July 5, 2022 

Gold Enters Major Bull Market


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 By bluejay

01/26/2003  11:27PM

Gold is trading at $370 this Sunday evening in overseas markets as the anti-gold rhetoric continues in the newspapers.

This time the Boston Globe is cautioning its readers in its Sunday's edition about possible troubles ahead for gold.

The Globe says, "What would happen to gold if we woke up tomorrow to discover Saddam Hussein living in exile somewhere other than Iraq? Crisis over. "Lots of things could derail the bullish gold outlook (The Globe published a few quotes from gold fund and hedge fund people). Economies could recover and begin to grow out of debt problems. A more stable global political environment would help. Increasing corporate profits would redirect more money back into stocks and other financial assets."

In a today's publication of the Harry Schultz Letter he says that investors should have 1/3 of their funds in gold/gold coins/gold stocks to take advantage of the higher gold prices that are coming over the next generation.

It is apparent that successful independent financial writers like Richard Russell and Harry Shultz along with James Sinclair and others differ greatly with their optimistic outlook of gold as compared to our city's newspapers.
 By bluejay

01/25/2003  4:58PM

On Friday, January 24, 2003, the following headline was printed in the USA Today's newspaper, "GOLD HITS 5-YEAR HIGH, BUT GLITTERING PRICES MAY TARNISH QUICKLY."

To put it mildly, this kind of reporting is irresponsible. Gold has hit a 6 year high not a 5 year high. To say, "glittering prices may tarnish quickly" is historically unfounded based upon mega long term moving aveage studies. This remark is no more than "trash talk" intended to keep you out of gold.

You have to ask yourself this question, what is the "big deal" to the newspapers when it comes to the price of gold moving higher? As far as percentages are concerned, the recent move in gold is no big deal. We can clearly see its percentage advance by dividing its last sale of 368 by 100 and hypothetically arriving at 3.68. This is up from it's hypothetical low near 2.50. This represents about a 47% increase in value. As everyone remembers the run-up in the NASDAQ stocks, some of those issues went up from pennies to unbelievable prices, unbelievable percentage gains. Those gains greatly overshadow what has occurred over the two years in the gold market.

So, what is the big deal? The big deal is the U.S. Dollar is not backed by gold, contrary to public opinion. When gold goes up the Dollar declines. When gold goes up the EURO, which is backed by 15% gold, smartly advances against the Dollar.

The U. S. media is owned by or influenced by the super rich in this country as most everyone already knows. When gold goes up, their wealth is reduced. That is the big deal.

The newspapers and the rest of the media don't want you, the concensus of all their readers, to buy gold because you might assist higher metal prices and depreciate their accumulated wealth. That's the way they think.

Since most people find it easier to buy gold mining companies as opposed to the metal itself, is there really any wonder why the November L.A. Times article attacked a little U.S. gold mining company?

Don't listen to the media when they give you their indirect "free advice" to stay out of gold and the gold mining companies. Believe this, they do not have your best interests at heart.
 By bluejay

01/23/2003  4:12PM

This is intended for the shareholders of the Original Sixteen to One Mine, Inc.

A spectacular event has occured concerning gold's future that you won't be reading about in the papers or hearing on the evening news.

The price of gold has bettered a very important long term moving average line at $352 per ounce. Gold is currently trading in the low $360's. The average is the 5000 day moving average line. Preceeding this event, gold had only done this twice before in the past 21 years. Once, in early 1979 and again in late 1996.

When gold crossed above its average line at approximately $240 in 1979 it eventually traded higher to over $800. In late 1996 it traded below the average in the vicinity of $390 and continued lower until hitting about $250 in the summer of 1999.

Based upon history, it is totally reasonable to expect a much higher gold price during the many months ahead.

The tide has turned.
 By bluejay

12/31/2002  10:44PM

The following was submitted to dowtheoryletters.com today by a subscriber with the initials of JD.


It seems that know-body is looking at what the central bankers are really doing. They are not stupid and they are acting out this drama precisely to their plan. And what is their plan?

Their plan has and always will be to hold that which is of value when it is valuable and get rid of that which is going to become worthless. They are masters of the world of investing because they are given the power to control instruments used by the masses to transact. And most importantly we must never forget the CBs are always run by the most corrupt, greedy, blood-sucking, exploitive scumbag individuals the world can produce. They pay no allegience to any country, leader, race, religion, ethnic group, or god. They are interested in bettering their own lot at the expense of others. Most people do not hold these qualities to the degree necessary to become a central banker which is why they make up an elite, 'above the law' group of people.

So what kind of animal are we dealing with? First, we must remember that CBs, like governments and private corporations, come and go. There have been many times in history in which central banks or moneychangers did not exist. Second, the power and/or existence of central banks is cyclical. These parasitic organizations plan their arrival and departure from the scene depending on when and if it is safe and advantageous for them to operate. They exploit in peace time as well as in war time. Their aim is to control the instruments (money) that the masses use to transact. This can be fiat paper currencies, electronic digits (debt) on a computer hard drive, gold, silver, rice or any other commodity in demand. Their ultimate goal is to keep everyone indebted to them, esprcially puppet, corrupt governments who do not represent the people. They have no client preferences and are flexible: indebtedness is the same to them whether you are a Hitler, a Stalin, a Roosevelt, or a Churchill, or even a Bin Laden. And, they always make sure to distribute to the masses those instruments which will lose value in the future and accumulate from the masses those instruments that will appreciate in value.

