April 5, 2020 



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 By bluejay

06/20/2012  11:49AM

Sutter Gold, California, set to begin mining gold in 4th quarter of 2012

 By bluejay

06/17/2012  9:59AM

Decide for yourself

From this mornings International Forecaster written by James Corbett:


As we try to foresee the next chapter in the continued downward spiral of the US financial crisis and the further debasement and devaluating of the US fiat currency, the dollar, it is near impossible to not feel in the pit of your stomach that the majority of the US population, that believes in and lives by the words of the socialist media propaganda groups business as usual mentally are being setup for impending failure as the cards of the global financial crisis unfolds, not unlike a herd of cattle being sent down their final shut at the slaughter house, as with every other day before everything seems normal until they reach the end.

At that point it will be what it is, no way to turn around and no time left to prepare, only millions left standing with a look of confusion as to what, why and when things went so wrong without the understanding of how or where to start over. While the US continues to print money and take on more debt to continue on down the road with their business as usual propaganda, the underlying fundamental issues have not been dealt with. If it were not for the continued printing of money and debt purchases by the Fed and US Treasury, along with the consistent market manipulation, our bankrupt country would have already seen its historic downfall. As the saying goes, it is better to be prepared and not need it then to need it and not be prepared, there is no time like the present to add to your preparations – gold, silver, food, water, guns and ammunition. Do not be one of the many that will be left in a world of confusion and panic.
 By bluejay

06/12/2012  11:01PM

Is chaos just around the corner?

 By bluejay

06/12/2012  1:09PM

Just keep smiling and running up the steps.

Top Customer: Under Obama, Fed’s Holdings of U.S. Debt Have Jumped 452%
 By bluejay

06/10/2012  7:45PM

Adam Smith wrote: "It is the highest impertinence and presumption, therefore, in kings and ministers to pretend to watch over the economy of private people, and to restrain their expense. They are themselves always, and without any exception, the greatest spendthrifts in the society. Let them look well after their own expense, and they may safely trust private people with theirs."
 By Rick

06/10/2012  3:54PM

re below: "Whenever a state has the power to impose a fine, it is a conflict of interest, for sooner or later it exploits the law for revenue":

'Sooner' rather than later has happened to the Original Sixteen to One Mine many, many times. It's happening BIG TIME to all US citizens who sleep while Rome votes itself raises and more and more money and power.

This is EXACTLY why all republic democracies are doomed to failure when the sappers suck past the 50.0001% mark

Remember to vote.
 By bluejay

06/10/2012  7:52AM

Martin Armstrong says the iron-men in New Jersey have turned into IRS-type agents, socking it to everyone on the road to assist their failing balance sheets.

One of his recent quotes:

"Whenever a state has the power to impose a fine, it is a conflict of interest for sooner or later it exploits the law for revenue."
 By bluejay

06/02/2012  4:43PM

The truth concerning almost all politicians from Martin Armstrong:

 By bluejay

06/02/2012  9:10AM

A few words from Martin Armstrong:

So here we are decades later and we still have a fragmented regulatory system that has yet to prevent anything. The CFTC is so corrupt, they will protect the likes of MF Global and knew all along that firms trade with client’s money and have NEVER stopped anyone from doing so. The SEC is just as bad and the two agencies will fight each other and never share info because they are competing against each other in Congress for power. Each has its own lobby pool. So for those who think that government is capable of doing anything, are just dead wrong!

There is so much bickering between parties and agencies, it takes a crisis to being about any solidarity and then it is done in a sweeping manner with no review. When they get together on the Hill today, it is politics first. How do we get more seats. That is the question. It is not what to do with the seats you have now. It is always about getting more power. Why. Who knows. They pass absurd laws and rubber stamp whatever the bureaucracy says its needs. They never reform the SEC or CFTC. They always hand them more power with each crisis to the point we will have absolutely nothing
 By bluejay

06/02/2012  8:55AM

Amen, brother.

related video:

I have recently been doing business with Apmex.com out of Oklahoma City. These guys are professional, all the way. I have never had a problem. Their inventory seems to be the best around. Golddealer.com out of Inglewood, Ca. is another excellent choice as a retailer, Again, I have never had a problem with their people or receiving merchandise.

The miscreants I suspect will try and hold gold from rising too much more in and around the $1626-$1630 area. If this level is convincingly bettered, I would suspect that serious cracks in someone's financial structure would soon follow infecting over some amount of time all internationally connected banks.

It seems that Fed chief Bernanke has painted himself into a corner out of desperation where there is no- way-out. There is a limit on how many "uppers" in reality a system can take before the body just gives up and dies.

Got your gold?
 By Rick

06/01/2012  5:54PM

A strange feeling and a good calm...I put my order in today to divest at Dow 12K, not that it amounts to much, that's not the point.

Now, with a cash position, I'm looking for the best way to hold physical gold. Bluejay, you've pointed to a good resource before...any updated opinion?

There are three exceptional factors that contributed to my decision, all three are foundations to the forth leg on the piano-stool, which cannot stand without the other three legs, lest the concerto become a heap of crap:

1) Greece's June 16-18 election considering its austerity objective (or not, depending on the 50.1% sappers) which will impact not only Greece but also instantly all of the Euro-zone;

2)The uncertainty of our Supreme Court's decision on O-crap-care...(although, this may actually become a positive sign for the economy, hence a buy-in-point, should the court rule properly to remove shackles to potential business via the un-Constitutionality of the O-crap); yet the uncertainty of it all contributes to the non-private-sector-growth concern;

And of course, the winner: 3) the election in November.

