October 26, 2020 



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 By bluejay

10/15/2011  4:25PM

/More from Bob Chapman/

Most of these corporate miscreants are technology and pharmaceutical giants, who need a tax break like they need a hole in the head. This is 2004 all over again, but this time the number is $2.2 trillion not $350 billion. Back then they were supposed to create jobs. They created very few and took the funds to buy their stock to push up the price, so officers of these corporations could cash in their options and make hundreds of billions of dollar(s). This time they’ll do the same thing and make trillions, as Americans suffer in the worst depression since the 1930s.

fact these corporate titans laid off thousands of workers the last time around.
The revenues being lost by government would have accrued to the people over the next ten years, but the elitists cannot wait. They want their money now.

They are Apple with $12 billion, Microsoft with $29 billion and Goggle with $17 billion for starters. These are not corporate derelicts. Politicians cannot agree on a debt extension, but they have no trouble agreeing on a redistribution of the people’s taxes upward to the very rich. This is really what Occupy Wall Street is all about.

Last time around we saw the same lobbying and the return on their investment 22,000%. There was no domestic investment, no more jobs, just less and no R&D. Shareholders of the stocks of these companies made out like bandits. It is a fact these companies laid off some 21,000 workers after they received their largess. Pfizer, which repatriated $35.5 billion, then laid off almost 12,000 employees.

Compensation for the officers of these firms jumped almost 30%. Are you getting the message?
If nothing else this is totally unpatriotic. The average American suffers, as the rich get richer. They want to laugh all the way to the bank again. It is no wonder people are enraged.
What will happen again is no one will be hired, corporate share buybacks and dividend payments will increase and our deficit will widen, as tax revenue spikes downward.
This can only happen in America, the most corrupt country in the world.
 By bluejay

10/15/2011  3:33PM

In today's International Forecaster, written by Bob Chapman:

America’s corporate criminals are not satisfied with depriving 11.7 million Americans of their good paying jobs, but now they are pushing for a repatriation tax holiday for $2.2 trillion they hold in tax havens offshore and pay little or no tax in the process.

The momentum is underway by transnational conglomerates that have hired hundreds of lobbyists and others to cajole and pay off politicians to get their legislation passed, which will screw American taxpayers out of $787 billion in tax revenue. This cannot be called anything else but a tax giveaway to multinationals who along with Wall Street, banking, insurance and Parma companies that control our country by buying off these same politicians. It is just like another travesty, the Import Export Bank that guarantees US investments in foreign lands at taxpayer expense.

A bill has been introduced by Senator John McCain and Senator Kay Hagan to lower the repatriation tax to 9%. Eight years ago they pulled this and had a 5-1/4% rate. There is a similar bill in the House, as Senator Charles Schumer brings Democrats in line for their payoffs for expediting the corporate payoffs. Only in America!

This is a redistribution of wealth to the rich. A corporate subsidy – corporate welfare as American unemployment hangs at 22.6 and inflation hovers at 11.4%. This is the total corruption of the political system, and the apex of corporate greed and Congress could care less, as long as they are paid off.
 By Rick

10/12/2011  6:42PM

California AG Kamala Harris should prioritize:

How about waking up and prosecuting the CDAA, the Regional Water Boards and do some actual meaningful prosecuting.

I'd love to see the robo-signatures that rubber-stamp the rogue behavior of these crooks.
 By bluejay

10/11/2011  11:42AM

California pulls out of 50-state foreclosure talks



California Attorney General Kamala Harris says she will not agree to a settlement over foreclosure abuses that other state attorneys general are negotiating with major U.S. banks.

Harris' announcement Friday is the latest to undermine a settlement that had been in the works between the banks and attorneys general in all 50 states. Other states including New York also have expressed reservations.

The agreement was supposed to settle claims of poor mortgage and foreclosure practices, including document fraud known as "robo-signing."

Harris says in a letter to state and federal negotiators that the pending settlement is "inadequate" and gives bank officials too much immunity.

She says California will go it alone in negotiating a settlement.

Iowa Assistant Attorney General Patrick Madigan says the multistate effort will continue.
 By bluejay

10/09/2011  8:45PM

The Bank of New York Mellon is going down according to the man who brought Bernie Madoff's Ponzi scheme to the attention of the SEC. Madaoff's Ponzi's scheme amounted to $65 billion.

Mr. Harry M. Markopolos alleges that the New York Bank Mellon cost tens of millions of Americans between $6 to $8 billion from their retirement savings accounts by cheating them on fraudulent foreign currency mark-up and mark-down charges during past decades.

Check out more of what the whistleblower Markopolos has to report against the bank during an October 8, 2011 interview by Eric King of King World News.

The Bank of New York Mellon is the largest custodial bank in the country.

