that have a certain amount of liquidity so that they can meet redemption requirements without pushing the value of the underlying shares down substantially.

I do not see any ETFs, ETPs, or mutual funds that currently hold any shares of the mine.

Perhaps Blair Hull could buy it in his own ETF? He owns enough shares to be a market maker. (I am just kidding, as his ETF does not invest in individual stocks)



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