August 9, 2022 

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 By fredmcain

04/21/2014  4:11AM


You know, I might just write to the Union again. There were a couple of other "Letters to The Editor" published along with mine that I did not completely agree with.

There were two other contributors who thought it a travesty and an abomination to sell the Empire State Park. My point would be, that depends entirely upon WHOM they sell it to.

A privately owned mining company that knows what they're doing might not only do a noble job but actually do a BETTER job than what the state has done.

A contract could be signed at the beginning legally binding the new private park to certain, specific obligations and criteria. For example, NO OPEN PIT OR STRIP MINING and a guarentee that admission-paying tourists get a good deal.

I have some additional thoughts on this but right now I'm still trying to get them organized. I will share they with the group if I'm able to organize them into another good letter.

Fred M. Cain
 By bluejay

04/18/2014  10:37AM

Great work guys for a worthy cause.

California's treasury is empty. The agencies have been ordered to stop cash outflow and to increase revenues. This fire marshall crap sounds a lot like the endangered turtle crap in eastern Nevada against a cattle rancher.

California's representative are no different from other states and the feds. Instead of telling you their real reason they point their fingers away from themselves and play the "blame game." stabbing its citizens in the back with false reasoning for getting what they really want.

When some stood to defend their perceived rights(Constitutionally backed) against over zealous agencies, people like Harry Reid of Nevada start throwing around domestic terrorists jargon regarding BLM rangers being met with anger recently at the Bundy Ranch when the government case is more crap.
 By fredmcain

04/17/2014  4:44AM


Hey, great news there! I hope it does some good! Maybe if the state gets enough irate letters and e-mails they might begin to budge.

I have wondered if this isn't a classic example of the government's right hand not knowing what the left heand's doing?

It seems like someone in the state government was really pushing this adit project hard while someone else at the State was absolutely determined to make sure it would never open. Didn't you say that it was pretty much ready to go back in '06 or '07? So, why didn't they just open it then?

Makes no sense to me at all. Then again, neither does the California State Water Board make any sense to me.

Fred M. Cain



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