October 26, 2020 



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 By Rick

10/03/2010  6:29PM

Clarity and wisdom for the future of California lies directly with us, who know the problem. Regulation is killing the private sector.

Regulation is cloaked in "good-deeds-for-all" as the truth is plain to see.....regulation is a demon, used to sway heart-strings for political motive.
 By bluejay

09/29/2010  11:47PM

In a recent CNBC interview Meredith Whitney says, based on her exhaustive research on the financial condition of the States, that California is hurting the most by a mile. At the other extreme, Texas is the best.

Ms. Whitney alerted the financial world of the dire condition over at CitiCorp months prior to the bank's shameful stock performance that almost hit zero, down from 50.

The bottom line appears quite likely that California's financial condition is far worse than the politicians are letting on. California Municipal bonds are an item that should not be in your portfolio.
 By bluejay

09/23/2010  3:17PM

The founder of Home Depot, Bernie Marcus, explains how disconnected Washington is to the small businessman and how they are being destroyed, contrary to the phony rhetoric that comes from that source.

 By bluejay

09/22/2010  1:18PM

Bernanke and Geithner come to mind after reading the true accounting of what really took place prior to the sinking of the Titanic.

 By bluejay

09/20/2010  9:17PM

The following is part of the Casey Dispatch letter today:

Termites in the Economy

Dear Reader,

On average, a termite colony eats the equivalent of about two feet of a 2” x 4” board every year.

Not a lot in the grand scheme of things.

Over time, however, their constant gnawing will destroy the integrity of a structure. I can still recall my great surprise when, as a teen living in a surf shack on the Kona coast, the ceiling of my bedroom gave way. One minute, quiet morning – the next, a scene worthy of a Stephen King novel, with tens of thousands of bugs pouring down from on high.

Termites came to mind yesterday while doing a quick pass through my email correspondence… much of it from you, dear readers. It seemed as though every third email had to do with some new regulation or new government agency started in order to pass some new regulation(s).

Viewed in isolation, these manifestations of the professional meddling classes might be of little consequence. But when you step back and view them as the swarm they are, you can quickly see that the termite analogy is a good one. Subtly, these termites are eating away at the foundation of America.

For illustrative purposes only, following is a hastily assembled and woefully incomplete list of just some of what’s going on just behind the smooth veneer of this American life.

Government Departments/Agencies. I don’t know with any certainty how many different federal departments and agencies there are, but there are a lot. Support for that contention can be found by visiting this U.S. government site containing page after page of links to the various departments and agencies. Not having an abundance of time this morning, I copied the names of just those entities that started with A, B, C, or D.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg – and many of these entities are umbrella organizations for yet more sub-agencies and departments.

Believe me, there were over two pages listed. No way I'm going to take up all of our Forum space with them. Their existence is bad enough.
 By bluejay

09/03/2010  9:49PM

The following is a short exerpt from today's Casey's Dispatch:

And the mining industry added 8,000 jobs, as you would expect it to. All to the good, until the next round of legislation sends this and other “dirty” businesses back into retreat. (A major overhaul of the U.S. mining regulations was temporarily shelved because the Democrats were concerned it would hamper Nevada senator Harry Reid’s reelection chances. After the elections, expect it to resurface.)
 By bluejay

09/01/2010  7:45PM

The following are some beginning exerpts by Vedran Vuk in today's Casey's Dispatch article, "Regulation to Nowhere:"

Regulation to Nowhere
By Vedran Vuk

China has some serious economic issues, but many are pointing to the wrong problems. A common culprit is the vast government spending that has created empty cities such as Ordos on the Mongolian border.

At first, the reckless spending on the empty city seems like the apex of government waste. But in a way, this isn’t so bad. In fact, it is a lesser evil as far as government expenditure goes. The United States has had similar projects on a smaller scale, such as the Alaskan bridge to nowhere.

Though many were outraged by the bridge, the spending could have been worse. Think about it this way. The bridge to nowhere would have cost nearly $250 million. The result would have been a redistribution of funds to a select few Alaskans and a useless bridge. Sure, it’s a waste. But suppose that instead, the government gave an additional $250 million to the Environmental Protection Agency or to the Internal Revenue Service to hire more employees.

With a bunch of new environmental busy-bodies to concoct and enforce regulations, we’d certainly be worse off. They would spend their time harassing and intimidating mines, power companies, and other productive industries. As a result, it would become more difficult to operate these important businesses. With more restrictions and obstacles, jobs are lost and costs increase.
 By bluejay

09/01/2010  5:56PM


I thought you and others might have an interest in the following three part youtube interview of Stefan Molyneus by Max Keiser dealing with the reality of general aggression:

 By Rae Bell

08/26/2010  8:31AM

 By Rick

08/25/2010  7:33PM

As regulation continues to thread its way into the focus of mining gold in this awesome mine, of course a focus on the positive potential discovery is what will succeed.

This "YES!" is a real one. Another name is optimism.

Gosh, when we sit back and hear from everyone else with foul pessimism prevailing, as to how we can or cannot do something based on what THEY say, we see the negative, (Fighting upstream living to tell about it is a victory...picture a spawning fish), the real story being to unleash potential success and discard the negative.

We have a choice:

To accept the status quo, regulation amuck with over-regulation and boots-on-the-throat?

Or to pioneer as our country has proven from our founding: self-determination, freedom for our own responsibilities, success and expanding the potential success with growth as a focus...

This is our choice.
 By Rick

08/25/2010  7:17PM

Mike, great point, and I agree. Whoops for going a little too far on the 'identification part of our worries.'

New Forum topic to follow...
 By Dave I.