By the way (hint-hint)...how about that gold price today, when the fake job numbers were released?? and gold responded properly....

Here's another clue for you all: the Walrus is sitting in the Whitehouse, and the Fed, and the Senate....and has no fat, just a huge appetite for power.
 By bluejay

06/01/2012  8:16AM

Quebec government invests in and provides funds to support mining industry.


An ironic turn in Quebec compared to California: millions being invested in roads to get to new discoveries for future production while in California roads are mostly in to its goldfields but with too many regulations in place hindering job growth.

State politicians remind me of a pack of silver and brown tailed squirrels never content with Mother Nature's providing them with acorns but feeling compelled to consistently steal from the birdfeeder and the family cherry tree.

Such is life in California these days unlike Quebec, who look forward to collecting additional tax revenues based on their intelligent planning to support job growth.

Don't forget, we put our lawmakers in office. We also perpetuate letting them stay there. Your normal operating funds will be slashed in the months ahead to help pay off yesterday's bonds along with the government vested lucrative pensions payments that they gave themselves during much better times.

California is all messed up and getting worse as the covered wagons are being loaded up and are dispersing in different directions.
 By Michael Miller

05/29/2012  11:34AM

Over the past four decades when Americans could once again own investment gold, gold was projected by its followers as a” hedge against inflation”. True then it is still true today; however the international financial chaos presents a novel twist in predicting the values of gold in other currencies. MY life’s experiences with gold suggest that the players and plays never exactly repeat.

I like gold for an additional reason that is unrelated to my job of finding it and digging it out of the ground: peace of mind. Just as we get comfort from those outrageous insurance policies Americans love to own even a modest ownership in some type of gold asset calms the great unknowns of financial choice.
 By bluejay

05/29/2012  8:15AM


It sound like you have become your own central banker. Holding physical gold is a complete disconnect from the banksters who would like to believe that they control our financial destiny.

The reason behind government hating gold is that gold is real money and independence away from their fiat system where they thrive on it for stealing the public's wealth through the inflation process and for maintaining control over us.

This is the big reason that the so-called official inflation numbers NEVER reflect what our currency's true purchasing value is. The whole banker's money game supported by regulators is designed to slowly and methodically steal from us in a manner most people don't understand.

Holding physical gold takes us safely away from their scheming clutches. Remember 2008? It was the bankers that that destroyed gold and silver prices that year and they are at it again this year. Their obvious intention is to hurt the folks who took their funds out of the system and went into the gold and silver.

As inflation slowly eats away at our wealth, we must be vigilent in slowly acquiring, during periods of major banker concocted selling phases, all the gold we can afford.
 By Rick

05/27/2012  5:48PM

I told myself in 2009 that if the Dow market index rebounded to 10K, I'd get out and re-tool into gold-in-hand.

Here I sit with the Dow perched half-way between 13 and 12, with Greece's June 16 austerity vote looming.

Anyone want to guess what my plan is???
 By bluejay

05/27/2012  5:36PM

Squeezing the people continues:

 By Rick

05/26/2012  4:31PM

Okay, another urging for you'all to write one:

Within the mountain beats
the heart of discovery,
anticipation and leap
of my heart thumping.

Within the mountain beats
my heart with a blessing,
my eyes seeing first
the blessing from months
of pull.

Yester's round rang true.
 By Rick

05/25/2012  6:36PM

We should have some positive fun under this Forum Topic: write a new prose (poem) to encourage and/or comment! Granted, it'll be better to encourage, but some sideways prose will make the grade:

I offer this first one in the "sideways" catagory:

Gov's gotta plan,
Jerry of Old,
Gov's gotta plan
That can't be sold.

Gov's gotta plan,
Jerry of Old,
What's he thinkin'?
Thinks the wise out here
Are wakin' up blinkin'.

Gov's gotta plan,
Don't look inna mirror!
Jerry's gotta plan,
Big ass posterior.

Gov's gotta plan,
Play by the rules,
We honor the rules,
Just make 'em true.

Make rules true
to our Constitution,
We'll make it true
to a real solution.

Gov's gotta plan,
But doesn't seem right,
With caltrops and lawsuits
thrown down with spite.

Effem! We say,
We'll lead the way out,
 By bluejay

05/21/2012  12:23PM

Greece could be the preview.

Check out the video concerning our debt in the YouTube presentation at http://www.jsmineset.com
 By Rick

05/19/2012  9:40PM

There is a curious force heard underground when rock is being broken...it is echoing through our hearts, and the hearts of the miners underground...I'm not a miner, yet I know of this force:

Optimist for yester's round,
White quartz with yeller,
Tommyknockers knockin',
White quartz with yeller.

Slabs ahangin' overhead,
Traprocks under foot,
Tommyknockers knockin'
White quartz with yeller.

Tommyknockers knockin'
Reggers bent on effin'
Miner's lamp aglowing bright,
White quartz with yeller.

Drill deep, drill strong.
Drill until the dawn.
Drill with visions in the glow,
White quartz with yeller.

Reggers throwin' down,
Effers throwin' down,
Stop the mine, there's no WAY!
White quartz with yeller.

Visions will always point to
The truth we all know
Strength will always win,
White Quartz With Yeller.

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