August 18, 2022 

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Clips from Alleghany


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01/12/2022  2:24PM

Alleghany went dark fourteen days ago. PG&E power clicked on last night. Today is dump open day. Cars and trucks hauling spoiled food due to power outage, paper, plastic and glass waste to clear the stench of rotting food. Houses with wells or water leaks are busy with clean up or repairs.

Right now 20 or more PG&E equipment and 50 or more workers have problems with lines and poles going north towards Downieville and south towards Washington. Great sunshine helps along with copters and huge snow cats.

12/14/2021  12:03PM

The first big snow found Alleghany last night; a foot in some places but it was very airy. It
hit Nevada City (2500feet). Heavy snow reported coming tonight. First big snow covers all the
precious junk in many Sierra Nevada mountain communities. It also signals that no matter how
you prepare for snow, you’re never ready. Looking out the window right now Scoop sees
snowflakes outlined by sunshine.
 By fredmcain

09/22/2021  7:54AM


I have been watching and keeping tabs on the Jet Stream forecasts from "Weatherstreet". If they're accurate at all, it looks like RAIN next week. In fact, you might even get a soaker in Alleghany.

So say a prayer and keep your fingers crossed !



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