October 25, 2021 



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 By oakrockranch

10/23/2008  11:12AM

I still suggest selling the collection in smaller lots to generate immediate cash and lower debt. Why hold out for one giant sale? If the collection were divided into groups of "like" items (ie: jewelry, carvings, slabs, specimens) they would appeal to the different market sectors, allowing more buyers to surface. To find one buyer (or coordinated group of investors) who wants everything for $3.5 million is IMO a long-shot. And honestly, does it really matter where and to whom this stuff is sold to? I thought the goal was to generate cash and get things moving again. Why not try every option, tap all prospects and exhaust other options. Your thoughts?
 By Michael Miller

10/23/2008  10:03AM

Management is actively seeking sources of working capital. For more information, write me or call.

The Company and Proposal

Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc (the Company) is a California corporation with thirty million shares authorized and 12,867,250 outstanding. There are 1,642 shareholders. The Company has a history of trading on the Pacific Stock Exchange (now defunct). It files reports to the Securities Exchange Commission and maintains a public market on its web site. Management consists of a board of directors and officers elected annually. Its president, Michael Meister Miller (1983 to present), has been a director since 1977, and is responsible for the day-to-day operation. He has thirty-four years of gold mining and corporate management experience. Former Directors and seasoned professionals maintain an active interest in the affairs of the operation and are called upon for specific situations.

The primary operation is the Sixteen to One mine from which more that 1,200,000 troy ounces of gold have been retrieved since the mine began operation in 1896. The Company began doing business in its present form in 1911 and has operated continuously. It employees fifteen people and operates year round. The Company has a long history of acquiring significant gold properties. Consequently, its assets are recorded well below market price. (See Addendum A for a market analysis.) Its real estate is offered as collateral for the requested money. Recent purchases are the Brown Bear Mine (1994), Plumbago Mine (1999), and Gold Crown Mine (2005). Total gold production from all the Company’s mines exceeds two million ounces (over one billion dollars). As important as this statistic is, the professional opinion that less than twenty percent of the gold bearing vein systems have been utilized is most relevant.

For accounting purposes gold revenues are accrued when the metal has been recovered. For tax purposes revenues are not recognized until the gold is sold. Rare high-grade gold and quartz is sold at a significant premium above the daily “spot” price for bullion. Gold inventory is recorded at the bullion price without an allowance for its proven added value as a precious gemstone or prized specimen. Over the last decade the Company established and retains a world-class gold specimen collection valued at $3.5 million.

The Company is one of the world’s pioneers in electronic gold detection technology. Beginning in 1992 and continuing to the present, it has worked with numerous companies and individuals to improve the sensitivity and depth of detection equipment. With each improvement it has retraced prior areas in the vein system previously mined and found additional gold. The historical results prove that with better technology more gold will be mined. The budget ($250,000) allows for finalizing the detector, conducting programs where signals are identified and massaging a software program for the miners to use on a regular basis. Currently, detection has not exceeded seeing four feet into the quartz. The Company has a realistic expectation that reliable detection from ten to fifteen feet is possible. The Company is a leader in underground gold detection. This new tool will change the face of gold mining in California’s Sierra Nevada goldfields as well as other areas with quartz and gold deposits. The Company will own the equipment.

Much of the mining equipment in use today has been a standby in the small vein underground mines for many years. The drill-blast-muck sequence continues to be the most cost efficient method of mining; however improvements in these areas have increased efficiency for the Company. Because of its use of and knowledge of metal detectors, the Company developed improved ways to process its high-grade gold and mill its low-grade ore. There have been many changes in the gold industry over the last two decades. The Company plans to rejoin the public marketplace at this time by listing its stock. Another relevant fact that has changed over the past decades is the reduction in real gold producing companies. The major companies have been growing through acquisitions and mergers. The choice for investors that are seeking some type of gold position has shrunk, leaving Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc as an honest choice for joining the current interest in gold.

