June 15, 2019 

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 By David I

02/10/2019  6:18AM

There was funding for more extensive geologic survey in the Interior budget of the last authorization. The Chopper might be part of that survey and your mine is a known resource that other surveys would probably be compared with.
 By Michael Miller

01/30/2019  12:35PM

A very expensive white helicopter hovered low over the mine on November 12, 2018, around 3:30pm. Our shop man (Al) saw it, I did not. It had no numbers. His comment was that this is someone important. It had chocolate brown and yellowish gold marking but he could not read them.

Since then I learned that a program of electrical sensing deep underground was completed in Idaho and Montana. California and Oregon are following. Who operates this program? Why was it hovering low over the quartz ore located on the upper landing? A “chopper” like this costs over $1,100 an hour. This one has a long pointed rod, about 12 feet long attached to its nose. I was told the program is federally sponsored (maybe) for mapping and exploration. I was told it’s called pinging.

Ping is a program that sends a series of packets over a network to a specific computer in order to generate a response from that computer. The other computer responds with an acknowledgment that it received the packets

Some claim that the word "ping" is actually an acronym for "Packet Internet Network Groper", similar to what submariners do with sonar. Both the computer and the submarine's sonar send out a "ping", in the form of either a series of packets or a brief burst of sound. The ping "bounces" off the target and then returns to let you know the target is there. Ping is built into almost every network-capable operating system. The first step for mining is to find the ores and materials you want to extract. But first someone must figure out how each mineral pings or the acoustics of , say, gold.

Once you are near the rocks of interest hovering in front of the now-outlined rocks will analyze those rocks and provide the following information about it: Composition: The minerals contained within the rock: "filter out" inert rock, so higher percentages of minerals will provide ore. Resistance: The resistance of the rock to the mining laser. On a scale from 0 to 1, a larger number will take longer and more power to fracture. Instability: The instability of the rock will make it more challenging to profit. At this point the value of the rock can be determined, and the miner can decide to abandon or mine this particular node of minerals.

What could be gained from a helicoptered hovering over a pile of our gold ore? Dah!
Does America need on going production of minerals? Dah
 By Hans Kummerow

03/01/2018  6:12PM

Mike, keine Ursache. Gerne geschehen.

I am currently preparing a listing at ASX for German investors and will be down under during most of May. During June I plan to be in Canada.

If you want me to do that, I could advise you and your Board on how to structure an Origsix-MLP offer to US-Tax-Payers and how to get it listed.



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