June 24, 2018 

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Clips from Alleghany


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06/19/2018  3:32PM

Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc. Annual Shareholder Meeting
held in Alleghany, CA on June 16, 2018

One hundred fifty three shareholders and guests registered to attend the one hundred seventh event. Michael M. Miller, president called order at 10am. Minutes of the June 17, 2017, meeting were read by J. Farrell. Those who had proxies were asked to submit them at this time. Special speakers for the day were: Mark Payne (company geologist), Steve Shappert (retired gold miner/hoist operator and guide at the 800 station), and David Conner (major jeweler and customer for quartz/gold gemstone).

Weather co-operated, making the meeting dust free. Temperature was about eighty degrees. Water, lemonade and tea was plentiful. The change of bring- your- own-lunch helped the flow for everyone. The underground and mine site were locked before 4pm. Gold sales stayed open until 5pm. Compliments were offered to the crew and helpers.

The day’s schedule and events were discussed: underground inspection of the Ballroom and Tightner Shaft; trail to Kanaka Creek (lunch site); geology, map viewing, additional details about the operation and question/answers by Payne and Miller in the map room; gold display at Company office is historic theater; special gold display at Underground Gold Miners Museum in Alleghany.

President Miller reviewed safety, hazards and noteworthy points for the underground which included: light depredation while underground and returning outside; reveal any health issues prior to sign- in at portal; take a sample but any rock with gold must be given to mine; don’t wander off the trails; day in life of the miner.

A van and bus are available both to the portal and back to the landing and town (neither broke down or ran out of gas). Mike encourages all to walk the mill trail (notice the high-grade mill). This year both winter and spring were friendly to the wild animals, trees and ground vegetation. Enjoy the day.

Mike opened a discussion on current status of State and Federal regulatory agencies. Both are moving in the right direction towards a more just and fair treatment than in the past. He told of his frustrations with these agencies when they are the ones violating the laws of the country. He gave examples. The guests and shareholders were free to choose their next movement.

Most people walked to the portal. Some took the bus or van. Others left to see the gold on display or for sale. Twenty or more went to the map room. After all statements, questions and disclosures, discussed in the open map room, were completed, Mike verified that proxies exceeded 7,169,428 shares, the amount required for a quorum. Olan Stortroen nominated Michael M. Miller, Hugh Daniel O’Neill III and Robert Besso for re-election. Betty Williams and Ryan Baum voiced a second. Proxies were cast to continue the current members of Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc. governing Board. The meeting was adjourned at 2:15pm.

06/08/2018  3:38PM

Vigorous weed whacking everywhere in Alleghany. Numerous and varied wild life sightings. Spring season almost over but what great weather it was in the Northern High Sierra. Pines, firs, cedars, oaks and madrones lush foliage. Open water ways running clear and clean (they always are except during heavy rain or snow melt). Father’s Day weekend must be near. Sixteen to One annual shareholder meeting June 16 . Underground Gold Miners Museum gold show coming to the camp.
Happy Happy Happy is the best way to describe all living things. Hooray for life!

04/27/2018  12:01PM

Spring has arrived in Northern California.
Alleghany’s historic fruit trees have blooms that withstood the erratic weather changes from summer to winter the past four months. How exciting! The ants, yellow jackets and caterpillars are on the move. Natural water still creeps from the huge subterranean ponds. But the gold? What is going on now with the gold?
Pundits on the bullish side shout that it is being manipulated. Pundits on the bearish side rarely say anything. Neither are 100% correct. SCOOP claims a .9999 pure (like gold) opinion. SCOOP says, “It is controlled.”

Most people, and specifically big investors, have little or none. Most gold mining corporations have none. SCOOP excludes the big boys, they have a lock on new supply…..control.

Who controls the gold that was mined in California between 1848 and 1914?

Who controls the gold that was mined in South Africa for decades?

Where is the gold that famously was stacked on shelves in Fort Knox?

Who has the fortitude, time and wisdom or intelligence to answer SCOOP’s questions?



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