June 16, 2019 

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Correspondence from the President of OAU


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 By Michael Miller

06/14/2019  3:42PM

May 29, 2019
You are authorized to show and sell this yet-to-be- named specimen to the two gentlemen who may be in Oroville this month. It is not to leave your safe keeping unless it is purchased. It has no name purposely, so its new owner msy choose. It has not been treated with any acid. It looks the same as when it was mined on March 31, 2019 from the 1150 level of Sixteen to One mine.

Since it day-lighted a couple of weeks ago, a dozen people with backgrounds in gold specimens or other high-end collector items were elated to see and hold it. People ask, “What’s it worth? What’s the value of this 16 to 1 recent specimen?” That’s for others to decide. It is priceless, a one-of-a-kind, rare as hens teeth.

I’ve touched pricelessness before and understand its complex meaning. In fall of 1962, I touched Mona Lisa in Paris, the Louve Museum and The Man with the Golden Helmet in West Berlin and returned a second and third day to experience it again. The public could walk up to the paintings then: no more. The experiences were priceless.

On May 31, 2019 I touched priceless again. Arriving at the portal, end of shift, the crew was very excited. “Get back into your truck. Go to the office. You gotta see this.” I did. I broke the seal opening the high-grade bag and reached in. I felt the largest rock and knew its specialness. The touch of its surface prickled as I pulled it out. Its weight got me excited.

The crew stood there, just smiling. Then it emerged from the sack and I saw this humbling work of nature’s art. Two hours ago the rock was hidden one thousand feet underground for 125,000,000 years. Now it’s in my hand thanks to our Sixteen to One miners.

Sometimes we just don’t know…..well, how lucky we are.
This rock is priceless, yet must be priced: $160,000.
The rock was named and is on display this week end for the Underground Museum event. Postcards available with the following inscription: From the Sixteen to One Mine in Alleghany: “The Hand of Dan” 21 ounces of gold mined on March 29, 2019. Photo by Duane Lines moments after the blast.
 By Michael Miller

05/20/2019  4:56PM

Dear Forum Followers,
The website crashed today. Our webmaster lives in Hungry but solved the problem. This is a very old website and not comparable with the pace and options today. Four years ago we found a team to get us into 21st century internet; however the new look was too nontraditional. After all this is a very traditional business, gold mining in California. Sixteen to One is a rare gem with many facets. We will be exploring a new design to meet the needs of the time next week. Tradition will be maintained but improvements are coming.

The site administration lost the ability to post pictures. None in our office are active twitters, face bookers, cell phone users and other popular media stuff. Even though, we placed some great pictures on Facebook. Last Thursday photos are worth a look. Too few miners are mining today so I brought a new group in for training. Check ‘em out.
 By Michael Miller

04/26/2019  2:49PM

Dear Senator Feinstein, April 22, 2019
Thanks greatly for answering my letter regarding Opportunity Zone’s inclusion in the past tax reform bill. I received your reply yesterday. A democrat and republican senator actively drafted the language. This wonderful plan for business, community and those Americans who realize the opportunity to invest in these impoverished locations benefit. It is not a tax give-away as some suggest but a solid plan for multiple improvement.

My home, community and business for forty three years need a shot of tired money now sitting in domestic and foreign low interest accounts. Alleghany, California, is the last gold mining camp in the Sierra Nevada. Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc. (107 year old California corporation) is the oldest mining company in America. Seventy to 75% of the vein system is untouched. Our underground mining operation has no adverse effects on the environment. We were green before it became a buzz word.

I appreciate the subcommittees you serve with members of both parties. In particular are: Environment, Military, Homeland Security, Science and Rural Development. Two others hold interest: Agriculture (there are abandoned underground mines throughout the US where crops thrive due to controllable environment), and Labor. My industry and America were built with skilled blue collar workers. Young people are vital to the mining industry. It has become an endangered domestic species. Young people need training. We elders who care about the future want to participate. Financial leaders must play a role. Opportunity Zone is their hook.

My major at UCSB (class of 1964) was Combined Social Science (economics emphasis). I left Santa Barbara to begin a career very different from most: natural resources (timber and gold). I became an advocate for their value and advancement. Why your subcommittees “Military and Homeland Security are relevant is answered by studying histories of warfare. A crisis exists with the decline of domestic natural resource industries. Countries fight for resources. I don’t mean anything like supporting clear cutting or flagrant abusive mining.

Senators Tim Scott and Cory Booker led the concept of “Opportunity Zones”. This idea truly benefits those with money and its receivers; however a true analysis of each opportunity is vital. I’m concerned that the executive agencies that take this law into the realm of regulations have lost their way. This is why I write you. I know you are busy and I ask that someone from your office in California contacts me under your direction. We need to start implementing this legislation. It needs an example of success, which we can become. Please include me to help.

Best wishes to you and your staff.
Michael Meister Miller



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