January 21, 2018 

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Clips from Alleghany


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12/05/2017  11:02AM

Still Digging - ABC10 News segment on the 16 to 1.

 By Hans Kummerow

12/04/2017  12:22AM

Here are my X-mas and New Year wishes:

A merry X-mas, a little dry walk on the lower level and several million dollar days in 2018 for the entire Origsix-Crew.

Regards from Bavaria,

08/04/2017  9:22AM


A public administration hearing takes place in Nevada City California on August 8 through 11 beginning at 9am at the Nevada City Council room on Broad Street. The topic regards around citations issued by Mine Health Safety Administration to Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc. (Respondent). Sixteen to One is the oldest American gold mining company and the last traditional underground hard rock-high grade operation in California. It was incorporated in San Francisco in 1911. Home town is the small mining town, Alleghany, about an hour drive from Nevada City.

The hearing is under the management of Judge William Moran (ALJ), who calls Washington DC his workplace. The Secretary of Labor is responsible for both the ALJ and the prosecuting solicitor Laura Pearson, who works from Denver; however an ALJ must administer the hearing in a fair manner. All mining operations that affect interstate commerce are subjected to Congressional law passed in 1977, creating standards or regulations to improve the safety of miners. The hearing is open to the public.

Michael M Miller, director and president of Sixteen to One, represents the Respondent. His interest in California gold mining began in 1974. After a seven year proxy fight to replace an old, tired and ineffective board of directors, he took control of the company in 1983. The focus of this hearing has broad federal impact on mining throughout the United States. At issue is not over regulating as this topic does have merit but questions the background training and experience of enforcement, the inspector.

Nevada County and all the Sierra Nevada Mountain range is steeped I hard rock gold mining history. Miners developed a wide variety of skills and this holds true today, even more so. A lead mine know about carpentry, engineering, plumbing, electrical and diesel maintenance, structural geology, and above all the common and not so commonsense of working in an hostile environment. Miller will introduce evidence to show that an inspector without these behaviors may not be able to interpret an underground work environment. The lack of skilled underground mining inspectors is recognized by MSHA District Headquarters in Vacaville, CAlifornia. It will be up to the ALJ to evaluate the harsh reality that California gold miners have suffered and continue to suffer lost time and many times lost ability to mine due to this ongoing problem.



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