April 18, 2021 



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 By Rick

07/15/2012  7:00PM

Hey Congress....

Let me re-phrase that....when was the last time a new law undid a previous law and promoted FREDDOM????


STOP PASSING LAWS every friggin day.

geez already
 By Rick

07/15/2012  6:36PM


Consider FREEDOM please, as you litigate us US into a corner. What's wrong with you???? Read below please, and stop passing new laws every friggin day.

Why are yesterday's "legislative achievements" constantly being considered in need of new legislation? ANY law, by definition, is a new restriction on something, the last time any critical thinker looked.

When was the last time a law was passed that undid a freedom? Hmmmm....????


STOP PASSING LAWS. Enough already.

 By bluejay

07/13/2012  11:08AM

From marketwatch.com


Americans will work more than 6 months to pay cost of gov't in 2012

This year, Americans have to work until July 15 to pay for the burden of government, more than six months.

In a new report, Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) has calculated that Americans will spend a total of 197 days toiling to pay for the cost of government.

"Cost of Government Day is the date of the calendar year on which the average American worker has earned enough gross income to pay off his or her share of the spending and regulatory burden imposed by government at the federal, state and local levels," reads the report.

... />http://www.whptv.com/news/local/story/Americans-will-work-more-than-6-months-to-pay/ctEuGqewf0OlmoNZbn5Ksw.cspx less
 By bluejay

07/13/2012  10:31AM

Good News

The Company's shares(OSTO) in the NY OTC market have in the past few days traded at a 52 week high of $0.375.

A 5 year chart is linked below which clearly demonstrates that the shares are in a new uptrend.

 By cw3343

07/10/2012  9:57AM

re your post from 7/6

There was another company whose customers got Corzined. Peregrine Financial Group out of Iowa. Segregated account funds missing, owner attempts suicide.

 By bluejay

07/10/2012  9:41AM

From http://www.northern-california-vacations.com

"If you were wondering (like we were) how the Sixteen to One mine got its name, the term refers to the arbitrary ratio of the number of ounces of silver equal in value to one ounce of gold in the bi-metallic monetary system established by Portugal in 1688 and adopted by the U.S. in 1792."
 By bluejay

07/09/2012  7:47AM

Permitting the big banks to hold your money instills the continuing crime against you. In no time in history does it make more common sense to be in gold as opposed to being a participant in a lawless financial system.

 By bluejay

07/06/2012  10:39AM

A significant paragraph from the below story:

The Fascist Business Model practices brought the nation the Too Big To Fail rationale that permitted insolvency and corruption from syndicate strongholds. Worse, the practiced model has brought the United States as a nation to the doorstep of systemic failure. The ripening LIBOR scandal is an extension of the MFGlobal theft and a close cousin to the deep JPMorgan losses. The entire US and London financial structure is collapsing. Instead of perceiving the European sovereign bond problem as having a related plague in the US and UK, the arrogant bankers preferred to conduct business as usual with IRSwap props of the fake USTBond tower. They preferred to rig the LIBOR channel that feeds the derivative pool, which include the all-important IRSwaps for maintaining the 0% artificial world. They preferred to point to the United States as different. It is not different. It is rotten from the inside due to 0%, whereas Southern Europe is rotten from the outside, manifested by the 7% alarm level.
 By bluejay

07/06/2012  10:17AM

Exposure of banker corruption

 By bluejay

07/05/2012  9:03AM

Check out the link at the bottom for an editorial close look at our current day big bankers and their predecessors from Martin Armstrong

A profound quote from the article:

"Banks are no longer satisified being banks - they have to play with other people's money and to ensure they do not lose, they have to rig the game."

The 2007 to 2009 economic down turn would have never happened if Clinton had never repealed the Glass Steagall Act with the 1999 Gramm-Beach-Bliley Act. Oddly, it was called the Financial Services Modernization Act. Within the linked story there is a picture of Clinton signing the Act. Surrounding him are a pack of fiancial hawks preparing to prey on the people for lust of power and money, how pathetic.

 By bluejay

07/03/2012  11:17AM

Move to audit the Fed

 By bluejay

07/03/2012  9:09AM

July 4th is upon us marking the 236th year anniversary following the signing of the Declaration of Independence from England.

Years later the people of the land find themselves being dictated to once again through increasing taxation and regulation.

Our Founding Fathers made every attempt to protect future generations from injustice. One of them, James Madison, sounded some words of warning for future conuntrymen concerning government when he made the following statement:

"There are more instances of the abridgment of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments than by violent and sudden surpations."

