August 14, 2020 

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Ideal Time for Facts


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 By Michael Miller

02/13/2020  9:40AM

While doing research on this website (NEWS Topic) an article on page three caught my eye. Following is a short part of the article:
SUMMARY OF WORLD WIDE MINING - By Michael M. Miller 04/18/2003.
Click it for some solid history relevant for today's mining.

"Since all of our mining properties are located in California, much of this survey has limited value; however I conclude my summary with the following observations. The respondents consider regulatory duplication and inconsistencies as a strong deterrent to exploration investment greatest in Russia. California is the third worst location only above Russia and Wisconsin. California ranks third from the bottom regarding environmental regulations, slightly ahead of Washington and Wisconsin.

A statistic worth intellectual pondering was a mathematical table of respondents who indicate factors that encourage exploration investment. A comparison of the percentages found in the column for "Mineral Potential Assuming Current Regulations" and "Mineral Potential Assuming No Land Use Restrictions" places California as the geographical political entity surveyed with the highest percent difference between the two columns at 68%. Go figure.

It will prove helpful for individuals considering an investment in remoter or exotic lands to have at least a base understanding of political stability, infrastructure, labor relations, regulations and restrictions. For me, it is only a tangential interest. One undeniable truth about a mining company is it cannot move its mineral deposit to a more favorable location. I like California, especially now that most mining companies view the state near the bottom of desirability. Mister Pocket, we're breaking rock to find you."
 By Michael Miller

04/26/2019  2:44PM

Hi Rick, nice to see you on the Forum again.

Yes, you began this thread September 12, 2006. I encourage all with curiosity about this little mine that keeps on keeping on to click page eleven, scroll to its beginning and read to the present.

A lot of surface quartz calls your name. Best to you, Mike
 By Rick

04/24/2019  3:22PM

Ironic, the Topic Title of this thread....Ideal Time For Facts. Given the ongoing onslaught of political opportunism, I knew when I titled this thread it would endure. Congrats to our visions. Wonderful!



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