July 6, 2022 



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 By Rick

04/28/2010  8:42AM

Dave, there is a vast difference between racial-profiling and national-profiling.

I do have mixed feelings about it, to some degree. Apparently there is some question about 'probable cause' being part of the equation. I definitely DO NOT endorse random profiling.

Dave...what then, should we do?

It is rather telling when federal over-regulation rams its authority into business, and then completely ignores its obligation to secure our borders (and boarders.)

The congrats that I wrote to the people of Arizona was not to endorse incarceration and deportation (or anything of the kind seen in Germany)of an ethnic group. It was meant to show the contrast between states rights and federal apathy in security, while federal over-regulation never
goes away.

Also to point out that the lack of border enforcement by the current administration is, by design, an attempt to add voters to its cause which will manifest itself when 'immigration-reform' results in more recipients of social-program dollars, more dependency and the inevitable cycle.

This directly will affect all of us, including the Mine, when, when power in Washington reaches into our pockets and regulates and fines private enterprise out of existence.
 By Dave I.

04/27/2010  10:53PM

I disagree with you Rick, I like other opinions of yours, but I think Arizona has gone to far in this racial profiling policy. It is akin to a police state similar to Nazi Germany during the Second World War, as they used such policy to challenge there Jewish Population.
 By Rick

04/26/2010  6:41PM

Congratulations to the People of Arizona for taking stock of the duty our Federal "government" has seen fit to ignore.

New focus in Washington....Deflect the argument: focus on immigration, out of the blue. RUN TO THE NEWEST CRISIS POTENTIAL!!!

This is what they are doing in Washington to eventuate the enrollment of new voters. Gotta buy new votes, right? Bring in the color / race card.

(Sorry, I don't disagree with anyone's color, the president's included, instead I disagree with the policy statements issued by the 'president' that suggest questions of citizen illegality, the sovereignity of our borders, are somehow 'mis-guided.'


This directly relates to our Mine...because the same forces buying votes from potential voters are the same forces are attempting to derive their funding and sob-story-base via thug hold-em-up theft in the name of...wait, Mav, keep reading....

 By bluejay

04/26/2010  11:57AM

Last on gold is $1154.10 as the $1160 area has attracted paper gold sellers on the Comex, some call it the Crimex. These guys are round- numbered-sellers, so it's better for buying coins when prices are reacting from these number plus zero areas rather than when they are approaching.

The SEC and the CFTC are inept organizations. It's a shame for there are some respectable people in employment there but they will always be subject to their handler's orders just to feed their families.

The government's blank check policy concerning national security is being used against Americans to steal their wealth and so-called freedoms in supporting a faltering fiat currency system. A current example is the CFTC ignoring testimony at recent hearings concerning proof of the manipulation in the gold market presented by Bill Murphy of Gata(available by searching youtube). This government sponsored suppression scheme has cost our company dearly.

Restraining gold as much as is possible keeps some attention off the debt ridden greenback. Watching youtube broadcasts of the recent hearings clearly demonstrates what clowns some of these CFTC representatives really are. Can't imagine the stuffed shirts in Sacramento being much different.

The SEC isn't any better, wanting more power for more regulation thus creating more disfunction in the economy. Regulations have their place in society but over regulation just fouls things up Big Time which the government has proven to be the case over and over again. Martin Armstrong said it all in his last article at http://www.martinarmstrong.org.

It was shocking to learn that senior SEC staffers were watching hours of porn on their computers while our financial system was melting away in 2008. Maybe they watch it all the time, as it took them up to 10 years to prove their simple case against Bernard Madoff.

Most government employees are utter disgraces to the memories, mentioning just a few of them, of the men and women who sacrified their lives defending our freedoms on Iwo Jima, Midway and Bataan.

THe SEC and porn:

 By bluejay

04/24/2010  12:24PM

Peter Schiff spoke intelligently yesterday concerning rules and regulations and the proposed new ones that Congress seems intent on signing into law. The link to yesterday's inverview is at the bottom of the page.

As a side note, the Water Board is destructive to private investment and produces absolutely NOTHING but trouble. How can an economy grow with these fellas orchestrating fines and penalties as they continue to annihilate our hopes of partially returning back to a healthy economy supported by full employment at the mine?

These guys should have a little self-respect for themselves and learn a trade so they can produce something real for the economy other than leaching off of it.

