November 12, 2019 

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Correspondence from the President of OAU


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 By Michael Miller

09/19/2019  7:10AM

Richard Mueller and I met in Alleghany. I don’t remember how it happened but it was about physics. He gave me his book, “Nemesis”” subtitle: The Death Star, published in 1988.He inscribed, “to Mike Miller---who like me, searches for the gold. Very best regards.”

Lately physics has been on my mind or in my thoughts. I meet many geologists and when we talk gold geology its mysteries seem strongly attached to physics. I found Richard’s book and began to read again. Richard hung around some terrific physicists and one project (age dating events). It was a scientific adventure shared with his mentor, Luis Alvarez.

A gold scientific adventure is right here in Alleghany, at our Sixteen to One mine. With the tools and equipment plus the vast growth of knowledge since the last great leap in scientific discovery (USGS Professional Report 172;field work in 1928). I firmly believe that an academic search for gold will bring investment, fun, adventure and challenge.

I wrote Richard and talked about an idea to date the barren quartz and quartz holding the gold. A team of scientists with geology and physics educations may discover another major scientific breakthrough. No better place on earth for a beta than Sixteen to One.

When I read Rae’s minutes and thought, you reading the minutes will wonder why I was excited about a physicist. I did talk about Richard Mueller and the impact of iridium and a cosmic event. Humm

Oh yes, I am excited about a future combination of geology and physics. See meeting minutes below.
 By Michael Miller

09/18/2019  6:26AM

Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc.
Annual Meeting of Shareholders
August 31, 2019

The annual meeting of shareholders was held at the minesite in Alleghany. The meeting was called to order at 10:00 am by President Michael Miller.

Office Manager Rae Bell Arbogast was present and took the minutes. Approximately 50 shareholders and guests were in attendance.

It was noted that proxies representing 7,234,189 shares were received prior to the meeting with 303,875 voting against the slate of directors and all others in favor. Additional proxies in favor of both items and representing another 24,310 were received at the meeting for a new total of 7,258,499 shares represented. Final tally: 6,954,624 shares voted in favor of item 1 with 303,875 against. Item 2: 6,798,166 in favor and 460,333 against. A motion was made by Michael Miller to accept the nomination and election of the board of directors and seconded by Gay Taylor. All present were in favor.

The minutes of the annual meeting held on June 16, 2018 were approved as read. Motion to accept the minutes made by Jon McGeath 2nd by Jeremiah De La Ossa all in favor.

There was a discussion about the need for funding. The company has never issued an IPO and has no plans to do so because it would dilute the current ownership too much. Mike is currently working with a consultant to but together a limited partnership to attract investors. The idea is to raise 10M with as few partners as possible. The details are still being worked out. Potential investors always ask about gold reserves and because of the nature of the geology in Alleghany the 16 to 1 does not have any proven reserves. This makes it difficult to attract investors.

Water Consultant and Geologist Rob Campbell MS, PG, CEG made a presentation about the mine water discharge and the barrage of penalties and violation notices from the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board. He stated that the staff at the water agency is great to work with, but it is difficult to get action “upstairs”. He has clearly demonstrated to the water agency that the arsenic in the creek is coming from the rocks and that 100 feet down stream from the mine’s property none is present in the creek. He went on to explain the importance of PH and that the discharge from the mine has a PH of about 8 which is really good. The fact that the mill is not operating is also in the mine’s favor. Rob will continue to work with the water board to try to get some common sense action to take place.

Mike thanked Rob for his presentation and returned to the subject of the Company’s financial health. He stated that the company is undervalued especially compared to so many small companies with no hard assets and inflated balance sheets. The Sixteen to One’s balance sheet shows all of the gold inventory at spot price but the specimens are much more valuable than that. He gave a demonstration using an electrical current of a piece of gold quartz that was “wired” together and that could be etched to remove the quartz. There is a market for such pieces considerably higher than spot price. The company’s property is also undervalued on the balance sheet. He stated that he would like to get the shares back on the stock market, when it becomes possible.

