July 6, 2022 

Gold Enters Major Bull Market


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 By bluejay

05/31/2013  2:20PM

Posted May 31st, 2013 at 3:08 PM (CST) by Jim Sinclair & filed under In The News.

Whenever destroyers appear among men, they start by destroying money, for money is men’s protection and the base of a moral existence. Destroyers seize gold and leave to its owners a counterfeit pile of paper. This kills all objective standards and delivers men into the arbitrary power of an arbitrary setter of values. Gold was an objective value, an equivalent of wealth produced. Paper is a mortgage on wealth that does not exist, backed by a gun aimed at those who are expected to produce it. Paper is a check drawn by legal looters upon an account which is not theirs: upon the virtue of the victims. Watch for the day when it bounces, marked, ‘Account overdrawn.’
–Ayn Rand
 By bluejay

05/31/2013  1:55PM

Gold $1388.30 OFF $25.40
Silver $22.28 OFF $0.50

Gold poked its head above the $1400 mark and promptly got its head chopped off. Is this the end of its brief rally from the low $1300's? We'll see.

The following is an excerpt from a recent Armstrong report:

The entire economy is still a non-linear system that on the surface is massively unpredictable from moment to moment, yet is strangely bound within predetermined confines. This is why I state that you CANNOT predict gold or any market in isolation. Everything is connected and there is a form to this madness.

Every price movement, no matter how alarming in its twists and turns, always collapses and then recovers. This is the energy that creates everything around us – the swings between two extremes like the beating of your heart. Even our economies are a complex system that cannot be manipulated by government and it is why Marxism/Keynesianism have utterly failed. The bureaucrats and the bankers hate my guts because I stand to expose what they do is only aggravating the system and is causing us to move to the extremes of the outer-boundaries on each side. This leads them to seize even more power to put their hands around the neck of the economy and choke it to death so they can retain power. The more they react in this manner, the greater the volatility causing them to chase it even more until they become their own worst enemy. That is why I say big governments always fall by their own hand – it is economic suicide. They become more draconian the more they lose power. This is the fate of all empires, nations, and city-states. They cannot see that their greatest enemy is always themselves.

The politicians would rather destroy centuries of civilization before rationally ending socialism that does not work. The banks want to be the man with the one-eye in the land of the blind. But rigging the game to create the perfect trade, only results in destroying society. They may become the one-eyed man in the land of the blind counting all their wealth, but there will be nothing left and no place to spend it. At that moment in time, historically even gold has lost all value as was the case after the fall of Rome.

Just before John Maynard Keynes died in 1946, he told Henry Clay, a professor of Social Economics and Adviser to the Bank of England of his hopes that Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand would help Britain out of the economic depression that it is in: “I find myself more and more relying for a solution of our problems on the invisible hand which I tried to eject from economic thinking twenty years ago.”

Even Paul Volcker in his Rediscovery of the Business Cycle conceded that the idea that government could manage the economy under this age of “New Economics” failed. Nobody in government is willing to hand back power once taken. It is like the conviction rate in New York City – 99%. Citizens cannot ever win anything against the banks of government. Politicians will NEVER admit they are the source of the problem. So it looks like we must simply crash and burn.
 By bluejay

05/18/2013  2:15PM

Strong words from Martin Armstrong this morning:

"The dollar MUST rise sharply OVERALL between now and (the year) 2015.75."

This is not good for gold.

The major gold and gold and silver stock Indexes turned down on Friday as both their MACD's broke lower. A MACD crossing took place where the faster moving average bust through the slower one. These are very short term expected moves that, on average, should last from 3 to 4 weeks.

We have all been schooled by the gold group analysts that the dollar has to turn to dust and I have been effected as well. The truth of the matter now is that the whole sector will most likely be affected by a surging dollar over the many months to come. This will all be influenced by an immense flow of funds into dollar denominated items from weaker currency countries. Armstrong today is saying by the time the dollar move reaches its end the Pound, to mention one, will have sunk by 50%.

