August 17, 2019 

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Ideal Time for Facts


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 By Michael Miller

04/26/2019  2:44PM

Hi Rick, nice to see you on the Forum again.

Yes, you began this thread September 12, 2006. I encourage all with curiosity about this little mine that keeps on keeping on to click page eleven, scroll to its beginning and read to the present.

A lot of surface quartz calls your name. Best to you, Mike
 By Rick

04/24/2019  3:22PM

Ironic, the Topic Title of this thread....Ideal Time For Facts. Given the ongoing onslaught of political opportunism, I knew when I titled this thread it would endure. Congrats to our visions. Wonderful!
 By Rick

04/24/2019  3:18PM

Howdy! What a gem of a mine...congrats to the persistence of the vision



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