October 26, 2020 



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 By bluejay

01/04/2012  10:40AM

westernbelizehappenings.blogspot.com Friday, December 2, 2011


"The record suicide rate among farmers in India continues to rise, with one farmer now committing suicide every 30 minutes. Many media reports blame failed GM Bt cotton(Monsanto) crops for the crisis.

More than a quarter of a million farmers have killed themselves in the last 16 years in what is the largest recorded wave of suicides in history. An article for Sky News reports that one farmer who committed suicide "had been persuaded to use genetically modified seeds by the possibility of a better harvest.

What he wasn't told was that they needed more rain than the region provided. "Farmers who grow GM crops also have to borrow money for expensive pesticides and fertilizers. When the crop fails, they cannot repay their debts. The article comments, "Across rural India there is now widespread despair. The fields are also filling up with widows."

Fortunately, there are seed banks around the world free of genetic engineering. Also serious, is the toll bee colonies are taking in reductions due to the suspected negative impact on them from GMO flowering crops.

Greed and the unbridled profit incentive continues to take its toll.
 By bluejay

01/02/2012  4:01PM

Happy New Year's


In the video is shown pristine environmental locations and some of earth's beautiful creatures that remain. It is our duty of stewardship for 2012 and the years to follow to do our part, in anyway we can, in restraining creedy money hungry corporations from continuing to destroy Mother Nature's World for future generations.

The oil, nuclear power and chemical companies currently in the United States, Japan, Russia, England and China are the most irresponsible out-of-control offenders that the world has ever witnessed.

As an example, the oil industry of the mentioned countries continue to annilllate vast areas of the world's waterbodies and inlands at a mind-boggling rate, killing off millions of animals, fish and birds that depend upon their environments to survive and reproduce in.

This whole disaster is a crime against nature and mankind and has to be stopped.
 By bluejay

12/31/2011  8:02PM

Happy New Year's to all the friends of the Sixteen.

Beware of this man, Ben Bernanke. Some comments today by Bob Chapman concerning this man:

The privately owned Central Bank of the US, the Federal Reserve, has absolutely no authority to bailout Europe, which they have been doing for three years and no one says a thing about it. Less than a month ago, Fed Chairman Bernanke said he has no authority to bailout Europe and he had no intention of doing so.

This is why the Fed needs to be terminated and its functions returned to the US Treasury. The Fed and other central banks running the world and they shouldn’t be. Mr. Bernanke has promised more transparency and two weeks later we get more subterfuge. There is no question Ron Paul and we have been right for over 50 years. Elect Ron Paul and get rid of the Fed.
 By martin newkom

12/31/2011  8:04AM

Well, maybe we should learn to
figure out a means to fight fire
with FIRE!
 By martin newkom

12/31/2011  8:04AM

Well, maybe we should learn to
figure out a means to fight fire
with FIRE!
 By bluejay

12/29/2011  4:57PM

Getting ready to say goodbye to 2011 and hello to 2012, Mr Armstrong speaks:

There is no question we are in serious economic trouble. I have written to educate people since I have the real experience behind the curtain and I am not afraid to speak out. I do not think I can prevent the economic implosion we face because it is not practical. The very people I have stood up to in New York are the same people who are destroying everything. They control government and do everything in their power to keep the debt bubble expanding. While everything could be quickly fixed in 30 days or less, they will never allow that to happen and would assassinate anyone who dared to stop this perpetual system of debt that rolls forever with no intent of paying anything back. These investment bankers in NYC are the agents of our doom. By educating people as to what is really going on, perhaps I can influence the reconstruction that comes after the collapse for there is no way to stop this system for it is against the self-interest of some very nasty people in New York. They are playing with fire here and risk destroying everything.
 By bluejay

12/29/2011  10:21AM

You really want the truth? Here it is:

 By bluejay

12/28/2011  12:28PM

Educate Yourself

 By bluejay

12/18/2011  9:29AM

Is there any way we can rent out the Central Water Board to do some really importnt work in Russia?

 By Rick

12/15/2011  10:00AM

Now, its a shaft of light !!!!!

Keep an eye on the Forum section for breaking news.
 By bluejay

12/12/2011  2:39PM

Kirland Lake Gold(KGI-TSX) recently made the following statements concerning the company's expanding mining operations in Ontario:

The company's work force grew by an additional 76 people in the quarter to a total of 832 employees. A total of 275 employees will be added in fiscal year 2012, of which 147 employees have now been hired.

All of the above was made possible by a man with a vision, Brian Hitchcliffe, in December of 2001. Of course, none of this could have been accomplished without the support of local government.
 By bluejay

12/10/2011  3:49PM


The knowledge gained
Bright the future featured

Quite mind keener
It is useful everywhere

It makes a fearful confident
Education put that self in passion

It makes an obtuse people decisive
It is useful in active and passive

Education is power
And every educated is winner

Education is the ability to meet life`s situation! ! !

