April 24, 2019 

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Clips from Alleghany


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04/16/2019  1:51PM


Tree and brush fellers ontracted by PG&E arrive in Alleghany this morning to clear thirty feet around the new substation. The contract calls for no standing trees less than ten feet apart within 100 feet of the substation. The Paradise fire was a disaster which could have been reduced with forest management. Many in Sierra County, part of Tahoe National Forrest, screamed for understory and thinning for decades. Environmental pressure persuaded political and government personnel at the highest levels to ignore. California needs to get with this program immediately. Donít spend another nine years studying a plan.
 By karld

04/12/2019  8:47AM

Happy to help, Scoop! Thanks for the details. (Does anybody know how to retrieve a lost password? I have it stored and hidden in this old computer, but I can't log in from my phone, as I lost the password)

04/11/2019  11:25AM

Karld, you just scooped scoop with your entry. According to reliable gossip about 100 ounces. One specimen with 15 ounces of gold sold for $48,195. Scoop needles Mike to write some narrative about each photo. How about that icicle?



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