July 6, 2022 



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 By bluejay

03/19/2012  12:34PM

California starting to Squeeze its citizens.

We just returned from the CPA's office after submitting our tax information for 2011.

The bottom line is we will be paying more of a percentage of our income to the State. The CPA said California is turning all the rocks in search for more money and their sights are on all of us.

Next year all properties in our area will be reassessed by the State and the result will be higher property taxes next tax period.

It's not too difficult to imagine that the bartering process as a result of all of this will get kick-started into high gear.

 By bluejay

03/19/2012  9:31AM

In the paper this morning they are speaking of "Oil Fracking In State Gets Little review."

In other sections of the country, The Rocky Mountain West and the Northeast toxic chemicals have been found in drinking water from oil fracking.

Lawmakers, seem little interested in requiring industry to disclose the chemicals they are putting in the ground that will taint water supplies.

Our environment and public health are being threatened while regulators look the other way.

It's the same old story, grease my palm and we'll stay out of your hair.

While China looks to the future with increasing renewable energy output, it could depend on 25% of their energy requirements from this source by 2020, we insist on investing in fossil fuels with no long term plan in place.

Isn't it interesting that corporate boards are adding more public members to insure no hanky-panky goes on concerning shareholders while the boys in Sacramento do whatever suits them in protecting and expanding their incomes.

Recently it was announced by an exiting Goldman Sachs VP that certain employees refer to their clients as muppets. I would venture to guess that the folks in State government refer to us as their know-nothing-captives with a checkbook.
 By David I

03/17/2012  9:17PM

People are registering their displeasure with the rampent desire of state government to raise taxes, by changing their tax donation to the minimum required by law. To take the money away from those who are to enforce the multitude of regulations. This is how you stop abusive government policy.
 By David I

03/17/2012  9:07PM

so that is why most of the highway patrol are parked on the side of the road with their customers.
 By bluejay

03/17/2012  10:43AM

More from the International Forecaster:

California Tax Revenue Plunges by 22%.

Compared to last year, State tax collections for February shriveled by $1.2 billion or 22%. The deterioration is more than double the shocking $535 million reported decline for last month.


Did anyone really miss why all these regulations were put in place?

 By bluejay

03/17/2012  10:08AM

From this mornings International Forecaster:

We need to end the orgy of rule making in America (John Stossel)

“If you have 10,000 regulations,” Winston Churchill said, “you destroy all respect for law.” …But Churchill never imagined a government that would add 10,000 year after year. That’s what we have in America. We have 160,000 pages of rules from the feds alone. States and localities have probably doubled that. We have so many rules that legal specialists can’t keep up…
 By bluejay

03/15/2012  11:11AM

Increase your knowledge

 By bluejay

03/03/2012  12:23AM

Comments from a contributor at jsmineset.com.

Hi Jim,

This Bloomberg op-ed on California’s municipal financial woes supports your recent observation that the bankruptcy of Stockton will be the first of many more.

As one writer noted, “In nearly every [California] municipality, employee pensions are being prioritized over libraries, parks, street maintenance, health care and public safety.”

In spite of this, the chanel replica handbags unions are fighting pension reform tooth and nail.

California is a major disaster waiting to happen.

CIGA Black Swan
 By bluejay

03/02/2012  7:05PM

from jsmineset.com today:

Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.
–Thomas Edison
 By bluejay

02/27/2012  6:17PM

Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

There will be many more to follow as many are sitting directly on the go/no go decision

Stockton to Take Steps Toward Bankruptcy, City Manager Says
February 24, 2012, 5:22 PM EST
By Alison Vekshin and Michael B. Marois

Feb. 24 (Bloomberg) — Stockton, California, may take the first steps toward becoming the most populous U.S. city to file for bankruptcy next week because of burdensome employee costs, excessive debt and bookkeeping errors that misrepresented accounts, city officials said today.

The Stockton City Council will meet Feb. 28 to consider a type of mediation that allows creditors to participate, the first move toward a Chapter 9 bankruptcy filing under a new state law. The council will also weigh suspending some payments on long-term debt of about $702 million, according to a 2010 financial statement.
 By Big Al

02/22/2012  11:25PM

The draft proposals for dredgeing are out, close of public comment is a few days away, please go to western mining alliance's website and check it out. Big Al
 By Big Al

02/19/2012  9:49PM

Josephine County, Oregon. Sheriff Gil Gilbertson has been researching the constitutionality of the actions of the federal government, his ten page document is well worth reading and passing on. http://politicalvelcraft.org/2011/12/16/breaking-oregon-sheriff-gil-gilbertson-continues-stand-against-federal-government-in-his-county/
 By bluejay

02/16/2012  9:02PM

California State Senator Noreen Evans from the 2nd District just got another reminder that she has failed, again, to address my concerns relating to the Central Water Board's persecution of our family's investment in the Original Sixteen to One Mine.
 By bluejay

02/15/2012  5:54PM

This is short and to the point in regards to keeping the faith:

My son was told, by a dealership mechanic, that a 2004 Civic Honda just left ahead of him after being serviced in Las Vegas with 1,200,000 miles on it. It has been used as a courier service between Las Vegas and and Los Angeles.

