February 28, 2021 



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 By bluejay

02/17/2010  7:39PM

The following was submitted to the Casey Dispatch and printed today in that daily report.

According to this report from the BLS, state and local government employers spent an average of $39.83 per hour worked ($26.24 for wages and $13.60 for benefits) for total employee compensation in September 2009. Total employer compensation costs for private-industry workers averaged $27.49 per hour ($19.45 for wages and $8.05 for benefits).

Translation: government employees make about 45% more on average than private-sector employees.

No wonder the States are in trouble, the hired help is making more money than the citizens that are still lucky enough to still have a job.
 By Dave I.

02/17/2010  6:54PM

I ment to say in my last statement The argument to stop the state from enforcing the stop dredging law.
 By Dave I.

02/17/2010  6:51PM

The 1872 mining law, for which you have been gifted a right to mine. This is the argument that is being considered in federal court to cause the law the State of California passed to stop dredging. A gifted right is protected by the 9th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.
This same right should protect the 16 to One from interference from the state water board law suit. P.L.P. is representing this argument, based on a court action of another federal court in another state. The argument is written up in the "California Mining Journal". I recommend you get in touch with the P.L.P. about your case against this law suit.
You might want to get a venue change to a federal court as the action of the complaint is for federal land. Which is not a state jurisdiction.
 By bluejay

02/17/2010  10:51AM

Squeeze The People

My grandfather was a member of the L.A. County Planning Commission from the mid-30's until his demise in 1958. During his tenure he refused to take a salary and, of course, never took a pension. His conviction was that it was one's civic responsibility to contribe to society, not to profit by it.

Today, so-called civil servants have positioned themselves through the halls of power in government to bleed their constituents. This is becoming self evident as government revenues supporting these high paying positions and pensions continues to shrink with expanding economic decay.

Position salaries for the CEO's of the top three banks in China make $250,000 or so in yearly compensation. A big financial shake-up is coming our way as we have been living beyound our means for far too long. In the linked news newspaper report below check out the ballooned pensions that some of the southern California school districts have handed out.

The excessive forms of public employeee benefits is surely due to be reigned in with some realistice haircuts soon to be mandated as the bankrupt State of California along with many of its municipalities are running out of options to stop the bleeding.

The Water Board gestapo with their salaries in the excess of $100,000 is one obvious place to start yielding the axe.
 By bluejay

02/14/2010  10:05PM

CNNmoney.com reports that beginning July 1th, the start of the State's fiscal years, 900,000 of their employees will be released. I guess if you work for the Water Board and can write tickets to save your job. Those positions may be a bit more secure from the regular State folks who can't write revenue producing demands for water infractions based upon fantasy. If Californians were aware of the extended injustices this body has directed towards the Sixteen to One heads would roll.

On a recent returning mid-week trip from Reno on I-80 there were more CHP flashing lights for infraction stops than ever seen before. The "squeeze the people" State agenda apparently is now in full speed ahead.

Just like Hillary Clinton recently stated, "We're going to tax anything that moves" clearly exemplifies the government employee's attitude towards their constituents to cover their expanded financial requirements for all the mistakes and those of the big banks.

The general criticism of government keeps expanding on a daily basis. Gold is a free person's hedge against fumbling leaders. As the growing massive problems behind the curtain find the light of day it will become apparent to everyone that our elected officials and their appointees were clearly out of their league as is witnessed by all their cover-up arrogance and evident monopolistic corner on ignorance.

The growing job losses of the States are living proof of government's incompetence and all the State governments, no one is more shameful than California. This trend should continue well into 2016 with higher and higher long term gold prices as educated people protect themselves and their families.
 By bluejay

02/12/2010  5:35PM

What do Hammurabi, Plato, Charlemagne, Dante and Queens Mary and Elizabeth have in common? They all condemned, outlawed or regulated the charging of interest on loans. In fact, until the early 1900s interest rates in the United States were kept at or near 10%. And until 1979, loan laws provided some interest rate cap in every state. Then everything changed. Governments and banks put profits before people. And now the lending industry is spiraling out of control. (From Wikipedia)

An excerpt from the 79.9% interest rate story from Yahoo.com today:

A national bank charging 79.9 percent interest on a credit card is legal -- as long as the issuer fully discloses the terms as required by the federal Truth in Lending Act. Still, the high rate has been met with shock across the country because it is so much higher than prevailing APRs and penatly interest rates. The CreditCards.com Weekly Rate report national average for bad credit credit cards was 14.15 percent on Feb. 12.