These imbeciles are nothing less than public servant thugs. Their pursuit of the status quo in the State Legislature in mandating these attack vampires along with the private sector source of their income from imposed fines and penalties is casting a dark shadow on this body concerning their responsibilities in keeping the State economy healthy as opposed to vandalizing it and shrinking their very own revenues in the process. It is beyond me how these representatives can care more about their own skins and not the people that they were elected to protect. Rick is right, this out of control environmental obssession is just a grab for more power to satisfy their sociopathic hungers. It will never stop until a new crew comes aboard, considering the State doesn't sink before that time.

No one cares more about environmental safeguards than employees of our company and its loyal shareholders. We absolutely don't need these carpetbaggers rearranging Sierra Country's economy for the worst while gold is at $1157.50 and on the move again.
A higher gold price will help the County's economy tremendously. It would have been better if working in the steams wasn't outlawed by the fools which summons the question: Why is the State meddling so much in the affairs of a tiny County by California standards which may have less than 4,000 people living in it?

The Water Board's grasp to tax businesses to support their mortgages while producing nothing but trouble is plain and simply, tyranny. Vote every loafer out of California government when its your turn.

 By Dave I.

04/23/2010  10:20PM

I also agree with Rick.
 By bluejay

04/23/2010  10:00PM

Mav, by 2016 our number one standing will be given up to China, period. Already an exodus has begun led by graduating PHD's according to Gerald Celente. Even foreigners who migrated here for economic opportunities are returning home. Our years of economic dominance will end in six years according to Mr. Armstrong.

Rick speaks of history, he has it right.

Our dislocated economy would have a chance according to Martin Armstrong if it were not for the SEC and Congress. Even Obama who speaks with such spirit and conviction is off track. The following is a paragraph from Mr. Armstrong's latest commentary, http://www.martinarmstrong.org/files/The-Paradox-of-Solution-4-18-10.pdf

"It is one of the strangest paradox event of all time when the solution to the immediate crisis became restoring the very system that created the previous crisis. Yet there is a serious problem lurking behind regulation changes both circulating in Congress and now those proposed by the SEC. There is simply a complete lack of understanding of how the global economy system even functions. Those who are proposing these regulations are clearly lost and remain clueless even about the evolution of the entire financial system that has in fact brought us to the point of no return. We are about to commit economic suicide and that seems simply unstoppable."

I learn and acquire an improved ability to think and reason thanks to Mr. Armstrong's uncanny ability to teach. If you elect to acquire more financial and monetary knowledge, accessing the provided link would be a great start.
 By Rick

04/23/2010  6:48PM

Maverick has it wrong, again.

The purpose of new government regulation is to constrain the private sector into submission, not a re-building under a new cloak of environmental glory. Bam and his plan to 'change' ultimately sweeps in to take over themselves when regulation can't be fought.

Bully-on-the-playground-crap-with-a-large-dose-of-deception-to-those-without-history thrown in. We have enough laws. When NEW government regulations are implemented by non-elected boards, everyone with a backbone of Constitutional knowledge needs to stand up and take notice (or grow some xxs and actually read it.

We need to invoke our Constitution to protect what it stands for (read into that every implication they meant when they wrote it.) Regulation is a disguise term for control. Willing sheep won't notice, Mav. Anyone who doubts this should wonder why acgtual contibuters to the growth of our economy are scarce, and where and how government presumes to exist without private sector funding.

(For the record...ANY new government-sector job-holder would, by definition, will need to pay 100% income tax to justify the job. Math is intrinsic. Think about it.)

Hint: the private sector's support of the public money to the treasury is systematically being regulated out of existence. This is by design. This is by design because the ONLY place public government money originates comes from a regenerating source.

SO WHY??? So why would I suggest that this new regulation confiscatory model of depleting the private-sector golden-goose cash-cow is is in place? AGAIN, it is by DESIGN, so that when nothing is left standing, only the A-holes with totalitarian authority step in.

And non of us will be able to stop it.

History shows us this over and over and over, and studying history would go a long way to informing you, Mav. The blattant conclusion that I draw is that you are intentionally ignoring it. WHY?

The simple model is seen in many western movies...it's that silly of a script. But when enough people believe that it's good how a corrupt sheriff is in control for THEIR own good, the sheriff's sitting there with all his croney thugs and guns...

