January 16, 2021 

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Clips from Alleghany


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01/15/2021  3:48PM

SCOOP is in love with a forward look to 2021. SCOOP just finished reading an old written review found in this FORUM. Go read some history entered on January 1, 2003. Its golden value is worth your Effort.


Click on the topic: From the Sixteen to One Archives. NEXT

Click on PAGE 7, The beginning of this topic eighteen years ago. NEXT

Scroll to the date: 01/01/2003, first entry.
If you are new to Sixteen to One mine, read on and enjoy the trip ahead.

01/15/2021  3:28PM

Civilization depends for its survival on the provision of a wide range of minerals drawn from the great storehouse of the Earth. Were the supply of these to cease, there would no longer be the metals, fuels, fertilizers, chemicals and building materials needed for our present way of life. Progress in utilizing this mineral wealth largely determines the rising standard of living, a relationship acknowledged by the terms Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age to denote the main stages of technological advance.

Every natural element exists in the Earth’s crust, but in wildly varying quantities. Oxygen forms just under half and silicon a further quarter, while the familiar metals aluminum (8 percent) and iron (5 per cent) rank third and fourth. However, part from these, the only commonly used metals to be found amongst the 20 most abundant elements are manganese (0.1 per cent) and chromium (0.002 per cent).

All the other useful metals – copper, gold, lead, tin and zinc, to name a few – are present in only traces. For example, the crust contains only 0.007 per cent of copper and 0.0000005 per cent of gold.
Fortunately the useful metals are not distributed evenly through the Earth’s crust but each occurs here and there in unusual quantities. Where the rocks forming a portion of the crust contain a sufficiently high proportion of a particular metal, it is commercially possible to mine it and extract the metal content. Such metal-rich rocks are the ore-deposits.

The Mind Alive Encyclopedia The Earth Page 205

02/29/2020  11:46AM

SCOOP[- Haven’t heard much from you this year. The community saw the fed car last week. What’s up?

MIKE- As readers/ knowledgeable members of America’s mining industry know, USA mines, cement plants and rock plants are federally inspected, once each quarter. Started in 1978, MSHA (Mine Safety Health Administration) became a positive force for aiding mine operators with safe environment standards. MSHA gets wacky at times, if you review past experiences on the FORUM. Enforcement seems cyclical.
MSHA arrived to inspect the operation for its regular quarter inspection. No underground or surface violations of standards were cited.

SCOOP- Wasn’t that the same as the third and fourth quarter in 2019? Why the change?

MIKE- Yes, our miners take care of business and always do just that, each day, each shift. Nothing new regarding how they conduct business. In past interviews you raise a wide-spread “miners’ malaise” or ignorance idea, real social or public ignorance about real mining. We haven’t changed about safe mining practice, maybe MSHA changed.

SCOOP- Two weeks ago I stopped by the office to see you. Edda said you were in Sacramento for a water tutorial? Why and what were you being taught?

MIKE - Interpretations of California water standards for our site are questionable. Let’s not get into that topic but its history is well established on our website. California adopted an odd requirement for receiving quarterly or monthly water testing results. The system was not user friendly. When I was offered the opportunity to sit and go over the system step by step, I jumped for the opportunity, took careful notes and brought the knowledge back to Alleghany. Edda and I followed the procedure and it was a success. No more trouble for this once in a quarter responsibility.

SCOOP- Neighbors told me you unloaded high-grade sacks frequently in February. Where are you mining? Are you rich?

MIKE- Scoop, I gotta go. It’s leap year and I have some outdoor plans today and what a great spring climate. See me next Tuesday and we can continue.



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