Luwi Habte

 By bluejay

12/07/2011  6:03PM

 By bluejay

12/07/2011  2:45PM

While the fiat currency crowd still pound their chest yelling “it’s fiat”, that same nonsense existed for 19 years when gold fell from 1980 into 1999. Why did it not matter then? Because it still doesn’t matter now. Gold is the PERFECT hedge against political instability. That is why it has rallied. It’s the DEBT CRISIS not what money is! Gresham’s Law is that bad money (debased) drives out good money (not debased). People hoarded the old coinage because Henry VIII debased the precious metal content aggressively. He was broke even after confiscating all the property of the Church and melting down every altar piece he could find made of silver or gold. - Martin Armstrong
 By bluejay

12/06/2011  11:09AM


by Egon von Greyerz – December 2011

With most of the world’s major economies as well as the financial system bankrupt, there is only one solution that can save the world economy. Like in the Greek tragedies, Deus ex Machina is now the only way that the world can avoid a total economic collapse. This would involve God being lowered down onto the world stage and miraculously saving the plot.

Read more:

 By bluejay

12/05/2011  10:47AM

Is The World Spinning Out Of Control?

 By Big Al

12/02/2011  11:29PM

In the union newspaper today, Colfax having problems with attorneys over WATER QUALITY, Attorneys who are acting just like the water board after the 16
 By bluejay

12/02/2011  1:15PM

Corrupt California and Federal Politicians and Environmental Racketeers? Read about The "Great Gold Heist" in California in 1994.

 By bluejay

12/01/2011  8:41PM

We need to feel sorry for folks that just don't have a creative clue in seeing the truth when exposed to the news: either on the TV, or in the newspaper, or on the Internet or other media outlets.

HSBC Holdings, PLC was kind enough today to raise their forecast on silver to $34 for 2012 while standing pat on their price projections of $28 in 2014 and five years from now, to an average of $25. So, uninformed folks would presume that holding silver at around $32.70 today and selling it here or just a little higher later may save them from taking an eventual loss, resulting in a bad investment.

How can anyone have enthusiasm for higher silver prices if they believe in HSBC? Certainly, HSBC and J.P. Morgan are not the ones to lister to as both are being sued by various parties for silver price manipulation, rigging the game in their favor and against the public.

During near the middle of 2008 the big U.S. banks held 85% of the total Comex short position in silver. Did HSBC warn the public then that prices were about to get tanked along with gold when they were heavily short? No, I don't think so. Silver went from above $22 to under $9 in a matter of a few months while gold went from just above $1000 to about $700. Heavy losses were inflicted on the public invested in this group while the related shares got creamed.

What HSBC is doing today is talking their book in hopes of affecting lower silver prices and their words, hopefully, are being listened to by the sheep(the traders and investors who don't do their homework).

In 1970 I was buying silver for our first born at about $1.20 and mildly high prices for our next two. Starting in 2002 we began buying silver coins for ourselves each time the metal had a healthy sell-off. Now, we buy a little silver each month. When we were in Mexico in the early part of the year we bought the day silver hit about $33 coming down in a hurry from near the $50 mark.

The independent analysts I listen to on the Internet like Max Keiser, Bob Chapman, Jim Sinclair, Dan Norcini, Gerald Celente and others play a different tune to the research that comes from the banker's controlled brokerage firms.

Silver is and will always be volatile as it is a small market one that is ripe for the participation of a crime syndicate. Regulators, don't bother them as they have better things to do. One of which was proven to be their watching porn on the Internet while at work.

"Out of the blue" prices can be driven lover, fast, but the powerful major long term trend is UP. It is HSBC's position for projecting lower prices that there will be a silver surplus going into the future but one has to wonder, what they are smoking?

Research the many growing uses of silver. Research who is buying silver and why. It's not too difficult to understand that in the near future world silver deposits will be greatly depleted. Where will silver come from when industrial demand heats up? Dishoarding will occur at higher and higher prices. Silver surplus? Good luck, you miscreants.

This declaration of lower silver prices by HSBC reminds me of the time the Boston Globe some years back questioned a rising gold price at around $400 an ounce. It was at that time on these pages that it was basically stated that, the Globe is full of horsepucky.
 By bluejay

11/30/2011  8:07PM

You're got it Rick. Now all we have to do is unplug the televisions and de-charge the cell phones and the majority just might wake up to what is being done to them.

I read something shocking today:

"Mining experts feel that over the next 25 years, we will need to dig out of the ground as many minerals as consumed since the beginning of mankind."

I can see it now, by that time California might be owned by the Chinese thanks to the Bureaucrats who lack foresight with their crooked perspective as they continue to make it difficult for start-up mining projects to begin and continue to duke it out with some others in the State based on the conflict of personalities with appointed, not voted in, Water Board flunkies.

I have spoken to mining people and they avoid doing business in California like the plague. One was a past president of a NYSE listed gold mining company and the other was the president of another gold producing company that was listed on the ASE some years back.

What Californians need to do is recall their representatives and get some new blood in Sacramento. Folks in my District can start with Pat Wiggins. She has, twice, ignored our letters concerning the inappropriate behavior and lack of professionalism of the Water Board in their irresponsible treatment of our investment in the Sixteen to One while their very basis for the current lawsuit is just a plain old personality conflict with our president who is always fighting for our rights as shareholders.

I spent many years as a professional and I know how politics in organizations work: if you have a problem with someone or just don't like them you get out the old rule book and stick it to them. It is beyond me how the responsible party for overseeing the Central Water Board can sleep at night knowing the potential damage that so many shareholders are exposed with the basis of the pending suit being predicated on only a personality conflict and twisting of rules because the Board would not hear that our processing mill was closed.

You know something is wrong when grammar school kids after hearing the story with the Water Board react by saying, What is their problem, are they stupid?"

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