July 5, 2022 

Gold Enters Major Bull Market


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 By bluejay

06/14/2007  11:50PM

Gold $651.00
Silver $13.08
Gold/Silver Ratio 49.77
Gold/XAU Ratio 4.70

In a surprise move GATA(Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee) retained lawyer Edwin Vieira of Washington D.C. to pursue the truth about what has happened to the U.S. gold reserves using the Freedom of Information Act.

In GATA's press release of June 14, 2007 its Chairman William J. Murphy said, "As the nominal holder of the largest official gold reserves in the world and the issuer of the primary world reserve currency, the U.S. government has much to answer for here.

No one is more expert in these issues than Ed Vieira, and all GATA wants is the truth. In a democracy that should not be too much to ask."
 By bluejay

06/14/2007  12:31PM

Gold $651.60
Silver $$13.10
Gold/Silver ratio 49.74
Gold/XAU Ratio 4.70(In the past few weeks the gold stocks have been stronger than gold.)

The following excerpts are from an article published by Joe Kay at www.wsws.org on June 11, 2007 entitled, "US: CEO pay climbs to "Stratospheric Heights."

"CEO pay(up 38% in 2006 compared to 2005), high as it is, is nevertheless dwarfed by the compensation for managers at the top hedge funds, which coordinate investments for the extremely wealthy. The 25 highest-paid hedge fund managers in the US had an average income of $540 million in 2006, according to a report in Alpha magazine in April."

According to the amount of inflicted damage by suspected hedge funds on gold related stocks recently, the average incomes of the top 25 hedge fund managers may exceed their 2006 totals.

"The beneficiaries of the continued rise in the stock market are increasingly a tiny layer of the population. In 2004, nearly 60 percent of all capital income(income from interests, dividends, rents and capital gains) went to the top 1 percent. This share was the largest since these figures were first recorded in 1979."

"It has been steadily rising over the past decade, and no doubt over 60 percent in 2006. At the same time, corporate profits relative to employee compensation and the national income are also at a record highs and rising."

"This means that there has been a steady redistribution of wealth over the past quarter century, and in particular over the past several years. Real wages have stagnated or declined, while the earnings of top executives and investors have skyrocketed."

"An AP article notes, citing a study by the Institute for Policy Studies, that if the federal minimum wage had increased at the same rate as CEO pay, it would now stand at $22.61. Instead, it will increase to a meager $5.85 in July. The real minimum wage has actually fallen substantially over the past three decades." The "real minimum wage" is the inflation adjusted wage.

At jsminest.com last night Dan Norcini displayed two charts: One showing a recent break out to the upside for the price of wheat and the other showing a runaway advance relating to the price of milk. These increases will be showing up fast enough in your supermarkets.
 By bluejay

06/13/2007  1:43PM

Gold $650.70
Silver $13.09
Gold/Silver Ratio 49.71
Gold/XAU Ratio 4.76

Part 2

Message from Ferdinand Lips that was delivered in Dawson City, August 8, 2005 to the "Gold Rush 21" Convention.

Returning to a gold based monetary system and how it can be achieved:


2) Knowledge

3) Mining

-Gold Anti Trust Action Committee-

GATA for seven years under the leadership of Bill Murphy and Chris Powell have been fighting for free markets, for a free gold market. Bill's courage is without example. It is a fight of David against Goliath. Day after day he is hammering out his message for transparency through honesty.

Day after day he informs us how honest people are robbed by arrogant governments, bureaucrats, useless central banks and an all mighty banking system. It is a total crime. If you manipulate the price of assets of other people, destroy the economy of all nations, primarily Africa, and drive hundreds of millions of people into poverty, it is a crime.

GATA courageously fights for free markets, better markets, honesty and a better world. GATA deserves our full support.

The mining industry has often been criticized by GATA and rightly so. GATA criticized it for not protesting against the obvious manipulation. The mining people don't realize what is happening to their product and to them and to their shareholders.