 By bluejay

10/08/2011  10:03AM

On a regular basis, folks should continue their education. There is no better place to allot some of your precious time than to tune into http://www.martinarmstrong.com.
Yesterday's commentary entitled, "Occupy Wall Street, Gold & Did Operation Twist Send The 30 Year Rates To Record Lows?" is another piece of brilliant writing by Mr. Armstrong, always with an historical twist of its own.

 By bluejay

10/07/2011  9:20AM

From Martin Armstrong:

There is NO constant in money because money is simply another variable in the entire economic-mix. Gold is a COMMODITY that is rare enough to provide a STORE-OF-WEALTH that is recognized universally on a global scale. REAL ESTATE has no international value because it cannot be transported outside the domestic economy. LABOR has no true international value because it fluctuates among nations dependent upon a host of other factors. Gold is a commodity that is the same in all nations, yet its value varies internationally because it is a hedge against the fiscal mismanagement of government. There is ABSOLUTELY no government that has not defaulted upon its debt except Romania during the 1980s.
 By bluejay

10/05/2011  3:55PM

More Market Rigging.

Kitco News reports today that the CME Group raised copper margins by 15%.

Check out the link below depicting a chart of copper, absolutely, showing no price reasoning for increased margins at this time. It must be clearly apparent to trained observers that the metal was heavily shorted some weeks back and now, the insider big shorts are hoping to flush copper from weak hands with this move.

Will authorities investigate? I don't think so.

 By smithsgold

10/05/2011  11:15AM

Thanks for the update !!!
 By bluejay

10/03/2011  6:30PM

Greg Hunter spells out the OTC derivatives risk today by some major US banks:

The Bank of International Settlements pegs the total world over-the-counter (OTC) derivative exposure at around $600 trillion, but many experts say the real figure is more than twice that amount. No matter which figure you use, it is a gargantuan sum. OTC derivatives are an unregulated dark pool of money with no public market. These are basically debt bets between two entities on things such as credit risk, currencies, interest rates and commodities. According to the latest report from the Comptroller of the Currency, just four U.S. banks have an eye popping $235 trillion of OTC derivative leverage. (Click here for the complete Comptroller of the Currency report.) As a nation, U.S. banks have a total OTC derivative exposure of $250 trillion. So, the fact that just four U.S. banks have this much leverage and risk is astounding! The banks are listed below in order of size and approximate OTC exposure:


$78.1 trillion OTC derivatives


$56.1 trillion OTC derivatives


$53.15 trillion OTC derivatives


$47.7 trillion OTC derivatives

Considering that the total assets of these four banks are a little more than $5 trillion, I see a frightening amount of risk with a total derivative exposure of $235 trillion! This is nearly 50 to 1 leverage. On top of that, assets such as real estate or mortgage-backed securities can be held on the books at whatever value the banks think they can sell them for in the future. I call this government sanctioned accounting fraud, or mark to fantasy accounting. Who knows what the true value of the banks “assets” really are.

10/03/2011  3:33PM

The public celebration of the 100th anniversary of Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc. will be scheduled on a future date to coincide with the State Legislature's resolution in recognition of the event. Thank you for asking. As soon as a date is decided it will be posted here. Please pass the word to any other Shareholders you may know.
 By bluejay

10/03/2011  11:45AM

The following gold production numbers for the U.S. were provided by Stan Sudol in his recent article, "North Ontario -A Golden Klondike - 192 Million Ounces and Counting:"

Top Gold Producing American States in 2010 (State Geological Surveys)

In 2010, the United States produced 228,000 kilograms (8,042,463 ounces) of gold, the third largest amount globally. Nevada produced 163,000 kilograms (5,749,656 ounces) and the remaining other states mined 65,000 kilograms (2,292,808 ounces). (United States Geological Survey)

Please note that the statistics from individual State Geology branches are not always in sinc with the United States Geological Survey. (1 kilogram equals 35.2739619 ounces)

Nevada - 5,338,559 ounces

Alaska - 845,144 ounces

Utah - 283,220 ounces

Colorado - 231,000 ounces

Washington - 198,810 (gold equivalent production: Kinross)

Arizona - not available

California - 174,446 ounces (2009) - In 2010 150,000 ounces were produced at the Mesquite Mine in Imperial County operated by New Gold(NGD).

South Dakota - not available
 By audiger

09/29/2011  9:32PM

What is being planned for 100 year aniversary an of the Original Sixteen to One Mine's Incorporation? I for one would love to attend and plan to be there.
 By bluejay

09/29/2011  4:17PM

More Bank Subsidies On The Way?

Candice Choi, AP Personal Finance Writer, On Thursday September 29, 2011, 5:16 pm

NEW YORK (AP) -- Will a monthly debit card fee soon be the norm? Bank of America said Thursday that it plans to start charging a $5 monthly fee when customers make debit card purchases. The fee will be rolled out starting early next year.

