August 9, 2022 

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Water and Arsenic: which came first?


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 By Michael Miller

05/12/2021  1:10PM

Yes, David. There are many entries on our FORUM with evidence to counter the harm created through ignorance. Too bad so few read it.

The initial reason I opened Sixteen to One mine for tours was for California's fourth grade children who are introduced to early California history. My grandfather (Reid), great grandfather (Henry),great great grandfather(Frank)and great great great grandfather (Henry) are Californians. The great great great great Henry ) who arrived in 1850. He tried gold mining in Placerville for about one month before settling in Sacramento.

What courage. They helped make California "The Place To Go".
 By David I

05/11/2021  2:06PM

Will you allow me to copy and paste your remarks to face book political leader ship?
 By David I

05/11/2021  1:58PM

These remarks are exactly true, and I suspect the money that goes to environmentalist associations from government consultation, AKA: "Con Job" is then donated back to a political action committee, that then will help a supporting candidate with their bid for election.



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