They are mostly engineers and don't understand what some dark and obscure characters on COMEX(commodities market in New York) are doing to them, they are just closing their eyes. If you realize how much it takes to get a few grams of gold out of the ground then it is obvious that this manipulation is a major crime.

It can only be in the interest of the mining people to support GATA. Actually, it was the job of the World Gold Council but they have failed. That is one of the strangest organizations I have ever met. In any case, they are not the friend of the gold mining industry.

All the gold and silver mines of this world should give GATA an annual contribution. All investors, primarily those interested in gold and silver mines, must subscribe to GATA. GATA is the only organization fighting for miners and investors, fighting for their rights and their money.

GATA should become a structured business corporation. The benefits for everybody would be enormous. Not just for a few stock market gains but for the whole economy, the mines, the shareholders and the workers and for freedom.

Can it be done? Yes, it can. It is needed because the cabal can not endlessly steal our money. GATA must live and grow. Let's build GATA into a powerful organization. Bill deserves it, he is a pioneer.
 By bluejay

06/12/2007  2:30PM

Gold $646.50
Silver $12.99
Gold/Silver Ratio 49.77
Gold/XAU Ratio 4.79

The Gold/XAU Ratio is included for it tells the true story on the health of gold and silver stocks. When the ratio is at 5 the shares are a buy and when the ratio is at 3 they are a sell for intermediate trading purposes. This is a time tested approach to understanding the health of gold and silver shares as opposed to scary current events. The ratio is availble at kitco.com and is updated frequently.

Holding gold and gold related companies has been made difficult recently by the criminal elements in the marketplace. We all know who they are, all the way up to the "all mighty" FED. If the gold is in Fort Knox why can't the auditors confirm it? "Secrets destroy organizations."

Following this anti-gold charade, those who own the gold shall make the rules. Don't be a sold out bull, hold your ground.
 By bluejay

06/11/2007  1:07AM

Gold $648.40
Silver $13.05
Gold/Silver Ratio 49.69

The price manipulation of gold has cost owners of gold companies untold billions of dollars and has forced many of them out of business and left most of the remaining ones just fighting for their lives.

As Ferdinand Lips has said, "Gold has been the standard of all great civilizations." Ferdinand Lips was a Swiss banker, a gold market analyst, an author and was the leading advocate in returning to the gold standard. Sadly, Mr. Lips passed away not seeing his dream come true in September of 2005.

On August 8th of 2005 the Gold Anti Trust Action Committee(GATA) sponsored "Gold Rush 21" in Dawson City where many concerned people joined in a convention to mainly discuss the western central bankers's management of the world gold price.

During the conference one of my Lips' business partners, J.P. Schumacher, presented his speech that he was unable to present himself because of illness.

Following are some excerpts from that speech:

"The gold standard was the highest monetary achievement of the nineteenth century."

Mr. Lips gives his forecast of the future with his 10 conclusions:(Remember this is August of 2005 when gold was just above $400 an ounce)

1- There will be no more Federal Reserve. The central bank is the fourth in the country's history. The former three all ended in financial disaster. This organization has tragically failed. It has run the 1913 dollar to 5 cents or lower of its original value. I suspect that a revolution will take place against the FED. It has made people poor.

2- Most of the central banks must go. They have been too irresponsible. They have provided money for the banks and the wealthy to speculate and left ordinary people holding the bag. They have fraudulently sold their citizens gold and invested in U.S. dollars with its debt backed by nothing. They sold gold at the bottom and later sold some dollars at the bottom in recent years for the Euro. Gold is the only alternative to worthless paper monetary reserves.

3- I am worried about the future of the United States. They have a dying manufacturing sector. They are bleeding to death with endless wars. They have no real enemy from the outside but have one that comes from the inside. People are not informed what is going on. I hear people are losing their freedom, of course this is the consequence. Americans should remember their heritage and the principles of their founding fathers. Wonderful men created a great and successful country that was admired by the whole world. This is all gone. Their government is only interested in teaching the world democracy. They want to rule the world but don't understand it. They want to manage markets they no longer control and go to war when nothing else works.

