October 20, 2017 



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 By northernlinebuilders

09/25/2007  6:55PM

our company is putting fiber(phone lines) in the area and is rentig a house from mike miller in alleghany, and they say the house is haunted, they have been hearing stories! anyone have info?????

08/08/2007  5:21PM

All of the miners in Alleghany offer prayers, hope, and good luck to the rescuers and condolences to the families and friends on the surface. May the Goddess of Mining protect those in danger in Utah.

Scoop does not watch television and has seen no television coverage about this tragic situation. Scoop just read two newspaper stories. For the sake of one of America’s most needed and dangerous occupations, an occupation that is known as vital to insure a free society, let’s look for the truth behind the tragedy and keep an open mind. America, through government guidance and industry enforcement and practices, has as safe a work environment as any country in the world. It is not by chance that this is true.
 By martin newkom

08/05/2007  7:33AM

If these old foundery co. were
still around they could tell
some wonderful stories. There
were at least two in Marysville
the Empire and the Marysville.
The Empire made "Monitors" for
hydraulic mining; the Marys-
ville made flat-cars for the
lumber mills and at least one
steam engine for the "Meteor"
an early steamer on Lake Tahoe.
 By martacard

08/04/2007  1:14AM

Hello! This is in response to request by Barry...
I am the Great Great Granddaughter of Charles Sylvester Card who started Card Iron Works. My father, Uncle and Grandfather all worked there. Feel free to contact me. I will try to find out any answers that you may have. My father & my uncle know a lot about the Iron works and love to tell about it.
We have quite a bit of documentation, catalogues, invoices etc. from over the years still in our possession.
Look forward to hearing from you. martacard@myway.com
By bn12595

07/15/2006 9:53AM
I would like to find out more about my CS Card Iron Works Mine Car. Does anyone know if this company still exists?
Thank you so much for the help.
 By martin newkom

07/20/2007  7:51AM

Once again, Good Luck!!

07/19/2007  3:41PM

The Company gave me permission to take pictures underground. I have some good ones but there is a problem with getting them on the web site.

The technical support lives in Hungary and is aware that the mine office is presently unable to add pictures to the site. As soon as it is corrected, you will see the new raise on the 800 level where everyone expects to find a pay day. This topic will be moving to the Miscellaneous topic soon.

It took three days for miner Mark and his helper, Wade, to build the chute and install the slusher that will be used to pull the broken rock into the cars. The vein is very flat, so even though Mark will be running a raise, gravity won't work to clear the round. Once up about thirty feet the raise will branch off in three directions, resembling the look of a cactus. Keep your fingers crossed, say a prayer or two or just wish for some good luck in finding Mister Pocket.
 By Crush

06/04/2007  8:31PM

JR Lientztz

I can't finger out what yuor trying to say.

Better even more why your not nocking down the doors at the mine nsted of writin from the cumputre. GFo there and talk to IaN and quit being a fake miner.
 By jrlientz

06/03/2007  4:03PM

Mr. Miller, I take it you don't have any job opening at this time. Thank you for your time and patience.

 By Michael Miller

05/22/2007  8:52AM

It’s a pleasant surprise to wake up to your humor. See last three entries below.

You can be my chuck tender any round in the sixteen to one veins. One hundred years of experience will get you a try out but no guarantees for employment. Those with no experience have turned out okay as well for quite a few men who continued a career in mining. Before an offer of employment to anyone is extended, experienced or otherwise, you will be given an invitation to attend a forty-hour program that is provided by the 100 year old guys. You need this as a prerequisite to work underground.

The last time the invitation/ program was advertised and given three men were selected as “fit to be employed in the mine”. One left the first day around lunch time.. One showed up for work a week after completing the program. He called to say he had a personal issue to deal with and never returned. The last “want-to be-a-miner” finished the training, asked for a week to get his things in order and we never saw or heard from him again. Those 100-year-old guys teach, demand and expect compatibility and growth no matter who or how long they work.for the company.

If you still want an application, send your name, telephone number, address and e-mail address to any of the addresses you wish. You two will be moving to the miscellaneous topic. Thanks for your wit and interest. Oh, as far as the ultraviolet light goes. Sometimes it is effective in identifying minerals. It has been scientifically proven that all the minerals give off electrical energy that distinguishes them. Detection looms large in our technology future.

