August 11, 2020 

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Let's back physical shares with physical gold


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 By Michael Miller

12/13/2019  7:30AM


Finished listening to Ron Paul YouTube you sent me today.. I first heard him in the late 1970's in Nevada City. Hard money people were rare. I met some (old and wiser than I) and hung out with them. Few today will spend the time to understand dates like 1913, 1933, 1971 and December 31, 1974, that Paul mentions. Gold can be more like an insurance policy than an investment. It is an investment since it can be traded.

At today's price and what may follow, most people are left out, which leaves silver as a choice. Gold relates to stock investment as product does to all other stock company whether it is a Tesla or pork bellies. Supply, demand and price are relevant.

Even middle income/asset America will have financial problems buying physical gold. It may be more shifting assets but those with non-flexible assets have nothing to shift. Even if gold is $2,000 an ounce and I had none but wanted to join gold, I'd look for another way to play. I did and do this finding undervalued gold companies with real potential. This options remains but again, people must become learned.

Perhaps one of my strengths is understand the penny or junior gold companies, their properties and much more. Acquiring physical gold differs from buying into a company like Sixteen to One. A one thousand grubstake of physical gold costs $1,475,700.00. A thousand share grubstake in Sixteen to One will cost less than $1,000. Risks accompany both and differ. But rewards in a future bull market differ significantly.
 By Michael Miller

07/19/2019  8:31AM

About twenty months passed since an entry on this topic. A shareholder asked recently, “When will OAU finally seek real financing even at the cost of dilution?” It is a solid question except who are and what is “real financing.” Hans Kummerow started this thread on January 13, 2015. I replied the next day.

Here is how real financing should investigate and initiate with our Company. Establish a partnership with like-minded people or just handle it yourself. Place $3 million into the partnership on your terms with the other partners. Negotiate to enter into a limited partnership woith Original Sixteen to One Mine. Earn a GROSS gold payout thirty days after production in refined .999 fine AU. Other benefits can be included once the initial financing is returned, such as: right to purchase gold below spot, stock option.

Now, if there are any real financiers who lack a gold position or want to strengthen their existing one, call me. Once we affirm who you are, come to Alleghany and learn details about the most proven and underappreciated (financially) gold opportunity IN THE WORLD. If anyone knows one with greater upside related to risk, call me so I can join.
 By Michael Miller

11/15/2017  11:09AM

My email has a dozen investment/gold senders, which I quickly read until an article strikes my fancy. The following extract was from Investing News Network by Adrian Day. Mr. Day has been around the gold investment market a long time but less than I’ve been around the gold producing market. I wrote him decades ago and a note a year ago at the urging of a friendly investment/banker. Adrian never replied. Their mantra is predictable.

Day was asked: INN: Should we have a group of people that tells [gold producers] what they should be doing? This question upgraded my interest. I thought, how lovely, investment promoters wonder if they should start telling gold producers how to do their work. Sounded good to me to learn a fresh twist!

Adrian’s reply:

“I do like the idea, with a few caveats. The senior mining companies have had awful returns on the money that we (who are the we?) give them, not only over short term, but over long term Over the last 40 years, the gold-mining business has the second-worst returns of any industry in the world, and the worst was the airlines. In the gold-mining business you do have inherent difficulties. It’s a very, very capital-intensive business, it takes a long time after discovery, the odds of discovery are low. After discovery, before you put something into production, it’s a long time with environmental permits and everything else. Then once you’ve built the mine, you’ve sunk a billion dollars into Tanzania or something, the government can come along and say, “hey, now you’re here and you’ve spent the money, we’d like a little more of that.”
I think the gold-mining managements have really exacerbated the problems by being pro-cyclical. Now, pro sounds like a good thing, but when you’re investing it’s a bad thing. The gold-mining companies, with few exceptions, typically have been overpaying for marginal properties at the top and then not buying at the bottom. Very few companies were buying anything in 2013, ‘14, ‘15 when the prices were low. Companies were on the edge of bankruptcy, you could’ve stolen projects, but companies were selling their own assets and reducing their debt. The time to take on debt is at the bottom but not at the top. You don’t take on debt at the top when things are expensive, to overpay.”

Compare his descriptions of gold mining companies or gold deposit situations with Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc. The Tanzania reference can be global. You will find references in many TOPICS of the FORUM that tell details of the problems Mr. Day lists; however much analysists, promoters, puff the golden smoke into the public air, the marks continue to breathe deeply. As I wrote to Hans in Risk Management Strategies yesterday, I am a buyer of Sixteen to One on the open market higher than the last reported sale for reasons Mr. Day recognized that do not apply in Alleghany, California..



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