August 9, 2022 

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Risk Management Strategies


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 By bluejay

12/26/2020  10:39PM

Sounds like an idea well worth pursuing.
 By David I

12/26/2020  12:17AM

I recommend that you merge with the Ruby mine. You have direct access. The ruby is for sale last time i checked for 2 million dollars.
 By Michael Miller

12/04/2020  2:17PM

History supports inflation is the proven remedy governments use to decrease debt. History recognizes ways to fight yours and my future asset losses. History works with gold, which I plan to write down a factual event with Sixteen to One mine.

Twenty three years ago our miners drilled, blasted, mucked and packed our safe with 2500 ounces of gold in one shift. Gold spot was $400 an ounce, so we called it “The Million Dollar Day”. The date was December 17, 1993. The location was the 1330 stope. Today December 17th those sacks of gold equal $4,575,000.00. To duplicate the crew and associated expenses today, I estimate expenses that same day are less than double.

Financials in the 1993 Annual Report show total revenues doubled from 1992 and net income tripled. Spot price was $332 an ounce. My geologist friends tell me they know of no deposit like ours. They point out that more of the vein was mined than remains. I agree. It only takes 540 ounces in a shift to make another million dollar day.

I agree with Bluejay and David and others with the nemesis to society of inflation with several caveats. How about you?



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