It's remotely possible that I have this wrong. But I seriously doubt it. Look at what is happening to our mine here.

And instead of being ignorant and naiive, wake up, unless you also want this to happen.

The crowd who thinks thinks NEW Government regulation is actually good for everyone, has an a diabolic design.

My second, third and fourth paragraphs above make this pretty clear.
 By Maverick

04/23/2010  4:23PM

Since FUBAR Bush practically destroyed our standing as number one nation in the world maybe we should give a new voice at least four years to regain some of our lost glory before we give him the boot.
 By Dave I.

04/23/2010  1:50AM

Bluejay, We are on the same side of this issue. I do not support the over intrusive regulating authority of the E.P.A.. I think Senator Reid has already lost his reelection. He has lost support.
I am looking forward to a republican land slide in November to throw the Democrats out. So keep up the good fight.
When a democrat is a good president is when he has to deal with a Republican controlled Senate, and House. Remember what happened to Clinton after 2 years of a majority.
 By bluejay

04/22/2010  10:19PM

From the 4-22-10 daily Casey Dispatch:

Hard Times for Hardrock Miners – Postponed

By Donald Grove, Casey Research Washington Correspondent

No surprise, but I just wanted to pass on my observations on Jeff Bingaman’s (D-NM) Hardrock Mining and Reclamation Act introduced in the Senate last year. This bill, like the hardrock mining bill passed by the House in 2007, would “reform” the General Mining Act of 1872 with the net effect of constraining hardrock mining in the U.S.

The consensus from mining state congressional offices, where I recently asked about the status of hardrock mining reform, is that the legislation will not proceed in this Congress, in large part because of the difficult reelection battle Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev) is facing. Reid, who hails from a key mining state, will not risk letting hardrock mining reform come to the Senate floor with mid-term elections looming, despite support for mining reform from the Obama administration.

David again. At this point, the best we can hope for is that the Democrats lose their strong majority in the November elections, so that the nation can move back to the political gridlock that is so effective at throwing legislative roadblocks in front of counterproductive new laws. It’s the best one can hope for in a degraded democracy.
 By bluejay

04/21/2010  6:08PM

From the 4-21-10 Daily Casey Dispatch:

Dear Reader,

As you know only too well, I am against the choking tangle of government dictates and regulations that hinder the free flow of entrepreneurial blood in this nation, any nation.

At this crucial moment in American history, a moment that may lead to the end of America's monetary hegemony and much worse than that, the nation's leadership should be cutting back the regulatory tangle, and not piling it on as they are.

Which brings me to an initiative out of the EPA that is enough to bring a sane person to their knees: a government-sponsored contest whereby the citizenry are being encouraged to make short videos in favor of federal regulation.

Please don't read this unless you are sitting...

As explained in the EPA press release announcing the contest, the purpose of the videos will be to remind the public that federal regulation touches "almost every aspect" of their lives and to promote how important those regulations are.

"The contest will highlight the significance of federal regulations and help the public understand the rulemaking process. Federal agencies develop and issue hundreds of rules and regulations every year to implement statutes written by Congress. Almost every aspect of an individual's life is touched by federal regulations, but many do not understand how rules are made or how they can get involved in the process."

... "With a short 60 to 90 second video, citizens should capture public imagination and use creativity, artistic expression and innovation to explain why regulations are important to everyone, and motivate others to participate in the rulemaking process."

The videos must both educate viewers on the government's regulatory process and encourage them to become more involved in it. The videos must remind viewers that regulations are laws written by the executive branch.

"Federal agencies write laws called regulations or rules," the contest's information guidelines states. "When Congress writes a statute and the President signs it, it usually doesn't have enough detail for it to be put into effect. So, federal agencies fill in the details by issuing regulations."

The videos must also remind viewers that regulations are the law and that they actually outnumber laws passed by Congress on the order of 10-1.

"Regulations have the power of law. Breaking them can result in fines and even jail time. Regulations outnumber Congressional statutes. For every statute passed by Congress and signed into law by the President, federal agencies create about 10 regulations, each of which have the force of law."

(Source: CNS News) Full article here.

David again. You can watch a helpful video from the EPA that explains how you, too, can create your video entry.

