February 27, 2021 



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 By lessfrequencies

07/11/2014  11:47AM

Any under ground area would help to block remote mind reading frequencies. See http://www.hourofthetime.com/mindcont.htm This site will explain how remote mind control technology works. "To save your Mind, go into a Mine". I thought that one up. Oh yeah!
 By Michael Miller

06/30/2014  12:56PM

Underground excavations have a long history for preserving items of value. Ours has a near constant fifty degrees temperature. The sun or other forms of light are not a factor of concern. Humidity depends of the nature of the deposit where one stands. The million plus cubic feet of space range from dry to moist to wet. It is fireproof and would be difficult to rob. High frequencies are not a legal problem. Inquirers welcomed.

This topic will have a short singular life before moving to Miscellaneous.
 By fredmcain

06/30/2014  12:46PM

I think that thought controlled airplanes would be pretty scary. *BUT* I am having a bit of trouble making the connection to the Original Sixteen To One mine.

 By lessfrequencies

06/29/2014  6:01PM

With thought controlled Airplanes being advertised for sale now. Perhaps our Gold mines may become worth more in protection from remote mind reading technology in the future. See Foxnews.com for the "Thought Controlled Airplane", under the technology section. This is no joke. What do you think about this?
 By bluejay

05/28/2014  1:35PM

May 28, 2014

California's Billion Dollar Mistake

Dear Laissez Faire Today Reader,

The state of California thought they had it all figured out with the Monterey Shale deposits. Sure, the state was a financial disaster, with a bloated budget and special interests making it impossible for any significant change. But that didn't matter because the state politicians found their "get out of jail" free card.

At least that was years ago, when an independent firm hired by the government told the state 13.7 billion barrels of oil lay underground. That's a deposit larger than the Bakken deposits in North Dakota and the Eagle Ford shale find in Texas. Both those states are took advantage of their oil resources and are in the midst of an economic boom.

So California thought they were about to join in on the fun...
That was, until the most recent estimate. You see, the original firm slightly overstated how rich the California deposit was. And by "slightly" we mean they overestimated it by 96%. Instead of there being over 13 billion barrels of oil, there's only... 600 million.
Sure, that might sound like a lot, but in the grand scheme of things, it's nothing. And to many California politicians who were promised vast oil riches, it's an absolute disaster. Now they can't wait for the black gold payday that so many other states have enjoyed in recent years. Instead, they're stuck trying to come up with ways to torture their financial numbers, and hold off their state's financial reckoning day for another year.

So what's the Golden State going to do? Probably dig themselves a deeper hole. When politicians (even ones at the state level) put their money on the entrepreneurial spirit of oil businessmen, you know they're just asking for trouble.
 By bluejay

02/27/2014  9:34AM

Back in 1966, the Beatles released their song “Taxman” as a protest against the 95% “supertax” rate introduced by Harold Wilson’s Labour government, which the band had to pay. The point is, taxes do not go to help the people as much as the socialists claim. Most go to government employees and now we face massive promises and unfunded pension plans. These people have paid themselves so well, it is no different from Yanukovych’s corruption, just not to such an extreme. Nonetheless, these government officials are lowering the standard of living for everyone else and driving the unemployment rate through the roof. They cannot see that a public servant is no different economically from having a maid at home who consumes your income and adds nothing to it. What is worse, the maid has access to your bank accounts and gives herself a raise whenever she spends too much and it is your problem if there is not enough left in the account for yourself.

Martin Armstrong
 By bluejay

02/04/2014  10:36PM

Today, 90,000 shares traded on the pink sheets, closing sty 11 cents.
 By bluejay

01/13/2014  7:27PM

January 13, 2014 by Martin Armstrong

In Bangkok, the rising tide in anti-government demonstrations has led to a warning that any disruption of air traffic controllers may now result in a 15 year prison term. We are seeing this same trend against free speech appearing around the world. In Spain it is a €600,000 fine to protest in Parliament. As socialism continues to implode governments we will see rising civil unrest and a contagion of municipal defaults not just in the USA, but nearly 50% of municipal governments in Germany are unsound. The degree of government debt that may simply implode is staggering. We are not looking at hyperinflation, but massive deflation for the state and local levels are incapable of increasing the money supply to bail themselves out.

Guess who will be bailing out California?

That's right, you've got it.

