July 5, 2022 

Gold Enters Major Bull Market


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 By bluejay

08/08/2009  6:03PM

Friday's gold close $955.40

Significant charts from the Department of Labor.

 By bluejay

08/06/2009  9:35PM

last of gold is $961.40

The gold cartel digs in its heels and defends a given level. They dump paper gold on the market periodically in defense of the indefensible. The sequence has the strange characteristic of lower highs and higher lows each time. A resolution is demanded. The gold cartel is fast running out of physical gold with which to fill their rifles and artillery cannons. Being shot with a paper bullet from a rifle surely hurts, but the effect to stop a rush of angry investors cannot be stopped by paper gunfire. Beware of upcoming shocks.

Comments by Jim Willie
CB. Editor
Hat Trick Letter
July 29, 2009
 By bluejay

08/06/2009  5:40PM

Last on gold is $960.60

GoldSeek.com Radio interviewed Jim Sinclair on August 5, 2009 concerning gold.

Check it out and learn:

 By bluejay

07/21/2009  12:39PM

Last on gold is $948.10

Recent comments from Jim Sinclair:

Gold will take out $1000 on this try with a very temporary retreat before it moves fully through. Gold will move to and through $1224 with a temporary battle. Gold will move toward $1650 but meet serious temporary opposition in the $1400 area.

All of this will occur starting quite soon. Hold on tight to all that is precious metals.

Stay the course.
 By bluejay

07/16/2009  2:55PM

Last on gold is $937.00

The following was picked up today from the ECU stock page of agoracom.com in Canada. Sorry Mike, an easy link not possible.

Former Assistant Treasury Secretary, Paul Craig Roberts, again pens an excellent article below on the true state of affairs. He even pegs gold manipulation..."The price of one ounce of gold coins is $1,000 despite efforts of the US government to hold down the gold price."

Nice DOW save - VHF


There's Nothing Left To Recover - What Economy?

Paul Craig Roberts

July 16, 2009

There is no economy left to recover. The US manufacturing economy was lost to offshoring and free trade ideology. It was replaced by a mythical “New Economy.”

The “New Economy” was based on services. Its artificial life was fed by the Federal Reserve’s artificially low interest rates, which produced a real estate bubble, and by “free market” financial deregulation, which unleashed financial gangsters to new heights of debt leverage and fraudulent financial products.

The real economy was traded away for a make-believe economy. When the make-believe economy collapsed, Americans’ wealth in their real estate, pensions, and savings collapsed dramatically while their jobs disappeared.

The debt economy caused Americans to leverage their assets. They refinanced their homes and spent the equity. They maxed out numerous credit cards. They worked as many jobs as they could find. Debt expansion and multiple family incomes kept the economy going.

And now suddenly Americans can’t borrow in order to spend. They are over their heads in debt. Jobs are disappearing. America’s consumer economy, approximately 70% of GDP, is dead. Those Americans who still have jobs are saving against the prospect of job loss. Millions are homeless. Some have moved in with family and friends; others are living in tent cities.

Meanwhile the US government’s budget deficit has jumped from $455 billion in 2008 to $2,000 billion this year, with another $2,000 billion on the books for 2010. And President Obama has intensified America’s expensive war of aggression in Afghanistan and initiated a new war in Pakistan.

There is no way for these deficits to be financed except by printing money or by further collapse in stock markets that would drive people out of equity into bonds.

The US government’s budget is 50% in the red. That means half of every dollar the federal government spends must be borrowed or printed. Because of the worldwide debacle caused by Wall Street’s financial gangsterism, the world needs its own money and hasn’t $2 trillion annually to lend to Washington.

As dollars are printed, the growing supply adds to the pressure on the dollar’s role as reserve currency. Already America’s largest creditor, China, is admonishing Washington to protect China’s investment in US debt and lobbying for a new reserve currency to replace the dollar before it collapses. According to various reports, China is spending down its holdings of US dollars by acquiring gold and stocks of raw materials and energy.