4- China will be the biggest economy in the world, believe me. This is far superior than Disneyland. China will be the most important country in the world but will have to be careful managing its growth. The growth will create tensions and China could divide into three countries. It has happened before. The three countries would find management easier.

5- India will become wealthier and more successful. I wonder if a country is that successful if it has so many poor people. Contrary to predictions, India will buy more and more gold. They will never change. The gold road to India and all over Asia starts in Dubai. Dubai is building the biggest gold refineries in the world.

6- Russia could become the greatest power of the world. Russia may have the biggest gold reserves. In 1917 under the Czar Russia had the biggest buildup of gold reserves, including the Bank of England. It is a fabulously rich country with enormous resources, a lot of good people and a lot of culture.

7- Together with Russia, Europe could again be the center of the world but first the Euro needs a link to gold. The E.U will fail and the Euro may fail.

8- Gold and Silver will be much much higher, along with oil. There is not enough gold. Who wants to produce gold and silver as much as when prices are held artifically low? This whole manipulation of the gold price has no end. It will end just like the London Gold Pool in 1968, just collapse. The Gold Pool was created in 1960 by the central banks to keep gold at $35 an ounce. It could not last. Gold was stronger than the central banks and gold will also be stronger than the hedge fund boys who are criminally borrowing and shorting stocks of gold rich exploration companies just to bring them down on their knees. Only this time the explosion of the price of gold and gold stocks will be more spectacular, they will go to the moon and the manipulators will be hit by a real boomerang. Gold will take its revenge.

9- If the price of gold and silver were left to free markets sources, everyone would benefit: South America, and most of the continent of Africa, especially South Africa. Even the U.S. which is the third biggest gold producer would benefit. There would be a renaissance in mining benefits to the economies as a whole.

10- My most important forecast is the following: A return to the gold standard. Without a return to the gold standard you cn forget it. I repeat, you can forget it. If we go back to the gold standard I can see the best scenario for mankind. Everyone would benefit from sound money. South America, South Africa and the U.S. could again be a great economic power and nation. Asia may benefit the most. The world economy would run on its full potential. There would be full employment everywhere. The young could again find jobs. Peace would return to the world.

How can it be achieved?

1) GATA revelation

2) Knowledge revelation

3) Mining revelation

The completion to follow another night.
 By bluejay

05/13/2007  3:40PM

Gold $670.10
Silver $13.20
Gold/Silver Ratio 50.77

In the past few days Lars Lindgren from Norway has forecast a $70 price for light crude oil in July versus a last price of $62.37.

Just today David Galland from CaseyResearch.com did a story on oil's potential at 321.com.
What was most interesting in the article was a chart displaying the proportional price relationship of gold to oil prices since 1946. The chart specifically compares domestic west Texas intermediate oil to the London gold price.

Up until 1999 gold and oil pretty much followed each other with the exception of the lead volatility of the oil prices at times. During the years of 1999 and 2000 the oil price exploded from about $11 a barrel to close to $35 a barrel. During that same period gold was in about a $250 to $275 price range, basically a sleep. Of course this was the same time of the infamous English Treasury gold sales. Were these sales part of a western central bank master plan to keep gold under water as the rising oil prices were screaming, inflation ahead?

The chart is worth viewing as it clearly shows from 2004 to present that gold stopped following higher oil prices. Is oil to high or is gold too low? Lars Lindgren says oil will advance over the next two months. David Galland draws the senario of gold at $100 a barrel if hostilities break out between the U.S and Iran.

