November 14, 2018 



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 By ztuz

11/14/2008  3:18PM

For the second year My job as a helper was more intense than just Tramming and Mucking. My duties now included drilling and blasting. Since I was skinny my tasks also include exploring old tunnels that we would blast into. Most were full of water. It was eerie walking in a tunnel that no one had been in for a hundred years. There would be candles and empty bottles floating in the water. It was quite exciting.
During the second year I was given the job as a helper to a diamond core driller (Frank Henerson) tending chuck. One vein that stood out was later assayed out to 800 ounces to the ton. I don’t know why but we never pursued it.I was 17 so I was not consulted on that one.
 By ztuz

11/14/2008  3:00PM

Originally I was going to be at the Brown Bear for two weeks with my Father.
When we were packing to go home I said that I would like to stay at the mine for the summer.
We asked the President of the company. If I could stay and he said I was a good worker and that it would not be a problem.
For the first year I was given the job of trammer.My daily job consited of shoveling a ton of ore into the ore cars and then pushing out to the dump. I averaged twenty tons a day. I worked for a year at that job. After a year of observing and helping Paul Contini the Forman I was promoted to Helper. By that time the company had bought a train engine and they hired my Brother to drive it.
It was kind of strange living in Deadwood. Most weekends the other guys that lived there with me would leave and I would be alone. It gave me a lot of time to explore the area. It was really spooky being there alone .
 By oakrockranch

11/14/2008  11:21AM

Mike - Here's an interesting web site for a "man-made" gold in quartz material. This was news to me to discover some folks in Arizona are infusing 18KT gold (and other metals) into natural quartz fissures utilizing a hydro thermal heat pressure process. The result isn't the quality of 16-to-1's natural beauty, but considering the lack of slabs available, this is probably selling alright to jewelers. Interesting stuff and worth looking into for reference. Paste the link below into your browser.
 By Beirut Papa

11/13/2008  11:04AM

Hello Gentlemen,

I have the chance coming this december to share some information to the TAPS team of the television show Ghost Hunters about paranormal events and locations here in california. I would like to share some of my personal experiences with them about some strange things that happend at the office (gym) during my time in Alleghany. Also, I would like to gather some information and personal stories from those that wish to share them so that I may share with the TAPS team and hopefully be able to trigger an intrest with them about the 16 to 1.

Ofcourse the reason why I writing about this to you guys is because I mainly would like to have the permission to do so. I dont wish to aggravate mike miller or any of the other employees any further then I have from when I was a child by doing this. If anything I think it would make great plublicity if by chance the team can investigate the mine or the office or maybe other property owned by the mine. It's plainly obvious that I cant lock this on myself but since I am meeting with them in december I could hook them up with contact information, documents and maybe establish an intrest with them about the 16 to 1.
 By bluejay

11/11/2008  10:35AM

I suggest the company contact their representative in the House of Representatives after reading Ted Butler's "The Real Story" by lodging the appropriate complaints.

The article describes with evidence how the silver and gold prices were manipulated lower following the Bear Stearns collapse by JP Morgan Chase, the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission and the U.S. Treasury.

All the paper losses that holders of gold and silver along with their related company holdings have suffered is directly related to the billions that J P Morgan Chase, now a bank, has pocketed for themselves as a result of their collusion with the above named government agencies.

Not only does Mr. Butler mention reduced wealth for investors but also draws direct attention to the hardships inflicted on operating companies receiving a reduced price for their product and thus forcing miners out of work.

Mr. Jim Sinclair at is organizing a chamber of mines to combat price manipulation in the shares of precious metals related companies. This is one worthy cause to be proactive in.

Everyone should e-mail their representatives in government and express their outrage based upon this article.
 By greenhorn

11/10/2008  1:34PM

Perhaps surprisingly, companies that bottle spring water often actually get it from springs, and can pay a high price for it at the source. You might be able to find a buyer if the spring water is of high quality, accessible, reliable in supply etc.
 By Michael Miller

11/09/2008  4:27PM

We have pulled from inventory two great items for eBAy: a carving and a natural quartz/gold/crystal beauty (2 1/2 inches by 1 1/2 inches).