Times have changed but the price of gold continues to be in a major bull market with the 5000 day average now ascending in the neighborhood from about $800 to $1000. I do not have access to my old data base being on vacation so I can't be exact.
 By bluejay

05/17/2013  12:02PM

Gold $1363.20 OFF $22.70
Silver $22.34 OFF $0.35

From the last entry gold is off over $100. What's up? What's up is the dollar is surprising most everyone. From a chart standpoint, the dollar at 84.20 or so is poised to move higher, that's just the way it is

There are tremendous amounts of money leaving Japan and Europe destined for the U.S. This is a safety issues for the folks in those areas and the dollar is, in their minds, the safest place to be now. This money is finding itself into the stock market, real estate and treasuries.

Although it appears that the recent surge in buying the physical metals has passed its rush gold still remains in a major bull market as it know takes on the aspects of being the red-haired stepchild with declining values. When international money flows intensify these folks are looking foe safety and advancing markets of which gold in not in that classification currently
racking up daily losses.

Gold still has a chance at bottoming this year but it must hold the $1300 level to accomplish this. This is the opinion of Martin Armstrong, although some others believe the metal has further ground to cover on the downside.

In the past I have been influenced by Jim Sinclair with great success but poor Jim missed this current bout of weakness when gold crashed under the big recent support lever in the neighborhood of about $1530.

About the best we can expect now is a continuing sharp sell-off generally holding the $1300 area which is a far cry from
$1900 many months ago.This unexpected hiccup in lower prices is just something that has to be endured and is not spelling the end of the current long term major bull market that gold currently resides in.

Bull markets every once in a while sell off dramatically and this is the personal unsettling nature of these markets. I continue to hold, mostly physical, and expect short term lower prices. Longer term, I know I will be the victor with other believers but a little more pain is on the way. When the bottom has been put in, there will be time to average down.
 By bluejay

05/06/2013  11:46AM

Gold $1469.10 OFF $1.60
Silver $23.99 OFF $0.14

Originally, it was intended to go into the mechanics of why gold should remain subdued and possibly go into some fireworks in autumn but something more important needs your listening attention, go to the link below, it is a must:

 By bluejay

04/27/2013  8:47AM

Correlations & Who Is To Blame
Posted on April 27, 2013
QUESTION: If the dollar rises, does that not mandate a gold decline or can they rally together?

ANSWER: Although everything is cast in this world as some sort of direct cause and effect, that is our problem associated with linear thinking since it just does not work that way.The world is really dynamic and that means that everything is not truly a cause and effect. Yes I just posted that Obama is setting the stage for the next recession. I am not suggesting that if he lost the election that would not take place. Whoever is there cares only about maintaining the system. They respond in a predictable manner and thus do not create the cycle or the event, they merely react to it. Like there are discussions about selling gold reserves behind the curtain. If they did, that would be GREAT for they would no longer be able to do so if they tried to manipulate the economy under their Marxist theory.

The hate mail came in on that one. Some people are so sold on gold is the center of the universe, they cannot see the other side nor the forest because of the tree. If politicians no longer BELIEVE they would EVER return to a gold standard that would force them to stop spending in theory, then why do you think they really care about gold? They see it as a barbaric relic from the past for they see the world ONLY through their lenses of power – not yours.The sooner gold dies the better for these people! It never matters what YOU believe – ONLY what the other party believes. It is like someone has a gun and is going to shoot you and you say under Christianity you will rot in hell! He responds, what’s that and pulls the trigger. Not everyone believes the same thing. Politicians in Europe have a federal government and that government opened its own embassy in Washington. DC, yet it not “formally” a federalization of Europe. Europe has been federalized in power terms. These people would not just sell gold if it was down to that or surrender their jobs, they would sell they mother. This is about THEM retaining power. Put NOTHING beyond these people – get REAL! They could care less about what you believe or not.

The dollar rose between 1980 and 1985 on the fears that the USA would default creating a two-tier monetary system with red dollars externally and green dollars internally. The US national debt hit $907.7 billion in 1980, $2.125 trillion by 1986 and $3.2 trillion by 1990. The correlation sold by the gold promoters is you buy gold because the national debt is rising, OK. Between 1980 and 1985 gold fell from $875 to $292 with the debt more than doubling. The dollar soared forcing the British pound to collapse from $2.40 to $1.03 yet the interest rates fell by 50%. One-to-One correlations do not exist. It is multidimensional and never just plain and simple. It takes a computer to calculate all these relationships. It much more complicated than that. Consequently, opinion will get you nowhere close to consistency.

