November 18, 2019 

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Stock exchange listing


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 By fredmcain

10/21/2019  3:29AM


Thanks for the post and the information. Buying “grey shares” for OSTO (or for any thinly traded “penny stock”) has become very problematic and erratic.

I’d had an order in with my broker in my IRA for nearly two years and was not able to get any. Everytime I entered a good-till-cancelled order it would just expire after 60 days. Then I’d have to enter a new one.

Lately I had an order getting ready to expire again so I added a second order and bumped my offer price up by a penny. Then all of sudden boom-boom! They BOTH executed at once. Go figure! There is no logic in this.

I spoke with a small broker a few years ago who explained to me that years ago when someone would attempt to buy a “penny stock”, the broker would call around looking for shares. No more. It’s all done by computers now and most “grey shares” or “penny stocks” trade under the radar so that that the computers simply cannot “find” them.

So, why do I do this? Two reasons. Number one, I hate to say, the “grey shares” are a whole lot cheaper. But since I cannot get my broker to provide me with a certificate, then I guess I’m getting what I’m paying for.

The other reason is a more pragmatic one. Right now I happen to have more cash sitting in my IRA doing nothing than I have in my bank account. So buying shares on our company’s stock board right now is not an option for me. That might change, though.

Best Regards,
Fred M. Cain
 By Michael Miller

10/18/2019  7:50AM

Good fortune to the existing shareholder who bought 20,000 shares of OSTO this week. The price as stated in my Schwab account was $0.109. The grey market mystifies even the professionals. But…a trade was executed and reported.

Someone ,somewhere must run grey market activities. For you followers of the website and a buyer or seller interest, try internet brokerage services. Let me know your success as buyer or especially seller.
 By Michael Miller

10/17/2019  2:00AM

A dozen calls (as recently as yesterday) are ringing with interests in buying shares. We have a new transfer agent and expect prompt responses in the future for share transfers.

If an existing shareholder wants to sell shares, write me and name your price. The grey market is still grey.



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