The price of one ounce gold coins is $1,000 despite efforts of the US government to hold down the gold price. How high will this price jump when the rest of the world decides that the bankruptcy of “the world’s only superpower” is at hand?

And what will happen to America’s ability to import not only oil, but also the manufactured goods on which it is import-dependent?

When the over-supplied US dollar loses the reserve currency role, the US will no longer be able to pay for its massive imports of real goods and services with pieces of paper. Overnight, shortages will appear and Americans will be poorer.

Nothing in Presidents Bush and Obama’s economic policy addresses the real issues. Instead, Goldman Sachs was bailed out, more than once. As Eliot Spitzer said, the banks made a “bloody fortune” with US aid.

It was not the millions of now homeless homeowners who were bailed out. It was not the scant remains of American manufacturing--General Motors and Chrysler--that were bailed out. It was the Wall Street Banks.

According to Bloomberg.com, Goldman Sachs’ current record earnings from their free or low cost capital supplied by broke American taxpayers has led the firm to decide to boost compensation and benefits by 33 percent. On an annual basis, this comes to compensation of $773,000 per employee.

This should tell even the most dimwitted patriot who “their” government represents.

The worst of the economic crisis has not yet hit. I don’t mean the rest of the real estate crisis that is waiting in the wings. Home prices will fall further when the foreclosed properties currently held off the market are dumped. Store and office closings are adversely impacting the ability of owners of shopping malls and office buildings to make their mortgage payments. Commercial real estate loans were also securitized and turned into derivatives.

The real crisis awaits us. It is the crisis of high unemployment, of stagnant and declining real wages confronted with rising prices from the printing of money to pay the government’s bills and from the dollar’s loss of exchange value. Suddenly, Wal-Mart prices will look like Nieman Marcus prices.

Retirees dependent on state pension systems, which cannot print money, might not be paid, or might be paid with IOUs. They will not even have depreciating money with which to try to pay their bills. Desperate tax authorities will squeeze the remaining life out of the middle class.

Nothing in Obama’s economic policy is directed at saving the US dollar as reserve currency or the livelihoods of the American people. Obama’s policy, like Bush’s before him, is keyed to the enrichment of Goldman Sachs and the armament industries.

Matt Taibbi describes Goldman Sachs as “a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentless jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money.” Look at the Goldman Sachs representatives in the Clinton, Bush and Obama administrations. This bankster firm controls the economic policy of the United States.

Little wonder that Goldman Sachs has record earnings while the rest of us grow poorer by the day.
 By Rick

07/07/2009  7:54PM

I can't help but notice the parallel between the languishing gold price of the past recent doldrums ten years ago (280-320) and today's languish of 800-980....

It seems like the pull of the rubber-band: the stronger the pull, the bigger the snap.
 By bluejay

07/07/2009  8:44AM

Last on gold is $923.60.

The following link is to a recent interview of Jim Rogers by Fox News. Aside from the interview, how much longer can government revenues shrink while it continues to expand our debt to unprecedented levels? It must be nice to have a printing press in your basement but what will be the ultimate cost to you and I?

 By bluejay

07/01/2009  11:16AM

Last on gold is $940.20
Last on silver is $13.70
From Agoracom.com in Canada

Terresainte is from Geneva

JPM & Snowwhite
posted on Jul 01, 09 10:18AM

The OCC derivatives report Q1 2009 Table 9 on page 30 shows that the Fed’s conduit, JPM increased its Gold derivatives exposure by $10 Billion in Q1 vs Q4 ’08 to a mindboggling 79% of all outstanding Gold derivative contracts -> $92 billion or 100 million ounces.

In Silver (precious metals) JPM holds 56% of all Silver derivatives ($4.6 Billion or 338 million ounces) vs 48% in Q4. In addition the JPM current net silver short position on the Comex should be approx. 200 million ounces. This vs an annual world-wide supply of 888 million ounces. The paper ETF SLV claims to hold 280’500’000 Silver ounces (8724 tons). The Custodian “Surprise” is JPMorgan. https://ebts.jpmorgan.com/ebtsWebMod/ebts_downloads/BONYBARLIST.PDF

A Conflict of interest between these positions and at the same time being the custodian for the SLV shareholders is manifest. There is no written guarantee whatsoever that SLV’s silver claims on the physical silver inventory is not encumbered by one party or another. One has to be gullible to ignore the coincidence. Manipulating the price of silver with this kind of massive dominance is child's play.