When will gold's price be released from the chains of western central bankers and their funny ideas? There are super rich people in the world today that understand, in U.S. dollars, that gold is super cheap compared to oil and are quietly and methodically acquiring it.
 By bluejay

05/12/2007  5:11PM


Gold closed at $670.10 Friday, not $679.10
 By bluejay

05/12/2007  5:08PM

Gold $679.10
Silver $13.20
Gold/Silver Ratio 50.77

The gold market is wound up fairly tight with buyers and sellers flexing their muscles as each side approaches the other's lines of defense. The key element in this market is resistance in the 690-700 zone and evolving support in the 660-665 area. Gold's celebrated $15 weakness on Thursday couldn't carry through into the next day as buyers found gold attractive near the 665 area and bid it higher, closing the precious metal at 670.10 for the day.

What has gone generally unnoticed is gold is establishing a growing firm footing on the chart in the 660-665 area. According to Blanchard $ Company there has been massive European central bank sales recently. Gold has stood firm in this area for the past three weeks. The probabilities are increasing that gold will soon mount the 700 area.
 By bluejay

05/10/2007  10:42PM

Gold $667.50
Silver $13.01
Gold/Silver Ratio 51.31

Gold got spanked pretty good today, selling off $15 in New York while closing at about $665. Comments at the Barrick Gold annual meeting on May 2nd propelled gold upwards to hit about $690 three days later. Since Tuesday, it's all been all downhill.

This declining phase has all the earmarks of your friendly little miscreants at work again. If they are going to take gold down farther then you should be buying the metal in earnest, not being scared into selling it.

These people aim to freighten you and drive you out of your gold coins and gold stocks. It is certain that some people have given in already. Free markets in this country are a thing of the past.

Don't let the miscreants use their controlled markets to blind you to the truth. James Sinclair is the most successful gold investor in the world and he says gold is going to $1650 and that's all you need for courage as these market bandits attempt to steal from you.
 By bluejay

04/17/2007  8:59PM

Gold $688.10
Silver $13.97
Gold/Silver Index 49.26


Half of your allotment should be in gold coins while taking delivery and the remaining balance should be mostly in Royal Gold(RGLD-OTC) with some scattered purchases of gold and other metal exploration companies.

Paul Van Eden is the expert for recommending exploration companies. He publishes a letter which is expensive. I believe two of his past recommendations were Miranda Gold and Lara Exploration Ltd. I do not know their current status as I am not a subscriber.
 By Rick

04/17/2007  10:04AM

Bluejay, thanks for the words regarding my entry titled OUTRAGEOUS, now moved into the Court of Appeals topic.

Next, regarding gold stocks. I realize you may not be in a position to do so, but I am currently re-allocating my portfolio in the market and want to include gold/mining related stocks or mutual funds, and hope for your input. What can you recommend, if not specific stocks, a good resource for comparison?
 By bluejay

04/16/2007  6:14PM

Gold $688.40
Silver $14.05
Gold/Silver Ratio 49.01

GFMS Ltd. in London reports the following:

Global mine production cash costs increased in 2006 by 17%. This is twice the increase compared to 2005.

In North America cash costs did far worse. In the U.S. they were up 29% while Canada's were higher by 26%.

Global gold output was down by just over 3% to 2471.1 tons as compared to the production in 2005 of 2550.1 tons.

Peak gold production in the last ten years was 2645.0 tons recorded in 2001.
 By bluejay

04/16/2007  1:09PM

Gold $690.70
Silver $14.02
Gold/Silver Index 49.27

Gold hit a high today of $696.10 and is currently in the process of catching its breathe.

From AMEInfo.com, Dubai
Sunday, April 15, 2007

"Recommending gold stocks, Dubai's AMEInfo cites GATA"

The following are excerpts from this article:

"Gold is the only true currency and fiat paper currencies like the US dollar devalue against this store of value in times of inflation. But there is a tipping point point at which the gradual shift away from the US dollar will become a rout as holders of the US currency seek an alternative.

...$3,000 an ounce

Then gold will start a rapid ascent in value, back towards an inflation-adjusted, all-time high of around $3,000. Supporters of GATA pressure group maintain that it is only the central bank collusion that keeps gold prices low, and that collusion is breaking down with even the IMF now actively canvassing rule changes to make a more transparent market.

