April 7, 2020 

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Stock exchange listing


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 By Michael Miller

03/31/2020  10:27AM

Bluejay, I have a thought provoking question for you after a comment about your entry below.

Broadening awareness is one current paper work effort: reveal multiple facts about Sixteen to One and our mining company. Fortunately, both have very strong facts to broaden. Jewelry is certainly one. Our quartz & gold appeals to males and females, those who like and appreciate jewelry, art, mineral, specimens and trinkets. Years ago during a live radio interview, one radio host exhibited hostility towards gold mining and miners(which meant me). During a short break I asked her if she was familiar with Sixteen to One gold. She wasnít so I put a quartz & gold rock in her hand. When we returned to the air, she became a mellow interviewer. Her hostility vanished. Itís happened before.

Once during a talk I was giving to fourth grade kids. (I always take some gold for the kids to hold and pass.) I check to see where it is but this time didnít see it. Then I found it. A young girl held it, surrounded in her small hand. She had a faraway look on her face. I knew exactly what was going on with her. Iíve seen it before, similar with the radio DJ. I gently jogged her back to the classroom. Quartz & gold is powerful, more so than rubies, diamonds and pearls. Our cuff links adorn the dress shirts on Gold Mining corporate Presidents and others. Pendants and earings hand from many and quartz & gold rings adorn males (who never think about wearing a ring) and females who usually do. I accept your suggestion.

Bluejay, our personal and in depth history of financing, money and gold continues to evolve. For about fifteen years a thought grew my mind and without giving you my reasons, I have concluded that the ever expanding USA national debt and subsequent ďplanĒ to settle it should have no impact on the spot price of gold. Your thought and comments from others are appreciated.
 By bluejay

03/30/2020  4:22PM

Thanks for your kind words Mike.

Hereís an idea, the next time we have a good strike round up some of our most impressive jewelry and have a few models show it off to some of the registered market makers in our stock.

Take some pictures of the jewelry and send some over to the market makers house so his wife can get impressed.

Thus idea worked well for Debeers when they sent their diamonds to actresses to wear in Hollywood.

Everyone loves our gold specimen jewelry, we just have to put it front of the eyes of potential buyers. Who knows, maybe increased interest might be follow by higher prices.

Look what it did for Debeers.
 By SLee

03/28/2020  5:09PM

ETrade is still dealing with OSTO. Purchased a few shares last week.



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