August 9, 2022 

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 By Michael Miller

02/19/2021  11:50AM

Hi Karl,
My last post is just a reminder to appreciate our history. Original Sixteen’s history will be 110 years an American corporation in October this year. Hope you and others will reread and remember.
 By karl

02/18/2021  11:24AM

Michael, Did this really happen last week, or is this a bit of history? I don't see any date context here...
 By Michael Miller

02/11/2021  10:26AM

Tomorrow ends another era for this gold mining company. It will be the 99th annual shareholder meeting. In October this year Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc turns one hundred years old. Let’s celebrate!

Of more than 5000 U.S. publicly traded companies 486 are 100 years or older IBM joined this elite group on June 15, 2011. What are these companies’ secrets for lasting that long?

The “Sixteen’s” entrance to the club of U.S. companies to see their 100th birthdays is recognized as a milestone in business history. “It’s the predominant pattern that companies eventually self-destruct,” says management expert Jim Collins, author of books such as Built to Last, who studies corporate longevity. Companies that survive 100 years or longer are “a special and rarefied group.”

Many of the best known that have lived for 100 years or longer include the stalwarts of American business ( ExxonMobile, General Electric and Chevron). Others are not household names, such as Praxir, McKesson, but have served their industries’ niches for more than ten decades. IBM says, “We have learned, from our history, to roll with changes in the world, like economic downturns and wars,”

A short list of secrets to join the 100- year club:
•Ability to move into new businesses without abandoning core tenets.
•A strong sense of purpose.
•Careful innovation.
•Financially conservative.

The weather in Alleghany looks great for tomorrow. The tents are up and over 100 people are expected. Let’s celebrate.



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