The money paid to banks for credit card interest expense never finds it way into the general economy. When Paul Volcker collared inflation in the early 80's by increasing interest rates usury charges passed 10% to never return below there again. The bankers are sucking us dry and setting the nation up for another financial panic which the big ones usually benefit from. It's an old game that's been going on throughout our history.

They are turning us all into paupers all over again while our elected representatives care only about themselves. Is there any wonder that a recent survey indicated that the great majority of Americans have no interest in re-elected their representatives?
 By bluejay

02/10/2010  8:56PM

A parallel here with the beginning of the decline of Rome?

From today's Casey's Dispatch:

Obama’s total proposed annual military budget is nearly $1 trillion.

To understand the immensity of one trillion dollars, one would have had to start spending $1 million daily soon after Rome was founded and continue for 2,738 years until today.

This [Obama’s proposed budget] includes Pentagon spending of $880 billion. Add secret "black programs" (about $70 billion); military aid to foreign nations like Egypt, Israel and Pakistan (including bribes); 225,000 military "contractors" (mercenaries and workers); and veteran’s costs. Add $75 billion (nearly 2.5 times France’s total defense budget) for 16 poorly functioning intelligence agencies with 200,000 employees who keep tripping over one another.

The Afghanistan and Iraq wars ($1 trillion so far) will cost $200–$250 billion more this year, including hidden and indirect expenses.

Obama’s Afghan "surge" of 30,000 new troops will cost an additional $33 billion – more than Germany’s total defense budget.

The Pentagon colossus now accounts for half of total world military spending.

China and Russia combined spend only a paltry 10% of the U.S. on defense.

There are 750 U.S. military bases in 50 nations and 255,000 service members stationed abroad, 116,000 in Europe, nearly 100,000 in Japan and South Korea.
 By bluejay

01/16/2010  8:55AM

"There is an ancient Indian saying that something lives only as long as the last person who remembers it.

My people have come to trust memory over history.

Memory like fire is radiant and immutable while history serves only those who seek to control it.

Those who would dose the flame of memory in order to put out the dangerous fire of truth, beware of these men for they are dangerous themselves and unwise.

Their false history is written in the blood of those that might remember it and of those who seek the truth."

 By bluejay

01/15/2010  5:48PM


I thought of you when I saw this quote at jsmineset.com.

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

–Joseph Goebbels
 By bluejay

01/05/2010  2:20PM

A General Pension Crisis Approaches

 By bluejay

12/31/2009  11:53AM

From the Casey Dispatch:

8 Things You Didn't Know About Silver (That Could Help Make You Rich)

1) Every year for the last 60, more silver has been consumed than produced

2) Approximately five times more gold exists in above-ground supplies than silver

3) There are fewer years' worth of silver in known underground deposits than gold

4) Silver is the best conductor of electricity -- all cell phones, computers, TVs, refrigerators, etc. have it

5) Tomorrow's high-performance, next-generation batteries increasingly rely on silver alloys

6) In many places, silver is now governmentally mandated to replace lead in all types of applications

7) Its antibacterial properties make silver essential for pharmaceuticals and medical equipment

8) Around 700 tons of silver are in use at any given moment for the production of plastics
 By Nose 4 Gold

12/23/2009  9:30AM

Concerning Emgold, do you also believe in the tooth fairy??
 By bluejay

12/23/2009  7:32AM

Emgold's primary focus in 2010 will remain on continuing the permitting process for its main asset, the Idaho-Maryland project in Grass Valley, Calif. The Idaho-Maryland mine was the second largest underground gold mine in California, producing 2.4 million ounces of gold at an average grade of 0.43 ounce per ton. It is adjacent to and contiguous with the historical Empire mine, Newmont Mining Corporation's first operating gold mine and historically California's largest gold mine, which produced 5.8 million ounces of gold. The Idaho-Maryland project has a National Instrument 43-101-compliant measured and indicated resource of 472,000 ounces of gold and an inferred resource of 1,002,000 ounces of gold. In October, 2007, the preparation of the environmental impact report (EIR) for the Idaho-Maryland project commenced. The draft EIR was published in October, 2008. The company expects to revise the draft EIR, complete the final EIR and obtain the conditional mine use permit for the project in 2010.
 By bluejay

12/03/2009  8:46PM

Published: Friday December 4, 2009 MYT 9:00:00 AM
US court blocks huge gold mining project in Nevada

RENO, Nevada: A federal appeals court has temporarily blocked construction of a massive gold mine project in northeast Nevada that critics say would harm the environment and ruin a mountain several tribes consider sacred.

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals reversed part of an earlier decision denying a preliminary injunction sought by conservationists and tribal leaders.