...Golden juniors

Also junior mining and exploration companies with claims may find that their modest assets suddenly zoom up in value as producers seek new sources of gold and bid up their value.

This is where the hundred-fold increases will be found in the next gold boom, as in the late 1970's, although the metal itself and the bigger companies will provide very large rewards at a time when other asset classes may struggle to deliver returns.
 By bluejay

04/15/2007  9:31PM

Gold $685.40
Silver $14.03
Gold/Silver Index 48.85

It was reported on April 14, 2007 by Dow Jones that, "Japan's finance minister said Saturday he had proposed to the International Monetary Funds's policy-steering body that the fund sell its gold reserves to cover falling income." As of last year, the IMF said it held 103.4 million ounces of gold.

"Japan has told(the committee): "Why not sell gold?"

"Omi's proposal is in line with Japan's long-held stance as well as recommendations made earlier this year by a high-level panel at the IMF. In late January, the panel, chaired by Andrew Crockett, president of JPMorgan Chase & Co.(JPM), urged the fund to sell some of its vast gold reserves and invest the proceeds to raise money."

1- The action of gold is indicating that the Japanese Yen is a short sale.

2- JPMorgan Chase is a bullion bank which is short gold and is also a commercial bank whose financial health will always look good when gold is low.

Both their philosophies are the same: kill gold, the messenger, if you don't like the news. The news today is that gold is very strong at $685.40.

Japan's currency as measured against gold is in the dumpster and the Dollar is starting to slip off a cliff compared to gold. Sorry boys, you only have yourselves to blame. Attempting to kill the teacher won't change your grades.

The London Sunday Times today is reminding its readers that Gordon Brown has cost the English people two billion pounds following his gold sales campaign for the Treasury between 1999 and 2002.

The Times' report on Gordon lists many comical reasons given by the Treasury saying why Gordon did no wrong. Oh I forgot, Gordon is their boss.

Gold's current push in here has a lot of people worried and it appears that the miscreants have started a new campaign to discredit gold.

This is an old trick that has been used in markets since the beginning. If you want a commodity, stock, currency or in this case gold to go down, then start your attack in the media.

The hedge funds continue to short the gold stocks probably with naked shorts. Why not? The SEC doesn't care. Oh I forgot, the SEC is a member of the Exchange Stabilization Fund that has no interest in seeing a higher gold price.

There is no question that a good portion of the attack against gold has been all this naked shorting of gold stocks by the hedge funds in an attempt to quiet the public interest as they are related to the metal.

Don't be a victim of the tricks that these miscreants are throwing our way. Sit tight and enjoy the ride to offset inflation and take some profits along the way!
 By bluejay

04/11/2007  10:37AM

Gold $676.70
Silver $13.78
Gold/Silver Index 49.11

The following is a list of metals with their five year performances:

Nickel + 792%

Zinc + 489%

Copper + 482%

Lead + 394%

Silver + 198%

Aluminum+ 113%

Gold + 111%

Over the same five year period:

Dow Jones Industrial Averages + 74%

Philadelphia Gold % Silver Index + 158%

Assuming a loss in purchasing power of 10% per year over the past five years, all the percentage gains of the above should be reduced 50% to reflect this subjective estimate for the real rate of inflation.

Unfortunately, the inflation estimates have to be made because the government skews the numbers with their CPI.

The five year trends in the metals are well established and will continue as our money supply continues to expand.

The Dow Jones Industrial stocks are the worst performer of this group. Sadly, the biggest loser of all is having your excess funds in government bonds or in the banks where you are losing part of your wealth as a result of the inflation factor.

Is there any wonder why the government doesn't want the price of gold to seek its natural levels?

If gold were to be higher there would be more questions about: What is happening to our money? Remember, gold is the inflation report card. The government is playing a dangerous game in trying to control a bull market in gold.

