September 18, 2019 

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Stock exchange listing


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 By Hans Kummerow

08/23/2019  4:29PM

I agree with you, Scoop. London is still attractive. But please be aware that you would be listing at an exchange that is owned by China.

08/13/2019  2:27AM

Australian Securities Exchange and Toronto Stock Exchange mining companies report liquidity has been low and the depth of institutional investors has decreased. Juniors struggle to raise capital in recent years, particularly in North America. Listing on London Stock Exchange (LSE) is an option.

Twelve mining companies made their debut in London last year. Mining is a key LSE sector, representing more than half a trillion dollars of market capitalization. One hundred sixty five mining companies are 23% of the global market capitalization of mining companies. One hundred mining companies are valued under $100 million.

In Canada the ability to raise new capital has been particularly difficult given the focus in the region on other business sectors. After it was legalized in the country in October 2018, cannabis-related firms have not been favorable for mineral explorers. Interest in cryptocurrencies has also made it hard for juniors to raise capital in Canada. London market has a deep pool of institutional capital, meaning that even in difficult times capital should be available. Juniors must work hard to prove themselves, regardless of whether listing in Toronto, Sydney, Johannesburg or London. London appreciates quality, production and near production companies.

The deep pool of available capital in London means that international mining companies are increasingly tapping into the UK's investor capital to support new projects and expansion. Companies will ultimately follow the money when listing.
SCOOP says: Sixteen to One is quality, has production and knows where major near production awaits your drills.
 By fredmcain

07/08/2019  7:28AM


YES ! Right on! I had problems myself with the girl at the old transfer company returning my calls and stuff.

I hope this is an improvement.

Fred M. Cain



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