Barclays, the current ETF owner predicting a silver price of $12 towards the end of the year should not surprise anyone either, they wish to fill their obligations at a discount.


 By Rockroby

06/29/2009  7:41AM

Gold is holding it's own,with India exporting for the first time?and not importing much with President pushing through a 400 ton IMF sale & all the scrap sales I am surprised gold is not going down.I am still buying miners and doing well with most of them and will continue through the Summer along with some physical gold & silver.
The U.S. does hold the most gold but who's gold is it & how much do we really have if they will not let audits take place, the people of the United States of America's gold could already be gone.
 By Nose 4 Gold

06/27/2009  2:15PM

Blue Jay: The USA holds the largest gold reserve in the World. What do you think will happen to the price of gold when your pinko friend Obama decides to sell this reserve to pay off your national debt? I read what you say and think you are a stupid jack ass.
 By bluejay

06/18/2009  9:50PM

Last on gold is $934.00

Dear Comrades In Golden Arms,

There is no better proof that we are getting extremely close to the Armstrong/Alf point of lift off than the violence of the shorts in their desire to cover both in paper gold and the long suffering junior gold shares.

The method used is to increase the short position now while we are waiting for the uptick rule to be reinstated all while driving a bulldozer of selling into markets. This selling is not to sell shares as much as it is to make a grandstand play to shake the confidence out of the bulls.

This type of strategy in paper gold today and many of the highly shorted junior gold shares is to ignite the passion of fear in holder's hands, therein allowing the shorts to make cover.

Call or email your company and inquire about their fundamental position. If it is good, then be sure you are witness to a strategy that is as old as markets themselves. This strategy is used by bulls to run shorts, and shorts to make cover depending on the circumstances.

In my opinion we are very close now to the best and longest move upwards in the gold market.

Gold is going to $1650 and then on to Alf's numbers.

The US dollar has nowhere to go as its support here has been only algorithms and coordinated statements of support, but actions to the contrary by the BRICs.

Stay the course.

Jim (Sinclair) http://www.jsmineset.com
 By bluejay

06/15/2009  7:54PM

Last on gold is $932.30.

I have just finished reading Antal Fekete's Primer On The Silver Basis. Thanks to Mr. Fekete my education continues to move forward.

The link to the article is:

 By bluejay

06/15/2009  11:42AM

The last on gold is $926.50. The banksters are feeling smug today with another manipulative feat. Why does the CFTC permit such a high illegal concentration of current short selling in gold and silver by two or three US banks???? The responsibility to the people by the government to insure fair play in markets was abandoned a long time ago.

The banks involved in setting prices for gold and silver are are criminals with no one in government brave enough to prosecute their own bosses except Ron Paul and possibly, a few others.

I have included a link to a remarkable effort by Martin Armstrong to awaken the people through his recent works in the essay entitled, Anatomy Of A Debt Crisis with special emphasis on the past reforming accomplishments of Julius Caesar during Rome's financial period of crisis.

Mike and Rick will find the content of Martin's report quite enlightening as it proves that incompetent judges along with incompetent politicians continue to make matters worse for the people in a historical repeating cycle of greed and lust for power.

 By bluejay

06/14/2009  7:12PM

The last on gold is $938.10.

Homestake and the 30's depression, will history repeat itself?

 By bluejay

06/12/2009  7:04PM

Last on gold is $938.30.

Concerning the CFTC's lack of interest to police the two or three large US banks that are heavily shorting gold and silver, precious metal holders should remain confident that sooner or later, on a daily bssis, this phantom selling campaign will end.