There was a discussion about the geology of the mine and the potential market for rare earth minerals. Rob Campbell stated that there are such minerals present in the 16 to 1. Mike mentioned a book by Richard Mueller titled Nemesis the Death Star and theories related to the extinction of the dinosaurs that also have a relationship to the timing of the geological upheavals that deposited minerals such as gold in the earth’s crust. Mr. Mueller is a Nobel Peace Price recipient and teaches physics at the Laurence Berkeley Laboratory. He visited the mine with Mike and shares his appreciation of gold and science.

Mike then fielded questions from the shareholders and gave a safety talk for going in the mine.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 11:05 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Rae Bell Arbogast
 By Michael Miller

07/02/2019  2:31PM

April 10, 2019
Dear Senator Feinstein,
Opportunity Zone legislation is a huge benefit for rural California, my home in Sierra County. Senator Scott is a sponsor so I wrote him. He replied to contact you and Senator Harris. Following is my letter to Senator Scott. He wrote about his recent trip to the California border, which was my initial response. Encouraging his interest in Opportunity Zone is my priority.
My industry needs some federal recognition. Please get involved in our much needed activity here in California. Michael Meister Miller (530) 287-3223

April 10, 2018
Dear Senator Harris,
Opportunity Zone legislation is a huge benefit for rural California, my home in Sierra County. Senator Scott is a sponsor so I wrote him. He replied to contact you and Senator Feinstein. Following is my letter to Senator Scott. He wrote about his recent trip to the California border, which was my initial response. Encouraging his interest in Opportunity Zone is my priority and my purpose for contacting you.
My industry needs some federal recognition. Becoming aware of Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc. (incorporated in California in 1911) and how it operates helps everyone in California without exception. Please get involved in our much needed activity here in California.
Sincerely yours,
Michael Meister Miller

March 27, 2019
Dear Senator Scott,
Here I sit in California reading your newsletters with gratitude that one of one hundred vital politicians is expressing a fact that I also know as a fact: knowingly illegal acts performed by anyone must not be ignored. People around me support your position on border security.
Here I sit, a fifth generation Californian, without representation in our federal senate to discuss what many find onerous in California. I found you because of your creative approach to problem solving with Opportunity Zone legislation. It is fantastic legislation that benefits all social levels throughout the United States. I wrote you and was happy you answered. As you replied that you work primarily for your constituents, I understand, but in California, this obvious economic plan has no voice! Thanks for keeping me on your email list. I enjoyed learning about Fort Sumter/Fort Moultrie.
Productive miners, a Californian endangered species, no longer work a 200 mile proven gold deposit. California became a state shortly after the global gold rush of 1849. The gold made its mark that led to the development of the West as a member of the United States. My position is President of America’s oldest gold mining company and longest continuously operating gold mine in North America. Sadly, the necessity and importance of our domestic mineral industries and the values they generates have disappeared. I’m working with concepts expressed in Opportunity Zone legislation to bring back these dying industries in rural America.
Michael M. Miller

NOTE: Kamala Harris staff did not reply. Diane Feinstein staff sent a form reply that failed to mention Opportunity Zone. Opportunity Zone legislation is the best tax, investment, beneficial program for all Americans I have ever read. I’m searching for help. Today (July 2, 2019, I begin searching for help on the Internet with the following :
My first awareness of Opportunity Zone was before its inclusion in the Tax Law. I communicated with Senators Booker and Scott, who advised to contact my California Senators. I wrote both Senators: no reply from Senator Harris and a form letter from Senator Feinstein that did not address my wants. I run a 107 year old California corporation, vital to America's economic, social and political well-being, impoverished and rural, and in need of serious financial assistance. We are the last underground gold miners working the proven Sierra Nevada gold belt which extends from Mariposa County to Plumas County.

Alleghany has multiple projects that fit the following Opportunity Zone investment focus: Affordable housing, Commercial, Community revitalization, Economic development, Mixed-use development, Multifamily residential, , Workforce housing, Renewable energy investment, Small business development, Agricultural Development, Sustainable agriculture, Philanthropy, Private partnerships, Redevelopment and adaptive reuse and Defense Technology Investment. Long list but true. Most information available is for investment not for those communities/businesses that are opportunity zone projects. For what it's worth, I'm a fifth generation Californian with great love for my state and its well-being. I also have great business experience as I was born June 22, 1942. Your help will help many in the golden state.



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