July 6, 2022 



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 By bluejay

07/30/2010  12:29PM

Senator Patricia Wiggins

Thank you for your news broadcast.

I am still awaiting your reaction to my assertion that the Central Water Board is acting inappropriately in attempting to bankrupt one of the companies that our family has an equity interest in.

I consider the Water Board to be running a rogue operation against part of our wealth just to support their salaries which are derived from fines and penalties just to support their very existence at our expense along with other shareholders of the Original Sixteen to One Mine of Alleghany, California.

The Original Sixteen to One Mine is an historical gold mining company which has been attacked before by the State. Once the State accused the company, it's president and mine manager of murder when a miner lost his life while not paying attention to his duties. A judge agreeing with me, dismissed the case that was brought about by one of its agents.

Never before has a mining company in this country been brought up on murder charges when a miner died in a mine. It is quite obvious to me that Pete Wilson, the acting governor at the time, was looking for labor votes at our company's expense.

The Water Board has submitted to the Attorney General a complaint against the company seeking $3,000,000.

I request an investigation into this matter and into the this rogue regulatory arm of the State.

Thank you, again

Stephen Wilson
 By Dave I.

07/30/2010  1:29AM

They need to put the legislature in jail, together where the can devote much more dedicated time to this problem. Do not let them out till they come up with a plan.
 By Rick

07/15/2010  6:32PM

Recently I've written here with what seems like a negative vibe. Bringing truth to everyone's attention isn't negative, but a chore. Now we move forward.

Up! (Or down, depending on the dip of the quartz.)

For everything, there is a time. As frequent writer here, with a heart as wide and deep as every raise and dip and heading in our beloved blessing of a mine, it's time to embrace and encourage, and no longer be on defense with things legal and negative.

Mike embodies this positive, and while he's been at the helm for us all in the never-ending political onslaught of endless CRAP, I know the true spirit he carries....the same as us all, mining this blessing!

 By bluejay

07/11/2010  11:38AM


You are a valuable contributor to these Forum pages. It is quite apparent that you are well educated and know how to process your acquired knowledge.
 By Rick

07/07/2010  6:41PM

The farce embodied by the Global Warming hoax, masquerading as environmental concern, and through yet another non-elected body politic, rendered the safe near-shore drilling and on-shore drilling a mennace to the globe (refer again to the word farce), and along the way subjecting and directing safe exploration and extraction methods to the unobtainable, all in the name of green.

Nope, can't drill close to shore, boys, might leak...

What an insult to our Earth, and any sound thinking for that matter....humans going around pretending that they are more powerful than that which blessed us all with this great wonder.

LJ, Bluejay is spot on.

Recall what has driven the rigs to deep water. (By the way, while you are at it, discover for yourself that many other nations are drilling in the same waters and are wise enough to see the hypocrisy put forth by this administration and its vote-immigration-fake-green-ajenda's actions.)

Just as Frank and Dodd created the housing melt-down through the mandate of un-substantiated loans to those without a means, so does the environmental movement with its fake global-hoax circus try to sway the heart-strings of the gullible willing to believe such crap.

This is a disaster. Where is the Bam administration trying to stem the tide of the problem? I see the intentional stalling, for the obvious political gain. Wake the eff up.

And, this is directly the same tactic used against this gold mine.
 By lj

07/07/2010  3:21PM

Are you really trying to tell me that people were really yelling was "Drill baby drill" (in shallow water)? Next you're going to try to sell me a bridge.
 By bluejay

07/06/2010  5:32PM

Contrary to the charade of TV news or newspaper reporting and the government, supposedly there to help us, one of the biggest cover-ups is now taking place concerning a possible threat to our lives. Toxic flamable organic chemicals are being released into the atmosphere from the British Petroleum's monstrous blowout. I guess we found out what can happen by drilling in mile deep waters for an additional 25,000 to 30,000 feet into the earth.

What we have in government today, as Gerald Celente has said, is a bunch high school wants-to-be's who got a degree in higher education that went on to Hollywood for acting lessons just to maintain their quad standing for continued power and some good money. What they all bypassed was the academy of common sense. Why drill in deep water when massive oil had already been discovered in the North Dakoda, South Dakota and the Montana areas? http://www.nextenergynews.com/news1/next-energy-news2.13s.html

What these fools may have done is to have opened up the gates of hell by allowing deep drilling in our adjacent water bodies. The air quality around the disaster is so dangerous that a captain of one of the support vessels recently shot himself. Dangerous levels of toxic emissions continue to spew into the air with no end in sight. These life threatening contaminants are about 600 times the safe levels for humans. Heaven help the people of the eastern United States if the remnants of a hurricane carries these toxic substances into their neck of the woods.

This adminstration will go down in history as being the worst EVER if there are any people around to read about it in the future. People are leaving the Gulf coastal areas in droves because they are getting sick. Forget about any EPA warnings to the people in these areas as no one in the adminstration or in Congress or in Senate have the balls to tell the truth. They just want to keep the status quo. What a miserable circus of incompetents. One of our short wishes should be to get rid of them all.