So can gold and the dollar rise together? The answer is YES! It depends entirely upon the dynamics of the mix. Gold declined with higher interest rates at first between 1980 and 1981, then continued its collapse as the dollar then rallied into 1985. But capital was fleeing Europe moving from Eurodollar deposits to domestic dollar deposits during 1980-1985. Gold was collapsing from an overbought position hyped-up on the whole inflation debt nonsense. Yet there was an exploding national debt with DEFLATION! Amazing.

The potential rally in the dollar is simply due this time to the political instability in Europe and Japan. The rising dollar will create the global economic recession, fueling further Draconian laws, higher taxes and further DEFLATION caused by an economic implosion that the gold promoters cannot see because they do not want to see. The further GDP declines globally, then less tax revenue garnered making governments more aggressive in search of money resulting in attacking the citizenry. Go too far, we end up with the Mad Max scenario.

This is how Rome fell. The rule of law collapsed. The citizens lost all rights. Taxes soared and it got to the point people began to just walk away from their property setting the stage for serfdom and the Dark Ages..Hopefully we will run out of time cyclically and still have something left at the end of the day.

If you keep listening to the gold promoters, you will be playing with your coins, fantasizing how rich you will be, when either the soldiers come searching door to door as they did with this Boston event without search warrants on the premise it is a national emergency to gather all the wealth, or you open your door and there is no place to spend your coins. Is Rome repeating again?

Martin Armstrong @Armstrong Economics
 By bluejay

04/25/2013  8:37AM

Governments are run mostly by lawyers who don't know much of what the common folk really need. That's because they're always taking care of themselves first. The old age politicians are on their way out and there is hope back in my mind again for reform led by the young who refuse to take their bullshit.
 By fredmcain

04/23/2013  5:56AM

Blue Jay,

Thanks for making me aware of companies like Sutter and Barrick Gold 'cause they are companies that I didn't even realize existed!

Investing in the Dominican Republic could be very, very risky indeed but surely not nearly as risky as investing in California!!!! Ha, ha, ha, ha, there I go again! Please forgive my cynicism, I'm only joking anyways.

However, I am really angry and frustrated over that EmGold thing. It just seems so wrong that a bunch of county and state regulators could stymie a wonderful, worthwhile project like the Idaho-Maryland Mine and in turn perhaps help sink a good company at the same time. I can't help but wonder if the regulators want the project killed because it might not have been consistent with their own political agenda, whatever that may be.

So, with this kind of stuff going on, why would anyone want to put money into any California mining venture? Well, the Original Sixteen To One Mine might be an exception. What I believe makes it exceptional is the enthusiasm of the Company's President. His enthusiasm just plain rubbed off on me a bit.

I hope this isn't getting too controversial again, but let’s take a quick look at another project going on in California: The high-speed rail line. This project faced so many environmental hurdles that special legislation has been passed to allow the project to side-step or waive some of the environmental requirements. Or at least that is my understanding. Hmmmmm. That is most interesting, isn’t it? If they can do that for this project, why not do it for the State’s underground mines as well? Is that fair?

Another thought I had, what is this new rail line going to be made out of? Where are they going to get all the steel to build it with? Where will they get the aluminum to build the car bodies with or the copper for all the control wires? What about the myriad of mind-boggling computer and high-tech related stuff that requires rare earth metals? Where are they gonna get all that stuff from? Well, that’d be from MINES wouldn’t it? I see a bitter irony here.

Many of the people in California – and their politicians – have come to recognize that some of the environmental regulations put in place were not consistent with their desire to see a high-speed rail line built. The perceived need for a high-speed line trumped the perceived need for these regulations, didn’t it?

Personally, I see mining the same way. Gold mining is an important part of California’s history that goes way back – almost 200 years now. I would personally like to see the mines protected and promoted with the same enthusiasm that we have shown toward protecting and promoting the redwoods. Why not? We could preserve history and provide jobs all at one time. Perhaps someday a new generation will come up that will see things a little bit different than many of us do today and will recognize this need.

