July 5, 2022 



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12/27/2004  4:33PM

 By GoldMiner'sDaughter

12/01/2004  8:47AM

The Kenton Mine Lodge is closed and has been for about seven years. Casey's Place will have rooms for rent beginning on New Year's Eve.
Casey's Place is having a Lobster Dinner and Band for New Year's Eve. The rooms are already booked.

Just an observation based on 30 years in the Alleghany Mining District: Some companies promote stock with slick Public Relations. The locals refer to these companies as "shareholder miners". I have seen many come and go and in the end the insiders do fine, the stock goes in the toilet, and very little if any gold is produced.

Then there are the real mines. They are in the business of mining gold, not promoting stock.

Words of wisdom from successful "old timers" of the Alleghany Mining District regarding the most succesful approach to pocket mining. "You drill for structure (geological structure) and drift for grade"

The geological structure of the Alleghany District for the most part has been drilled and mapped. With a pocket deposit core drilling does not and cannot prove grade.
 By bluejay

11/19/2004  8:10AM

The following was supplied by Newmont Mining under its Royalties Section on its website at http://www.newmont.com.

Oil and Gas Royalties, Canada

Newmont has royalties of 1.8 million acres(0.7 million hectares) of producung and non-producing oil and gas lands in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin and the Canadian Arctic. Producing royalties include the Edson area of Alberta operated by Canadian Natural Resources Limited, the Weyburn Unit in Saskatchewan operated by Apache Canada. Production from these three areas is 647, 330, and 195 barrels of oil equivalent per day, respectively, net to Newmont.

Royalties on these lands are either overriding royalties, based on oil and gas production and are free from operating capital costs, or are working interests, in which the Company is liable for its share of capital and operating expenses in return for its share of revenue and earnings.

One of Newmont's 100% owned non-producing assets is its Alberta Heavy Oil project. Newmont has a 7,680-acre lease that is within the Leismer Athabasca Oil Sands Field, located adjacent to Encana Resources' Christina Lake Thermal Project and Devon Canada's Jackfish project, both of which are steam assisted gravity drainage projects with an estimated 3 billion and 500 million million barrels of oil in place, respectively. In 1Q 2004, Newmont completed this year's $3.7 million exploration drilling program at its Alberta Heavy Oil project that was designed to quantify the potential resource.

Newmont also has a 9% non-operating working interest in the Hecla and Drake Point gas fields located on and offshore of the Melville Island in Canada's Arctic region. Those fields are the largest ever discovered in Canada but their geographic remoteness has, to date, prevented their commercialization.

Oil prices have been weak lately and are oversold as compared to gold's current price. Dan Norcini of Houston Texas has predicted new highs in petroleum prices in the months ahead. Possibly with higher oil prices on the horizon, Newmont Mining will surpass its troublesome chart area of 50 and breed further public confidence into the other gold mining companies with its performance. Newmont is currently the biggest producer of gold in the world and widely followed by investors as the bellwether for the whole group.

11/12/2004  2:40PM

Carefully. This company takes extra care in establishing the provenance of the quartz and gold that may qualify as a specimen. The date and location of the high-grade is recorded when the ore it sacked and sealed underground. The rough product is classified, weighed to record gross weight and gold content. No identification is done for “kid” rocks. These are chunks of various sizes, which are priced below $100. This process dates back a dozen years when the early success of gold detecting uncovered gold signals throughout the miles of drifts and stopes.
 By joedirt

11/12/2004  7:44AM

How do you find and take out the gold specimens that you find while you are mining?
 By gfxgold

11/02/2004  1:45AM

They seem to have good intentions on the surface but, so did the CDAA. Go to: http://sfbaykeeper.org/Deltakeeperlinks.htm
 By Rick

11/01/2004  6:21PM

Maybe this entry can achieve a Google search result when people type in fraud. I'll repeat what I wrote on the previous OAU Forum page:

"Please help me out here, Delta Keepers. What are you suggesting that we keep by stopping California history from debunking your axiom?"

Really, I can't wait to hear, because if it's something worthwhile, I'll be the first to step up to the plate and support the effort. Seriously. So please tune in here and tell me.

Otherwise, I have to deduct (not infer, and you should know the difference) that your attempt to pretend, and therefore, regulate therefore through litigation regulate and then therefore with a supposed imbedded-heretofore-gimme-gimme-political-justification-for-your existing present opposition somehow make your point.

Times are changing; history means things. Please don't try to change it as you would a stream.

As I said, I'd love to read, hear, and embrace a worthwhile reason for your opposition.
 By gfxgold

07/17/2004  10:22PM

Hey Mike! I heard a rumor Friday night. Is it true?
 By Dick Davis

06/24/2004  2:28PM

Sorry, you took my message as an insult or joke. That was never my intent or thought.

