August 9, 2022 

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CDAA Conduct


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 By fredmcain

07/01/2020  6:51AM

I strongly suspect that part of the problem Michael's having and a part of OUR problem as OSTO investors is that this mine engages in a business that's simply become "environmentally and politically incorrect".

Perhaps we should erect a huge billboard outside the mine's office and another at the exit of the nearby highway proclaiming that "THE ORIGINAL 16 TO ONE MINE SUPPORTS GEORGE FLOYD".

By all means, let us add a page to our website in support of Floyd, too! Then perhaps some of those left-wing, "liberal" lawyers who are prosecuting us will start to feel guilty and back off.

SHEESH ! Am I being facetious, or what?

Fred M. Cain,
Topeka, IN

06/29/2020  3:58PM

A superior court arraignment last Friday (Z00M-ed by Sierra County on YouTube) surfaced troubling history for this venerable gold operation in Northern California. Scoop knows the history. So should the plaintiff, PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA. This action is for you.This action likely plays out in other states but here in California it is repeated over and over and over.

California prosecutors need events to make a living and a group calls itself “California District Attorneys Association or CDAA for short. Take the time to read the history beginning just below Scoop. Once again an organization of lawyers moved into a California county, unleashing its power, taking control over the elected District Attorney, swearing it’s for the benefit of PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA.

Scoop wants you to become aware. Historical recognition, understanding its impacts and getting involved protects more than the present. Remember? Scoop knows that long time followers of this FORUM know. Read the LA Times topic as well. Wake up America and act.
 By Michael Miller

11/20/2014  8:13AM

Check the website heading “NEWS” for a recent front page article about CDAA. The criminal actions of Gayle Filter and his followers continue to draw front page attention. What happened to the Sixteen to One came close to breaking the Company. A mixture of some great ethical lawyers put time into our defense. Until our important and vital members of the judicial branch of the three divisions established in the federal constitution and defined in each state constitution, rules, statutes and laws wake up, the crimes perpetrated by a few lawyers and judges will continue to hold Americans hostage.

Interestingly attempts to draw attention to this serious problem never rest. Case No. S219052 in the Supreme Court of the State of California is about a case similar to the CDAA prosecution of us. We were contacted to join California Aware to file Amicus Curiae Brief in support of respondent, the City of Montebello. The Court of Appeal Case No. is B245959. Los Angeles County Superior Court Case No. is BC488767, The Honorable Rolf Treu.



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