August 19, 2019 

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Clips from Alleghany


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 By fredmcain

08/06/2019  11:17PM

WOW ! ! ! ! Judging from the accuweather radar, northern California appears to be getting some rare summer rain this year. This year continues to be something else!

I assume that some rain has fallen on Alleghany, as well. There probably will not be much of a fire season up there this year but I'm sure no one will be disappointed about that!

Looks like you might just get a break in the fires!

Best Regards,
Fred M. Cain

07/30/2019  6:08AM

Rural America, off-the-path with country and city dwellers, encounters distinctive, not ordinary challenges. Alleghany raises the bar for jumping through life’s rural challenges. For example: Alleghany and the mine have lots of electric power. There are numerous outages year round. Yesterday, Alleghany had full power but the mine had no power. This means no compressed air and no water pumping. PG&E was notified, arriving mid-morning today. Power back on about 11am.

A squirrel made a fatal mistake. It climbed the utility pole, stepped onto the ground wire and then touched the high voltage wire. Oops. It was all over fast. Shareholders probably know your mine buys 500 amps of three phase 4160 volts from PG&E. Monthly bill is $5,500.

Our rural is in southwest Tahoe National Forest, of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Alleghany has an abundance and variety of wild life: bears, cougars, bobcats, foxes, deer, pigs, hawks, owls, ravens and smaller feathered friends, ringed tail cats, raccoons, coyotes, frogs, lizards, bouncing rabbits (multiple sizes), snakes, mice, giant wood rats, banana slugs and one less squirrel. Who can honestly infer that all mining is hostile environment for wild critters?

Alleghany is technologically rural: satellite internet only, no cell phone service and peculiarly odd hard wire phone service. A giant dish sends messages miles north to a screen that looks like the old drive-in movie screens. Scoop has no clue where that message goes; but something Alleghany knows for sure: unsecured phone communication and erratic operations. Moments ago all phone service except calling another Alleghany number is gone. Alleghany cannot dial the outside world. Are we isolated or not? This outage may last for days. So, if you are calling the mine office, Buena suerte.
 By cw3343

06/11/2019  12:46PM

you live/work in a beautiful area! Internet shminternet.

You could live in Bakersfield, and get very consistent internet & cell phone service...

Hoping for a safe fire season in your area this year!!!



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