Now, let's put our talents together and expose our investment plan to people with investment capital and a hankering for some fun and adventure, not to forget other aspects of financial gain and helping to keep gold mining in America. In California gold is the founding culture. The hard rock miner is almost extinct.

That person or persons are out there. They just do not know we exist in Alleghany.
 By Rick

11/08/2008  4:48PM

And...Oakrockranch, excellent presentation on eBay! I missed you entry offering the photography as well. We are working together here!
 By Rick

11/07/2008  7:51PM


I watch items all the time on eBay to track their placement in the global market.

Anyone can and should visit and in the search section pull up "gold specimen" or "gold quartz" (without the quotes) to watch the action. Plenty to see. Actually, lots of Orig 16-to-1 specimens commanding top dollar pop up all the time, perhaps kid-rocks or previous purchases.

(About those valuation changes with market trends, I'll bet the shop wishes they were still in inventory...another story...and here we're seeing them exposed to an international marketplace.)

Everyone should go look. Bluejay's correct. Suggesting the exposure is larger than imagined is true. The world looks.

Back to home. Mike, I don't mean to put any pressure on this particular angle. So...test the market with some small, tiny offerings. You could test the market and exposure potential with the tiny little pieces recently recovered from the mill-flat pile.

One thing is essential: presentation in photograhy of any offering. (I'll go on record as having a skill at this....ahem (it ain't bragging when it's true)... and gratis offer my time and photo experience if we go this direction.

There is currently an offering on eBay of some crystalline gold from the Diltz mine in Mariposa Co. (total weight about 2-3 pennyweight) and the last bid was $150...and the reason I bring this up is the photography is exceptional, micro-mount. It is a classic example of proper presentation.

So, if the mine does decide to offer / test the market on an auction level presentation, I'm mentioning that presentation needs to be on a level equal to the best of the best. (Check Bohnams auction house to see the most incredible presentation.)

Well, we're moving forward here.'s important to know, that as a long-time deep-root supporter of the mine, these suggestions aren't meant as any kind of pressure go the eBay route. This entry is only meant get some feedback and further the idea.

After all...the 1621 gold-in-quartz should be seen on line, world-wide, in a risk-free environment.

Chime in, you guys.

When an obviously
 By bluejay

11/06/2008  10:00PM

If the items put up on e-Bay for sale ship internationally we could reach millions of potential buyers.

The follwing is an excerpt from a story today at concerning the increasing business of internet sales in China alone:

The center noted that China now has 253 million Internet users. Another survey by international credit card company Master Card predicted that the number of Internet users in China will increase to 480 million in 2010. By then, the volume of online transactions in China is expected to overtake Japan and South Korea to be the highest in Asia, the report said.
 By oakrockranch

11/05/2008  7:33PM

Your welcome Bluejay. And I thank you too for all your posts and insights into the volatile gold trends as we all work our way through this messy economic maze. To your point, one must keep "enthusiastic" as we navigate these challenging times. My feeling has always been, no matter how great an asset we may possess, all will be lost if we lose our passion to expose it's wealth or the drive toward a success that awaits us. I know Mike Miller believes in this philosophy, along with any seasoned miner/prospector would, and thus the more we can all band together with a united focus and determination, the better we will be tomorrow.
 By bluejay

11/05/2008  6:41PM

First, I want to thank you oakrockranch for your excellent thoughts along with all your enthusiastic entries.

I noticed that the Tucson show takes place from January 24th to February in 2009. On a webpage I think it would be significant to mention that the 16-1 is the richest gold specimen mine in the world.

I think it is important to mention all the famous names in finance and mining that have had an interest in the past operations of the mine. This will shout credibility.
 By oakrockranch

11/05/2008  3:14PM

I just had another thought... Have you ever participated in the annual TUCSON GEM & MINERAL SHOW? It's held in February and draws world-wide attention along with top buyers and industry enthusiasts. I've done shows in Quartzsite, but never had the quality or quantity of goods to do Tucson. I'm not sure of the cost to have a space, but it would be a great place to exhibit the 16/1 specimens and story. Buyers tend to be very savvy with loads of cash and are ready to buy amazing specimens, mineral art and jewelry. Something more to chew on.
 By oakrockranch

