July 6, 2022 



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 By gfxgold

07/13/2008  9:43AM

There are many websites that deal with open areas for panning in California. A couple sites to get you started are: http://miningold.com/states/ca.html
and http://www.goldfeverprospecting.com/cagolopapr.html
With all of the fires in California this year, it may limit where you might want to go. As for the smoke, some days are better than others, depending which way the wind blows. If you do find someone who is willing to let you go on there claim, a percentage of the gold found is the usual payment. That could be anywhere from 10% to 30% on the average (get the agreement in writing). Of course, a lot of times, if you are only panning for a day or two, someone might let you pan for nothing. If you see someone dredging, there's a good chance that they own the claim. It's always best, if someone is willing to let you pan, to ask them how much of a percentage do they want, up front.
Happy Gold Hunting.
 By mesher5

07/12/2008  3:03PM

Could any one point me in the right direction? I am traveling to the area from the UK for a vacation with my children of 7 and 5. We would like to go prospecting. Does any one have a claim or know of an area we could camp and prospect. Willing to pay a fee for the use. Thank you. Steve@stevemurray1.com
 By colby

06/25/2008  10:48AM

looks like I jumped the gun. that tool only works on a couple of international countries. I guess its still a bit of an experiment.

however, i did manage to find the streets for the mine:

or tinyurl: http://tinyurl.com/67v5ay
 By Michael Miller

06/25/2008  8:53AM

Thanks. Great idea to include Sixteen to One mine and Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc on the google map. So, I tried!. Got an account opened, read the info but never got a map of Alleghany, Sierra county or sixteen to one mine to edit, add info etc. Giving up for now. Will someone better on computers give it a try?
 By Rockroby

06/20/2008  8:56PM

Hecla mining just had to sell their Venezuela mines,this is the oldest precious metal
producer in the United States.I was thinking I might talk to them about that 10% or buying the gold collection unless someone in management or anyone else for that matter has something they don't like about it.I am going to tell them that in my opinion their is at least 1 million recoverable ounces that can be got at,theirs more but it just might be too far down & thats just the Sixteen to One itself.With the price of gold it's a kinda sad your not blasting away.Maybe you can work something out with Bullion River and open the Brown Bear.I would like to go after that target confirmed buy core samples sixty five feet down myself.
Can not make it to the shareholder meeting,will be up in July better lock up the bars hide the women & load the gun's.
 By Rae Bell

06/18/2008  12:41PM

Hi Robert!
I do remember you! So glad to hear you are doing well. I think of your mother often. She was a fun person to work with. We were all shocked and sad to hear of her passing. She would be very proud of you.
Thank you for the well wishes, if you are ever up this way stop by.
Rae Bell
 By Beirut Papa

06/17/2008  9:52AM

Well hello 16 to 1 peeps. Been awhile since any of us seen one another and figured I'd give hello's that are a bit past due, at least by 13 years. Good to see Mike Miller and Rae Bell are still in the bussiness. I was one of the rascals that visited Alleghany every summer visiting my mother Dayna Lee Lynn (she married Dan Lynn btw!) My name is Robert Phillips, the kid with the loud dirt bike. I volunteered during some summers to work with my mother during sales events that took place in near by cities at the fair grounds. But of course being a kid behind a counter when at a fair ground you could imagine my attention being onsided away from work.

Yup, that was me. Dont know if any of you remember but around that time I was'nt the sharpest knife in the drawer. But I would like to think that I've matured alot since then and I've had help from the Marine Corps in straighting myself out. 8 years of active service and have earned many awards and made quite a few achievements. With my personal story aside, I just wanted to drop by and say hello and that my experience with 16 to 1 growing up has been one of some of my best memories growing up, and considering 16 to 1's long history I hope that the mine continues to stay productive for many more years to come. Wish you all best of luck and good health.

- Robert -
 By bluejay

06/15/2008  9:12PM

From the Financial Times

Fate of U.S. mining law hinges on gold miner's son
Posted: June 15, 2008, 1:42 PM by DrewHasselback
Away from the glare of an entertaining U.S. presidential election race, a very interesting political debate is taking place in Washington over the 136-year-old federal mining law.

The Mining Law of 1872, which was designed to spur investment in the American West, gives miners the right to extract minerals from U.S. federal territory without the need to pay the government royalties. It's a sweet deal, given that other natural resource businesses need to pay royalties for their activities on federal lands.

