October 25, 2021 



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 By Dave I.

04/23/2010  1:50AM

Bluejay, We are on the same side of this issue. I do not support the over intrusive regulating authority of the E.P.A.. I think Senator Reid has already lost his reelection. He has lost support.
I am looking forward to a republican land slide in November to throw the Democrats out. So keep up the good fight.
When a democrat is a good president is when he has to deal with a Republican controlled Senate, and House. Remember what happened to Clinton after 2 years of a majority.
 By bluejay

04/22/2010  10:19PM

From the 4-22-10 daily Casey Dispatch:

Hard Times for Hardrock Miners – Postponed

By Donald Grove, Casey Research Washington Correspondent

No surprise, but I just wanted to pass on my observations on Jeff Bingaman’s (D-NM) Hardrock Mining and Reclamation Act introduced in the Senate last year. This bill, like the hardrock mining bill passed by the House in 2007, would “reform” the General Mining Act of 1872 with the net effect of constraining hardrock mining in the U.S.

The consensus from mining state congressional offices, where I recently asked about the status of hardrock mining reform, is that the legislation will not proceed in this Congress, in large part because of the difficult reelection battle Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev) is facing. Reid, who hails from a key mining state, will not risk letting hardrock mining reform come to the Senate floor with mid-term elections looming, despite support for mining reform from the Obama administration.

David again. At this point, the best we can hope for is that the Democrats lose their strong majority in the November elections, so that the nation can move back to the political gridlock that is so effective at throwing legislative roadblocks in front of counterproductive new laws. It’s the best one can hope for in a degraded democracy.
 By bluejay

04/21/2010  6:08PM

From the 4-21-10 Daily Casey Dispatch:

Dear Reader,

As you know only too well, I am against the choking tangle of government dictates and regulations that hinder the free flow of entrepreneurial blood in this nation, any nation.

At this crucial moment in American history, a moment that may lead to the end of America's monetary hegemony and much worse than that, the nation's leadership should be cutting back the regulatory tangle, and not piling it on as they are.

Which brings me to an initiative out of the EPA that is enough to bring a sane person to their knees: a government-sponsored contest whereby the citizenry are being encouraged to make short videos in favor of federal regulation.

Please don't read this unless you are sitting...

As explained in the EPA press release announcing the contest, the purpose of the videos will be to remind the public that federal regulation touches "almost every aspect" of their lives and to promote how important those regulations are.

"The contest will highlight the significance of federal regulations and help the public understand the rulemaking process. Federal agencies develop and issue hundreds of rules and regulations every year to implement statutes written by Congress. Almost every aspect of an individual's life is touched by federal regulations, but many do not understand how rules are made or how they can get involved in the process."

... "With a short 60 to 90 second video, citizens should capture public imagination and use creativity, artistic expression and innovation to explain why regulations are important to everyone, and motivate others to participate in the rulemaking process."

The videos must both educate viewers on the government's regulatory process and encourage them to become more involved in it. The videos must remind viewers that regulations are laws written by the executive branch.

"Federal agencies write laws called regulations or rules," the contest's information guidelines states. "When Congress writes a statute and the President signs it, it usually doesn't have enough detail for it to be put into effect. So, federal agencies fill in the details by issuing regulations."

The videos must also remind viewers that regulations are the law and that they actually outnumber laws passed by Congress on the order of 10-1.

"Regulations have the power of law. Breaking them can result in fines and even jail time. Regulations outnumber Congressional statutes. For every statute passed by Congress and signed into law by the President, federal agencies create about 10 regulations, each of which have the force of law."

(Source: CNS News) Full article here.

David again. You can watch a helpful video from the EPA that explains how you, too, can create your video entry.

I could make a number of comments in response to this latest government initiative, but all would be predictable and rude. As I prefer not to be either predictable or rude, I will leave it by saying that whatever emotive response you had to reading that entry, I probably had as well.
 By Rick

04/06/2010  5:16PM

Yes, our main focus is to stay on point here within this forum, how things affect the mine, and all of us connected. I initially started it to point out the similarities of current distractions employed in and by Washington, to today's harassment of the mine by the CRWQCB. Both employ non-truths to empower their political motives.
 By bluejay

04/05/2010  8:38PM

Just finished reading the latest Martin Armstrong report from http://www.martinarmstrong.org.

One significant point hit home hard:

Money is leaving outstanding government debt and headed into the stock market and gold. As you know, there is 10 times more money in bonds than in stocks. Not all bonds represent sovereign debt, there is corporate debt.

The bottom line: higher stock market prices, along with gold prices, silver included, will be fueled with funds exiting government debt. Most shocking from the article was, sovereign debt is expected to collapes by 2016.

