October 25, 2021 

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 By bluejay

10/03/2021  10:27AM

Sorry for the typo blunder.

In the first paragraph below is, they are mandating all small businesses with ^ or more employees

should read:

all small businesses with 5 or more employees.

 By bluejay

10/03/2021  10:22AM

This could affect miner's paychecks

From Martin Armstrong

There is a serious issue that is secretly tucked away into the "Build Back Better"Budget Reconciliation bill that the Democrats are trying to impose upon all Americans. They are mandating all small businesses with ^ or more employees will by mandate take 10% of their salary and put this into a forced retirement account.

I have warned that for years, California has led the rally to seize all private pension funds and to hand them to CAL PERS because they are "already insolvent" when it comes to managing state pensions. I have pointed out that CAL PERS was ordered by politicians to invest in GREEN projects that all lost money.

Worst still, this seizure of 10% of your salary is already on TOP of Social Security. Among the lower classes, this will be devastating for they already pay more in Social Security than in income tax. What the politicians NEVER talk about is Social Security which they do NOT consider a TAX.

So ranging taxes of the rich are hailed as "equality" but it is the raising of Social Security "contributions" that impact far more people. Now on top of all of that, they are trying to sneak in a seizure of 10% of your salary. GROSS
 By bluejay

09/23/2021  11:33AM

From the website diamond.uk

The demand for rare earth metals is set to grow exponentially over the next few decades, as ambitious clean energy projects are being developed globally. However, most economies still find themselves relying heavily on imports from China. At present, China produces roughly 77 per cent of the world’s supply of rare earth elements. The rarest rare earths, particularly those used in permanent magnets, are primarily sourced from ion adsorption clay deposits, or laterites, formed by tropical weathering of rocks such as granite and syenite in Southern China.

Looks like clay is a primary environment that the rare earths are formed in or are attracted to. I have ownership in a diamond explorer in the Northwest Territories that drilled into clay that had rare earths in them in a semi-remote area.



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