Financial Summary: The Company files quarterly and annual financial statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).
 By Michael Miller

10/07/2008  10:33AM

Mick, you have an historical artifact. It may be worth something to a collector. Yes, Original Sixteen to One mine but not from that corporation. A man from Southern California bought the mine in the mid 1970's and worked it off and on. Our company got several large boxes of documents after the purchase. The Gold Crown has some very interesting targets but the Sixteen to One has the best.
 By mick

10/06/2008  7:10PM

Just came across a Gold Crown Mining Corporation stock certificate.
#133,incorporated in the state of Nevada, dated Oct. 16th,1951.
Transfered to my mother in law on June 8th, 1960.

what is the value today?
Thanks, anr regards to all.
 By Hans Kummerow

09/29/2008  10:28PM

Thank you Mike.
 By drayegon

09/26/2008  6:30PM

It is going to look like Black Friday all over again. Is the Fed going to make it even worse by the bailout on wallstreet. Biggest problem we have is the supply does not even come close to the demand. Less Gold is being produced and fed into the mainstream. They have stopped selling Gold Buffalo's and Gold Eagle's. They are even now beginning to admit they do not have enough gold to sell it to the public. 73 dray
 By Michael Miller

09/12/2008  9:08AM

Thanks for the responses. It’s a great help and looks like I may meet some interesting people. Now, had an idea last night.

Gold interactive web sites are like preaching to the choir. How about some sites which are hostile to gold, natural resources development, domestic productivity, and display economic or political stupidity? Ignorance is the enemy. Open, honest clear and direct facts evidence and information are the antidotes. I am confident that California’s gold belt as well as America’s other industrial minerals can be environmentally extracted with a 21st century mentality. It will make the United States a stronger global player.
 By RScrivner

09/11/2008  6:48PM

Hi Michael,

I just sent you an email reply to help.

 By Michael Miller

09/10/2008  12:45PM

Gold will likely remain a item where investors and speculators can increase their wealth for four or five more years before it settles back to its traditional stability or they may see their wealth bleed away. Profit is most likely when volatility is in the air, as it is right now. Americans have a very poor understanding of the Gold Sector. This is true and unfortunate, as many will get caught up at the wrong times to buy, sell or use the stock market to make profits. Ignorance is the enemy and knowledge the friend BUT where do we go for our knowledge?

This topic is called HELP because I need your help, very specific help. Within my circle of business friends a powerful amount of knowledge about the Gold Sector exists. Many of us have been in gold at the beginning of the twentieth century gold rush, which began in 1974. We can challenge questionable opinions and talk about gold in ways that cross many facets, important facets to get an historical perspective, a current description and within reason modest speculation about the future. At the least we can offer others some things to look for and evaluate before risking their money.

So here is my request for HELP: develop a list of gold related web sites. I want to participate in web site that discuss gold. If the sites are all hype and no substance, they need to be challenged. If they are serious, I believe we have something to broaden the discussion. If you can identify some sites (good or bad) let me know at this topic or send me a direct e-mail at mmiller@origsix.com
 By colby

07/15/2008  11:50AM

one place I used to pan was up the river below helltown, ca (with permission)
 By mesher5

07/14/2008  11:18AM

Thank you gfxgold for your reply. I will look at those websites to see where it takes me. Steve
 By gfxgold

07/13/2008  9:43AM

There are many websites that deal with open areas for panning in California. A couple sites to get you started are: http://miningold.com/states/ca.html
and http://www.goldfeverprospecting.com/cagolopapr.html
With all of the fires in California this year, it may limit where you might want to go. As for the smoke, some days are better than others, depending which way the wind blows. If you do find someone who is willing to let you go on there claim, a percentage of the gold found is the usual payment. That could be anywhere from 10% to 30% on the average (get the agreement in writing). Of course, a lot of times, if you are only panning for a day or two, someone might let you pan for nothing. If you see someone dredging, there's a good chance that they own the claim. It's always best, if someone is willing to let you pan, to ask them how much of a percentage do they want, up front.
Happy Gold Hunting.
 By mesher5

07/12/2008  3:03PM

Could any one point me in the right direction? I am traveling to the area from the UK for a vacation with my children of 7 and 5. We would like to go prospecting. Does any one have a claim or know of an area we could camp and prospect. Willing to pay a fee for the use. Thank you. Steve@stevemurray1.com
 By colby

06/25/2008  10:48AM

looks like I jumped the gun. that tool only works on a couple of international countries. I guess its still a bit of an experiment.