 By bluejay

01/08/2014  6:53PM

Separatist Movements are Also Alive in the USA – Goodbye California?
Posted by Martin Armstrong
Europe-Separatist Movement

I have reported how there are separatist movements cropping up all over the place. We will see Scotland come to a vote this year in 2014 about separating from the United Kingdom. As taxes rise and finger-pointing increases, the rising trend is to separation. The building resentment in Southern Europe to break away from the Eurozone is gaining support in Greece, Italy, Spain, and Portugal. The only thing they got out of the deal besides higher debts was import-duty-free German cars and French wine. Most restaurants in Rome will not even serve French wines. Even in Switzerland the bias is toward Italian wines.

The separatist trend is also alive and well and we will see this movement gaining popularity with the Bible-Belt looking to separate from the USA leaving the Democrats to themselves. If the Democrats won in 2016, there might be civil war. This separatist movement exists even in Texas, but now it is rising higher in California. There, it is primarily North v South, but there is an argument to divide California into 6 states. This is all part of the decline and fall of socialism. Obamacare has been a total disaster. Even my personal insurance went up by 20% and others a lot more or cancelled. It would have been cheaper to just pay the medical bills for the 1.1 million people and leave the rest of us alone. But no possible way. The government has a policy. If it ain’t broken – break it. And if it is broken – try to screw it up so bad you can blame someone else. If it does work well, there must be something wrong.

Feinstein Dianne (2)

My only question to California – if you do break up into 6 states, who takes Diane Feinstein? I would donate if you made her a State Senator rather than Federal.
 By bluejay

12/30/2013  9:18AM

Sutter Gold receives $40 million loan from RMB Australia on favorable terms

 By bluejay

12/16/2013  10:19AM

Sutter Gold

Last $0.14. Looks like the low at $0.06 was it. Next offering at $0.185.
 By fredmcain

12/13/2013  6:00AM

Thanks for this, Blue Jay. Most interesting! I will especially check out LODE that this guy pointed out.

Some of the mining stocks are so dirt cheap right now that you have to be nuts not to buy them. LODE looks like it's trading around $1.70 right now.

The article also mentioned an ETF traded under the symbol GDX - I had been looking at that one earlier myself.

Another good one is the "Spider S&P Metals and Mining ETF" or XME. That one has exposure to different kinds of mining including but not limited to gold. The thing about an ETF is that you can get exposure to a lot of different companies at once so if one or two go belly up, you don't get hurt as badly. Last spring I bought Sutter and I'm prbly gonna lose all my money. Fortunately, we are only talking a couple hundred bucks so it won't kill me. Had I not bought Sutter, I probably would have just spent my money on something stupid, anyways.

 By bluejay

12/12/2013  10:22AM

For Fred


 By cw3343

12/04/2013  2:51PM

Stillwater lost a guy yesterday - RIP.

Hope that all the 16-1 people stay safe...
 By Michael Miller

12/04/2013  11:19AM

The situations with both companies or operations have existed for months. Sutter Gold had a complicated funding arrangement where money flowed from South Africa to Australia to its operation in California. Key management left. Overstated production claims were recognized as bloated or false. Major shareholders are probably trying to figure out what to do next.

Grass Valley had a deadline for funding the continuation of the permitting process, which was not met. The proposed operation is dead.
 By fredmcain

12/04/2013  9:19AM

One thing I have noticed is that Sutter Gold has taken a big tumble in the last few trading days. Has anybody else noticed that?

Also of interest, I noticed yesterday that Emgold has now completely removed the Idaho-Maryland project from their website.

 By bluejay

12/03/2013  8:38AM

OSTOOriginal Sixteen to One Mine Inc.

(OTN)Delayed quote data
12/3/2013 10:02 AM

Percent Change:
 By cw3343

11/20/2013  12:57PM

re the martin armstrong post below.

It is not the 3rd city, he is forgetting about Vallejo, and Desert Hot Springs already was BK about ~10 yrs ago.
 By bluejay

11/15/2013  12:51PM

"The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government."
-- Thomas Jefferson
 By bluejay

11/14/2013  8:33PM

From Martin Armstrong:

A possible third California City, Desert Hot Springs, has announced that it may seek bankruptcy protection since it will run out of money come March. This would be the third city in that state along with San Bernardino and Stockton to seek court protection from creditors. This is how pensions will be renegotiated at the municipal level where they cannot just print money like the Feds.

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