Our crew is not camera shy. Gold is an evergreen topic with many facets. CT, make the American Miner a reality.
 By jlientz

05/21/2007  7:56PM

I would like to inquire about job openings at your company. Would you please advise me on how I may apply for work, preferably as a miner, entry-level miner, or as a nipper. Also, please let me know how much experience I'd need if you had any job openings. A lot of other places I've applied to require 100 years experince, I hope this is not the case with your company. J/K !
 By Chuck Tender

05/21/2007  6:36PM

if i understand correctly all minerals give off a glow under ultraviolet light .
 By Chuck Tender

05/21/2007  6:34PM

seems to me there could be alot of benefits if such a show came to town and did a piece on the mine. or perhaps the show "cash & treasures" . seems we fit the criteria for either.

or perhaps our own "AMERICAN MINER" series like the chopper,hotrod,idol,deadliest catch genre.
 By martin newkom

04/29/2007  7:23PM

My granddad and his bro. john
did well in the store there in
town and they took their earnings into the Eldorado mine
and lost their "tails". They
even hired a recognized geologist to give the an opinion on a direction. Well
he gave them the wrong one:
they had to "shoot" it all.
That was well towards their
tenure at town (1915).

01/30/2007  12:31PM

Scoop has the answer for you Martin. Yes, Foote was a key mining man in Alleghany and Grass Valley. On this web site GO to Forum topic "From the Sixteen Archives", Page 3, to 02/25/2004 by Michael Miller and you will find a most interesting story.
 By martin newkom

01/30/2007  11:35AM

Who can tell me if Foote who
built the Foote Crossing road
had anything to do with manage-
ment of the Empire mine? I understand the he went broke
building it.
 By Michael Miller

01/27/2007  7:06PM

Just turned the computer on and am shocked and saddened to learn of Al’s death. I doubt that any Alleghany hard rock miner or any people familiar with the history of mining during the 1970’s through 1996 won’t feel sadness about this news. His training was old school. He practiced old school mining ethics as long as I knew him and from what I heard all his life. His greatest legacy may be the many young men who worked under his strict guidance. Some ran from his demands, but I am sure that those who survived under his supervision, as well as those who fled, gained some great lessons in life from the experience. We always said, Al, that gold was in the next round. You believed it and I believe it. Maybe now you know.
 By Maverick

01/27/2007  5:18PM

Death of a young Old Timer:
"Albert Lee Wasley, 74, died Thursday, Jan. 25." Although I did not know Al real well my brief association was indeed a pleasure. Dorothy and I had a quick education on hard rock and "under the cap" placer mining after meeting him in the winter at the Henness Pass turnoff. Later he showed me the complications of trying to get gold out of the Ruby. It was sad to see the Ruby so mismanaged that he had to leave. The obituary is in the Union today (Sat. 1/27/07)

01/05/2007  9:28AM

Okay is the operative word. The Sixteen to One gang does okay all the time, even when they were down to three miners and part time paper pushers. It is a very resilient bunch; however I know Mike is not happy with the balance of fixed overhead and production (which he measures in footage not gold). With his unknown gold revenue it is nerve racking to hit the right size of payroll. The mine’s largest crew was 60. He thinks a good balance for the current operation would be half that. There are fourteen now, which is why he and Ian decided to begin a new hiring program: build the crew methodically.

The 1000-foot level rehab is the primary heading. Another crew is back south of the Tightner Shaft drifting in the footwall vein where the last production was located. The 1000 level crew is at a point where serpentine hanging wall has caved. It will be slow going for about 100 feet.
 By anonymous

01/05/2007  6:04AM

Boy thats ruff. Are they making it o.k with the amount of hands there is now. What is the gold finding stats? Thanks

01/04/2007  9:52PM

Well., anonymous, Scoop has a answer to your question.

Three men were offered a training program. One left the first day. Two completed the forty-hour program. One started the next week. The other asked for and was granted a week delay to arrange affairs. The guy who started, worked two days and asked for a half day off to take care of some business. He hasn’t been back. The other guy never showed up again. No phone calls, nothing. Can’t fire someone who never started. Word from Ian and Mike is that it wasn’t the job; they just picked the wrong guys. Interviews can be misleading.

Scoop’s opinion: the drive was too much. Better luck with people who live closer to mine.

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