March 24, 2019 

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Stock exchange listing


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 By fredmcain

03/20/2019  4:31AM

Dear "Scoop" and "CW3343",

During the last few years I was having pretty good luck buying OSTO grey shares through my Vanguard IRA account. They would sometimes take a week or two to resolve but I was getting them nonetheless. Unfortunately, that has been getting harder and harder to do even to the point that I'm not sure I can do that anymore at all. It seems like I'll put in a buy order Good Till Cancelled (GTC) and it expires again after 60 days and nothing has happened.

I have tried "Googling" for "Buy Penny Stocks" and Charles Scwab came up as one of the best brokers for penny stocks. But when I contacted them and asked them if they would do a certificate for me their response wasn’t so much "no" but more like "hell no". They're reluctant to do a cert for any stock but absolutely not for a penny stock. Why? Whatever happened to the old adage “the customer is always right”? If someone is willing to pay for a cert, why won't they do it?

A few years ago I called Columbia Stock Transfer and asked Michelle if she could tell me the name of a broker who could buy OSTO for me AND issue a cert. She told me of a broker in Idaho (I THINK it was) who might do that. So, I opened an account with them and actually bought several thousand shares from them and later got the cert from Columbia, signed by Michael!
I cannot remember the name of the broker but I do recall that about six months later I got a notice in the mail (along with a check for the balance in my account) notifying me that the outfit had been bought out by someone else and my account closed and liquidated.

So, now what? Are there any small brokers left out there who can do this?

Fred M. Cain
 By cw3343

03/19/2019  1:45PM

Yahoo Finance, at one time, was a great site with a lot of good information. Sometime in 2016 they redesigned the whole thing, and pretty much ruined it. (Part of the ruination of the whole company by Marissa Meyer, former CEO). A lot of Pros in the Finance world used it, especially the oil traders - they loved the message boards. The new site was so bad that we did not use it at all. Instead we used Yahoo Finance Canada, which was still the classic version, until they changed that too, then we used Australia. Finally the whole thing changed - now it is slow, too busy, missing info, and is trying to be like Facebook with the stupid videos and "news" stories. I would not expect Yahoo Finance to improve much, especially now that Verizon owns it.

The company's stock still trades on the OTCBB, under the same OSTO ticker. I think Fred meant that, instead of STO (which was the old Statoil ticker, until they changed their name to Equinor for some stupid reason).

OSTO still has a quote on the NASDAQ website - I did not try any others. There is never a bid/ask shown, but there usually is several - you have to call a trading desk and they could likely provide that info. I feel that could be one reason for the very low trades we see often, at just a few cents per share. Someone just throws on a "market" order, and they get whatever random price someone comes up with.

03/19/2019  10:31AM

Yahoo marches to the beat of its own drummer. Nothing changed OSTO’s market dynamics.

When mine was listed on Pacific Stock Exchange, symbol was OAU, pretty cool, huh…original gold.

Go to; research. Enter OSTO. Last price was $0.05. No bid or ask. 52 week range $0.01-$0.20. Mike reported Company Profile/Business Summary needed update. Schwab contractor does it.



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