January 28, 2020 

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Stock exchange listing


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 By Michael Miller

01/25/2020  5:46AM

Hello AJ. Our Company values its shares between $4.00 and $5.00 per share. The basis for this arose from comparisons with the three types of gold public stock companies. Comparisons are complex, but the first item to look at is the number of shares outstanding. Next is how those shares were registered. I don’t have time to go over the intricate process now. How would you decipher value?

Dick, thanks for your input. Next week I will move this topic “Buying Shares” to “Stock exchange listings”. The history of the low level market is very interesting and AJ, worth your time to read from beginning to current entries.
 By dickdavis

01/24/2020  5:58PM

AJ...I could only suggest, go to STOCK and make a bid. I don't see any current offers to sell, likely due to low prices. There is a fax and phone number. Hope you come aboard if only for California History and to support the museum.
 By AJ

01/24/2020  4:32AM


Do you have any guidance on how to pick some shares up? Thanks!



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