however, i did manage to find the streets for the mine:

or tinyurl: http://tinyurl.com/67v5ay
 By Michael Miller

06/25/2008  8:53AM

Thanks. Great idea to include Sixteen to One mine and Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc on the google map. So, I tried!. Got an account opened, read the info but never got a map of Alleghany, Sierra county or sixteen to one mine to edit, add info etc. Giving up for now. Will someone better on computers give it a try?
 By Rockroby

06/20/2008  8:56PM

Hecla mining just had to sell their Venezuela mines,this is the oldest precious metal
producer in the United States.I was thinking I might talk to them about that 10% or buying the gold collection unless someone in management or anyone else for that matter has something they don't like about it.I am going to tell them that in my opinion their is at least 1 million recoverable ounces that can be got at,theirs more but it just might be too far down & thats just the Sixteen to One itself.With the price of gold it's a kinda sad your not blasting away.Maybe you can work something out with Bullion River and open the Brown Bear.I would like to go after that target confirmed buy core samples sixty five feet down myself.
Can not make it to the shareholder meeting,will be up in July better lock up the bars hide the women & load the gun's.
 By Rae Bell

06/18/2008  12:41PM

Hi Robert!
I do remember you! So glad to hear you are doing well. I think of your mother often. She was a fun person to work with. We were all shocked and sad to hear of her passing. She would be very proud of you.
Thank you for the well wishes, if you are ever up this way stop by.
Rae Bell
 By Beirut Papa

06/17/2008  9:52AM

Well hello 16 to 1 peeps. Been awhile since any of us seen one another and figured I'd give hello's that are a bit past due, at least by 13 years. Good to see Mike Miller and Rae Bell are still in the bussiness. I was one of the rascals that visited Alleghany every summer visiting my mother Dayna Lee Lynn (she married Dan Lynn btw!) My name is Robert Phillips, the kid with the loud dirt bike. I volunteered during some summers to work with my mother during sales events that took place in near by cities at the fair grounds. But of course being a kid behind a counter when at a fair ground you could imagine my attention being onsided away from work.

Yup, that was me. Dont know if any of you remember but around that time I was'nt the sharpest knife in the drawer. But I would like to think that I've matured alot since then and I've had help from the Marine Corps in straighting myself out. 8 years of active service and have earned many awards and made quite a few achievements. With my personal story aside, I just wanted to drop by and say hello and that my experience with 16 to 1 growing up has been one of some of my best memories growing up, and considering 16 to 1's long history I hope that the mine continues to stay productive for many more years to come. Wish you all best of luck and good health.

- Robert -
 By bluejay

06/15/2008  9:12PM

From the Financial Times

Fate of U.S. mining law hinges on gold miner's son
Posted: June 15, 2008, 1:42 PM by DrewHasselback
Away from the glare of an entertaining U.S. presidential election race, a very interesting political debate is taking place in Washington over the 136-year-old federal mining law.

The Mining Law of 1872, which was designed to spur investment in the American West, gives miners the right to extract minerals from U.S. federal territory without the need to pay the government royalties. It's a sweet deal, given that other natural resource businesses need to pay royalties for their activities on federal lands.

The mining industry obviously loves the arrangement, while critics have complained the law gives miners a free ride.

An amendment before the U.S. Congress would require existing producers to pay a 4% royalty, and slap an 8% royalty on future operations. Proponents of the legislation say the royalties could raise more than US$300-million over the next decade.

But here's the kicker. The fate of the amendment is in the hands of Democratic Majority leader Harry Reid — something that could confound mining critics, Bloomberg News reports. Reid hails from Nevada, one of the world's largest gold producers, and his father was a gold miner.

Drew Hasselback
 By Hightech

06/10/2008  9:16AM

Charlie's friends at CAMCE will be placing a plaque at the Washington Hotel in Washington, CA. All Charlie's friends are welcome. Let me know if you would like to also say a few words.

Charlie Schultz Plaque Dedication

Sunday, June 29, 2008 at 11:00 AM

Washington Hotel
Washington, CA

Questions: Please contact Ric at CAMCE.ORG 925-600-1026

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