If you desire an education of what the air currents will probably be bringing you just search Pastor Linsey Williams, oil spell on the Internet.

The Bloomberg channel this morning is inferring once the relief well is established things could be under control. Nothing could be further from the truth. Why aren't they speaking of casing fractures or air quality or other bleeding areas as far away as 20 miles? Why?

Why aren't they quoting the Russian Minister of Natural Resources who is saying, this could be it.

The next bull market will be in Oregon and Washington real estate. These two states, outside of Hawaii, will be the destination of many families as the truth continues to seep out. The western coast of Canada looks equally appealing.
 By bluejay

07/04/2010  8:54AM

Happy Independence Day.

The following story concerning the Gulf clean-up clearly depicts why big government must be significantly down sized. Too much power has been granted by us to too many politically greedy incompetents.

 By bluejay

07/03/2010  10:11AM

A Steve Wynn commentary from May 29, 2010:

 By bluejay

07/02/2010  1:56PM

Some years back, Mike relayed a story to me concerning the Comex. He said an acquasintance of his had attempted to submit a tender notice for 100 ounces of gold that he held via a contract with the Exchange.

Comex did everything they could to discourage the man from taking physical delivery. To my mind, the Comex continues to this day in running quasi bucket-shop operation.

Wikipedia defines a bucket shop:

Bucket shops specializing in stocks and commodity futures flourished in the United States from the 1870s until the 1920s.[5]. Edwin Lefèvre, who is believed to have been writing on behalf of Jesse Lauriston Livermore, describes the operations of bucket shops in the 1890s in detail[6]. In the United States, the traditional pseudo-brokerage bucket shops came under increasing legal assault in the early 1900s, and were effectively eliminated before the 1920s.[7] However, the term came to apply to other types of scams, some of which are still practiced. They were typically small store front operations that catered to the small investor, where speculators could bet on price fluctuations during market hours. However, no actual shares were bought or sold: all trading was between the bucket shop and its clients. The bucket shop made its profit from commissions, and also profited when share prices went against the client.

The terms of trade were different for each bucket shop, but bucket shops typically catered to customers who traded on thin margins, even as low as 1%. Most bucket shops refused to make margin calls, so that if the stock price fell even momentarily to the limit of the client's margin, the client would lose his entire investment

The highly leveraged use of margins theoretically gave the speculators equally large upside potential. However, if a bucket shop held a large position on a stock, it might sell the stock on the real stock exchange, causing the price on the ticker tape to momentarily move down enough to wipe out its client's margins, and the bucket shop could take 100% of their investments.[8]

The Comex clearly does not have physical gold to back up all sales. It is basically just a betting operation where the bettors recently have been stirred up with multi-dollar gold advances and declines.

Arnold Bock in his recent Kitco.com article, "Where's the Gold," does an excellent job in discussing where it is and most probably, where it isn't.

 By bluejay

07/02/2010  10:21AM

Dow Jones Averages 9645.92 OFF 86.61

The stock market is either going to have a very short term summer rally or completely collapse from near current levels over a matter of a few months or so into the 6,000 to 7,000 area of the Dow Jones Averages.

If we get a short term rally, it would probably end prior to August setting up a decline in investment account values for the following 10 weeks.

The linked chart below shows the Dow Jones Industrial Averages for the last two years along with two moving average lines: the blue one a 1000 day average and a mustard colored one represents 500 days. If the yellowish 500 day average, currently at 9565, fails to hold DOW prices in here then this market could easily experience a sudden and sharp jolt turning into a monthly waterfall event that Martin Armstrong has already forecast based on market activity from the intraday collapse from May 6, 2010.

 By Michael Miller

06/30/2010  12:43PM

The lead heading of Brent Cook’s article makes a bold statement: Geologic success can only come about if a company is exploring in the right place—a terrain that is capable of hosting a major deposit. His next important point is: Gold mines and discoveries are in Short Supply and that major companies are facing a big problem. He offers the reader a solid opinion: economic gold deposits are extremely rare. He closes,“ Now is the Bad News ”: It Ain’t easy.

I like what he wrote yet even with his 25 years as a geologist, consultant and investment adviser, he is not a miner with high level management responsibilities. Therein lies a problem for a thorough analysis of a mining operation or exploration proposal. Therefore therein lies the problem for you, the seeker of participating in the current bull market of gold.

I can add to Brent Cook’s fine knowledge and other writers with similar expertise in the multi-faceted analysis of gold. A key word that Brent used in describing the rarity of gold deposits is ECONOMIC. For financial survival the underlying values of a deposit are reported in various types of “reserves”. Only one is relevant in comparing the risk/reward and return of capital of a proposed operation. It must be provable. This is the life long industry standard for economic reserves. It must pass the economic test. Probable, inferred, resource or hope and gut feelings do not lend themselves to an economic evaluation for investment. They may have secondary value, but if the operations cannot function over time, they are meaningless!