The mining industry obviously loves the arrangement, while critics have complained the law gives miners a free ride.

An amendment before the U.S. Congress would require existing producers to pay a 4% royalty, and slap an 8% royalty on future operations. Proponents of the legislation say the royalties could raise more than US$300-million over the next decade.

But here's the kicker. The fate of the amendment is in the hands of Democratic Majority leader Harry Reid — something that could confound mining critics, Bloomberg News reports. Reid hails from Nevada, one of the world's largest gold producers, and his father was a gold miner.

Drew Hasselback
 By Hightech

06/10/2008  9:16AM

Charlie's friends at CAMCE will be placing a plaque at the Washington Hotel in Washington, CA. All Charlie's friends are welcome. Let me know if you would like to also say a few words.

Charlie Schultz Plaque Dedication

Sunday, June 29, 2008 at 11:00 AM

Washington Hotel
Washington, CA

Questions: Please contact Ric at CAMCE.ORG 925-600-1026
 By MinerDan

06/04/2008  1:44PM

Hi All,

I would like to echo the sentiments of my brother Greg concerning our recent tour (May, 2008) of the Sixteen to One mine in Allegany. From the museum to the mine, the day exceeded my expectations. This was not one of those “fluff” tours that skim only the surface. It was a complete experience leaving one to want to pursue the process and have an understanding of the issues surrounding mining in America today.

Mike Miller was our guide throughout the tour and his vast knowledge and enthusiasm of, and for, the industry was apparent from beginning to end. I for one have been motivated by Mr. Miller to pursue the issues surrounding the industry. I am presently a biologist for a pharmaceutical company on the East Coast. I have been a researcher for almost 30 years. While I do not claim to completely understand the chemistries and the protocols involved in the purification and processing of gold, I am willing to begin my own process of attempting to understand the issues. For example, Mr. Miller had mentioned the use of Mercury and the effects of Methyl Mercury. I will begin to gather some information and educate myself on this and other issues in the processing and purification of gold. I will try to gain an understanding of the release of mercury into the air and waterways and the effects of converted mercury (organic methyl mercury) on wild life, and the food chain. I will also try to understand how to prevent release in the first place. I will say that I plan to look at the pro’s and con’s and remain open-minded as to the risks the process brings to our environment. Most importantly, I encourage anyone with time and interest to help in a search for safe use of materials involved in the mining industry. I would encourage the stockholders and other professional and amateur mining enthusiasts to join me in an understanding and be involved in discussions leading to the development of safe practices in the industry. Also, the leadership, stockholders, and others involved in mining as an occupation or hobby need to brainstorm on ideas of how pertinent educational information can be disseminated to parties who would have concerns or may have been misguided in the past (peer reviewed journal articles?) I believe science (and cooperation of the mining industry) can lead the way to a new frontier of mining that will avoid the mistakes of the past. Through safe practices and environmental controls the industry will be responsible for demonstrating the many uses of not just gold, but also the use of by-products of the process in our society.

On this recent trip to the mine, I had the opportunity to see much of the California countryside North of Grass Valley, Ca. I for one was amazed at the expanse of this area and the potential to utilize some of our countries resources for the good of our people. I do understand that we are a global economy and need to face that issue, however, I also believe that as Americans, we have the right to pursue certain dreams – one is the pursuit of happiness.

On our tour, we spoke a little of our love of this country. We spoke of our rights, our right to dream, our right to pursue a living and find happiness doing so. Being in the biological sciences, we have overcome many obstacles in dealing with hazards in the laboratory workplace and have taken huge steps in focusing on preventing damage to our environment. This needs to be a priority in the industry if they wish to garner the support of the people. The people that I have met show the enthusiasm to find solutions to problems that exist and are more then willing to listen to solutions. We need to allow the people in this country the right to dream. Let me get to some reading and I hope to have some fruitful conversation with other parties that may be interested.

 By azgoldguy

06/02/2008  7:33PM

My brother Dan & I had the awesome opportunity to tour the 16 to 1 on Sat. May 30. Man what a great day!! We first met Rae at the office & continued with her over to the museum. There we met Mike Miller. What a great guy! I first asked him where the McDonalds was at( We saw the Golden Arch sign nailed to a tree on the way into town!) We also met another gentleman "Dave" who also came for the tour. The whole tour was so much fun & educational. Mike's dedication & commitment to the 16 to 1 was evident throughout the tour. Thanks Mike. Go for the Gold!!
 By Rick

05/27/2008  9:12PM

"Wow, there's a round rock at the top of a mountain! How did that happen?"

