April 23, 2019 

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Ideal Time for Facts


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 By Michael Miller

04/18/2019  3:34PM

Greatest days have multiple facts ! Today is a great day with three facts: the sun is warming Alleghany and Tahoe National Forest;; the miners are sacking gold; positive news to announce to all you faithful readers.

The MSHA District located in Vacaville services the West, Alaska, Hawaii, and Guam. It is a large area and staffing is difficult due to many retiring employees. Experienced youth with a background in underground gold mining is scarce and getting scarcer. This placed our operation and MSHA many times into conflict. We hold different understandings of CFR 30, (the code of regulations) and safety in this specific underground. Following is the third positive fact:

During quarterly inspections in 2018, I opposed fourteen citations in two combined dockets. After months of paper and talk exchanges, MSHA and I agreed to a settlement: fourteen outstanding citations at $3,249 was proposed assessment: four were vacated; settlement reduced to $1180 (63%). Miners continued to disagree with the “potential danger” alleged by the inspectors but settlement makes monetary-sense. Administration Law Judge Margaret Miller signed the “Order Accepting Appearance Decision Approving Settlement” on April 10, 2019. The office received it April 17, 2019. Today is a great day.
 By Michael Miller

04/11/2019  2:36PM

Mr.Clancy Harman
Chief of Emergency Response
Barrick Goldstrike mine

Dear Clancy,
Thanks for writing about mine rescue. Your new joint venture with Newmont excited our gold industry. Yes we appreciate Barrick’s ongoing coverage in the event of a rescue situation. In 1986, I was invited to attend a two day presentation in New York by the ten leading gold mining companies. The audience was composed of investment leaders of large asset holding entities from across the United States. Chairmen or presidents were the sole representative for each company. I remember vividly Barrick’s presentation dealing with questions from a vastly unfamiliar gold mining audience of financial entities.

Ohio’s rep from teaches or government fund continued asking Barrick’s chairman inane questions. His rage was growing, trying to keep his cool, especially in one area. The lady was upset because her fund could not buy stocks other than US listed companies. She kept hammering him to list. Barrick was Canadian listed. It was painful yet fun to watch and finally the Chairman said, “Until you (US security institutions) get its #*+*^ act together we won’t list on America exchanges!”

HIs reasons were classic: how screwed up the American judicial systems operates at times. He said, “Our operation could be producing gold profitably and the stock price tracks financial results; however if some #*+*^ stock paper players decide to unload and the price tumbles, some lawyer will show up to blame us. Our operation will be the same but now some allegation will spew forth. Until New York (SEC or other, I can’t remember which he identified) eliminates this we won’t be here.” I knew exactly his frustrations. Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette branch in San Francisco gave me its invitation to attend with one condition. I could not ask any questions. Those two days, so long ago, were a great inspiration during my early years as president of Original Sixteen to One Mine. The financial world today continues to discount gold as an asset.

Thanks you for helping our little operation keep up with the MSHA rescue requirement. The Sixteen has over 35 miles of underground levels. Our miners have multiple ways to travel in or out of the mine. I understand the regulation. Our operation has shrunk to a disgusting low number of miners. Many old guys live close to Alleghany, if needed for a rescue effort. My point: it is doubtful there will be an emergency requiring your team. But, I invite Barrick to send one or more of its teams to experience a trip in the Sixteen sometime.

The Nevada association of geologists scheduled an underground tour this June. We expect about fifty. Today's’ gold miners who come to Alleghany marvel at the way we mine, something from the past. This is a unique high-grade deposit, having produced over 1.3 million ounces of gold. Please share my invitation with your Barrick miners. I look forward in hosting the Barrick team inside the oldest and longest operating gold mine in North America.

Thanks again and best wishes. It is impossible to field a mine rescue team in California in today’s mining climate. To my knowledge, no other mines in the Sierra gold belt have a crew. California’s, hard rock, underground gold miners are a rare and endangered species.
Michael Meister Miller
PS: I learned a moment ago that there is a Mike or Michael Miller claiming to be a miner with some questionable facts. In the 1980’s a Michael Miller, a lawyer from New York operated a mine south of Alleghany. He flew around in jets, drove a Rolls Royce and fleeced Johnny Carson and other Hollywood personalities. I’m neither of those guys.
 By Michael Miller

12/21/2018  1:53PM

Thanks to all of you who read or write in the FORUM. It is about mining. We drift onto related sub topics but the FORUM is an historical chronology of gold mining. I’ve learned that many of our California hard rock experiences are shared by our soft rock miners in the eastern coal mines. Our chronology also reaches Europe, Australia, Canada and even Africa. Something , let’s call it an holiday gift, I wish to give all of you.

The topic “Ideal Time for Facts” caught my eye. Rick started it September 2005, so I went back to check out its beginning (page 11). John Yuma wrote a piece in November that included “beaconsfieldgold.com.au”. I wanted to see how beaconsfieldgold was doing and discovered a story. If you have a moment, click on Wikipedia: google beaconsfieldgold. Read the story. Happy holidays to all of you and all the miners and their financial backers throughout the world. Without you civilization would crumble.



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