Of course, it has been run on synthetic oil, no sludge.

And then I started thinking about our State bureucrats and all the sludge they shovel our way. All we have to do for the Mine is get rid of the delutional muckrakers who are bleeding our resources and fouling up our operation. Politicians, at the most, produce nothing but their own waste.
 By bluejay

02/14/2012  9:34PM


Tombstone Austerity & The John Brown Moment
 By bluejay

02/13/2012  10:07AM

The MF Global scandal of stealing from the public is now approaching $1.6 billion. Where are our representatives? Who has the money? It seems to point in J.P Morgan's and Jamie Diamond's direction. In the midst of this disgracement failing of government, Mr. Jamie Diamond has the gull to say that the banking industry is "over-regulated." Take Take Take.....Greed gone wild is why the world's financial structure is "coming apart at the seams" as the politicians remain as complacent as usual.

Our politicians only have to look towards Greece in the up-coming March elections when they all get thrown out of office to grasp the simple fact that they are all expendable at the people's will.

The following article by Martin Armstrong spells out the MF Global fiasco.

 By Rick

02/11/2012  4:48PM

Excellent commentary, Mike.

And still, it begs the parallel question: "Where is the Water Board?" since water is cited as an issue.

The inequitable application of "justice" once again shows its blattant head.

This story is citeable in the record...we should!
 By Michael Miller

02/11/2012  2:39PM

This story is fraught with questionable statements. The land owner appears as stupid as the phony gold miners on TV, who are working in Alaska. The unidentified authorities in El Dorado seem arrogant in saying this is one of the most blatantly illegal gold mining operations ever seen in California. Another unidentified authority believes the property yields up to three ounces per ton. This is a regulatory hype to gain something (don’t know what) and is a blatantly irresponsible statement for an authority to make. The unidentified nearby resident’s statement of finding “plenty of gold flakes and nuggets weighing up to an ounce” must be related to a point in time. Did this happen in the 1970’s when the modern gold rush began? I doubt that no one is finding plenty of nuggets today or when the landowner lost his mind and began mining. Yes, today even a gravel operation must conform to Surface Mining Reclamation Act regulations if the size of the operation meets the threshold. He screwed up.

I hate to see the press treat this as if Mr. Hardsty (owner) is a gold miner. The mining industry has an uphill battle for educating the public about the benefits of natural resource extraction and its effect on the environment. I would like to ask the chief investigator, who is quoted that “the amount of gold they can pull out of there is astronomical” if he would put his credentials behind those words. Wow, a miner could use his statement to support financing the project (security laws, etc.), provide some blue collar jobs, increase our GDP and create a positive cash flow for the El Dorado community.

Maybe the last line of the story is the meat and potatoes of this whole story. “All the people up here are paranoid about it.” Fear and ignorance continues to run rampant in AP stories like this. If the “people up here” knew about a serious gold mining or gravel classification project coming to their community or more subdivisions, home construction, shopping malls and other city type industries, they may choose to do what a few planners realize. A well-conceived and managed gold mine/gravel plant may be a superior choice to protect the quality of life of California.

My industry finds it difficult to attract AP reporters or other news or story writers to dig into the issues of natural extraction in California’s Sierra Nevada Mountain gold belt. These want-to-be sensational stories are the ones that reach the newspapers, tabloids or internet. Truth, like gold, lies at the bottom.
 By gfxgold

02/10/2012  5:50PM

Here is one of the websites with the story.
 By Rick

02/10/2012  5:25PM

Today, listening to the news flagship in Sacramento, AM 1530, I caught a glimpse of a story headlined as "gold mine president shut down for opperating without a permit" and fined $990K....and by the time I got to the radio close enough to hear, the story was almost over....by then I wasn't able to take notes.

No, it wasn't us.

I didn't take notes of who or where, but is was someone local on some local river branch...shut down and cited for "opportating an illegal gold mine."

Did anyone else hear about this? Was it dredging? Was it a hard rock venture?

I'd love to hear the back story and investigation that led to it....Mike? Any clue?

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