I could make a number of comments in response to this latest government initiative, but all would be predictable and rude. As I prefer not to be either predictable or rude, I will leave it by saying that whatever emotive response you had to reading that entry, I probably had as well.
 By Rick

04/06/2010  5:16PM

Yes, our main focus is to stay on point here within this forum, how things affect the mine, and all of us connected. I initially started it to point out the similarities of current distractions employed in and by Washington, to today's harassment of the mine by the CRWQCB. Both employ non-truths to empower their political motives.
 By bluejay

04/05/2010  8:38PM

Just finished reading the latest Martin Armstrong report from http://www.martinarmstrong.org.

One significant point hit home hard:

Money is leaving outstanding government debt and headed into the stock market and gold. As you know, there is 10 times more money in bonds than in stocks. Not all bonds represent sovereign debt, there is corporate debt.

The bottom line: higher stock market prices, along with gold prices, silver included, will be fueled with funds exiting government debt. Most shocking from the article was, sovereign debt is expected to collapes by 2016.

Rick really has it right when he basically says, one of the last things they haven't taken away from us, yet, is our vote. This is the one thing that agents of Rothchild and the family worry most about, an organized attempt with our votes to displace their power structure.

The following is some perspective from inside Congress as quoted from an anonymous Congressperson in a letter written to Martin:

"The tyranny of the status quo is pretty strong around here... Individuals' desire for things to be "normal" is quite strong. The most recent actions by Congress in the face of a potential wave of sovereign wealth defaults is a good example of policy makers wanting to see the world as they wish it to be, rather than the way it is...

Seeing the pundits and a few members of Congress who called it right prior to the 2008 meltdown remain marginalized even after having gotten it right - and seeing these who were totally wrong come out of this circumstance with even more power than before - has not been heartening.

It's quite obvious what's been going on for a long time: slowly the public servants have been using the trust of the people to bleed them of their rights and wealth so now those servants of the mansion of State along with their cronies in finance will be the new owners of the wealth and the rights guaranteed to us by our fore founders.
 By wlkirk

04/05/2010  9:54AM

Dave I. is correct. You can’t create pecuniary wealth unless you have something others will pay a premium for. That is, an imbalance is necessary for one to be wealthier than others. Using domination to obtain an item at one price, then marketing it back at another is one way to cause imbalance. Theft is another term for that technique.

All this is rather philosophic compared to our mutual interest in the Original Sixteen to One Mine. But I enjoy the discussion, as long as it is kept under appropriate Forum Topic categories.
 By Dave I.

04/04/2010  9:31PM

Yes we did, we barrowed the money, that we paid back with high tax rates in the early 50's and 60's. After the war. We also had accumulated a tax reserve. The value of gold was increased to $35 from $22 per ounce. The very wealthy were willing to invest in our nation, due to our capability to defend the free world.
 By Rick

04/04/2010  7:56PM


We weren't in debt then.
 By Dave I.

04/03/2010  3:37PM

Public sector jobs, are like a temporary salvation to jump start the economy. It was these type of jobs that salvaged America from the great depression. World War II was mostly public sector jobs. With most men in uniform, and the nations industrial complex building the weapons of defense.
After the war we continued with the building the nations infrastructure. Public works has always been a resource for jobs.
The reason we were able to do this is the private economy of our nation was creating wealth through export sales to foreign lands, and building trade. We were the major world resource for agriculture products. To day economic development is more highly competitive through out the world. Natural resources are becoming more rare with higher demand, so it is the supply and demand that will drive the financial wealth of our nation.
 By Rick

04/03/2010  8:56AM

...continuing from my statement below...

This can't possibly happen, in a free United States.

Unfortunately, it is happening. Freedom, for this president, is his personal road-block.
 By Rick

04/03/2010  8:54AM

Oh, how over-joyed the CNNs and MessNBCs are reporting "promising new job numbers" today.

Milton Freeman's knowledge of supply-side economic growth correctly pointed out that private sector growth concurrently grows revenue to the Treasury, given an optimal tax rate...too large a tax-rate %, and too small a tax-rate % both slow revenue to the Treasury.

Most certain of all: public-sector-government-jobs deplete revenue to the Treasury.

ANY new public-sector-government job-holder would need to pay 100% income tax, JUST FOR THE TREASURY TO BREAK EVEN !

This new Regime 'president' is gloating about creating government jobs, essentially admitting he is sending us deeper and deeper into debt, blocking private-sector growth, jack-boots on our throat.

This can't possibly happen

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