June 12th, 2009 by Egon von Greyerz

Take the following ingredients:
A banking system which is on the verge of collapse
Add a few $ trillion of government liquidity and guarantees
Inject $ 100’s of billions in loans and capital
Keep all the bank management that have caused the crisis
Pay them astronomical bonuses because otherwise they might be snapped up by a bankrupt competitor
Change the method for valuing the banks toxic and worthless assets so that they can publish hocus pocus increases in profits
Construct a stress test that all banks can pass, some with minor capital injection

Let some of the banks repay the government money to make the markets believe that the banking system has been saved and is sound
And what do you get?

Is still on the verge of collapse
Is leveraged 25-50 times
Will go under with a 2-4% write off of total assets
Has loan books that are deteriorating at an alarming rate
Is not recognising or extrapolating the rapidly rising default rates
Has a high percentage of prime residential mortgages in negative equity
Has not provided for commercial property loan defaults with property values falling 40-50%
Has a high level of personal loans and credit card loans which will never be repaid

Has worthless paper assets which are valued at fantasy prices with the blessing of the government

Has $ 100’s of trillions of derivatives for which there is no market and with no reserves for losses
Is too big to fail

Will soon require more support

Will need $ trillions and probably tens of trillions to survive which governments will of course print
 By bluejay

06/10/2009  3:51PM

Gold $955.80
Silver $ 15.19

You think we have free markets, think again.

Some years back when Warren Buffett started to acquire a large position in silver through a Connecticut broker the shorts in the market cried to the CFTC about a growing concentrated position being manipulative and the CFTC took action. Now with three or fewer banks holding a concentrated and manipulative position in silver and gold the CFTC is fast asleep. I guess we know who is working for whom.

Bad News, Good News

By: Theodore Butler
copied from http://www.silverseek.com

The most recent Commitment of Traders Report (COT) was almost a replay of the prior week’s report. Very little net new speculative buying/dealer selling in silver, massive net speculative buying/dealer selling in gold. As of the close of business June 2, both COMEX gold and silver futures are at the largest total commercial net short position levels since last summer. While the silver concentrated short position is still at world record levels, the concentrated gold short position is more than notable.

According to the COT and the Bank Participation Report issued Friday, the level of concentration on the short side of gold increased dramatically. In fact, the Bank Participation Report indicated that three or fewer US banks held the largest concentrated net short position in COMEX gold futures on record, at over 123,000 contracts (12.3 million oz). Let me repeat that, three or fewer US banks held the largest short position in history. Let me tell you why that’s bad news.

For the umpteenth time, concentration and manipulation go hand in hand. You can’t have manipulation without a concentration. Period. Concentration is also dangerous to everyone; the markets, the regulators, innocent participants, even to the US banks so heavily short. That was the problem with AIG in the credit default swap debacle that almost sunk the financial system. They had too big of a concentrated position. This COMEX gold and silver short position is not on the same scale as AIG’s CDS position, but it is way too big and concentrated. It shouldn’t be allowed, especially by US banks, considering what havoc they have already wrought.

To those who insist that all this concentrated shorting by a very small number of US banks is just some type of aggregation of accounts doing legitimately hedging, let me explain why that is nonsense. The gold concentrated short position increased to a record level in just one month. At the exact same time, the published gold miner hedge position is at its lowest level in a decade. You can’t have a record large concentrated short position being a legitimate hedge when the hedge position is at a record low.

Let’s be honest. This record short position by two or three US banks was put on as an offset to speculative buying by technical hedge funds on the COMEX. It was no hedge, just a plain vanilla speculative short by the 2 or 3 US banks. They sold short because they were convinced they could eventually get the tech fund longs to liquidate at lower price levels and make a profit in the end. Normally, that might not be a problem, just some big speculative bets being made by big money institutions. But these aren’t normal times or normal conditions. The short selling by 2 or 3 big US banks has become so concentrated that it has crossed the manipulation line by a wide margin. Who died and left them the kings of price control?