11/05/2008  2:27PM

I'm all for trying anything to see what gets traction. A "golden" beer or a "gold" liqueur (oops, thats already been done) might be profitable. But as clean and clear as the water may be, there is an issue of "perception vs. reality" I think. I'm no where near your level of expertise on mining, but I do read a lot of articles and studies slamming the California mining industry from an ecological perspective. From hazardous waste clean-up efforts at many old mining operations throughout the Sierras to the general feeling amongst young environmentalist and their lobby groups, it could be a hard hill to climb. As much as I like the idea of bottling pure water, there's probably better ways to spend out limited resources and man-hours. One entrepreneur I remember reading about was going to tow by tugboat, large icebergs from the Gulf of Alaska. Sure, they would be smaller when they arrived for melting and bottling in Seattle, but they figured there would still be enough frozen water to make it worth the effort. Their slogan was something along the lines of the worlds purest and oldest water. I'm not sure what happened to that endeavor.

Please contact me when you're ready to try a couple specimens, ingots or carvings on eBay. You could memo me the samples so I could do some dramatic photography and I'll write the marketing copy for your approval. I would defer to you for any historical information, specifications and pricing parameters. If you would like to see my presence on eBay as a "power seller", go to:

You will see I currently have my home page set up as a pottery dealer (another hobby of mine), but if I were to run auctions in the gold sector, I would revisit how this would look to the on-line buying community. Perhaps with some of your historical mining photos and folklore about the 16/1. I would want to create a bit of a buzz to get these going. Pieces from the collection are more than your standard fair of precious metal minerals and art forms - they are truly one-of-a-kind.
 By Michael Miller

11/05/2008  1:48PM

Thanks for the constructive response. We will get a couple of items for you to offer on eBay by next week.

The Company’s water, owned since 1919, is some of the purest in California. It percolates through the underground tertiary dead river channels. When it hits bedrock, a natural spring occurs. In 1978 the Sixteen to One agreed to provide drinking water to the community of Alleghany. The water is regularly tested.

If I were to set out a water-marketing plan, it would extol the benefits of this water and relate it as “Water of Substance”. I believe that its composition has health benefits. Who knows for sure but people make claims that silver and gold tend to purify water. As far as any toxic potential, there is none. Coors markets Rocky Mountain spring water and Olympia’s slogan was, “it’s the water”. Hamms is the “land of sky blue water”. The Sixteen to One is all about gold, so there probably are some good gold or golden slogans. Maybe we should just make beer.

Now that the election is over the media should be looking for some different themes and stories to entertain the public. The Sixteen to One mine and all the tangential subjects have entertained me for over thirty years. I think the USA is ready for some gold talk and show. I’ll write Jay Leno. Maybe you can contact other entertainment or media folks.
 By oakrockranch

11/05/2008  11:47AM

I'm not sure how well bottled drinking water will do for the 16/1. As a brand developer and marketer of similar products, I see a huge and possibly insurmountable obstacle. That being the concern of where the water is coming from. Unfortunately, mining and clean water are at opposite ends of the spectrum. Granted, most of us know mining has received this stain by poorly run operations and their association with cyanide, acids, heavy metals etc. As clean as the 16/1 may be, this notion of drinking water coming from any mining district I believe is a virtual dead end. Not to mention the cost of advertising, bottling and distribution in an already saturated market controlled by the likes of Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Recreation and tourism seem to be a hopeful direction. But they will all require cash and time to get rolling.

I feel your tough situation of sitting on a gold mine without the funds to reach the buried assets and prove to the world how amazing the 16/1 is. I think we all agree that the 16/1 is only half exploited. The opportunity is HUGE for the right set of investors. It will be tough to do any robust "outreach" programs when you're broke though. I still think (and read here as well) that we need to move on some of the collection items via eBay. I'd be happy to run some actual tests at no cost to you. I have a perfect transaction history with eBay with over 600 completed auctions. If I were supplied the basic specifications (size, weights, gold content, artist info where needed) I could put together a compelling auction page. Funds would be made payable and mailed directly to the 16/1 and you would then drop-ship the item insured to a world market. Let's try it Mike. Even a small trickle of money coming in would set a positive tone to the current position.
 By Hans Kummerow

11/04/2008  11:48PM

Here is what I could do to generate some income for Origsix in 2009 without any expense to Origsix at all:

I could write a book in German language on the history of the OrigSix-Mine and publish this book over here in Germany at my own expense.