Rick really has it right when he basically says, one of the last things they haven't taken away from us, yet, is our vote. This is the one thing that agents of Rothchild and the family worry most about, an organized attempt with our votes to displace their power structure.

The following is some perspective from inside Congress as quoted from an anonymous Congressperson in a letter written to Martin:

"The tyranny of the status quo is pretty strong around here... Individuals' desire for things to be "normal" is quite strong. The most recent actions by Congress in the face of a potential wave of sovereign wealth defaults is a good example of policy makers wanting to see the world as they wish it to be, rather than the way it is...

Seeing the pundits and a few members of Congress who called it right prior to the 2008 meltdown remain marginalized even after having gotten it right - and seeing these who were totally wrong come out of this circumstance with even more power than before - has not been heartening.

It's quite obvious what's been going on for a long time: slowly the public servants have been using the trust of the people to bleed them of their rights and wealth so now those servants of the mansion of State along with their cronies in finance will be the new owners of the wealth and the rights guaranteed to us by our fore founders.
 By wlkirk

04/05/2010  9:54AM

Dave I. is correct. You can’t create pecuniary wealth unless you have something others will pay a premium for. That is, an imbalance is necessary for one to be wealthier than others. Using domination to obtain an item at one price, then marketing it back at another is one way to cause imbalance. Theft is another term for that technique.

All this is rather philosophic compared to our mutual interest in the Original Sixteen to One Mine. But I enjoy the discussion, as long as it is kept under appropriate Forum Topic categories.
 By Dave I.

04/04/2010  9:31PM

Yes we did, we barrowed the money, that we paid back with high tax rates in the early 50's and 60's. After the war. We also had accumulated a tax reserve. The value of gold was increased to $35 from $22 per ounce. The very wealthy were willing to invest in our nation, due to our capability to defend the free world.
 By Rick

04/04/2010  7:56PM


We weren't in debt then.
 By Dave I.

04/03/2010  3:37PM

Public sector jobs, are like a temporary salvation to jump start the economy. It was these type of jobs that salvaged America from the great depression. World War II was mostly public sector jobs. With most men in uniform, and the nations industrial complex building the weapons of defense.
After the war we continued with the building the nations infrastructure. Public works has always been a resource for jobs.
The reason we were able to do this is the private economy of our nation was creating wealth through export sales to foreign lands, and building trade. We were the major world resource for agriculture products. To day economic development is more highly competitive through out the world. Natural resources are becoming more rare with higher demand, so it is the supply and demand that will drive the financial wealth of our nation.
 By Rick

04/03/2010  8:56AM

...continuing from my statement below...

This can't possibly happen, in a free United States.

Unfortunately, it is happening. Freedom, for this president, is his personal road-block.
 By Rick

04/03/2010  8:54AM

Oh, how over-joyed the CNNs and MessNBCs are reporting "promising new job numbers" today.

Milton Freeman's knowledge of supply-side economic growth correctly pointed out that private sector growth concurrently grows revenue to the Treasury, given an optimal tax rate...too large a tax-rate %, and too small a tax-rate % both slow revenue to the Treasury.

Most certain of all: public-sector-government-jobs deplete revenue to the Treasury.

ANY new public-sector-government job-holder would need to pay 100% income tax, JUST FOR THE TREASURY TO BREAK EVEN !

This new Regime 'president' is gloating about creating government jobs, essentially admitting he is sending us deeper and deeper into debt, blocking private-sector growth, jack-boots on our throat.

This can't possibly happen
 By Dave I.

04/03/2010  4:33AM

Happy Easter every Body at the Original Sixteen to One, Inc.

I've noticed that picture of the "Whopper" is no longer displayed, this makes me wonder that maybe it has been sold. Just the picture of that monster is a thing of beauty to behold.
 By Michael Miller

04/02/2010  4:46PM

Thank you Gordon. I was waiting for the "and more". It is not a simple answer. By law a hoist must be cut at both ends every six months. This waste needs to be calculated as well. Technical decisions are reasons why mining engineers are nice to have around. I always liked to work with the Sixteen to One geologists and engineers. There is a difference in how they think.
 By bluejay

04/02/2010  3:45PM

Native American Saltwork
December 14, 2009 | USGS

“Native Americans of the Miwok tribe in the northern Sierra Nevada, California carved basins into granite bedrock to produce salt for trade. They filled the basins with water from a salt spring and let the water evaporate, leaving a salt residue in the basin.” USGS reports that this is the oldest evidence of business in North America.

