June 15, 2019 

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Clips from Alleghany


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 By cw3343

06/11/2019  12:46PM

you live/work in a beautiful area! Internet shminternet.

You could live in Bakersfield, and get very consistent internet & cell phone service...

Hoping for a safe fire season in your area this year!!!

05/31/2019  3:29PM

Lightning strikes take out Sixteen's office Internet service yesterday and others in Alleghany. Alleghany is 19 miles from California highway 49. Pavement ends at museum. Hell's Half Acre is one of three dirt roads out of this remote mining camp. It has no cell phone service, regular phone service bounces off a dish miles away located on Hennes Pass. Now no Internet. Does it get any better than this?

05/16/2019  4:43PM

Positive hard information about the value and need of a strong mining industry is picking up speed. The next two paragraphs lead a lengthy report you can find at:

Over the past 50 years, the United States has ignored and even shunned the importance of its mineral wealth like no other country in the industrial world.
Australia, Canada, Sweden, Russia, China and most other industrialized economies value their mineral resources and use them to their defense and economic benefit, and even for geopolitical advantage. Not so the United States. Indeed, our nation “boasts” a growing list of groups that are openly hostile to extractive industries, especially mining.

Wake up America. Wars were fought for minerals from a a neighbors country.



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