People explore Florida's beaches with metal detectors searching for treasure and I just suggested Mexico for the same reason. You mentioned your Dr. who prospects in Arizona, that's what made me think of Mexico. I've been to a lot of old abandoned haciendas in Mexico and many have been torn apart by people looking for hidden valuables. And I doubt if the people looking had a metal detector. You'd probably at least find bits of history like the people who search Bodie, California.

This is an Open Forum, not all replies come from the 16:1 miners. I'm just a guy that likes California history and hopes that this last connection to underground mining history continues.

I had cancer 9 years ago. Upjohn used me as a guinea pig and provided experimental treatment. As a group the treatment did not prove superior, but it worked for me and they paid the bill. I hope your treatment is successful.

I'll be more careful with my comments in the future.
 By Cancer Patient

06/24/2004  8:26AM

name's dick eh?...just plane old "Dick"

look, this post wasnt ment to be a joke. looks like i got just what i expected from a dumb hard headed rock miner who has noting else better to do with his time than to be a jackass and make fun of people. i hope your 1000 feet in a mine and the thing caves on you, and you get to smother to death and die slowly from lack of oxygen before they can get to you.

doesnt make any difference though if you mine or not. for your rude and azzholish comment, im going to have my old gypsy grandma put a hex on you. i bet you dont last 3 weeks now. think its a joke...we will see i guess.
 By Hoop235

06/22/2004  11:56AM

Thanks, that's what I needed to know and good luck!!
 By Dick Davis

06/22/2004  9:19AM

I think Mark needs to know that OAU is Original Gold. O= original, AU= the chemical symbol for gold.
 By Rae Bell

06/22/2004  8:24AM

In repsonse to Mark Hooper's question about OAU. OAU was the company's ticker symbol when the stock was listed on the pacific exchange.

The geometrical pattern is a design Mike came up with several years ago.

I enjoyed your visit as well.

Take care.
 By Dick Davis

06/22/2004  1:32AM

Take your Gold Master to Mexico. Wave it over every abandoned hacienda, convent, and church that you find. Dang, you'll have a good time.
 By HarlanW

06/21/2004  1:32PM

Thank you for responding to my recent posting on the 16:1 forum. I would like to set the record straight concerning some of your comments.
1) Like you I hold a University degree in Economics
2) As a director of the Wittkopp family mining and Exploration Company (Mountain View Exploration) I am an indirect 16:1 shareholder.
3) I am very familiar with the gold mining industry having attended many recent gold investment conferences sponsored by more than 150 mining companies.
4) As a stockbroker, many of my clients were goldbugs.
5) Having worked with and for my dad during 11 summers in the field I am very familiar with the geology of gold.
6) I am very familiar with the mining of gold in the Allegheny district, having followed my dad through the Oriental Mine many times during his 20-year association with this property. I first went underground at the age of four.

 By Hoop235

06/21/2004  11:54AM

Hello from Tennessee,
I was at your museum on May 30th during a visit to the CA gold country and purchased a gold w/quartz heart pendant. Everyone here loves it because they have never seen such a "diffrent" piece of jewlery and were're telling all of them where it was purchased. Rae was very helpful and we really enjoyed our visit. We picked up a couple of tee shirts with the OAU logo on it but were're not sure what the OAU stands for or the symbol that goes with it. If possible I would like to know their meanings. Thanks and good luck aginst the political machine. You could be just two feet away from a Million!!!!

Mark Hooper
 By Cancer Patient

06/21/2004  11:07AM

hello. im hoping someone here can help me. im a 2 year cancer patient that has always had a small interest in mining. recently, while visiting my Dr. he suggested i get out and get some exersize to help build my strengh up a bit. he suggested electronic prospecting as he and his wife do it somewere inAZ once or twice a year. he also suggested looking on the web for places to go. some nice folks here locally all pitched in and bought me a used goldmaster metal detector. i havent the foggiest idea of were to use it, so i was hoping that with all of the experiece that ev eryone has in this area here, somene might be nice enough to point me in the right direction on were to go were i might find alittle something, or possibly someone here might be nice enough to let me tag along with them and give some instruction on using this thing. any help you nice folks can give me would be greatly appreciated

06/21/2004  2:47AM

Hi Crush, what are you suggesting? If I knew for sure there is genuine interest I would certainly consider it. Alternatively I could scan a current map which I have dowsed and send it to you, as a demonstration. Regards Geoff
 By Crush

06/20/2004  8:02PM

Geff, why dont you just come up to the meeting?

06/19/2004  10:20PM

Hi, I'm Geoff: several years ago I made an interesting discovery while water dowsing. I found I could also dowse for gold. I am a gold miners son, grown up on the goldfields of Western Australia, and am now living in the city working for a world leader in laser eye surgery machines. But my interest has never left that I could put this ability to use if some one was keen for me to give a demonstration for them. I excell at map dowsing, creating an intricate discription of the gold within an anomally. Especially beneficial for exploratory maps. If any one is willing for me to give them a demonstration, I would be only too happy. Kind Regards Geoff Peart-Tang

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