September 22, 2020 

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Stock exchange listing


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 By bluejay

08/01/2020  8:46PM


Giving the Smith & Wesson idea perked my interest concerning the Country's future.

Martin Armstrong has stated his sophistigated computer is predicting the beginning of civil unrest. Although the Smith & Wesson shares have greatly appreciated in the past months there appears no apparent reason why this trend should not continue.

Hopefully, our company's share price future will receive the comparable attention once the investing public is more exposed to its main product, gold as did Smith & Wesson received when the most pertinent part of their business model was illuminated resulting in share price appreciation and increased public interest.

The greatest bull market in gold's future is upon us and it would be exciting for shareholders of the company to participate better as a known gold producer in this approaching environment.

Eric Sprott has been heavily investing in exploration companies in the "Golden Triangle" region of British Columbia. Eric Sprott is a billionaire. With higher gold prices, confidence is returning to support gold exploration companies.
 By bluejay

08/01/2020  2:55PM

What a great example to support he idea.

 By zelDurin55

07/31/2020  10:11PM

take a look at the SWBI YTD chart The name change occurred on June 1, 2020. Notice on the chart for this year, it went up. everyone knows what smith and wesson is about.



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