July 24, 2017 

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Correspondence from the President of OAU


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 By Michael Miller

07/13/2017  1:45PM

Secretary of Labor R. Alexander Acosta July 12, 2017
200 Constitution Ave NW
Washington DC 20210

Dear Secretary Acosta,

I write you from my position as an underground gold miner, President of a 106 year old operating and producing small Company and a spokesman for American miners here in California and beyond. Our industry (Metal Mining) needs your attention as much or even more than the coal mining industry. A primary threat to this dying endeavor is the enforcement of An Act of 1977 and subsequent standards which are regulated under your duty by Mines Safety Health Administration (MSHA). While some standards are outdated our primary concern is with inexperienced federal inspectors’ interpretation of actual underground mining.

I wrote President Trump while the position of Secretary of Labor was vacant encouraging him to understand the importance of his Secretary of Labor. I am hopeful after reading your quote to senators, “As a former prosecutor, I will always be on the side of the law and not any particular constituency.” The law is not guiding enforcement in our mines. It has disappeared under layers of management’s misdirection.

Mining is not fifty years ago when miners suffered death and unnecessary dangers in exploiting the vital natural resources needed in the United States. The time is long past for MSHA to return to the practice of recognition that “the first priority and concern of all in the coal or other mining industry must be the health and safety of its most precious resource—the miner.” Sec. 2(a) of An Act.

Selecting your Assistant for MSHA management may prove a difficult proposition. As I wrote President Trump, I am not looking for a job. I have a good one yet have a sense of responsibility to my country to assist you regarding MSHA. I support your mission:

The Department of Labor's mission is to foster and promote the welfare of the job seekers, wage earners, and retirees of the United States by improving their working conditions, advancing their opportunities for profitable employment, protecting their retirement and health care benefits, helping employers find workers, strengthening free collective bargaining, and tracking changes in employment, prices, and other national economic measurements.

There is widespread talk about the need for our Country employment to grow. There is talk much less, about our Country’s weak position in natural resource production. What is not talked about is the professional and cultural loss the United States is seeing in these natural resource extraction industries in California, and I assume elsewhere. For national security now and for future generations, encouragement or at least no hostility should be the mantra for 2017. I am an elder now but when I entered the natural resource industry, I was a neophyte. The elders taught me tricks of the trade, such as cracking hard quartz with a double jack or placing a two ton locomotive back on the track by myself. It is the same for the logger. Our skills will be lost to neophytes in the not-to-distant future as our industries cease to prosper.

Please direct someone from your agency, preferable in the Western District, for me to contact or have them contact me. Signed letter will be posted to you in US Postal System.

Sincerely yours,
Michael M. Miller
(530) 287-3223

Attached are two letters:
To President Trump Staff
To Dear ALJ and SOL
 By Michael Miller

07/04/2017  8:07AM

No other date exceeds the relevance of today, July 4th. Growing up in Sacramento, a federal holiday was a day of celebration and historical reflection for me. No school, of course, but my family always had conversations about the meaning and significance of each special day. Years past and one day these special holidays became three day weekends. Sigh, Americans no longer celebrated that one and only special day on the actual date of the month. The day became something else. It turned into a three day vacation.

Well, today can only be celebrated on the fourth of July and today is a Tuesday. Hey, let’s make it a four day vacation. Two hundred forty one years ago 56 men working in the summer heat of July in Philadelphia finished a document that remains acknowledge on the actual date. It is the day Americans no longer were subject of the King.

Thank you for such forward thinking. Thank you for undertaking a great risk. Thank you for establishing the land of the free and the home of the opportunity to be brave.
 By Michael Miller

06/23/2017  10:23AM

Dear Shareholders and Interested People:

The Annual meeting last Saturday was an hundred percent success. The grounds and underground never looked better. The weather was warm but not overpowering. Our miners and helpers performed well in serving the safety and enjoyment to all. The food and drinks pleased everyone except a couple who ate late and all the pasties were gone.
No negativity was on display in this crowd. There were few questions which were easy to answer. I reviewed the annual report, gave details about our current work, the past year and my expectations until we meet again. Sales were modest which has been the pattern for the past five years.
Much detail was given about the underground tour options, the degree of difficulty and the time. I probably over stated the difficulty because of concerns someone taking the full option may experience problems in the climb up the 49 winze.
We have really nice shareholders, getting older but four or five brought children. It was a larger turnout from last year, 120

My desk work was mostly on hold the past week. This morning I had two emails from very different sources about the same subject of modest interest to me. Both related their topic to gold so I read them and pass information along to you: performance of cryptos and monetary metals and digital currencies. If cryptocurrencies is a word, I do not know. Summary follows.

One article contrasts the performance of cryptocurrencies with the suppression of gold and silver prices and argues that the potential for the monetary metals is great. Its basis recognizes the Gold Cartel as the power broker influencing the economic principles of pricing based on supply and demand. Its international actions continue to negate the value, worthiness etc. of silver and gold. Therefore, those wanting assets but not a closet full of one hundred dollar bills are looking elsewhere. That elsewhere can be stock markets, real estate or others. Many financial gurus play along with the powerful Gold Cartel.

The other article presents a similar view but never mentions a gold cartel. It offers more details. What are digital currencies -- and what do they mean for gold?

Eight years after the launch of bitcoin, there are almost a thousand competing digital currencies. Bitcoin remains the leader by market capitalization, and almost all other currencies are based on bitcoin’s fundamental technical innovations. Bitcoin and other digital currencies set out to become a kind of “digital gold.” Like gold, they do not rely on any centralized institution for backing or accounting; but as digital assets, they exist only virtually and can be transferred instantly to any user anywhere in the world. In this goal, they partially succeeded and partially failed. They ingeniously marry two mathematical and algorithmic innovations: public/private key cryptography, and the block-chain -- a distributed transaction ledger that’s maintained by competing processing nodes in the bitcoin network.

The vast majority of users interact with digital currency systems in a way that exposes them to potential fraud or theft. The block-chain is a public record of all transactions in a given digital currency – presenting concerns that artificial intelligence and big data leverage will be able to associate real-world identities with those transactions. Digital currency solution to the problem of identity and ownership of assets relies on difficult mathematical problems: a cracked when functional quantum computers arrive.

When the current cryptocurrency excitement fades, gold continues an important refuge of safety and the preferred hedge against the incompetence and dishonesty of government. Speculating in cryptocurrencies and making money is not a gold asset. Keep an eye on the exit. Over time, most cryptocurrencies will fail.
I repeat what I say and write about Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc. Our asset is the most proven gold deposit in the world with the fewest operating gold mine and miner employed. We don’t make money. We mine gold.



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