July 14, 2020 



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 By mineralminer

06/17/2006  7:35PM

I live in Colorado Springs and I like to go prospecting for gold. I know that there many people out there that like prospecting but I do not know anyone near me... so I figured that there might some on this forum that lives close to Colorado Springs and might be my prospecting partner. Anyone interested in being my prospecting partnercan email me telling me where they live, their name, email address and phone number. and maybe we can meet sometime. My name is William Leverett. My email is prospector26@gmail.com
 By Michael Miller

06/10/2006  11:40AM

Hi, and thanks for the recent input. Since this thread has drifted from the name of this topic, it is headed for the broad Miscellaneous topic. I’ll add a few remarks and encourage you to raise questions or offer comments before Kyle moves it along on Monday. (I read the Gold Enters Major Bull Market regularly and look forward to the writers’ comments, which is a reason to keep it pure.)

The underground workings are always in a state of decay or caving. Gravity works twenty-four hours a day. Timber rots the moment it is installed (which is the reason we have gone to steel in areas that we want open for a long time). It is hard to put a dollar amount on the caving. It is the result of a diminished maintenance program, which is a direct result of our inability to raise working capital. One can readily trace this back to the specious criminal charges filed by Gayle Filter and his band of private lawyers. Damages.

A popular action was put forth by several of my trusted consultants and shareholders to allow the water to rise to the 1500 level. It was discussed three years ago, as we grew shorter and shorter on money to work the lower levels. Yes, there is high-grade gold showing in six places on the 2200-foot level and the 2400-foot level. It will still be there when we decide to go after it. I was the reluctant one in turning the power off on the lower pump. In hindsight, it may have been a good move in 2003.

As our operation shrunk in manpower, we were forced to find gold targets in the upper levels of the mine. This we did, successfully mining a good pocket in July 2004. We have found another productive target not far below the 800-foot level. So, saving electricity and conserving manpower has paid off. I am not worried or concerned about the water level. The hardest part of dewatering old mine workings is doing it for the first time. Lowering the water again has never been as difficult as it was the first time for many reasons. When we pump again it will be with a system built for the specifics of the situation (properly sized pumps and discharge lines and support machinery). I remain hopeful that miners will develop the high-grade pocket north of the Tightner Shaft on the 2700-foot level, a target we failed to access in 2001-2002. If we go for it again, it will succeed because of the work we previously did and the knowledge we gained from our first attempt. There are numerous high-grade gold targets that are identified in the Sixteen to One. Each has a price tag and a potential. We have publicly named our next major target, sinking the Red Star Shaft. One study of the geology and the layout tells the why this was chosen. All evidence points to a gold bonanza greater than any yet mined. Do you know any gold seekers? If so, please have them call me.
 By emf

06/09/2006  11:22AM

John, I couldn't agree with you more. The situation is very frustrating. I guess if you look for silver linings the ridiculesly cheap share price is one. If you're buying, that is. I believe in the 16-1 and Mike's operational strategy. Sander's excitment over new technology and our win in the 9th Circuit are positive signs and I believe the future is bright for 'the greatest mine of it's kind in the world'
 By John Yuma

06/08/2006  5:43PM

The bottom line is, the 16:1 is the greatest mine of its kind in the world. It is unfortunate that in a time of rising gold prices, there is not enough money to keep the pumps on and replace timbers and therefore loose the mine below 1300. The 1500 level has caved in north of the 49 winze. I was there.
 By emf

06/08/2006  10:38AM

John~ At what level was the greatest single day production of 2500 oz, worth $1,000,000.
 By emf

06/08/2006  10:33AM

Discovered August 1993, 18 lbs 141 oz gold, 2200' level
 By gfxgold

06/07/2006  8:54PM

That's an easy one. The answer can be found on this website. Lets see who can find it first.
 By John Yuma

06/07/2006  1:09PM

Rick and emf:
What level did the Whopper
come from?
 By emf

06/06/2006  9:35AM

Rick~ I'm certainly no expert but the strategy seems sound to me.
 By Rick

06/05/2006  7:20PM

John and EMF, what's your perspective on this as a stategic plan for above 800 ft targets, given that the gold-in-place is above the flood level?
 By emf

06/05/2006  7:49AM

Dear John~ No problema. The information is available in the Annual Report
 By John Yuma

06/04/2006  4:02PM

Dear Electro Motive Force:
Thanks for the update. I am sure your source of information is better than mine. JY
 By emf

06/04/2006  11:10AM

Thanks,Yuma your contribution was very informative. The pumps have been pulled to the 1500 level per plan and the lower areas are flooding. Shocking news! There is some cave in occurring do rotting timber. Another shocking development. There is no working going on in those areas and no danger to any miners/per Rae.
 By John Yuma

06/04/2006  7:44AM

The mine is flooding and caving in.
 By audiger

05/02/2006  2:30PM


Stdbkr is there such a thing as a silver nugget like we find gold ones? Placer or hardrock?