I met with Mike today at the mine and we were both marveling at the millions of years of geologic history we witness on the surface. History in our hands.

And then we find the tenacious revolutionary history-re-writers who want to paint the gold rush into modern day environmental concerns (faulty as they are.) and say how damaging it all was....um, trying to rewrite the facts of
how California transformed the state of the world.

On stage now, the Sierra Fund, here to save the foothills and the entire mother lode from something that already happened. What? How can you do that?

Can they incite the masses into believing everything that built our State of California was wrong and insensitive and just, well, wrong?

They are actively painting our history as "wrong" ...another guilt method to achieve your soul into accepting their submissive socialistic mantra.

Today I celebrate the wisdom of all of us, who see through the designed trap. Go look at a round rock and wonder how it got that way...or go look at Yosemite Valley and wonder where the glaciers went. Or marvel at the 49-ers drive to succeed without a mother-ship of government.

Who is against a good "environment?" What a convenient trap. It serves well for the Sierra Fund, who forgot history and is in the process of attempting to say why history was wrong.

No, it is right, because it happened. Duh.
 By Michael Miller

05/24/2008  3:43PM

Rick, the last response about the TV segments is below. It’s just a different attitude out and about from so many things we did in the past. I admit that much has been lost for some valid reasons. My wish is for “some valid reasons” to go away. Most of the people I interact with express their opinions about what has been socially and culturally lost over the past thirty plus years. Oppressing ignorance and professing enlightenment are solutions to many problems. or situations we find today. This ABC forum topic will either be moved to misc or deleted altogether soon.

Come on up next week and detect some gold from the ore pile and I’ll go buy the two newscasts for a hundred bucks. What the heck! It cost me that much to fill my truck with regular gas.

Mr. Miller,

As Laura stated, we really do appreciate all your efforts to help Laura with this story. However, we do not, under any circumstance, give out raw video that never made it on the air.
We would, in fact, fight a court issued subpoena to do so.
Furthermore, we do not give out courtesy copies of the stories we’ve done simply because if we did one, we’d have to do it for everyone who asked for a copy. We simply cannot handle the load of dub requests.
So, we have a dubbing service in place that handles those requests at a charge. That number is 415-954-7005
Once again, I thank you for your help and am sorry we cannot accommodate your requests.

Stephanie Adrouny
Assistant News Director
 By Rick

05/24/2008  8:17AM

All in all, both sides of this have valid points, and the truth is that many people did see the presentation and got to witness the ferocious tenacity of Mike's love for the Sixteen to One. I guess at this point we count our blessings!

Lets make the analogy to vendors at ski resorts...many times they pay to to have their beer poured and often have to give there product away, all based upon exposure to the label.

Is there anyone out there who tevo-ed it? Did anyone save it on tape? It would be good to have in the archive and well worth the $100 price.
 By Michael Miller

05/20/2008  9:34AM

Hi Mike,

I will forward your request to my assistant news director, Stephanie Adrouny to see if there's any chance of getting copies from KGO, but as far as I know, the station charges a fee as well. Under no circumstances (except under court order) would the station release the raw video, so that's probably not going to happen.

While we appreciate all your efforts, we never made any representations to you that you would be compensated in any way shape or form, except to give you a chance to tell your side of the story, and showcase the Sixteen to One and your gold collection to a huge audience in the Bay Area. As you told us, you were hoping to attract investors with the stories. As I'm sure you know, that kind of television exposure is worth many thousands of dollars more than the price of a video clip. I'm sure the kind folks in Downieville were well-served by the exposure as well in terms of attracting potential visitors.

Not providing compensation is just how things are done by legitimate news organizations, which is quite different from how the Discovery Channel or A & E would operate, since they are entertainment programming. Every time we do a story, someone--many, many people--give of their valuable time and expertise and nothing but a chance to tell their side, or their story...is ever offered in return.

Finally, I do apologize for our inability to get to Mr. Shoemaker on time, but I certainly never asked you to make that long drive etc. I called several times and left numerous cell phone messages that afternoon to warn you we were running late, but you never picked up. Perhaps then we could have rescheduled Mr. Shoemaker without you both standing around for so long. We simply underestimated the time it would take to get from place to place up there and shoot all that was needed to make both stories complete.