Transparency is one thing, honesty is something else entirely. It’s laudable that the CFTC is so transparent in publishing the data that I reference. But what good is publishing the data if they are not going to be honest about what the data signifies? It is time for the CFTC to speak out on this issue. They have been investigating this issue of concentration for more than ten months now, their third silver investigation in five years. If they find nothing wrong in silver this time, unfortunately as the odds favor, there will be no additional silver investigations - until the silver market blows up. Then there will be a final silver investigation, trying to uncover why they didn’t see it coming.

That’s why it’s important to bring your concerns to the new chairman of the CFTC, Gary Gensler. Please give him the benefit of any doubt you might have about him fixing this problem. I have studied his public testimony and his background. He looks like the real deal - smart and aware of the important issues, like manipulation and speculative position limits. I just hope he can see that speculative position limits must apply to the big banks as well when they are, in fact, speculating. He is not responsible for the current manipulation in silver and gold and must be given a reasonable amount of time to resolve it. I’m sure he knows, better than anyone, that his time to resolve the problem is not unlimited. At some point fairly soon, if he doesn’t address this issue, it will become his problem.

There was some other interesting data in the recently released CFTC reports over the past three weeks. I was struck by the disparity between the increase in both the total net commercial short position and the concentrated short position of the largest traders in gold, and the lack of increase in both categories in silver. I get the feeling the big boys (JPMorgan) are very reluctant to expand their short position in silver, but have no such qualms in gold. At least, that’s what the data suggest to me. What does this mean?

Again speculating, my sense is that this is no accident. It has become increasingly obvious that the large concentrated short position in silver is manipulative and must be addressed. I can’t know if this has been initiated by JPMorgan or the CFTC or the exchange, but that’s not the important issue. Regardless of who or what may be prompting a move away from more concentrated short selling in silver, the results could be profound. If true, it would signify no less than the end of the manipulation itself.

That’s not to suggest that the big manipulative shorts are about to roll over and play dead. They are still powerful and dangerous and their short positions are large.. If the script plays out as usual, they will try to rig a sell-off and get the tech funds to puke up their long positions. Only this time, the big shorts seem to be relying more on gold price pressure to drag silver lower, rather than to load up on silver short positions to the extent they have in the past. I still don’t know if they will succeed or something may come along and blow up in their faces, but I’m pretty sure what they want to do.

It will be bad news, in one sense, if the big shorts succeed in manipulating gold and silver prices lower, forcing leveraged longs from the market. It’s like bullies in a school yard getting away with beating up the little kids. But it will also be good news if they clean out the tech funds, as it will present us with a low risk entry point, maybe the last one for a while.
 By bluejay

06/08/2009  9:18AM

Last on gold is $949.20.

A significant meeting will take place on June 16th in Kommersant, Russia between Brazil, Russia, India, and China to discuss the role of the Dollar in the global financial system amoung other issues. The acronym for this group is BRIC.

It's interesting that along with the emerging Brazil, Russia and China are recent buyers of gold while India's populace holds much more gold than others.

This upcoming meeting has to have monetary officials in the US spooked. What will be the outcome of the meeting?

In the meantime, gold's price has been weak for the past few days as these same officials, undoutedly, attempt to suppress its price in an attempt to kill the messenger and to a small degree, effect a lower gold price prior to this meeting.

Games, games and more games, greed is the key word here. How much more smoke and mirror manuevers are US officials still able to conduct? It's really silly when focusing in on the big picture, China will have the new world's reserve currency in just a matter of time as they continue to beef-up their gold holdings on weakness in preparation for that reality.

What we have been seeing lately in lower gold prices is just another aggressive attempt by US officials to make our massive debt load look unimportant. Martin Armstrong has stated many times that an increasing monstrous debt load of governments from the past has spelled their demise on a regular basis.

Manipulating gold lower with our heavy load of debt is just historical monetary nonsense and plays directly into the hands of the Chinese.

In the end we will all pay a heavy price for the many years of misguided gold manipulation when the metal is adjusted significantly upward by the market and possibly leaving the American people responsible for an empty Fort Knox and for the replacement of borrowed gold from the vaults of the NY Federal Reserve.
 By bluejay

06/06/2009  12:19AM

Last on gold is $954.60.