Too bad the malfuntioning Water Board appointees weren't in service back then. Can you imagine how the local Indians would have handled them? Messing with mother nature's will along with a self fulfilling rules book could have easily caused them to be the target for a few arrowheads.
 By Gordon

04/02/2010  4:34AM

To play fair you need to include a bit more information.
What kind of hoist?
What size of drum(s)?
What kind of drum(s)?
What size of rope?
What kind of rope?
How many wraps do you want left on the drum or what is the expected life of the rope?
How is it secured to the skip?
Is the 277 ft the full vertical length to be hoisted or the vertical distance between the lowest level and the tip pocket?
And more?
 By bluejay

03/30/2010  4:04PM

Another torpedo, capital controls hidden in a stimulus bill. The following is from today's the Casey Dispatch:

Capital Controls Are Here?
Two days ago over at zerohedge.com, they ran a story titled “It’s Official – America Now Enforces Capital Controls.” Here’s the story’s lead-in:

It couldn't have happened to a nicer country. On March 18, with very little pomp and circumstance, President Obama passed the most recent stimulus act, the $17.5 billion Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment Act (H.R. 2487), brilliantly goalseeked by the administration's millionaire cronies to abbreviate as HIRE. As it was merely the latest in an endless stream of acts destined to expand the government payroll to infinity, nobody cared about it, or actually read it. Because if anyone had read it, the act would have been known as the Capital Controls Act, as one of the lesser, but infinitely more important provisions on page 27, known as Offset Provisions - Subtitle A – Foreign Account Tax Compliance, institutes just that. In brief, the Provision requires that foreign banks not only withhold 30% of all outgoing capital flows (likely remitting the collection promptly back to the U.S. Treasury), but also disclose the full details of non-exempt account-holders to the U.S. and the IRS. And should this provision be deemed illegal by a given foreign nation's domestic laws (think Switzerland), well the foreign financial institution is required to close the account. It's the law. If you thought you could move your capital to the non-sequestration safety of non-U.S. financial institutions, sorry you lose – the law now says so. Capital Controls are now here and are now fully enforced by the law.

After reading through the “Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment Act,” which is actually H.R. 2847, not H.R. 2487 as indicated above, the assessment by zerohedge.com appears to be accurate. Sure there are those who will say that this bill is about “cutting down on tax evasion” not “capital controls,” but I think that’s naïve. Even so, I encourage you to read the entire piece by zerohedge.com (link here) and all 48 pages of the HIRE Act (link here) so you can decide for yourself.

One wonders, when will a flashpoint of significance send the message that enough is enough?
 By bluejay

03/30/2010  9:40AM

The following is from the opening scene of an X-Files show and spoken by an actor portraying a Navajo Indian.

"There is an ancient Indian saying that something lives only as long as the last person who remembers it.

My people have come to trust memory over history.

Memory like fire is radiant and immutable while history serves only those who seek to control it.

Those who would dose the flame of memory in order to put out the dangerous fire of truth, beware of these men for they are dangerous themselves and unwise.

Their false history is written in the blood of those that might remember it and of those who seek the truth."
 By Rick

03/28/2010  6:32PM

Everyone, read Bluejay's words below.

My immediate comment is exactly what I wrote yesterday under the topic 'Which Came First....' (read that, it's crucial.)

While voting is still legal, our duty and recourse and mandate is to kick these effers out.

Anyone who uses their political power to appoint effers to do their dirty work needs to go. The 'president' uses Czars, appointments void of validation with a vote. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE????

They will only leave when we vote them out, or their Unconstitutional mandates are heard in front of the US Supreme Court. Which, is only going to happen if someone with BALLS and/or a WOMB take it there.

There will be court-fights, lawsuits, revenge appeals, all dependent upon whom they've managed to place into power on the bench. We've seen this first hand in the 3rd Circus Court, and in the 9th Circus Court, and we are on the precipice of tyrrany if the balance of decision, if mandated-policy-purchased-power-appointed-justices trump true Constitutional content in lieu of their contracted decisions.

Supreme Court balance is crucial. We already have a history of politically-motivated "justices" finding words and meaning in OUR CONSTITUTION that they have decided should be there, but ARE NOT, and their political decisions establish rule from the bench.

Any and all of us reading this: we are speaking to ourselves on this tiny tiny tiny forum, as good as it is, but there is a far larger mind that needs to hear from us. We are sharing like-minded ideas with each other while we need to expand our message, outside of the box.

Copy and paste this into any and all blogs you can.

VOTE!!! Speak, write, share, tell, always the truth.
 By bluejay

03/28/2010  2:19PM

Sevicing debt in these times is a real killer.