In the old days, stations like KCRA did make copies for people, but they too began charging at least ten years ago. It's just part of the economic downturn TV news has taken.

In any case, I will forward your request to Stephanie and let her make the call.

Dear Laura,

Thank you for taking the time to educate me about the changes in the news business. Please believe me, I know the value of media exposure and am always grateful for the coverage. I was not nor has anyone associated with the mine sought compensation for the time and expenses spent showing gold or our operation to the media. I wish there was more interest and time to develop media presentations by the media. Audience interest has been wide spread and it is a pleasant adventure for many viewers.

I appreciate you forwarding my request to the KGO staff. Regards, Michael.
 By Michael Miller

05/19/2008  5:18PM

To: laura.anthony@abc.com
May 19, 2008


Amy charges $50 per clip. She suggested that I get it from KGO, which provides that service. A $100 hit seems out of line for what I did to help you get a well rounded story. I set up two interviews in Grass Valley and actually drove forty miles to meet Bob Shoemaker at 3:00 pm. I kept him waiting until 5pm when he had to leave. I stayed til about 5:30 waiting for you. You got a tour of the mine, including time from two miners. I took you to Downieville for a real panning experience and set up a world class gold display for you to shoot.

All of us associated with the mine go the distance to provide the media a true glimpse of hard rock mining. We believe in education and realize that most people find gold mining interesting but foreign. We have asked and always received copies of their shows and in most cases a copy of the video for our files. It is the quid pro quo that keeps everyone working together. It never hurt the Discovery Channel, A & E network, good old Huell or John Iander, who you may remember from your Sacramento days.

So I ask you to ask KGO to copy the two episodes including the introductions and if possible release the video from your mine shooting and send us the copy. It is not much to ask for the costs provided Kgo to get this story. Perhaps I may have told you that I do not have a television, so recording the newscasts was not an option.

Sincerely, Michael
 By Rae Bell

05/19/2008  9:18AM

Just back from Butte MT and sorry to hear of Charlie's passing. My father worked and was caretaker at the Carson Mine near the Ruby Mine. My mother always invited Charlie in for coffee when he came for an inspection. My brothers and I were kids and Charlie would always take the time to make us laugh. I also will remember him as one of the funniest people I have ever known. Direct and funny. We need more like him.
 By Bill Watters

05/14/2008  12:46PM

Thank you Mike, and others for your kind words for Charlie Schultz. In addition to his dedication to mine safety and the well being of miners, Charlie was also a capable geologist and engineer.

Aside from being a respected mining professional Charlie was blessed with a wonderful sense of humor. One of the most notable characteristics of Charlie was his ability to tell a story or a joke. I can remember on numerous occasions when Charlie had me laughing hysterically. I will remember him as one of the funniest people I’ve ever met.

The mining community lost one of its own when Charlie passed away. The Sierra Nevada Mining and Industry Council (SNMIC) miningcouncil.org has recently formed a committee to erect a plaque or memorial bench somewhere in the town of Grass Valley to honor Charlie Schultz and his contribution to the mining industry. Our committee within the SNMIC will work with the City of Grass Valley or possibly the Empire Mine State Park to find a suitable location for the memorial. The wording for the plaque has not been scripted yet as this project is still in its infancy. Donations of money, time or ideas for a memorial would be appreciated. Please contact me with comments or questions at 530-271-0679 x 114

Thank You,
Bill Watters
 By martin newkom

05/14/2008  10:35AM

Those SF stations have a liberal philosophy and are
based in a liberal town. My
advice is to get coverage from
a FOX affiliate (ch40, Sacto)
on the subject. Have no fear
of past indian genocide, with
the indian casinos in place they are now REALLY getting back at the whiteman.
 By Rick

05/14/2008  8:17AM

I urge everyone to access the report at www.abc7news.com under special reports. If your computer is too slow to see the video, the text of it is written below the link. There was a comment that puts the 16 to 1 in a particualrly good light.

Apparently a second more extensive video featuring the 16 to 1 will be aired tonight. I will be curious if the editors will differentiate political posturing (remember Goldmaster's crap?) versus the actual practices used in Allegany. I'm certainly going to be watching.

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