February 16, 2019 

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Ideal Time for Facts


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 By Michael Miller

12/21/2018  1:53PM

Thanks to all of you who read or write in the FORUM. It is about mining. We drift onto related sub topics but the FORUM is an historical chronology of gold mining. I’ve learned that many of our California hard rock experiences are shared by our soft rock miners in the eastern coal mines. Our chronology also reaches Europe, Australia, Canada and even Africa. Something , let’s call it an holiday gift, I wish to give all of you.

The topic “Ideal Time for Facts” caught my eye. Rick started it September 2005, so I went back to check out its beginning (page 11). John Yuma wrote a piece in November that included “beaconsfieldgold.com.au”. I wanted to see how beaconsfieldgold was doing and discovered a story. If you have a moment, click on Wikipedia: google beaconsfieldgold. Read the story. Happy holidays to all of you and all the miners and their financial backers throughout the world. Without you civilization would crumble.
 By fredmcain

11/28/2018  4:41AM

Dear "MTom",

How in the WORLD did you manage to get that URL to "highlight" on this forum? I have never been able to do that!

Anybody have any ideas about this?

Fred M. Cain
 By Michael Miller

10/26/2018  11:47AM

Classic examples of human behavior exist. They have existed for centuries; one of multiple reasons to develop an historical concept via reading is for their use, knowledge and enjoyment.

"The Four Phases of a Bull Market” has an historic past. Its time line varies, but its components are established: Stealth Phase, Awareness Phase, Mania Phase, Blow off Phase. Sub divisions of the time line are: Take Off, First Sell Off, Media Attention, Enthusiasm, Greed, Delusion, Top, Denial, Perception of Normal, Fear, Capitulation, Despair, Today - the Moment.

Where are the spot prices for silver and gold markets? Where are the markets of the silver, gold, copper and all metals? If you have theories, concepts, questions or any interest, I would enjoy hearing about them.



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