---The fact of the matter is that when Bank of America took over Countrywide Reality they under-estimated all the toxic waste that went with it. Bob Chapman says that if major US banks realisticlly priced their toxic waste it would become known that they are, actually, insolvent.

So one way or the other, the consumer continues to bail out the banks.

There are 520 million issued debit cards. $5X12mosX520million= $31.2 billion in new yearly proposed bank charges coming if BOA gets their way and all the other banks join into taking for themselves $5 each a month from our checking accounts.

The reason the economy stinks is all the money being sucked from us via loans and high interest credit cards payments to banks is NOT BEING RECIRCULATED back into our local economies. Think about it: we don't need fancy worded stimulus plans, we need lower interest payments to lenders so our local economies can be well greased with the fruits from our labor.

In the early 80's the lid on the general usuary law was lifted by Paul Volker. Who has the guts in Washington to get the big bankers back in line???? Or, just let the parasitic block suckers fold and let the chips fall where they may.
 By bluejay

09/21/2011  8:34AM

Director of Agnico Eagle(NYSE) with strong Wall Street connections becomes president of Sutter Gold. Sutter Gold's main asset is their Lincoln Project located between Amador City and Jackson which is preparing for gold production.

 By Kit Carson

09/18/2011  6:37PM

Please see my message in the 'Technology' topic. The mining men that I am affiliated with in Reno are good people. My partner would be glad to introduce an experienced negotiator/attorney to you guys if you are willing to share some of your correspondence about your legal prolblems. I fear you are facing a stacked deck. But then again I am new to this mining idea and what do I know?
 By bluejay

09/18/2011  11:24AM

Check out this Max Keiser video, "Flaming Banks, Burned-Out Economy." This video in particular is a blockbuster. It clearly shows, along with an outstanding presentation by Aaron Krowne, how Americans are getting ripped-off over and over again by financial institutions while the government watchdogs with all their regulatory agencies do little to nothing in preventing this ongoing fraud.


09/17/2011  9:43AM

Bigsbkahuna, if someone offers you the Brooklyn Bridge to buy, refuse. Since most of the regulars know how to respond to your silver nuggets purchase but out of respect remain silent, Scoop must reply.

No silver nuggets have ever been found in the Sixteen to One mine. An educated guess is that no mine in the Alleghany district sports silver nuggets. Write eBay and report a fraud. Are you sure your nuggets are steel balls?

Scoop knows that the Webmaster will move your interesting purchase to the miscellaneous topic. Write again. You have had a most unusual experience.
 By bluejay

09/16/2011  11:47AM

Kissinger, the Bush's and Bill Clinton all should take the dubious honor of destroying the working class in this country. The only person standing up for the U.S. worker's security was Ross Perot, a proven businessman, during the 1992 presidential debates and, overall, the minority in Congress.

Mr. Perot said all NAFTA would do was create a "Giant Sucking Sound" (of U.S. jobs) and NAFTA was only "A One-Way Street." Bush and Clinton said this was not true. This is just more proof that politicians have no idea how their decisions effect their constituents, or do they?

Bob Chapman recently stated that 8,000,000 U.S. jobs have been lost to free trade globalization. To whose benefit? Big U.S. corporations increased their profits by employing cheaper labor abroad which led to off-shore accounts and tax evasion. There maybe 2 to 3 trillion dollars of U.S. corporate money on deposit abroad in an attempt to circumvent IRS tax codes. And the U.S. is seeking to locate individual foreign tax payer's holdings with a requested 35% hold on them to the benefit of the IRS? How about U.S. corporate foreign deposits?

With the shrinking U.S. job market, people have been forced to cut-back on their living expenses. Many folks have been lured to Walmart type stores because of their competitive pricing just to survive. Who is Walmart's big supplier? Why China, of course.

Cheap products flowing into this country from China have given the Chinese a huge trade surplus with us, thanks Kissinger. As a result of the government's failed attempts with massive debt expansion to jump start a faltering economy because of production loss and failed gambling endeavors by the big banks, the integrity of the U.S. dollar has greatly dimished.

Now, China is looking to buy into U.S. assets with their questionable Treasury holdings. Thanks, Kissinger and all your supportive cronies who lick the boots of big U.S. corporations at the huge expense to American families.

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard has an excellent article linked below depicting the China situation with their U.S. Treasury holdings. China seems interested in an acquiring an equity position in Apple and Boeing. China has already purchased farm land in the U.S.

What's next, Kissinger. What other long term deals did you make in your 1974 meeting with them?

 By Bigsbkahuna

09/16/2011  10:28AM

Just bought some natural silver nuggets on eBay that were said to come from the 16-1 ?
Silver and platinum would be in some formations, right?

Love to buy some stock.
Matthew Kramer
Santa Barbara, ca

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