April 24, 2018 

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Clips from Alleghany


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02/23/2018  1:06PM

Alleghany is an ICE BOX. Even running water is freezing. The 15 to 24 degree Fahrenheit low- invasion is causing problems as it continues through its second week. Looks like it's here for another week.

Weather! Why does it get so much radio and TV attention? Between weather, sports and every local accident or shooting, news, real news is nowhere to be seen.

Okay. News... all those beautiful apple blossoms are frozen and gone. News...A very important federal brief was dropped off at Alleghany's post office today, heading to Washington DC. News...despite billions with negative heads, Earth is still spinning and the sun still shines.

02/12/2018  4:51PM

Alleghany and other parts of Northern California are in trouble. Two beautiful apple trees in front of Sixteen to One office are in beautiful full bloom. Yes it would be bumped crops if only these white and pinkish blossoms can stay strong and hold off old man frost. Survive winter. Last week temps hit record heat but it lightly snowed yesterday. It is only mid-February. Donít put your sweaters away yet.

Old mining camps and towns are ringed with fruit trees, especially apples. Those miners and their women loved apples. Hard ciders to pies are noted in old diaries. Scoop thinks the camp will be apple less this summer.
Scoop left Alleghany to investigate South America but is back

12/05/2017  11:02AM

Still Digging - ABC10 News segment on the 16 to 1.




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