December 10, 2018 

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How to Approach Thin Veins & Cost


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 By fredmcain

05/16/2018  9:48AM



I thought I post a new message under my sub-subject on this list of "Mines with tracks". As many miners already know, most mines started to steer away from underground rail haulage about 30-40 years ago.

However the pendulum of getting away from rail and going to LHD trucks may be beginning to turn.

Here is an interesting article on rail haulage that I found:

URLs will not "highlight" on this forum so you will need to "copy and paste" to your browser.

I'd copy and paste the entire article but it's too long. It makes for interesting reading, though. :)

Railroading in mining might just stage a comeback. Personally, I feel like our president was smart to keep his rail system in the 16 to 1 mine.

Fred M. Cain,
Topeka, IN
 By David I

02/09/2018  2:45PM

You might get in contact with of Elon Musk. He has an underground boring machine development company and your mine would be a perfect opportunity to work with this development. Also your mine is warehouse space for low temperature storage. especially for wine, or other long term low temperature storage to develop the aging process.
 By Michael Miller

02/07/2018  9:40AM

Few gold producers exist among the small vein deposits throughout the world. As a result modern equipment and innovative technology is centered on the monster volume operations. Unlike Sixteen to One, the industry became the playground for men-of-monster money or the ability to attract substantial startup capital.
Today, Mining Magazine set me an interesting article. I copied the first paragraph for you. Some of the mega mining operators continue to face mega economic obstacles. What will this mean for the small vein deposits?

“Sometimes a turning point can only be seen clearly in hindsight. Such is the case for the mine of the future as we begin 2018, coming out of a 2017 where major mining companies continued to demonstrate capital spending austerity and focus on debt reduction. All the while, there were growing signals that digitization, electrification and automation were all gaining momentum, even though actual examples of mine site implementations could as of yet, still be counted on one hand.”

Stay tuned. Here is a clue: look forward to fully electrify the fleet of ground support, ore flow/secondary reduction, and utility vehicles, keenly aware that electrification is but one step in the ongoing mechanization of underground mining.



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