Hope springs eternal.


Fred M. Cain
 By bluejay

04/22/2013  11:39PM

Owner told by a Swiss bank that he can't have his gold in an allocated gold bank bt the central bank.

The following is an interview between King World News and Jim Sinclair:

“They told him the amount was in excess of 200,000 Swiss francs and the central bank had instructed them not to do it because it has to do with anti-terrorism and anti-money laundering precautions.

I really wonder whether those are precautions or whether the gold simply isn’t there. Now you tell me that a London delivery has basically failed. It has to raise our suspicions that the lack of physical gold behind the paper gold is literally so severe that we are coming to understand that it is in fact not there.

"The gold that people think is stored is not stored, and the inventory of the warehouses for exchanges may not be holding deliverable gold. There has always been speculation about whether or not the physical gold the US claims to store is in fact in those vaults.

The greatest train robbery in history might be all of the gold, and it would only be something like we have described above that would happen right before gold makes historic highs.

There simply is no gold behind the paper. One example is AMRO, a second is your example with Maguire, and a third is my dear friend who was refused his gold on the basis that its value was too high. Remember this friend of mine had his gold in an allocated account in storage at a major Swiss bank. I repeat, there is no gold.”

Eric King: “Jim, when I listen to what you are saying, to what Maguire is saying, it really does tell me we are at the end game in terms of the paper market. It’s collapsing right now as you have been warning.”

Sinclair: “The vicious and blatant manipulation of the gold price (lower) via paper, on Friday and on Monday, may very well be the biggest mistake that the manipulators ever conceived of. I firmly believe it revealed that the price of gold has nothing to do with gold itself.

But I would add that if in fact the physical demand remains at these levels or even increases as the price of gold rises, I believe that the warehouses for the exchanges will be so significantly drawn down that it will force cash settlement.

The bottom line here is the paper market for gold may have just lit itself on fire, and served to burn the manipulators’ houses to the ground. You’ve heard of the phrase, ‘The emperor has no clothes.’ Well, this is infinitely worse because it is finally being revealed that the paper market for gold, in fact, has no gold.”
 By bluejay

04/22/2013  9:19AM


Investing in foreign countries comes with risk.

Authorities in the Dominican Republic are now demanding a large piece of Barrick Gold's Pueblo Viejo joint venture.
 By bluejay

04/19/2013  8:36PM


Mike is more qualified to respond to mining in California than me. As far as your comments are concerned, this is a public Forum and all entries are entitled to their opinions and the folks here respect that right. Hopefully, in the process we learn from others and look at other's perspectives
with an open mind.

Everyone here, I suspect, pretty much agrees with your take of things. I had intended tonight to pass on some valuable thoughts from Martin Armstrong that I just recently read tonight but addressed you first.

Folks, I think we need to prepare ourselves. It appears the Grim Reaper may Satanize the gold market in the coming weeks. My advice is to hang on and put in some stink bids below the market for some gold and silver related items.

"We elected Weekly Bearish Reversals in both metals with gold closing at 1397.2 and (silver)2304.1. Gold closed also just below the Weekly Break line 1398.6. This is warning that the FAILURE to exceed Friday’s 4/19 high intraday, and a penetration of 1310, we are looking at a drop to 1158. Breach that, and we very well may see 907 in 2 weeks.

The gold promoters instead of $30,000 and now out in force desperately trying to suck people in claiming the new target is now $50,000. This is insane. This type of break could be monumental. We now must watch for new lows next week will point to a collapse into the follow week.

This is just amazing".
 By fredmcain

04/19/2013  5:34AM

Blue Jay,

Interesting points but I guess I don’t understand why $1,300 an ounce gold – or even $1,000 – would threaten the mining and exploration industry. I mean, the Empire and the Idaho-Maryland mines were selling gold for $35 an ounce when they shut down in the 1950’s. Even if we were to take 50+ years of inflation into consideration here, that’s still one heck of a run-up.