I prefer not commenting too much on daily price events concerning gold as we are in a major bull market and the daily ups and downs don't mean much. Today was especially interesting, the manipulators in a well planned assault hit gold as the two precious metal indexes, XAU & HUI, were right next to minor chart resistance.

Today's raid was no more than a psychological stab at investors to make them feel uneasy. The XAU was off 6.75 closing at 150.67, with resistance at 165. The HUI was off 19.20 closing at 367.82, with resistance at 400. Weakness soon developed in the mining shares when the COMEX miscreants started selling gold contracts from $980 all the way down to $957. Near the end of the session gold rallied some to $964 but in after hours trading they hit it again, taking it to a low on the day of about $952.

The Dollar strong advocates in Washington continue to depress gold as it approaches the $1000 level with all their creative smoke and mirror tactics including running up the US Dollar Index some. Unfortunately, we will all pay the ultimate price in more debt or our loss of more wealth resulting from a Dollar price dive when their day of reckoning finally arrives and the piper has to be paid. What do you think would happen if someday the free world had one currency and it was discovered that all our gold was gone? You have to be naive if you think we still have our gold that they say we have in various locations around the US. It wouldn't surprise me if our Treasury officials have sold some of the custodial gold for other countries that is being held for them in the vaults of the NY Federal Reserve. The greed to control the gold market over the years by these current and past officials may eventually destroy our civilization aided by the the growing possiblility that the government will sooner or later be unable to service the debt payments on our expanding IOU obligations.

Don't forget, China will buy gold into all declines with their vast reserves as they significantly increase their gold holdings in preparation for their currency becoming the new world reserve currency when the Dollar goes into a major crisis sometime in the near future as a result of too much debt.

I have posted below a link to an interesting article concerning silver ETF's(exchange traded funds). It's always been my contention that COMEX gold trading was created to sop up money away from buying physical gold along with the gold miners as well as why the gold and silver ETF's were created.

The article below points to the fact that ETF's in America are not to be audited. I believe, again, the silver ETF that was set-up by J.P. Morgan to divert precious metal investments away from physical mrtal and the silver miners.

When Bear Stearns imploded Geithner arranged for J.P. Morgan to take over their silver short position with a public guarantee that if Morgan suffered any losses from that position that the American people through the Treasury Department would cover them. This was all designed to prevent the Bear Stearns silver shorts from being covered while taking the market higher and probably influencing gold's price as well. It was soon after in the latter part of 2008 that the silver price was forced considerably lower along with gold by US banking interests in the midst of their crisis.

In the past I have mentioned Central Fund of Canada(CEF-ASE) which holds their shareholder funds in 50% physical gold and 50% physical silver. By the way, CEF IS AUDITED.

 By Rick

06/04/2009  9:51PM

Super important clarification: my entry below is a comment on the national debacle in Washington.

(It struck me, after review, that someone new here may have thought I was writing, below, about the mine....explaining to anyone new here: all of us familiar with real assets within the Original Sixteen know how real they are...)

The Original Sixteen to One Mine is in direct contrast to the Federal debacle crap I was writing about below.

Scroll down....
 By Rick

06/04/2009  7:20PM

Bluejay is right.

This is debt without asset. It is also by design. The degradation of the dollar is not by accident, but by purpose. As stated, a banana-state (no republic intended) is the focus and intention.

The references cited by Bluejay and Kitco.com are real. It is no longer a fringe topic for a fringe group of "righties" who want Obama to fail. The numbers don't lie. There is no assest, and there is debt. There is no plan to pay the debt back, and there is a plan to watch the debt take hold of our freedom, personal property and Constitution.

Despite the monetary warning (which I missed last time and stayed in the market, yet knowing that my gut told me to get out and solidify my tiny asset base with hard-holding gold, still didn't)....this time I will.

Damn, that it is still tomorrow's task. I keep feeling the cool-aid, but I won't drink it. Tomorrow I will convert my assets to gold, real-live gold.

Simple Math.

"Honey, I think we're broke."
"Great! Let's go spend while we can!"

While we can...time.

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