Not only does paying the debt charge shrink consumer demand for goods and services which is counterproductive to economic growth, now it appears that Ford is experiencing problems handling their debt obligations. The sad truth is that China is flipping our IOU's for hard goods as is exemplified by the follow news headline:

Chinese Car Maker Buys Volvo From Ford For $1.8 Billion

The trend is well established for the great American wealth shakedown along with expected future reduced living standards. The reversal trend started with the encouragement from Alan Greenspan to start using our profits in real estate as our own personal ATM machine. Were Americans taking money from their apparent profits or were they just piling on the debt? Well, I think we all know the ugly truth.

What happened in the housing market was no different that what happened in the silver market in the late 1970's. As silver advanced there was more available cash in the accounts of Comex silver investors to either take out lowering their cushion of margin safety or leveraging up with more debt obligations. In many cases they took money out or just, leveraged up. The collapse in prices soon followed with devastating losses to the longs.

Although the Hunts were responsible for the majority increase in silver prices, it was the public and other international interests that took it up to its final high at $50 an ounce from about $35 with their buying rout. The Hunts began their silver buying program well below $5 an ounce. It was never the intentions of them to corner the silver market, the market just could not absorb the money that they wanted to commit to it. The justification for the Hunt's buying program was that they wanted to exchange their dollars for the real McCoy and thought silver undervalued. They were worried the fiat money system was about ready to come apart at its seams.

Fortunes were lost overnight in the silver market due to excessive speculation that was fostered by debt and greed, same as those that busted the housing market. Looking back at home prices, we depended upon on our leaders and got bad advice. Alan Greenspan is the person you blame for your financial ills if you have them. Not only did he encourage us to pile on the debt, he increased the money supply that helped foster the run-away top that imploded the bubble. Excess money created by the Fed, will sooner or later, create all types of bubbles. The grand-daddy of all bubbles is just waiting to happen, hyperinflation.

Now we have another destroyer of our wealth at the helm of the Fed, Ben Bernanke. Bernanke convinced the uneducated House of Representatives, with the aid from Mr. Conflict of Interest, Hank Paulson, to hand over billions of dollars to the irresponsible bank speculators in preventing a Depression. What a farce! According to Martin Armstrong, IT IS THE DEFAULT OF DEBT THAT CAUSES DEPRESSIONS.

The Depression that is coming to California, or is here already, will take down the State and dismandle many agencies in their desperate attempt to save themselves. Hopefully, the Central Water District will be one of those agencies eliminated.

The financial condition of California is more dire than is being reported. The Muni-bond market is in shambles. If you own Municipal bonds just try and sell them. You will end up selling the bonds for a shocking price compared to what your broker is telling you they are worth on your monthly statements. In some cases, there just aren't any bids, no buyers.

The State has been ruined by professional politicians. When State revenues didn't justify their salaries, they just went out and borrowed the funds against our future. As the government expanded more and more by the creation of all these extra agencies and support staff, so to, were they setting us up to be ripped off once their revenues dried up, which they have. The bottome line is: These guys are just not that smart and now we have to pay the cost of their inflated egos.

The debt factor is the key, whether it be housing prices, past silver prices or the activities of irresponsible politicians. A question that comes to mind is, why do the major cities of California have Ethics Commissions to oversee the behavior of their employees while not one can be located for the hired hands of the State?

Yes, debt is the real wealth killer along with being the breeding ground of Depressions. Heaven help us all when State officials come knocking with their new expected laws of embezzlement to cover-up their own egegious financial acts.

The one thing feared by them the most is our right to fire them with our vote. No matter what comes out of their pie-holes, give them all their pink slips when it is our turn.
 By bluejay

03/17/2010  10:59PM

Just finished reading Greg Hunter's report from usawatchdog.com concerning the Social Security System that was available tonight on http://www.jsmineset.com.

I must have been watching gold and the charts for too long, as I choked on what I read.

Now, I completely understand what Marc Faber meant when he recently stated, "we are all doomed."

One thing I figured out is that when I first started contributing to Social Security in 1962 while working for E.F. Hutton in my first year of college gold was $50 an ounce.

Today, Gold is over $1,100 and and the purchasing power of my then submitted payments over the years has shrunk to about 25% of what they can buy today which is reflected by my $1,100 plus monthly check.

This report or another report on Greg's website mentioned that the government took $2.5 trillion from the surplus account of the Social Security to hide federal deficits and never paid it back .

So, 75% of some people's original funds submitted have been compromised. The obvious winners on the other side have been the government and the Fed. When buying power disappears these two entities are the benefactors.

This is what a fiat system is all about, to prey on the people.

Here's a little easy dose of inflation that's easy to understand: A pre-1965 silver 10 cent dime with its 90% silver content is worth about $1.25 today.

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