If the bull gets loose the Exchange Stabilization boys will have to account for the country's gold or go to jail.
 By bluejay

04/04/2007  8:11PM

Gold $672.80
Silver $13.53
Gold/Silver Index 49.73

The following are comments
made today by Mr. Gold, Jim Sinclair at 4:47:00 PM EST.

"Even I am shocked at the strength of gold today. You probably never thought you would hear that from me."

"The first move up was from the belief that Iran was going to hold and try the captives, but after Iran said they were free to go, gold ran right back up to the high and held it."

"That is outrageous strength. I have not seen anything like this since 1979."(In 1979 gold advanced from $250 to nearly $900 in January of 1980.)

There is no one that has bettered Mr. Sinclair's track record concerning his opinions and predictions of gold. His long standing prediction is that gold will trade at $1,650.

Jim is a true patriot for offering his many years of market experience free of charge for those interested in "seeking the truth" at http://www.jsmineset.com.
 By bluejay

04/02/2007  6:29PM

Gold $665.40
Silver $13.30
Gold/Silver Index 50.03

Gold is the ultimate report card.

The price that gold reports in each country's related currency is the type of job government officials are performing in their perspective financial responsibilities, both domestically and internationally.

When governments don't like their grades they attack the gold market by forcing it lower with all their little schemes. It is as simple as that.

One of their schemes is practiced on the COMEX where these people sell contracts through their hired hands for future delivery that don't require settlement in gold. They just roll them over to the next trading month cycle or settle the difference in cash for any amount due. In London where they don't really operate, all consummated sell sides have to be settled with the delivery of physical gold.

Another scheme to depress interest in gold in this country is by giving the hedge funds a free hand at selling gold shares that they don't own or that they can't borrow. This scheme is meant to drive people crazy as their stocks don't act well against a higher gold price. This kind of manipulation only works during the short term.

The Securities and Exchange Commission does not put pressure on the hedge funds to deliver physical shares like you and I would be required to do. They seem to have an understanding with them. Remember, the Securities & Exchange Commission is a member of the Exchange Stabilization Fund which was created in 1987.

These sold shares by the hedge funds circulate as "failure to deliver(FTD's)" shares. Who knows, maybe you have bought some of these FTD's and although your brokerage statement says that you have the stock in your account, they maybe only FTD's. Who really knows, as they are not specified. FTD's are basically betting vouchers, or so called promises to deliver and they are not physical stock.

These paper instruments, futures and FTD's, are controlling the prices of real assets. Specifically gold, and to a lesser degree, silver.

These "paper tiger" schemes only display weakness and desperation on the part of the western central bankers who sense the emergence of gold as the supreme world currency. The days of seriously suppressing gold's price by selling physical gold to a large degree ended with the demise of the London Gold Pool and later in 1971 when president Nixon closed the gold window.

Thanks to a new scheme when Barrick Gold was directly involved with these bankers they invented a new way to depress gold's price in or about 1980. The bankers would lend gold to Barrick to sell in the open market. The bone given to Barrick was enough inside information concerning their ultimate goal that Peter Monk joined into selling with them in earnest.

In fact, Barrick sold in the process more gold for future delivery than they had gold reserves in the ground. Barrick was a commodities trading house then not really a miner. Prior to the creation of American Barrick, now Barrick Gold, Barrick's Monk had no practical experience in the mining industry. Greedy over indulgence cost many in the gold industry along with their shareholders untold millions of dollars.

Many years ago when Monk was a college student during the Christmas season he reamed some Christmas shoppers as well. He specialized in arbitrage, hopping around like a human sized African jerboa with Christmas trees on his back buying from one mall lot and selling to another mall lot for a profit.

Barrick continues to be short gold from their earlier gold bashing days of the 80's and 90's.

Respect goes out to the corporate officers of Nova Gold for telling Barrick to stick it when they tried to take over the company.

Any weakness in gold's price should continue to be viewed as a buying opportunity. The best is yet to come!

Miscreants, your days are coming too. What is your exit plan? Oh I forgot, you guys think you are in control. Your exit plan will be one of the fastest short covering rallies in history, both in the metal and in the gold shares.

