April 18, 2021 

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Correspondence from the President of OAU


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 By cw3343

03/05/2021  10:32AM

Thank you for the update. I agree that promotion, paperwork, and state/fed regulations are not as important as mining actual gold. Keep up the good work...
 By Michael Miller

03/03/2021  5:02PM

Like always I appreciate all your comments on the FORUM. We will adopt Original Sixteen to One Gold Mine in future product development and informing the public who we are and what we are doing. Promotion is not a high priority right now. Stay tuned for advertising our rare and beautiful gold specimens and inventory.

Our financials are in process of completing and registering with SEC. Thanks for the concern.

Our recent MSHA first quarter inspection occurred with zero citations. Prior objections about improper citations has past.

Our five year California water permit renewal draft is in the hands of the agency. It will become public, so you can make comments, which I want you to do. The Central Valley Regional Board votes to approve the permit. The time is at hand to correct some bad science based on recent evidence submitted to the agency. I appreciate your participation as shareholders have in the past.

Iíve been in the gold mining industry for forty years. Something I noticed over these years: gold price advocates continue to expound a desire for a gold backed dollar. It is a bad idea. Why should Americans give more power to the existing financial institutions that control the dollar by fixing a price? Let the free market regain the control as a free market should with supply and demand.

If spot price were pegged to the dollar, an ounce will be so expensive that only the bankers and friends will buy and own gold. Let gold float; but not for a minute believe that one ounce of gold is only worth $1,718.13 (todayís spot). Five or 10 thousand dollars seem non sensible to me; but $2,500.00 is sensible from my experiences as a gold producer.

For readers outside of Northern California, we need some snow. Shasta Lake, Bullards Bar reservoir and others are very low. We face a severe drought once again this summer.
 By cw3343

02/26/2021  11:58AM

Will there be a in person shareholder meeting this year?

(what about shareholders that do not care about covid? I will sign a waiver/release of liability. I am more likely to die on highway 49 than from the virus...)



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