All I would need from OrigSix is written consent from the management to use the material on this website for the book.

I am offering a royalty fee per book that is sold over here in Germany in the amount of US$ 1,00 per book, payable to OrigSix within 30 days after the sale.

Due to structural differences in the book-retail-markets in the US and Germany respectively, a book on OrigSix would be much easier to market over here in Germany than in the US, because I have no sales-outlets in the US.

But if you would like me to do the book as a bilingual version (left pages in English, right pages in German) I could do that too. Such a book could probably be sold at the mine- offices or via the website to English readers as well.
 By greenhorn

11/04/2008  2:39PM

Consider putting a couple of the less interesting sculptures on ebay with a reserve price equal to the value for which they would sell if cut up for jewelry. If the sculptures don't beat the reserve, sell them for jewelry instead.
 By Michael Miller

11/04/2008  1:01PM

Maybe this topic will be the one that changes our destiny. The following is my response to the ideas of the preceding submitters.

Over sixteen months ago as we were preparing a comprehensive program for investor review, the following items were listed as corporate opportunities, circulated to inquiring parties and posted on our web site:

Natural resource exploitation
Participation in new outlook towards forest management
Media and entertainment venue and products
Natural and organic cosmetics for men and women
Hydropower and bottled drinking water
Baby boomer interest in related areas
Recreation and tourism

All are worthy of further development when we have the money. Our cash flow shortfall is understandable, but it requires an effort to get the picture correctly. Whoever takes a financial interest in this company and its well thought out plans will reap significant financial gain.

During our great profitable 1990’s, we decided to invest in sinking a winze in the southern part of the mine. For decades (1930’, 1940’s 1950’) management wondered whether gold continued below a well-defined fault in this southern area. Gold was concentrated and deposited there. We proved it by sinking a winze below the fault and drifting a new 2600 foot-level.

Unfortunately, a series of events beyond our control forced us to discontinue mining this level so we placed further development on hold. Those events included: doubling electrical costs in California, tripling costs for workers compensation in California, which made this area too expensive to work.

The lengthy bear market in gold bullion pricing, the insane investor fascination with the dot-com markets and the growing state and federal policies against the natural resource industries contributed to our cash flow problem. We mined in less costly areas for the next ten years, but we were slipping behind new development in the need to produce gold.

This is a great topic for discussion. People with investment capital who are sitting on the sidelines for whatever reasons must learn of the opportunities that exist by joining Original Sixteen to One Mine. Our company is not one-dimensional. Not only has it purchased three very important gold properties during the bear market with its scarce resources, it has developed a very successful jewelry department. Its hydropower installation is marching forward with conceptual approval from PG&E and FERC.

A RV park, gold events, recreation and tourism are worthy ideas, real and practical to establish diversification and cash flow; however, our company is the home of two millions of ounces of recorded production. Professionals consider that another two million (likely significantly more) ounces await the miners’ drill. Management knows what it owns and has combined the elements into an idea to attract and reward those who join us now as we put our plans to the test.

So, here is another twist worthy of your input. How do we find those with the financial wherewithal and spirit to join us? Remember we are broke, (no big ideas to place ads in the Wall Street Journal) asset rich (a priceless gold collection is on the market), confident, capable and dedicated towards accomplishing our goals. Maybe you can help.
 By oakrockranch

11/03/2008  3:26PM

Scoops suggestion of opening up the 1,000 ton ore pile could be a great component of a get-a-way "lodge" too. Have a few rock hammers and metal detectors for rent with a "pay-by-the-pound" fee and we're off and running. I imagine there are some logistical obstacles to this plan though. Most concerning liability insurance on the property and staffing for such a venture. Not to mention, I bet Mike's gonna say we're in the mining sector, not hospitality business. But what the heck, creative ideas are worth considering. Even a more concerted effort toward promoting the 16-to-1 mine tours could be good. The Empire Mine has done great with that, albeit funded by the US Government. What about doing events that coincide with other local cities that already have a following? If Grass valley, Downieville and Nevada City have annual events, we should leverage those periods and get people to come to Alleghany since they're already near. Keep those ideas flowing folks!

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