 By Rick

05/01/2006  3:07PM

Or...Original Sixteen to One Mine, Gold Exploration Inc.
 By studbkr

05/01/2006  10:05AM

Not sure how many of you know about the hard rock mines in Idaho. Long proud history and lotsa potential as prices rise.
 By bluejay

05/01/2006  9:01AM

What is in a corporate name?

Hopefully, it identifies the company's business. The public can't help notice that the price of gold has been making multi-year highs. So, if they aren't that well informed and just want to get interested in a gold company, maybe to buy, they may Google gold company. Our stock will never come up because gold is not in our corporate name.

In the past years gold has been strong and today it hit $662. Where is our share price going? Even gold related companies with the word gold in their name that hold gold properties, not in production, would advance with a higher bullion price. It only makes sense.

Mr. Sinclair at http://www.jsmineset.com mentioned years ago a bakery stock by the name of Gold's Bakery went up each gold was strong. Go figure.

The name Alleghany describes the area that we hold properties in. The name gold identifies what mineral we are looking for and explorations identifies what we are mainly engaged in as a business.

Years ago the Securities and Exhange Commission required the company to restate it primary business from gold mining to gold exploration. This was for a good reason, we had no blocked out reserves. We will always be an exploration company as that is the nature of the way mother nature deposited her gold. The Alleghany gold deposits are infrequent high grade concentrations distributed in a manner that can't be economically identified with core drilling.

It would seem plausible that a name change would be a great benefit to shareholders who have been wandering along with me, when does our stock go up just to match the percentage increase that gold has experienced over the past years?

Alleghany Gold Explorations is one minor step in the right direction for all shareholders.
 By bluejay

04/28/2006  12:22PM


The Idaho-Maryland Mine is a subsidiary company of Emgold Mining Corp. of Vancouver.

Check out their website at http://www.emgold.com for some detailed information concerning the Idaho-Maryland.

Emgold believes that the Idaho-Maryland will surpass the Empire Mine's historical production of 6,000,000 ounces of gold. Idaho-Maryland's past production is 2,383,000 ounces.
 By Rick

04/27/2006  8:14PM

The first Brush with reality went south for investors, and those who invested are holding the bag. This theme has been around for over 150 years, the vehicle of proposing riches when the investors believe in snake oil.

Two nights ago at Sudwerk Brewery in Davis, I stumbled upon a banquet hosted by Ross Guenther of the "Idaho-Maryland Mining Corp" and listened into the hype of how the re-opening of the Idaho-Maryland Mine would bring riches to Nevada County and all interested investers; the ultimate power-point shot wasn't about gold, nor about his hyped by-product ceramic tile derivative which had nothing to do with gold production, but an expensively drawn rendition by a prominent architech of the "modern new community" who will support "this new industry", all these fancy housing buildings dominating the juction of the flat. Prior to the presentation, many geologically-related industry representatives (I'll spare their names) were walking around with name tags boasting of their offerings, etc.

Proposal: by next May, full production. Over 200 miners and their families living in the new facility, happy, happy, happy...

Exceptional review of water issues (?)....on and on and on.

No mention of gold recovery after the initial pitch. How does a company propose to re-open a rich, historic gold mine in Nevada County with ceramic tile from byproduct as the principle commodity, no mention of gold production except to suggest "it'll be great" expect to succeed?

Simple. Google what happened with Brush Creek. The link for Ross Geunther and the Idaho-Maryland Mining Corp. is:


And he also lists a phone number which is:


For the life of me, why would someone deliver a pitch to re-open a gold mine with ceramic tile as the mined element when the real deal is gold.

The real deal, the Original Sixteen to One Mine, is right up the hill, producing the world's most prominent gold-in-quartz, with a hand-full of miners and less than a hand-full of investors.

I urge all of the participants at Ross Guenther's presentation of Idaho-Maryland.com to Google OAu, Original Sixteen to One Mine, gold-quartz, and any other related entity.

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