November 14, 2018 

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Stock exchange listing


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 By karld

10/23/2018  11:02AM

...and another block of 10K shares at $0.072. I wonder who/why?
 By karld

10/22/2018  8:14PM

Michael, Yahoo is not a market maker. I was just indicating where I saw the Market Cap number. (FYI: I was the buyer, thru Schwab, and I have a sell order on some of them at $0.118)
 By Michael Miller

10/20/2018  10:36AM

Thanks for this recent arms-length-trade on Yahoo. I didnít know that Yahoo is a market maker. If the seller had checked with Schwab, he/she would doubled or triples the $$$$. Origisix has more value in its standing timber with a harvest plan for sustainable thinning than the Yahoo market cap. Sigh.



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