So what is the game plan of Greenscam and others of his ilk? The FED has been around since 1913. It is going to celebrate its's 90th birthday next year; that is 90 years of confiscation of the wealth of the American people. This is the longest running central bank in the history of the U.S. and appears to be closing in on its 'use by' date. I believe they knew this by the early 90s after decades of printing fiat U.S. paper instruments that caused government debt and trade deficits to soar. It was more than clear that by the 90s the U.S. had economically been obliterated by Europe and Asia. The trade deficits told us that in black and white. And they only got worse.

They have known that Bretton Woods was the official beginning of the impoverishment of the American people by establishing their fiat U.S. dollar as the world reserve currency therefore creating the illusion that we could get something (real goods and services) from the rest of the world for nothing (our fiat U.S. dollar). And now they know that their printing press orgy is about to be turbo-charged; that is, they are going to print the U.S. dollar into oblivion. And all the other fiat currencies trading along with it are going to meet the same fate. Greenscam has let the world know that he is going to print until the press breaks down. The end of the dollar means the end of the FED. The 'issuance of fiat' game is about over.

The FED 'use by' date is rapidly approaching. They have know (known) this since 1987. So what does a true-blue CBer do when its time to exit. They do what they have taught Wall Street to do. They pump and dump that which they want to sell: pump up fiat dollar instruments (their own TRASH) and dump them on the masses (distribute that which is going to become worthless). And at the same time they take Jesse Livermore's advise and first dump what they want to buy and then pump. So, they dumped publically-owned gold (CB gold auctions) in order to privately accumulate that which they will pump in the future. So, the CBs are doing exactly what you would expect them to do. Of course, know-body will ever know who bought all that gold at those rigged auctions, will they? CBers are never generous. You can be assured it landed in the right hands.

So, what are we missing? The fraud is not the manipulation of the gold price. That's the side show. The main attraction is the TRANSFER OF THE PUBLIC'S (OUR) GOLD INTO PRIVATE CENTRAL BANK HANDS.


And life on Wall Street goes on..... The CEO's and Insiders of Enron, Worldcom, Tyco, et al stole the people's fiat paper by pumping and dumping their respective shares. The FED has stolen the only real asset we ever had and left us with a broken down, 90-year-old printing press.
 By bluejay

12/19/2002  9:40AM

Blanchard and Company has filed an anti-trust lawsuit charging Barrick Gold and J.P. Morgan Chase of cover-ups to manipulate the gold price. Blanchard is the largest retail dealer in physical gold in the United States. The gold dealer accused Barrick and J. P. Morgan of making $2 billion in "short selling" profits by suppessing the price at the expense of investors. Blanchard is seeking to end the trading agreements between Barrick, J.P. Morgan Chase and other bullion banks.

Blachard is seeking payment of losses caused by the alleged manipulation for its clients. Donald Doyle, Blachard's chief executive made the following statements, "Since the end of 1987, when the collaboration between Barrick and J.P. Morgan began, the growth of global income and wealth would have lifted the gold price to $740 if the price had been able to respond to the normal laws of supply and demand." "If gold had kept pace with inflation, the price today would be approximately $760."

In addition, the following complaints were made:

1- During the past five years the two companies injected millions of additional ounces of gold into the market or several times more than the annual production of every gold mine in South Africa, the world's largest gold producer.

2- Barrick and J.P. Morgan used privately negotiated derivative contracts and concealed additional billions of dollars worth of physical gold with off balance sheet accounting, Barrick made it virtually impossible for gold analysts and investors to determine the size and the market impact of its trading position.

3- Barrick and J.P. Morgan repeated short selling with advantageous terms not available to others including deferred repayment and no margin calls.

The question is posed, do other gold mining companies join in a class action suit against Barricks Gold and J.P. Morgan Chase for damages? If Blanchard's allegations are true, was this scheme just a part of a concerted effort to suppress the price of gold by other unamed sources?

While people in North America slept last night the price of gold traded above $355 per ounce in Hong kong. Shortly afterwards the price of the metal was smacked about $10 an ounce. Was this selling facilitated by physical gold or just by paper entries? When will this house of cards come down? Trained market observers will tell you, when the spring can't be tightened anymore prices will explode. It's just a matter of time.
 By bluejay

11/27/2002  6:00PM

Some thought provoking comments by a subscriber to the Dow Theory Letters http://www.dowtheoryletters.com appeared in the Members Section today. The following is the complete text of those comments:

"let's see ....262 million ozs. times $320 market price equals roughly $84 billion to collateralize $6 1/4 trillion of debt...not including GNMA,FNMA etc. which are not guaranteed just approved by Government...but they would probably bail them out anyway...national debt grew over $525 billion in last 14 months...gold supply at market equals $84 billion .....in 14 months national debt grew more than 6 times the value of the U.S. Gold supply....I'm getting dizzy from this madness.....think I'll hug my gold investments tonight...however being prudent I'll start with my wife.... R Rosen"

Prior and up until 1935 holders of the the Dollar could exchange $20.67 of them for one ounce of Gold. From 1935 to 1968, the U.S. redeemed dollars held by foreigners only at the rate of $35 for each ounce.

The following is from the website http://www.cals.ncsu.edu/course/are012/lecture/lectu4/sld003.htm: "Some folks still think that the U.S. Dollar is backed by gold. It is not. What do I mean when I refer to the dollar being backed by gold? Well years ago, the U.S. treasury could only print as much money as the U.S. treasury had in gold reserves. For example, if the U.S. treasury had $1 billion dollars worth of gold in reserves, then only a $1 billion dollars of paper money and coinage could be printed or stamped out. The only way to increase the money supply under this system was to increase gold reserves. If gold reserves decreased due to payments in gold for imported commodities, then the money supply had to be decreased."

For some expanded thoughts on Gold, Dollar and the Federal Reserve go to http://www.house.gov/paul/tst/tst2002/tst061002.htm where Representative Ron Paul of Texas elaborates.

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