Do you think there might be a chance that something else is killing this industry? What are all the federal, state and local regulations and ordinances doing to the industry? What about all the environmental lawsuits? It seems to me like if a mining company wants to be profitable and stay in business, they go to Africa, Brazil, Polynesia or some other foreign country to mine. *AND* they especially avoid California like the plague. I’m afraid that EmGold is getting ready to deep-six their plans to reopen the Idaho-Maryland and concentrate on operations in Nevada and other states instead. What I’m reading into this is that they are just about through with California’s laws and regulations and environment lawsuits.

Last week, the Wall Street Journal ran a photograph and article of the demolition of the old ASARCO smelter in El Paso, TX. The picture showed the smelter’s old stack crashing down in a cloud of dust and smoke. Environmentalists hailed this as a major victory. Was it? Was it really? I saw something else in the picture: The image of a once-mighty industrial super power crashing down to a pathetic conclusion.
I sure hope that my postings aren’t getting too controversial here. If so, please let me know off list. I don’t think all environmentalists are necessarily bad, either. I still consider myself an environmentalist of sorts but I do believe we need to lighten up a bit or something.

As far as the Original Sixteen To One Mine is concerned, obviously if I didn't believe it had a future, I wouldn't be buying shares in it. It’s just that I also believe its future would be much, much brighter if the regulation noose around its neck were loosened a little bit. I believe that we would all be better off. It would be a wonderful dream to see abandoned mines all over the West reopen and providing jobs and a big boost to their local economies. What a great way to get our economy going again!

Fred M. Cain
 By bluejay

04/18/2013  4:53PM


Until the banks start lending, it's going to be more delation. They are too busy using the money for trading markets. A far cry from what most people think they are doing with their deposits. The banks will again run into trouble and sadly, the depositors will be bailing them out next time.

Gold is taking a deak-cat bounce towards the $1400 level. Until that level gets bettered, $1310 should eventually be challenged. I checked some of the coin dealers recently and their inventories are running low.

If and when $1300 gets reached or falls the money available for exploration companies will all but dry up. It is foreseen many of these companies on the Vancouver Venture Index will just cease to exist.

Th 16-1 is quite different than these as when high grade is located and removed it will be sold for many times the Comex price of gold as it is gem gold and very rare. I have many pieces of 16-1 gem gold and I don't lose a moments sleep over the collection because of its rarity.

The same to be said over high graded Mexican silver and gold coins. Very few of these coins graded in top-notch condition and most of the gold ones have been removed from the market, probably, never to be seen again.

If you ever get to visit the mine and the Alleghany Mining District don't be fooled by the way things look, I'll guarantee you that their are treasures yet to be found of high grade specimens that will always command multiples of the current gold price. As history has proven over and over again, it's just a matter of time before the next high grade lode is discovered which will be worth in the millions and millions of dollars.

It's just a matter of time.

Adios from Cabo San Lucas
 By fredmcain

04/15/2013  9:29AM

Blue Jay,

You have some interesting theories there. Since I’m new here, I guess I don’t know that much about gold but I’m learning. However, here’s one thing that I have been hearing for several years now:

Sooner or later, our government’s zero-interest rate policy is going to make inflation take off and go ballistic. They figure they can tighten once they see early evidence of inflation but history has shown "it don’t work that way". Once inflation starts to take off it can be darn near impossible to stop.

I received an investment letter in the mail the other day from a guy who is predicting $5,000+ an once gold by 2030!

Right now the stocks of many hard rock mining companies are falling precipitously in response to the gold sell off. GREAT! What a wonderful and possibly once-in-a-lifetime buying opportunity! I am looking at GoldCorp., Newmont Mining and adding to my Hecla position. And, of course, it goes without saying that I want to add to my position in the Original Sixteen To One Mine as well!

Fred M. Cain
 By bluejay

04/15/2013  6:58AM

Gold $1417.90 OFF $59.10
Silver $24.01 OFF $1.81

What we are witnessing in the current selloff is no more than a paper scam affecting, supposedly, the physical market. Just a few days ago paper gold representing 500 tons of the metal was transacted on Comex. Little, if any, real gold will ever change hands based from this volume. For investors like us, just try and buy large amounts of the physical and have it delivered, it just ain't there.