Hiring an additional 16,000 IRS agents to insure that everyone must have insurance as was mandated by the 5-4 Supreme Court ruling of Obamacare makes one wonder, will this form of another additional tax ever stop? How can someone be taxed for doing nothing? Will they be sent to jail by the IRS for doing? nothing?
 By Michael Miller

07/02/2012  2:20PM

Back at you, Rick for a topic of mirth. I have a moment to spend:

As I go deep in darkness
With each step into the mine,
I am excited. Each time, at some time
underground, awe overtakes me.
It could be because of the beauty.
It could be due to combining fear
And respect. Sometimes it is
Gratitude…deep gratitude
And closer to the light.
 By martin newkom

07/02/2012  12:53PM

check with your tax pro. I last
understood that the premuims you
pay for health insurance are deductible but this tax may not
be if it is ultimately ruled to
be a penalty.
 By David I

07/02/2012  4:56AM

Sense the Supreme Court states that the penalty is a tax for not buying health insurance, the forcing all to have some kind of health insurance. would that not mean that all health insurance costs would be considered a tax.
If so, would we be able to deduct the cost of health insurance from our taxable income?
 By bluejay

07/01/2012  7:54AM

An Empire in Decline

 By bluejay

06/30/2012  10:58PM

From Satutday's International Forecaster

"Let me see if I have this right: We are now "gifted" with a healthcare plan we are forced to buy and fined if we don't, which purportedly covers at least 10 million more people, without any new doctors but provisions for 16000 new IRS agents, written by a committee whose chair says he doesn't understand it, passed by a Congress that didn't read it (but exempted themselves from it) signed by a president who smokes, with funding administered by a treasury chief who didn't pay his taxes, for which we'll be taxed for four years before benefits take effect, by a congress that has bankrupted social security and Medicare, all overseen by an obese surgeon general and financed by a country already trillions in debt? What could possibly go wrong??????"
 By Big Al

06/29/2012  9:18PM

http://www.mountainstateslegal.org/legal_cases.cfm?legalcaseid=205 Mike, if your not familiar with this forum check it out, this case is over water having to be more pure than the streams in the area. Big Al
 By bluejay

06/29/2012  8:50AM

Dysfunction Junction

Jim Sinclair’s Commentary(from jsmineset.com)

You have to have a sense of humor on this one. Where do they find people smart enough to get themselves in any trouble there is anywhere.

I wager you it has to do with OTC derivatives.

Bizarre: U.S. Home Loan Banks Overexposed in Europe
Thursday, June 28, 2012

The U.S. Federal Home Loan Banks’ unsecured lending to foreign institutions skyrocketed last year as the European sovereign debt crisis intensified, raising concerns about their risk management, an auditor’s report said today, reports Bloomberg

Several Home Loan Banks last year made short-term loans totaling about $3 billion to two European banks that had received government bailouts and were on a credit watch, according to the report. That’s crazy enough. But, it gets worse.

At the end of 2011, FHLB had $41 billion unsecured lending to foreign banks.

The volume of unsecured lending, particularly to foreign institutions, rose in part to offset a decrease in the Home Loan Banks’ traditional activities providing funding to domestic lenders for home mortgages, according to the report.

What’s the FHLB doing lending to foreign banks? Who knows? According to the FHLB web site:

The Federal Home Loan Banks are a mechanism for economic stability. Thousands of community lenders everywhere in America rely on them as a strong source of funds for financing housing, jobs and growth.

The Federal Home Loan Banks are a group of cooperatives that lending institutions use to finance housing and economic development in local communities.

About 80 percent of U.S. lending institutions rely on the Home Loan Banks for low-cost funds. Because the Home Loan Banks are cooperatives, their low costs are passed on to consumers and communities. They’ve been around for the better part of a century—a fundamental part of the country’s financial system, like the Federal Reserve or federal deposit insurance.
 By bluejay

06/25/2012  12:26PM

Conclusion to the article on bankers by James Corbett:

And so Wall Street will continue along in its sprint to the finish line of the takedown of the American economy, crying foul over the Moody's downgrading even as billion-dollar scandal after billion-dollar scandal continues to emerge. Economies around the globe will continue along in a similar vein, with similar tales of increasingly brazen abuse and corruption. The EU will continue its song and dance, trying to convince the world that the Spanish banks will “only” require another 50 to 80 billion Euros to meet capital shortfalls in a worst-case scenario (it's actually over 100 billion). The Asian markets will tumble as the once-mighty Chinese economy begins its slowdown.

And underneath it all, behind the headlines and out of sight of a largely apathetic public, more schemes, scams, and frauds will be hatched, many in the plain light of day because this is how rampant the corruption is now.

And yet, in at least one tiny island nation way out in the North Atlantic, a special prosecutor is arresting bankers and raiding the central bank for clues to past financial crimes. We ignore that example at our own peril.


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