August 9, 2022 

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 By Michael Miller

07/12/2018  1:25PM

This topic is perfect for today’s entry. I read some of the early entries and, here we go again, but not so tragically. Check Rick’s entry on July 20, 2003, the beginning of this topic. Optimism for redirecting MSHA is my objective. Please read today’s entry posted under News. Sixteen to One is challenging the government to act legally. You are encouraged to spread this with others. It will help. I’m sending the following to others, including President Trump and Secretary R. Alexander Acosta.


For too many years the field grunts (I write grunts not that I believe they are grunts. I know from years of interactions with most of the good men and women working under leadership of the US Secretary of Labor in Washington DC their frustrations with upper management) encouraged me to keep challenging, complaining and outright fighting for the rights of miners and operators. All tell me that the BIG boys just figure that citations are a part of the business and pass it along. The upper top is President Trump and Secretary of Labor Acosta.

Your opportunity to redirect some misplaced enforcement in America’s mining industry is at hand. Abuses with Congressional legislation passed in 1977, have decimated small gold miners in California. On July 12, 2018, the oldest America gold mining Company filed a brief in an administration hearing with MSHA (Mine Safety Health Administration). You now control the outcome. The brief is publicly available at under news.

Very sincerely yours,
Michael Meister Miller

04/05/2006  10:21AM

The judges favorable decision resulted in the cancelation of penalties totaling $19,650.00.
The entire decision can be found under the NEWS heading of the FORUM.
 By greenhorn

04/05/2006  7:08AM

In terms of penalties to be lifted, what dollar impact did the decision have?



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