Mr. Cook closes with the following: “If, for example, you are a company exploring for gold, you have to know where you are, and, more importantly, where you are not in these geologic models. If you are an investor in said company, you had better know too. It means all the difference between making a fortune on what the market has presented you—a sweet spot where the major miners need new deposits and can afford to pay top dollar for discoveries—and missing a real opportunity.”

Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc will honor its 100-year or centennial anniversary in 2011. Competent geologists and others familiar with its history in Alleghany, California predict that more gold remains in its properties than the 1.5 million reported ounces mined. A world-class deposit is one million ounces. The company knows where it is and it knows its geologic models.

The majors have shied away from the Sixteen to One because many in management misplaced their mining balls for security. This is a social complete turn around from the Fred Searles or Maxie Anderson and other mining men of the past. Corporate security and bureaucracy have replaced the spirit of miners. Why? Because the financiers deserted the industry or have invested in foolish non-economic exploration schemes. Money talks and gold mining can be a costly adventure. Less talk…more rock.

Thanks, Bluejay for introducing Brent Cook. Now I’ll introduce him to the oldest US gold producer and invite him to Alleghany for a look.
 By bluejay

06/30/2010  12:21PM

The current politicians, in general, are over-paid losers.

The following quote from Martin Armstrong( http://www.martinarmstrong.org ) illustrates this point so well:

"There is no hope that politicians will save us for they only form committees to investigate after the shit-hits-the-fan. They will not risk their career for a future problem that may hit on someone else's watch. There was a politician and an average man standing on the top of the Sears' Tower when a gust of wind blew them off. The average man being a realistic-pessimist, immediately sees he is about to die and begins praying while the politician, the ultimate optimist, can be heard saying, "Well so far so good" as he passes the 4th floor."
 By bluejay

06/30/2010  10:39AM

Brent Cook talks about the challenges facing gold miners:

 By lj

06/30/2010  8:11AM

Bluejay: “How do you screw up a place with the growth capability of California?"

The answer: Rigid ideology will do it.
 By Michael Miller

06/25/2010  3:07PM

To our friend Bluejay and other 's upset with the decline in the quality of life in California.

I feel qualified to answer the question on the previous entry below. It is one man's opinion but based on a lifetime of schooling, recreating,earning money, serving as a government appointee and an elected government official, alleged felon (thank you CDAA), parent, employer and producer of gold in this great State.

My faith in the people of California, the natural resources of California and the latent wisdom of all Americans provides me a calmness that better times are ahead of us. I'll take on that writing task next week.

Everyone is very business right now readying for the shareholder visit to the mine. The place looks great and the crew has almost finished topping off our preparations. Mining gold is serious business and so are we. And you supporters and advocates help. Thanks for caring.
 By bluejay

06/25/2010  9:58AM

California is doomed.

Still, California isn’t Greece. It’s home to Silicon Valley, Hollywood and a $27 billion agriculture industry. “It’s unbelievable,” says Bob Nichols, CEO of Windward Capital Management Co. in Los Angeles. “How do you screw up a place with the growth capability of California? It’s so dysfunctional.”

 By bluejay

06/22/2010  10:53AM

Excellent informative conversation with the smart east Texas Mike concerning the Gulf blow-out, a short primer on drilling along with comments on the economy, M1, M2 and M3 money supplies, gold and the banks.

Texas Overnight with Charley Jones out of Dallas.


Go to audio
Select Texas Overnight
Select interview from 6-21-10
 By bluejay

06/14/2010  11:08AM

"Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who could have acted; the indifference of those who should have known better; the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most; that has made it possible for evil to triumph"

–Haile Selassie
 By bluejay

06/13/2010  4:53PM


As most folks are aware of, we have a two party con-operation of control in effect at election time - both basically wanting the same thing as they continue degrading the constitution which so many sad lives were lost in defending. These people have no shame.

They will do whatever they want until people stand up and say something like this: I don't want the fox guarding my chicken coop anymore.

"Most of the representatives are only interested in the status quo." The statement originates from someone in the U.S. Congress that recently wrote a letter to Mr. Martin Armstrong stating this. In November we'll see how tired and mad voters have become with the trashing, little by little, of our Constitution.

I remember some years back a phrase from the "Dallas" show, probably Jock Ewing said this, "no one gives you power, you take it!"

I think we know who the power grabbing mongers are: you don't have to look any further than to the hacks in government. Whose real bidding were they secretly conducting when the Glass Steagall Act was ordered torpedoed? You don't have to look far: Who benfitted?

The Rothchilds in London, who control about half of the earth's wealth, always seem to write their own financial future by contolling events along with manipulating the flow of information. Remember all the money they made on British government bonds following the outcome at Waterloo in 1815?

I turned in my federal reserve notes long ago for the real thing. Our Founding Fathers had every right to require gold and silver to be used in exchange as I'm sure they knew a thing or two about the bankers and government debt.

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