February 20, 2019 

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How to Approach Thin Veins & Cost


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 By Michael Miller

12/13/2018  11:57AM

“Twenty four years ago a dormant wad of gold signaled the beginning of fresh technological power into the Sixteen to One mine. It was a simple metal detector. For decades a 22 ounce sponge of gold lay on the floor of the main drain tunnel. It is memorialized in a poster called, “Gold the International Language”. For gold seekers this innovation sparked an international rush to buy off-the-shelf, hand held metal detectors, the ones seen on many California beaches.
It led to the production of thousands of ounces of gold from the historic California gold belt.
Physics and electronics had added to the centuries of experience and knowledge about mining for gold.

The most logical place was the Northern California gold belt, a 200 mile deposit under the Sierra Nevada Mountain. The most accessible site was the Sixteen to One mine in the Alleghany Mining District.

The major tool for hard rock underground gold mining will always be geology. Nothing will ever replace prospecting, exploration, development and production as nature’s intuitive geological formations, nothing; however the concept of detection is here to stay.

Forty four years ago chemistry resurfaced as a guide for miners to the hidden high-grade gold in the Alleghany Mining District. Fluid inclusions, ion calculations and all mining leaning chemists could imagine were explored, theorized and tested. Did it give the miners a new twentieth tool? Not yet but those differing ions in quartz may someday.

The twenty first century exploded the technological market with something called a “smart phone”. I don’t have one and don’t even know how the land line phone is capable of performing its magic; however others do. Let’s marry the smart phone technology with the current science of gold detecting. The result will make history. The union will give birth to a smaller and lighter tool with added discrimination features and depth, speed and reliability. All the necessary components likely exist in today’s market. The beta site for perfecting the smart detector can only be the Sixteen to One mine, a proven deposit for producing gold over 164 years. The time is now. The place is here.”

These were my thought two years ago. The smart phone evolved. Now Mars is accessible for photography, science continues with unimagined results, but no one has figured out how to identify gold (one of earth’s densest elements on earths) in a quartz vein. The Sixteen to One host to gold is Quartz, a trigonal mineral (SiO2), transparent and friendly to electronics.
Pass this along, please. WE have a sharing plan. I know someone is out there who could get really excited about locating 10 to 20,000 ounce pockets of gold.

There is no better way to acquire gold than to mine it and share in the bounty. We have a plan.
 By fredmcain

05/16/2018  9:48AM



I thought I post a new message under my sub-subject on this list of "Mines with tracks". As many miners already know, most mines started to steer away from underground rail haulage about 30-40 years ago.

However the pendulum of getting away from rail and going to LHD trucks may be beginning to turn.

Here is an interesting article on rail haulage that I found:


URLs will not "highlight" on this forum so you will need to "copy and paste" to your browser.

I'd copy and paste the entire article but it's too long. It makes for interesting reading, though. :)

Railroading in mining might just stage a comeback. Personally, I feel like our president was smart to keep his rail system in the 16 to 1 mine.

Fred M. Cain,
Topeka, IN
 By David I

02/09/2018  2:45PM

You might get in contact with of Elon Musk. He has an underground boring machine development company and your mine would be a perfect opportunity to work with this development. Also your mine is warehouse space for low temperature storage. especially for wine, or other long term low temperature storage to develop the aging process.



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