July 27, 2017 

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Clips from Alleghany


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06/03/2017  2:33PM

Most miners in our area and Northern California only use Douglas Fir for ground support. A very colorful part of the Sixteen to One mine has 1800 or early 1900 peeled Doug Fir uncut (round like the way they grew) timber. Much of these ancient old growth trees are as sound today as they were when brought unde4rground.
 By cw3343

06/01/2017  11:44AM

What is used for the timbers? Pondorosa Pine?

05/31/2017  8:59AM

When there is no news from Alleghany, Scoop shan’t fake news. Seems the great California weather not gold mining is the news to write you this morning: wonderful late spring rain. For all outside California, our greenery is lush, vibrant, a joy to see and very healthy. Starve vegetation for years in a drought and when record setting rain and snow happens, the earth is like a sponge and the forest is responding with renewed life.

Yesterday some radio person asked listeners to support soap. My old ears took interest. Soap? What is he asking me to do about soap? It didn’t take long for SOAP means, “Save Our Ailing Planet”.

Scoop wants details, clarifications presented with current and historical facts. Scoop sends off a mental email to the radio guy: What?
If soap means Save Our Ailing Planer and the organization is asking for money and support, WHAT means:

Where’s Health Ailing Today?

According to reports about the Sixteen to One and action around town, the miners are helping the lumber industry because truckloads of beautiful mine timbers keep coming. This winze project is a major improvement for the company.



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