The severe decline is not representative of physical gold. As long as officials let the paper market be representative of real physical gold then the illusion of these prices will be viewed as real gold trades by the uninformed.

Gold is still in a major bull market well above its 5000 day moving average. Sure some moving averages have broken but not the grandaddy of them all, the 5000 day. It is the opinion here that the makings of this sharp down spike will be viewed as the greatest leveraged buying opportunity in any market since Gordon Brown dumped most of England's gold back in 2001.

Currently, there is a stampede of frightened people in this market and prices could slip to about $1100 or so. The smart thing to do is exit the banking system as best is possible while increasing your hoard of gold and silver on a scale down basis for as long as this weakness persists.
 By fredmcain

04/10/2013  4:55AM


That truly is amazing! Gold has fascinated people and motivated investors for millennia. However, I guess what I’d like to know is how expensive does gold have to get in order for us to attract investors and be able to expand the mine to new depths and dig new drifts.

According to the California State Parks Dept. website, the Empire Mine has a staggering 367 miles of drifts and winzes. To me that is absolutely mind boggling. I mean, geeze! That is bigger than the entire New York City subway system! What a terrible, terrible shame and tragedy that they are all flooded with water! Following a visit to Empire Mine’s museum in the 1980’s (I was bitterly disappointed that there was no underground tour), we later retired to a nearby restaurant where I overheard two old-timers talking who said that "there is an awful lot of gold left in there – it's just not profitable to take it out". Hmmmmn. Do you suppose that is true?

Anyways, if there is a similar deposit at Alleghany, then that means at 30 miles of drifts and winzes, we have just barely managed to scratch the surface. What will it take to expand the mine? Is it practical to do that?

You know, it is hard for me to fathom how in the world people could put their entire life’s savings or even mortgage their homes and put the money into the very latest and "sexiest" high-flying technology stock but be completely oblivious and uninterested in a mountain of gold in California. That makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever. I bought a few tech stocks back in the 1990’s. Oh yeah! Got burned too! I wish I had that money back now ‘cause I now know what I’d do with it. :)

Fred M. Cain
 By dickdavis

04/09/2013  12:48PM

“According to the Economist, the total debt of world governments is about $50 trillion. Converting the tons of gold into ounces, there are about 6.03 billion ounces of gold above ground, which means there is roughly $9.5 trillion of gold compared to the $50 trillion of official government debt. Considering unfunded liabilities, the picture worsens, as the U.S. alone is estimated to have unfunded liabilities anywhere between $60 trillion and over $100 trillion.”

So if I did the 5th grade math right...all those zeros....gold should be $7936 per ounce to cash out all the paper.
 By bluejay

04/02/2013  8:54PM

 By bluejay

04/02/2013  7:41PM

Gold $1567.20 OFF $32.20
Silver $27.08 OFF $ 0.94

Interesting, as customer money in banks is being confiscated in Cyprus gold and silver are being sold. What to do with your savings? Mine are out of the banking system in property, stocks and coins. NEWS FLASH. The next time a bank fails here, they will reduce what you have on deposit with them if you happen to be one of the unlucky depositors. Hint, stay away from NYC based banks.

Mike Maloney and guest speak of gold and silver:

 By bluejay

03/18/2013  10:00AM

Gold $1606.90 UP $14.00
Silver $28.90 UP $ 0.13

When printing money isn't enough

From http://www.jsmineset.com


We have all heard by now the 10% confiscation of deposits made by Cyprus by order of the European Central Bank.

Also the coming onetime special property tax in Italy, as well as the message this weekend coming out of Madrid that a similar confiscation of wealth form bank depositors may be in the offing.

Now Switzerland may be considering a special bank depositor tax by paying negative interest rates (it’s basically the same as in Cyprus where the government takes 10% of your bank deposits).

Here in the USA, we have zero interest rates. All we have to do is let them drop to negative interest rates, and we’ll have confiscation of money. It’s really no different than Cyprus. If we think it can’t happen here, we may be blind. These situations, happening globally, are indicative of deep, underlying, irresolvable problems that will come home to roost.

CIGA Wolfgang

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