08/25/2010  5:36PM

I feel that this s not ignorance,but how a solution to your problems of discrimination to mining, wither it be your mine or any bodies else who has a mine in our state. The politics is to make government accountable for their restriction of your rights as well as ours.
 By Michael Miller

08/25/2010  5:14PM

I agree that while politics now become a factor for conducting business more than in years past, gold mining is our Forum foundation. I'll take the rare step and delete this topic by Friday instead of moving the contents to Miscellaneous.

No industry can continue to withstand the poor behavior by well meaning government agencies and personnel as the Sixteen to One has encountered for the last fourteen years. One of the secondary reasons for maintaining this FORUM to produce evidence of wrongful behavior towards the Sixteen to One. This is how others will march with us. Let's eliminate ignorance to broaden support for this noble gold operation.

When I go back and reread any topic from first entry to the most recent, I find enough evidence for a reader (negative to mining) to become positive or neutral.
 By Rick

08/23/2010  8:41PM

Dave and everyone,

I didn't mean to start a political thread, but since I did mention a political party below, it's my own fault.

My reason for initating this Forum topic was to connect Scoop's last topic and this one to the on-going origin of all the gestapo-type regulation and harassment endured by this mine.

Let's keep this Forum free from actual endorsements. We all have our opinions, and we are all wise enough to gleen political posture. (Dave, I'm not chastising you for your entry, but instead, considering the interpretation a newbe might gleen from reading this reparte, and I'm encouraging individual thought!)

"No gov'mint ever made me learn to to support myself."
 By Rick

08/22/2010  7:04PM

Ask casually...talking with everyone in the Unemployment line, or maybe at the PC bus-stop in Davis or perhaps even with your friends and family(but be wary of the backlash):

"Who is the party of Choice?"

The cliche has been so co-opted to be an association of the Democratic party that few of us ever stop to consider how co-opted it is. I, with no worries about confronting the offending and completely wrong association, speak up and correct the notion.

"No, there is no 'choice' with the continuing pile-on of gov'ment restrictions, regulation, over-powering non-elected bodies taking out 'choice' with a decree of a King."

'Choice' somehow has been co-opted by the same party that is motivated to take choice away.

Another word for "choice" is FREEDOM. What group among us should rightly be deemed the party of Freedom?

This is a blantant thing. Please share it. When we analyze it, it stares us in the face.
 By bluejay

07/30/2010  12:29PM

Senator Patricia Wiggins

Thank you for your news broadcast.

I am still awaiting your reaction to my assertion that the Central Water Board is acting inappropriately in attempting to bankrupt one of the companies that our family has an equity interest in.

I consider the Water Board to be running a rogue operation against part of our wealth just to support their salaries which are derived from fines and penalties just to support their very existence at our expense along with other shareholders of the Original Sixteen to One Mine of Alleghany, California.

The Original Sixteen to One Mine is an historical gold mining company which has been attacked before by the State. Once the State accused the company, it's president and mine manager of murder when a miner lost his life while not paying attention to his duties. A judge agreeing with me, dismissed the case that was brought about by one of its agents.

Never before has a mining company in this country been brought up on murder charges when a miner died in a mine. It is quite obvious to me that Pete Wilson, the acting governor at the time, was looking for labor votes at our company's expense.

The Water Board has submitted to the Attorney General a complaint against the company seeking $3,000,000.

I request an investigation into this matter and into the this rogue regulatory arm of the State.

Thank you, again

Stephen Wilson
 By Dave I.

07/30/2010  1:29AM

They need to put the legislature in jail, together where the can devote much more dedicated time to this problem. Do not let them out till they come up with a plan.
 By Rick

07/15/2010  6:32PM

Recently I've written here with what seems like a negative vibe. Bringing truth to everyone's attention isn't negative, but a chore. Now we move forward.

Up! (Or down, depending on the dip of the quartz.)

For everything, there is a time. As frequent writer here, with a heart as wide and deep as every raise and dip and heading in our beloved blessing of a mine, it's time to embrace and encourage, and no longer be on defense with things legal and negative.

Mike embodies this positive, and while he's been at the helm for us all in the never-ending political onslaught of endless CRAP, I know the true spirit he carries....the same as us all, mining this blessing!

 By bluejay

07/11/2010  11:38AM


You are a valuable contributor to these Forum pages. It is quite apparent that you are well educated and know how to process your acquired knowledge.
 By Rick

07/07/2010  6:41PM

The farce embodied by the Global Warming hoax, masquerading as environmental concern, and through yet another non-elected body politic, rendered the safe near-shore drilling and on-shore drilling a mennace to the globe (refer again to the word farce), and along the way subjecting and directing safe exploration and extraction methods to the unobtainable, all in the name of green.

Nope, can't drill close to shore, boys, might leak...

What an insult to our Earth, and any sound thinking for that matter....humans going around pretending that they are more powerful than that which blessed us all with this great wonder.

LJ, Bluejay is spot on.

Recall what has driven the rigs to deep water. (By the way, while you are at it, discover for yourself that many other nations are drilling in the same waters and are wise enough to see the hypocrisy put forth by this administration and its vote-immigration-fake-green-ajenda's actions.)

Just as Frank and Dodd created the housing melt-down through the mandate of un-substantiated loans to those without a means, so does the environmental movement with its fake global-hoax circus try to sway the heart-strings of the gullible willing to believe such crap.

This is a disaster. Where is the Bam administration trying to stem the tide of the problem? I see the intentional stalling, for the obvious political gain. Wake the eff up.

And, this is directly the same tactic used against this gold mine.

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