The groups had sought the injunction to force Barrick Gold Corp. to postpone digging a 2,000-foot (610-meter)-deep open pit at the Cortez Hills mine 250 miles (400 kilometers) east of Reno.

The 17-page ruling issued Thursday in San Francisco said the U.S. Bureau of Land Management failed to adequately analyze the potential for the mine on Mount Tenabo to pollute the air with mercury emissions and dry up scarce water resources. - AP

Latest business news from AP-Wire
 By cw3343

11/17/2009  4:21PM

I also heard a story sort of like this a while back. It was along the lines of people finding gold during the time Oroville Dam was built. I could be wrong, but I think they were finding it in the lake bed, and also in teh piles of removed dirt. Fascinating stuff.

Also makes one wonder if they could do any good with a metal detector, now that the lake level is very low...
 By hbsco

11/16/2009  4:30AM

interesting but true story:

My grandfather, a civil engineer, was one of the contractors that won the Oroville dam contract (at the time, the largest earthen dam in the world). He was also involved in the bidding of contracts and won many interesting contracts worldwide. There are a number of interesting facts connected to the building of the dam, but the one I'll mention now was one he experienced first hand as one of the top engineers on the site. There was a guy who had been hired to haul dirt from the quarry site to the dam site. Not an exciting job by any means. The company was impressed with his work and several times wanted to promote him to a foreman type position but instead he kept turning it down. Finally the company got smart and found out why he kept turning down opportunity. As part of his normal job he was required to ensure he got a full load of dirt with each haul, so after dumping a load of dirt it was common to wash down the part of the truck carrying the dirt. Well my grandfather found out that in the hosing down of the dirt, that often gold nuggets, etc were found in the bottom of the truck.

I never heard what happened after that, but I do know my grandfather was well liked by everyone.
 By martin newkom

11/15/2009  2:53PM

I read where the gov't of India
has bought 200 metric tons of
gold boullion from the Intn'l
Monetary Fund.
Also, There is a well known
Sacramento contractor namely
A. Tiechert who now is meeting
payroll for the entire firm
because of the high gold value
and from the gold they are
mining from their rock quarry
east of Sacramento and south of
US 50.
 By bluejay

11/14/2009  10:27AM

An interesting fact that is surprising:

Although Idaho produces little gold, the United States Bureau of Mines says that Idaho has more mineable gold than any other state. In recent years, as the price of gold has risen, many old mines have been reopened and the value of gold produced in Idaho has grown steadily.
 By bluejay

11/02/2009  9:23PM

Sorry, the below article was not yet finished.

Repeating and correcting:


In case you aren't familiar with "flow through share financing" the following pretty much sums it up according to the Toronto Stock Exchange. Can you imagine this, California offering tax incentives to kick start this industry and keeping it alive and running well?

Ontario Focused Flow-Through Share Tax Credit
Download PDF Information Bulletin 6315, November 2006

This publication is provided as a guide only. It is not intended as a substitute for the Income Tax Act (Ontario) and Regulations.

The Ontario Focused Flow-Through Share (OFFTS) Tax Credit is intended to stimulate mineral exploration in Ontario and to improve access to capital for small mining exploration companies.

Definition of flow through shares
Flow-through shares are an expense for shares transaction governed by an agreement between the issuing company and the investor, as defined in subsection 66(15) of the federal Income Tax Act (ITA).

The OFFTS tax credit
The Ontario Focused Flow-Through Share Tax Credit:

provides eligible individual shareholders with a refundable tax credit of five per cent of eligible Ontario expenses
harmonizes with the federal government's existing 100 per cent bonus deduction, and its 15 per cent investment tax credit created in October, 2000
applies rules and structure similar to the federal flow-through share (FTS) Canadian Exploration Expenses (CEE) program (some changes to federal definitions have been made).
Individuals who qualify for the federal tax credit, and who purchased shares from a mining exploration company after October 17, 2000, will be able to claim the Ontario tax credit.

Corporations, and corporate partners, cannot claim the OFFTS tax credit.
 By bluejay

11/02/2009  9:11PM

I've been reading in the past few months that there are quite a few exploration company financings taking place concerning Canadian companies. Most of these financings have been done through private placements, mainly, with the minority being public placements involving brokerage companies acting as the underwriters.

Without any discussion concerning why private versus public placements, both are encouraged by the local provincial governments to stimulate their economies in keeping them financially healthy. Prospective investors get a tax credit for investing in exploration companies assuming they file their annual earning with that local Province. i.e. Quebec and Ontario etc.

The following is a recent news release from a company that collected over $C5 million for their exploration and start-up expenses concering the extraction of gold.


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