January 20, 2020 

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Correspondence from the President of OAU


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 By dickdavis

01/19/2020  5:32PM

Dear Aram,

You should visit the mine, take a deep look, speak with Mike Miller and those who know the mine best, visit the museum, see what the 16:1 has produced and consider the vein structure.

Best regards,

Dick Davis
 By aramfuchs

01/18/2020  8:26AM

Hopefully you know I am not asking for anything proprietary but I do think it would be helpful for investors (past, current and future) of Original Sixteen to One to see a PowerPoint type presentation that communicates the most salient points. I would be happy to share some of the ones I found helpful.
 By Michael Miller

01/13/2020  10:07AM

Too many choices or variables for a quick answer. Even though, answers do exist. Specific locations, cost and gold thoughts are available for qualified people. What qualifies someone are who you are, what you want, what you have to offer. Swiss gold experts recently wrote that half of one percent of investors have any gold position. Seems small to me but I tend to agree. For the International California Mining Journal January article, the writer asked atypical questions. He was probing my mind for information that benefits his readers, very refreshing.

Dave Hughes did his homework before coming to Alleghany, which created opportunity for his complex digging. Part two will be out in February. I look forward in reading it.

No one will never see the answers to all questions on the FORUM. Our library is extensive. Our FORUM provides enough hard facts, qualified opinions and histories for serious research. Ask away.



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