The other side of gold is the U.S. Dollar Index. These miscreants are going to find it impossible to contain gold's strength when the Dollar takes its expected swan dive.
 By bluejay

03/23/2007  1:06PM

Gold $656.20
Silver $13.13
Gold/Silver Index 49.98

Bloomberg has presented a shocking 25 minute presentation entitled "Phamtom Shares" that everyone holding stocks needs to view.

The easiest way to access this YouTube video is to google search Bloomberg Phantom Shares.

Every December Wall Street firms brag about the bonuses that are handed out to their employees. Now we know where the money comes from: It comes from investor's pockets.

The policeman on Wall Street is the Securities and Exchange Commission(SEC). After viewing the video, the only conclusion that can be made is:

The SEC thinks greed and stealing is good which is amply demonstrated by their inaction to control and prosecute trading abuses conducted by Wall Street manipulators.

What ever happened to: For the people and by the people?
 By bluejay

03/20/2007  9:01PM

Gold $659.00
Silver $13.28
Gold/Silver Index 49.62

Why are the precious metal stocks underwater as gold continues higher in its well established bull market?

There have been many entries in this section concerning suspected manipulation of gold and the gold stocks. The finger has been regularly pointed at the bullion banks, the Exchange Stabilization Fund and the hedge fund boys.

Tonight on the jsmineset.com website there is a current video interview of Jim Cramer the host of CNBS's "Mad Money" where he admits price manipulation by the hedge funds. This could be one source that has manipulated gold stocks lower way out of character compared to past trading norms against gold's price.

The point is, sadly, that the whole stock market must be a rigged event. What chances do well meaning investors have using their life savings against a group that clearly has one greedy motive: big salaries and big bonuses at any cost?

Jim Cramer basically said that the SEC can't figure out what the hedge funds are doing.

It clearly appears that the SEC is not doing their market surveillance job. Is the SEC just looking the other way for the benefit of the hedge funds as well meaning stockholders of precious metal shares get reamed by them?

It's a cruel world when gold company shareholders get fried when their main reason for being in this group in the first place is to protect their family's wealth against monetary inflation.

As a point of interest: The Federal Reserve has tripled our money supply since 1990 and is printing more money faster today as a result of the failing subprime loan market.

Check out the video tonight at jsmineset.com.
 By bluejay

03/14/2007  12:31PM

Gold $641.50
Silver $12.73
Gold/Silver Ratio 50.39

The suppression of gold's price continues as the miscreants run scared.

The FED is now obviously concerned with the possibility of a melt down in the OTC interest sensitive derivatives market.

As Jim Sinclair said this morning, "This situation is serious as the first flame of a financial melt down is getting closer to the fuse of the interest sensitive over the counter derivatives. A flop in those OTC derivatives would be devastating to the international financial community so it is reasonable to assume it will not occur, at least here and now. In order to prevent such a situation that would act as a vacuum on liquidity, the Federal Reserve must act to add liquidity to an already brimming over the top world liquidity situation."

"Since this is super bearish for the U.S. dollar, it is super bullish for gold."

Gold's price manipulation starts with the bullion banks on orders and is continued by the hedge fund boys.

It's not too difficult to see how the primary miscreants operate: Selling is usually exerted on gold near the close of the N.Y. COMEX trading session and into the N.Y. Access Market where trading is usually thin. Just before N.Y. trading begins, London's gold market usually weakens. If gold strengthens following early morning weakness in N.Y. it is hit again.

These miscreants take gold down hard making price with no thoughts of getting a better price like you and I would. They just bang away at it to please their handlers.

The main group that operates in total secrecy is the Exchange Stabilization Fund which is accountable only to the president. Concerning gold, this clandestine group should be called the Exchange Destabilization Fund.

History has taught us that these shenanigans only work for a short period of time. Gold's current weakness is just another buying opportunity in the march to much higher prices for the metal. Don't be fooled by these tricksters.

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